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Barbarians returning and waiting at the gates [up-dated]

In 2008, DAP Penang had done all the work and look sure of beating Gerakan led by the 'lembik" Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon.

Lim Guan Eng turned up at the Penang state DAP committee meeting before election to announce he is running for both state and Parliment seats in Penang and basically push aside the more popular Penang DAP Chairman Chow Kon Yeow to assume the post of Penang Chief Minister.

DAP custom is repeating itself in Johor with Lim Kit Siang returning back to his home state, Johor to run at the Gelang Patah seat after wandering over the years all over the country - from Melaka to Petaling Jaya, Penang and currently Ipoh.

The senior Lim seemed to be emulating his son to steal the glory from the long hard work of Johore State DAP Chairman Dr Boo Cheng Hau.

There are those who believe that Kit Siang's return is to resolve a crisis in Johor DAP.

Hardly so because the crisis was actually created by pro-Guan Eng faction. Be it the ADUN of Bentayan or the dissatisfied Indians in Senai, they are all Guan Eng's men. Notice Dr Boo was not given a position in the Central Committee.

DAP have been making claims all over Malaya that they are expecting to win up to 10 Parliamentary seats in Johor thus giving a seat to Kit Siang may not be seen as an issue. The fact is DAP can only get 6 at most and likely much less than that. [Sorry, we are not talking.]

So why is Kit Siang running in Johor?

As one who claimed to be a natural nationalist without the need to undergo a Biro Tatanegara boot camp, this blogger see the return of Kit Siang as the return of the barbarian or a Trojan horse waiting to open the gates for other barbarians already waiting to enter.

Wimp and coward

Preserving political relevance through deft photo op

A "lembik" leader is one that is unable to be decisive and firm in implementing policies and applying the law. They create dissatisfaction and invite criticism, compromise under political pressure from foes, and fallible to subversive elements.

It happened to Barisan Nasional with Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi at the helm of the national leadership and Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon in Penang.

No, we are not repeating an old story on Abdullah yet. Save it when he tries to be vengeful like Tun Musa Hitam when backing his men running for UMNO offices.

Since Tsu Koon is believed to running, although he said he is not running, we should not repeat on his weaknesses also.

But we must mention that this chicken shit "lembik" of a Minister is such a coward that he avoided meeting this blogger after promising an appointment three Ramadhan ago.

He conjured up all sort of excuses to tell this former fellow FOMSANA comrade of his through his political Secretary, Johan (Abdullah). However, he has no qualm top make the effort to be featured next to the Prime Minister in the media.

How are voters to have confidence in a leader who behaves like a fashion model or in worse cases, like a prostitute making a livelihood by exposing their face and body?

Expensive ego

When a leader is "lembik", they have no confidence in themselves and tend to resort to sabotaging past effort of their predecessor. Some tend to be obsessive to create a legacy of himself..

That was the case with current lameduck Menteri Besar of Johor, Dato Abdul Ghani Osman. Did we jump the gun to announce him as lameduck?

When Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin left the state for a Federal Minister post and was replaced by Ghani, he left behind a cash rich coffer for the state.

It runs into billion of ringgit kept and hidden in several Foundations, Trust Funds, State linked Companies, etc.

Ghani arrived in Johor Baru with a lot of ideas from his stinct in the Ministry of Finance and as someone who pride himself as a  former University lecturer. His wife Jamilah is a University Professor.

At that time, there was much complain against Johor SEDC for entering into businesses that compete with  Bumiputera businessmenman on the street. The "Melayu Johor yang bijak pandai dari Kuala Lumpur" was complaining that Johor did not create Bumiputera entrepreneurs despite the robust growth of Johor.

That was one of Gani's promise for Johor. He announced in a closed meeting then that he intend to create 100 Johorean millionaire entrepreneur.

However, Ghani had a problem.

His jealousy towards Muhyiddin was so overbearing that the only time one will see both attend a Persatuan Anak Johor dinner in Kuala Lumpur is when the Sultan attended recently.

Muhyiddin had a bad reputation for lowering the minimal price to RM250,000 for Singaporean to buy. It is a long story but it was Ghani who expanded and spread the story out of preportion as Muhyiddin selling Johor land to Singaporean.

And there was many more rumours that Ghani did.

