Saturday, July 02, 2011

MUSICO-POLITICAL INTERLUDE: Don't get fooled again

Appropriate title for the times but not necessary the lyrics. There is no need for a new constitution or new contract because we will not be fooled. Those seeking are the ones fooling everyone.

Me saw The Who's last tour in early 80s. Pete Townshend smashed his guitar on stage. That was cool for me then young blood.

Read on for a cooler video version of the song with an important message too ...

So ... Don't get fooled again.


Tok mudim said...

If there's any doubt, there's no doubt.

Anonymous said...

I just came back from chedet reading his currency post. His site was down for a while.

Like your music. Pete, Roger, Keith, John gave are no match for today's artists, if they qualified to be called artists.

Now Bersih 2.0, what crap is this ? Ambiga wants to make another Egypt of Malaysia.. that's the real intention. They failed to do it in the ballot, they resort to this and they know the world is watching and would sympathize. First of all, they are all learned lawyers and they can get to the EC and make their case. Why opt to the streets? Is this civil? Every newspaper every morning carries this crap news that I told the Petronas cashier one morning that this country has got too many lawyers and many of them are without much work that they get together and come up with something like Bersih 2.0 crap.

Let me ask, what needs to be cleaned? Trash like Ambiga and her goons I bet. These bunch of goons hijack the bar council and their twisted souls are no longer fighting for justice anymore.

See bro, what do you do with power? You abuse it, right? Or one will have the tendency to abuse it. Khalid Ibrahim doesn't abuse his power? Guan Eng doesn't? Even Nik Aziz could come up with his own fatwa. See when you oppose for the sole sake of opposing, this happens.

Ambiga or Anwar rather, has to name one large gathering that doesn't that stays peaceful until the close. As it is we already know things has gotten all tense up to the run up. I didn't think Harun Idris wanted the rally 42 years to end up a bloody mess, but it did. They all came to the rally with "bujur lalu melintang patah" attitude already. Is this Bersih any different? Let's prevent this so that we can continue to live in civil society.

I read Kit Siang trash too tonight and his description of the MP's good manners. Right, good manners but he shove his logic up his ass to prove what? Hishamuddin may be an ass, but he has peace to keep and he is doing his job.

The people are sick of this Anwar antics. Thailand has got a new PM, should we make Anwar ours now? That's the demand. I won't go with that. He has given Malaysia more mess than we could imagine and he displays good manner too. Bangang punya Kit Siang.

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