Friday, July 24, 2009

There is a new watch, it's called IRDA-Watch

My posting on June 19th, 2009 call for bloggers or usage of blog for shareholders activism. It is time for more blogs like Sime Darby Watch.

My reasoning was simple. Two days earlier on June 17th, I dispell the finding of Tranparency International regarding perception on corruption towards politicians and civil servants. What is important is not perception but actual corruption. Perception can be prejudicial. The truth to the matter is the most corrupt is the corporate sector, particularly the GLCs.

One response to my call came to fruitation immediately. Someone took up the challenge to set-up a blog called MAS Liberators. I was alerted yesterday of a new blog Eye on Iskandar with the url

Sincerely, I hope these new corporate watch blogs are updated regularly, informative and written with the public and readers interest in mind.

MAS Liberator could sure help to avoid self indulgence to dwell on boring theoretical issues of genenal management practises and pursue more siginificant and critical issues palatable to the public.

They spoiled their reputation when in their second posting, the blogger was awkwardly hoping for an appointment with Tengku Azmil. They missed the opportunity to discuss few explosive issues on fuel hedging and route cancellations.

Consider these as friendly advise.

All the best MAS Liberator. Welcome on board Eye on Iskandar.


Anonymous said...

Bagus... tapi Mr A Voice, ada seorang CEO yang terkenal dengan reputasi menjadikan "sesuatu yang besar menjadi kecil" sewaktu di NSTP (saiz NST dan circulationnya) sedang melakukan perkara yang sama di tempat barunya, seperti membeku pengambilan pekerja baru, kenaikan pangkat even temuduga untuk kenaikan pangkat 3 tahun sekali pun dibekukan atas alasan cut cost kerana suasana ekonomi yang buruk.
Anybody... PosMalaysia Watch???

Jimmy Tham said...

Proton watch?

I beg to differ on the author's priority between perception VS actual corruption. The author is not wrong but perhaps it would be better for us to understand why the use of perception rather than actual data.

For example TI is working on their calculation on Zimbabwe (since most pro-gov bloggers would abscond me for comparing to developed countries and would therefore ask me to migrate there), which is more reliable, the actual stat coming from the government or the perception by its people? Higher corruption will lead to a worse perception, well, at least that's how it work in theory and without a readily available, accurate and bipartisan data, how do we expect TI to compile its report?

masliberators said...

Bro, thanks for your gentle whack.
Actually, it is not my intention to sensationalise and personalise my blog.

I think we had enough of talks, writings and scandals, enough ideas and solutions but not enough action.
Najib needs to identify top 10 issues and gets his merryman cracking !!!!

The people are getting restless !!!

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