KPRJ dream

One of the first few things that Ghani did upon returning to Johor was to do a thorough study of land use in Johor Baru particularly the business district, Yayasan Sultan Iskandar.

Johoreans used to described it as yayasan suami isteri. Ghani's wife Professor Jamilah played a leading role. Her brother and Ghani's brother-in-law, Khairuddin had always been an important go-between man when Ghani was at MoF. He had a role  in YSI.

The key technical man of YSI was Professor Azman from UTM.

One would have thought it was to develop Johor Baru and create opportunity for Johor Malays and increase the population of Malays in the Johor Baru area.

Today one can see it is obviously not.

Pamphlet KPRJ created to answer allegation and defend Kang Ho

Another was his grand plan to build roads, schools, suraus and masjids, community halls, local sports facilites, and basically rural infrastructure.

It was a well intentioned idea but in usual government practise, there is the limitation of budget and thus it is usually budgeted annually and build bit by bit. But Ghani wants to see to it that it be done immediately and all at once.

At the same time, his ego see it as beneath him to take a single sen from the effort of Muhyiddin, his former classmate at Muar High School. Another of their classmate is the former Air Force General Dato Sujak who is currently recuperating from a serious operation.

While Ghani was spreading rumours and rubbishing Muhyiddin, he intended to use the plan to make himself more popular than Muhyiddin.

That way he can overtake Muhyiddin in the race for UMNO Vice President. Ghani did ran for VP a couple of times.

He never won but on one occasion, he contributed to deny Muhyiddin a place in the top three after being first VP before that.

So Ghani eventually came up with Kumpulan Prasana Rakyat Johor (KPRJ) using our stole intellectual property to make it happen but missed key important elements intentionally left out in the stolen paper.

Aminuddin Yusof Lana
Former member of the UEM/Renong Office of Chief Exucitive, Singapore-born Melayu New Zealander, Aminuddin Yusof Lana was made CEO.

The executives were paid exorbitant salaries, large expense accounts and BMWs was lining up in front of their office.

As we expected, KPRJ got into trouble in the midst of the financial crisis at the turn of the new millenium. One of our uncle became jobless. He was so adamant KPRJ was good effort.

Harta curi tak ada berkat dan tidak akan berpanjangan. Ini akibat curi hak intelek orang lain.

Gone is the idea of creating 100 Johorean Bumiputera millionaires entrepreneur. Instead, Ghani is stuck to solve the financial mess of KPRJ and was saddled with the problem of Johor SEDC or later Johor Corporation.

Lim Kang Ho

Enter KL-born Lim Kang Ho (now a Tan Sri).

Kang Ho was doing business with Felda to open up rancangan in Sabah. Maybe Kang Ho was given the contract to establish the Felda site in Lahad Datu that is in the news daily. He and Dato Hishamuddin (not Minister yet) entered Danga Bay via Ekovest Berhad. 

After Hishamuddin left, Kang Ho became closed with Ghani and he seek Kang Ho's help.

The words around Johor that may have emanated from Kang Ho himself is that he had spent RM800 million to bailout Ghani's KPRJ after several proposal involving a backdoor listing exercise failed. 

Every financial assistance have to be paid back. Kang Ho wanted land and many more as repayment.

Sometime last year in a closed door meeting of an NGO that was attended by several of it's Johor members this blogger heard them raised the issue of Kang Ho. There is a deep rooted displeasure towards Kang Ho and Ghani in Johor. Dato Najib do take note

They claimed Kang Ho got back his money many couple of times more than his RM800 million assistance of KPRJ.  

They are right.

Kang Ho will control 100,000 acres of land in Iskandar with a force seel value between RM5-6 billion, easy.

Itu belum cerita the profit he could make by developing the asset exchanged for "helping" out KPRJ. And the control of IWH some more. Not to mention he is still on the prowl to buy kampong folks land and pay them pittance!

Kang Ho was also given interest in KFC in a recent restructuring that had raised public concern in Johor and Kuala Lumpur.

Peter Lim
It was sheer shrewd of Johor Corp management led by Zaki Zahid to attempt to hide the intracacies of the deal and hoodwinked the rakyat of Johor.

They arrogantly ignored public outcry against giving equity of a Johor Corporation Berhad's group jewel and cashcow to Singaporean Peter Lim and Kang Ho.

