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Leaked PKR meeting revealed Bersih 2.0 to revive Anwar's sagging urban rating

There are quite a few dedicated anti-Anwar blogs in the blogosphere. The most famous would be AIDC and their well researched pieces and ability to unravel facts unknown to the common folks.

Other than that, there are few that this blogger will never miss like X-PKR, Gelagat Anwar and Malaysian Story. They usually present a unique and unheard of information and angle to an issue. Their information is quite reliable and seldom ahead of the pack of bloggers.

Another reason is this blogger knows the writers and their credibility. But we can’t share and reveal it. Just trust us.

ABITW normally post our own material. But, sometimes we do publish material from elsewhere. This posting is another exception and we intend to pick one story from Gelagat Anwar. It is related to Bersih 2.0.

Dato Ahmad Maslan has been travelling and speaking around the country telling his audience that Bersih 2.0 has nothing to do with the demand for a clean and fair election but about Anwar and his personal problems.

He is not wrong. It’s just that his version is meant for the rural folks. Furthermore, that same line have been played before over and over again. It is not sensational and exciting enough to convince the urban and Internet savvy crowd or to attract media publicity.

Allow me to give him a hand with a sensational tilt from the latest information in Gelagat Anwar.

According to the blog's latest posting here, there was a PKR strategic meeting held recently and Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim, the Ketua Umum or General Leader was present.

One of the hotly discussed topic was Anwar’s popular rating, be it with regard to his sodomy case or sex video with a prostitute.

Unlike in UMNO, PKR’s closed meetings are conducted openly with no holds barred. The Ketua Umum can be criticized without being labeled as traitor or not being thankful. Such honesty should be emulated in UMNO, which usually dedicate much time bodek-ing the bosses.

In that meeting, one member asked the Secretary-General, YB Saifuddin Nasution of Anwar’s current rating. PKR employ Merdeka Centre to conduct bimonthly survey on public trust towards Anwar. The respondent number is about 3,000 and conducted at different areas, according to the observation and data requirement.

Saifuddin tried to deflect the question and mumbled about the survey is not reflective of the true level of rakyat’s trust towards Anwar. He gave excuses of good coverage of political rally and the good and solid grip on the new media. He goes further to say that there is still time to bring back the public’s trust.

The member repeated the question, “Mr Secretary-General, I asked about percentage. Please answer that!”

With a reluctant sad tone, Saifuddin revealed the last survey conducted:
  • 37% for rural area covering Sabak Bernam, Sekinchan, Sungai Besar dan Jeram. From the same respondent, the trust level to PAS rose by 57%.
  • 31% for urban/town and city area covering Shah Alam, Kota Damansara, PJ Selatan and PJ Utara. From the same respondent, the trust level to PAS reached 61%.
  • 27% for Selangor Chinese voters while for PAS is 46%.
  • 18 % for Selangor Indians, while for PAS is 23%.
Upon hearing the numbers, a chorus of silence filled the room till few members asked on the course of action required to ensure Anwar’s rating remain at it’s best.

Saifuddin ensured the members that the fall in the rural area is not worrisome because Anwar’s “cells” in PAS will ensure support for Pakatan Rakyat remained unchallenged. He was also not worried with the fall in the urban area because the trust of Chinese in Selangor for DAP is at it’s highest of 67.8%.

On the urban rating, Saifuddin said it will return with the success of Bersih 2.0. Opps … did he say that?

However, the PKR leaders in the meeting were restless and worried. It means PKR is dependent on the strength of PAS and DAP. They have lost their bargaining chip.

Not realising that before 2008, PKR had only one seat in Parliament, they were pondering as to what happened to PKR’s strength?

Can Anwar remain an effective leader if the rating described the true situation of PKR? Didn’t Dato Zaid Ibrahim raised this but to Anwar chagrin, he was ousted out of PKR in favour of his "sweetheart", Azmin Ali?

Before the meeting ended, Saifuddin reminded everyone present that the data revealed must remain confidential. It is important to preserve the morale of the whole PKR machinery. Knowledge of such information would weakened their confidence.

Throughout the meeting, Anwar looked disturbed and weak. Does Anwar still have the command and aura?

They will never believe if we are to tell them. It will be the same response as what this blogger got when telling a group of high ranking PAS leader two years ago that Anwar has no chance of saving his arse from the crime of bashing Saiful’s.

The important point from this inside story is as we had reiterated before, Bersih or Bersih 2.0 was never about electoral reforms. From this piece of information, it looks like Bersih 2.0 is really about Anwar trying to save his arse.

Ahmad Maslan is right.


Anonymous said...

Are you saying because AI is losing support and he and millions other Malaysians supports clean and fair election, therefore Bersih is AI's secret plan to regain support?

I don't see the logical link lah. Waht do the rest of you commentors think? Ada logic kah?

Anonymous said...

I thought the Bersih thing is now about revival of communism or an attack on the religion or an attack on the Malay race.

Or was it by the Jews or Israel again or the Illuminati or George Soros again making a comeback?

Now it is about Anwar losing urban support? Or is it PAS being led by DAP or Ambiga?

Why don't you make up your mind and write a more plausible reason of who is behind Bersih or Ambiga?

Bet tomorrow will be another story telling just to discredit Bersih again.

Anonymous said...

anon 6,49

You miss my point because you do not understand or you choose not to understand, I learned from my parents, school teachers, and all good people I met in my life that one must always be fair and just. And that is what I support and uphold.

Anonymous said...

To see whether PKR has lost support or not, just call for General Election now!! The results will tell the truth..!!

Buah Ciku said...

I believe u and other pro-BN bloggers have got it all wrong. The Bersih rally is not about Anwar Ibrahim. Its not about any political parties. They may facilitate/organize the rallies but it is a platform for the people to show their frustration towards the government.

So it doesn't matter wat is the motive behind the Bersih rally. Wat is most important is the participants. What do they hope to achieve from this rally. Most want their voices heard by the ruling Government. They want freedom of expression. They want the Gov. to put a stop on corruption, nepotism, cronyism, and many many more. Apparently, the Gov. is unwilling to change and this frustrates the people.

Most pro-BN supporters claimed that this rally was meant to cause trouble. It is the responsibility of the police to cooperate with the demonstrators to ensure a peaceful rally. Like I said before, adopt the HK model. Learn from them. If other countries can encourage freedom of expression, I am sure we can. It is the aspiration of PM Najib to see the country achieve the status of developed nation by 2020. How are we going to achieve it when our democracy system are still regarded as pseudo-democracy?

Thailand had experienced even more massive rallies, which resulted in a change of Government. However, their economy is so much better than us. Why? Their FDIs and tourism revenues are much higher ours. Indonesia can have fair and clean elections. Why can't we?

We should urge the Gov. not to be afraid. Listen to the people. Criticisms will only improve their performance. Be open minded and work with the people to achieve the status of developed nation.

donplaypuks said...

"Another reason is this blogger knows the writers and their credibility. But we can’t share and reveal it. Just trust us."

Heh, heh, heh! That's you and the rest of the world of bloggers and APCO spinners too.

"Trust me" - that's what Hitler also said and Stalin and Mao and Mussolini....

And we should trust you and your sources more than anyne else, what special qualifications do you have?

we are all of 1 Race, the HUman Race

Anonymous said...

Salam Tuan,

As always you have the inside track.

@Anon 10.57

Is it any wonder why we call you and your ilk dunggus?

Very best regards to you Tuan,

A Voice said...


My special qualification is I am not dumb and twisted like you!

nshinah said...

"BERSIH" (IN INVERTED COMMA) is sponsored by foregn agencies, NDI, which is inturn supported by NED which is one of the several pro-Zionist organisations.

NDI website specifically mentions BERSIH in its funding disclosure.

I rest my case.


bel said...


Anonymous said...

setahu saya kalu tak silap Datuk Ambiga ada mintak semua boleh berarak sama sama pembangkang,pengampu,penyokong utk agenda BERSEH 2.0 jadi negara yg mempunyai politik yg dayasaing maju dan subur demokrasi.

Anonymous said...

PR will soon no longer be about Anwar. It will be about change and transparency in Msia! It is not important any more whether Anwar becomes the new PM or not if PR takes over the govt. But we do not want corrupted leaders to lead our country. If BN can clean up their leaders then we will support BN. BN need to change if BN wants the full people support. Cleanup the government first!

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