That was the reason we did not published completely Big Cat's answer for Johor Corp. on behalf of KFC.

More on KFC at a later time.

Real "Sultan of Johor"

Is Ghani or Kang Ho the real "Sultanof Johor"?
With the big masterplan laid on Kang Ho's lap as Master Developer and he also control Islandar Waterfront Holding (IWH), this effectively elevate the Ghost of Johor to the stature of the real "Sultan of Johor."

He basically controls the whole stretch of Iskandar waterfront end to end, including the area surrounding the Sultan's palaces in Johor Baru. Some say part of the Sultan's investment is stuck with him.

By giving an outsider and businessman much control over Johor Baru and Iskandar Malaysia with the state Menteri Besar and the state aparachik to back him, it is giving teh businessmen the license to sell Johor to the Singaporean barbarian waiting at the gate and some already invited inside.

Don't ask us what to do or do we want to do this and that. We are not in power to tell of our plans. But what matters is we have warned the government before and will not stop warning the government, even before the general election.

Iskandar will develop into a sovereignty problem for Johor and Malaysia.

Off springs born to foreigners residing in Malaysia are entitled to be citizens. If it is Singaporeans, it will fortify and allow DAP to gain more grounds in South Johor.

Even Singaporean Malay will not be much help. They are just oppressed lots wanting to find an avenue to flaunt their ego. They do not understand.

But everyone chose to ignore out of the obsession to get foreign investment and thinking that their quarterly profit minded ways are forward thinking.

It is neither.

Iskandar is not attracting investment that has significant economic value. Only blurred vision Tun Musa think so.

They are only trying hard to get investment in land and properties.

During one dinner session with bloggers, UEM CEO Dato Mohd Izzadin Idris said UEM Land will do well because HDB flat cost one million in Singapore. 

Quite sure he didn't say it was off-the-record. It helps to potray the soul of our CEOs, be they MCOBA or ANSARA or whatever school they went.

The 22 years of Dr Mahathir to develop a spirit of "Malaysia can do and will do" had gone down to waste.

The inexperienced Tingkat 4 chose to think we cannot do and invite foreign business consultant to administer our country and sell our land and sovereignty just because they themselves do not know how to do anything.

See why we say Musa is saying something else and what is happening is something else. 

Communist infiltration

In the big picture, the situation in Iskandar is much worse than the intrusion of Lahad Datu by Sulu terrorists.

Not only did Ghani did not develop the 100 Bumiputera businessmen into successful millionaires or billionaires but he gave practically everything to his favourite businessman Kang Ho and three other Chinese corporate players.

Was that what the plan by yayasan suami isteri all about?

With Chinese getting more dominant in Johor and thanks to Gani, more foreigners  can get Malaysian citizenship in the future, the return of Kit Siang to Johor is only expected.

The 72 year old Batu Pahat-born politician hails from our parent's neighbourhood of Lim Poon back home in Batu Pahat.

As told by one of the many well known MCA leaders from Batu Pahat, Lim Poon used to be the area where many former Bintang Tiga communist terrorist reside after the Emergency.

Raising the issue of communist in Lim Poon and Batu Pahat is sensitive. Either they are ashamed of their past or they still have the anti establishment tendency in them.  

In addition to Kit Siang's Batu Pahat roots, it is an open secret that many former communist activist joined nd infiltrate DAP to continue their subversion work but using democrasy as a facade.

To quote Tunku Aziz:

The crying call may not be communism any more but DAP's subversion method, and modus operandi still closely resemble that of former communist agent provocateur. Their organisation structure follows the politburo style of communist parties.

However, to be fair to DAP, communist subversive agents not only infiltrated DAP but to a lesser extent into  MCA, Gerakan, Sarawak's SAPP, and other Chinese based political parties.

Historically, the union-based PAP slept with the commies before Lee Kuan Yew purged them when he came to power.

Despite being an off spring of PAP upon Singapore being kicked out of Malaysia, DAP did not follow suit to purge the commies.

The party became their vehicle to create inter-racial friction and bring about chaos in the country prior to and after the 1969 general election. The lies and deception applied in their propaganda of Teoh Beng Hock's suicide is also another.

Watch the movie Tanda Putera after the general election to understand this.

Bintang Tiga

Batu Pahat Chinese Chamber of Commerce building
To any Batu Pahat Malays, particularly those from Mukim Bagan or Seri Medan, they will never forget the Bintang Tiga or Malayan People Anti Japanese Army atrocities on the innocent citizens, particularly the Malays during the emergency years. [Read this past September 2010 posting here.]

This blogger is born in Mukim Bagan. Thus for our strong conviction.

In Zaharah Nawawi's book, Panglima Salleh Selempang Merah, she described kampong Malay folks were spied on and some boiled alive by the Bintang Tiga in the Chinese Chamber of Commerce building when they entered Bandar Penggaram to buy sundry goods.

The legend was that Kiyai Salleh or popularly known as Panglima Salleh selempang merah and his men fought the Bintang Tiga communist with only parang panjang.

They were facing the British armed communist terrorist out to take control of Malaya. .

The secret behind his extraordinary feat to clean up commies from Muar to Batu Pahat lies in the  clairvoyant ability of his wife, Makcik Esah.

[Read the posting here by this history teacher at Semerah and a preserver of tulisan Jawi which Theresa Kok hate.]

However, we see it as gut and confidence of Panglima Salleh at it's utmost and accompanied by the will of Allah. Most men of Batu Pahat knows the Quranic ayat he utter in the midst of battle. It is a common zikir.

Panglima Salleh has long passed away. So has Makcik Esah

Makcik Esah is related to Dato Ruhanie Ahmad. She used to join the Yaasin and Quran reading group led by this blogger's mother for the first post Merdeka housing project in Batu Pahat town called Kg Merdeka,.

Baru Pahat should have been completely cleansed of any commies. Panglima  Salleh and the men of Bagan were ready to massacre the commies.

But it was foiled by the grandfather to the Menteri Amran Dalam Negeri, Dato Onn Jaafar.

He waited for Panglima Salleh and the men of Bagan at the Penembang jetty to stop them from flushing out the commies in the Batu Pahat town of Bandar Penggeram.

Panglima Salleh would not dare disobey a bangsawan leader. In exchange, Onn promised Panglima Salleh that power would return to the Malays to sooth him.


On this playing field is where UMO was formed
Kelab Sultan Sulaiman in Kuala Lumpur and Istana Besar Johor Baru can claim to be the birthplace of UMNO but it was on the field of Kelab Melayu Batu Pahat was where the birthplace of UMO, the organisation preceding UMNO.

Ironically, Onn also led the formation of UMO and UMNO to become the first Yang Dipertua of UMNO. It was Onn fulfilling his promise to Panglima Salleh.

Considering the sacrifice, struggle and determination of the men of Batu Pahat, at one time, Javanese (most can be found in Batu Pahat) are discriminated from joining the Johor civil service despite being subject of the Malay rulers.

Seleter can be MB but never the panglima of Batu Pahat
It is an unspoken word that assemblymen from Batu Pahat will never get to be MB. 

And despite sacrificing their life to clean Muar from the commies, Muar Malays can sometimes be rather unthankful by having  high nosed attitude toward Batu Pahat and Batu Pahat Malays. 

Serom Muar Malay man, Gani is one such person. 

By his actions in Johor Baru and Iskandar, Gani had rendered the struggle of Batu Pahat people to preserve Johor and national sovereignty as irrelevant.

Why was he called WMF, we wonder?

Gani is responsible for his failure in KPRJ which later resulted in the unresisted opening up of Johor Baru for SJER and later Iskandar to solve the financial mess of the state.

Both the federal and state government of Johor allowed the agents of the trojan horse and barbarians to the helm of Khazanah Nasional, Johor Corp and various Iskandar related development companies.

Off course, we are talking about the myopic and quarterly short sighted commercial minded Tingkat 4 neo liberals. When appointed as member of the board of MRCB, Dato Zaki Zahid was still in office at Tingkat 4. He got brought in Kang Ho into the DUKE highway.

In addition, Gani has his own Tingkat 4 with the presence of neo-liberal and Mount Pelican funded founder of IDEAS, Wan Muhammd Firdaus on his staff.

This over zealous executives should be removed from the Board of Kulim Berhad and MB's office on grounds of conflict of interest to be attached with JP Morgan while still serving the state..

With Khairy taking the lead as master destroyer to lullaby the former PM, they discarded our nation building agenda to build capability, capacity, and knowledge of the people, companies, government and nation while enhancing our nationa's wealth and society.

Political threat

To understand the threat created by Ghani, understand the early part of Dato Zulkifli Nordin's ceramah, below:

Ghani's former Ketua Pemuda Bahagian's grandfather has an indirect responsibility for DAP's current assault on Batu Pahat. If Panglima Salleh was not held back by the feudel Dato, he could have cleaned up Batu Pahat from any remnants of Bintang Tiga.

With the PAP barbarians at and near the gate, their trojan horse DAP could invite them to enter Johor Baru. That is how blogger Mesin Taip Burok [read here] see Kit Siang entry into Gelang Patah.seat. Extract below:
 ... Kit Siang mencari rumput lain yang boleh dimerahkan di negeri Johor, negeri yang menjadi salah satu sasaran untuk pembangkang khususnya DAP untuk dirampas mereka - selain Perak, Selangor dan Negeri Sembilan. Lagipun DAP sedar mereka ada "big brother" di seberang tambak yang boleh memberi aura kepada mereka dan pengundi Cina untuk memilih mereka.
Kesungguhan DAP untuk menguasai Johor diperkukuhkan lagi dengan hasrat mereka yang mahu bertanding di 15 daripada 26 kerusi Parlimen Johor dan sudah pastilah tumpuannya di kawasan bandar di negeri ini.

As it is they are now returning to make political assault on Muar and Batu Pahat, the former battleground of Panglima Salleh and Bintang Tiga. They never forget history

Incumbent and Deputy Minister, Dato Dr Puad Zarkashi could lose if he does not make serious effort to transform his politics and win the hearts of the Batu Pahat Chinese.

With their past history, it is not easy when they can sense the opportunity presenting itself. Sons and daughters of Batu Pahat Chinese are playing key roles in DAP and Singapore.

Before Dr Puad can do that, he must unite the Batu Pahat UMNO which under him, has divided into four factions.

Dr. Puad is Muhyiddin's Deputy, but before that he was Ghani's man.


Anonymous said...

What's the difference with MIC and MCA ? Their Presidents have the prerogative to contest any seat anywhere, considered safe.

Anonymous said...

Melayu Malaysia sepatutnya bersatu dan tambah kerakyatan warga asing yg serumpun.

Di negara jiran Kerajaan nya dgn tak segan silu membenarkan bangsa awin dgn bangsa dari tanah besar atau mereka yg datang dari tanah besr China itu sendiri dgn mudah dapat kerakyatan. Begitu juga kaum India dari negara asal dgn mudah di beri kerakyatan.Tapi kalau Melayu yg memohon kewargaan negara itu akan di tolak dgn berbagai alasan.

Sedar dan bangkitlah wahai Melayu.

Anonymous said...

Najib ...laki paling LEMBIK di Malaysia !! hari-hari hide behind missus Rosie.

Sustainable Living Institute (SAVE) said...

Thursday, March 7, 2013


The father of transformation of endless possibilities and sloganeering.

Pope first, next Mekah! An archdiocese granted for Malaysia.

In 2010, did he sign the 10-point solution letter to Bishop Malaya releasing the Indonesian Malay Bible with kalimah from Port Kelang?

Al Jib Gor proudly twitted from Mekah, remember you all. Sounds childish!

(Pic) Blessed by Murugan?

11 my feng shui, Dolah 13 - we see different astrologers!

Among the farce he created.

After >11x3 years of politics in the shadows of Tun Razak, he is still clueless -

i) Felda dismembered
ii) PPSMI rejected
iii) ISA abolished (yes, he listened)
iv) Minimum wage fiasco
v) Keep deadwoods and recycled has-beens
vi) RM65million official residence refurbishment
vii) Cost of living doubled.
viii) RM100millions budgeted for Permata's programme for the elites
ix) Massive elitist-centred development projects in KL instead of prioritising needs of the rural rakyat.

He thinks the Causeway is longer than the world's longest bridge in China. He is blind to reasons and cannot see beyond his nose.

Noted being subservient, who hold the dosiers on him and Dolah, Singapore, CIA?

Anonymous said...

nsublyf69anon 10:31

awak ni sewel ke?

Anonymous said...

Lee Kuan Yew is the tail that wags the dog.

Anonymous said...

Of the 6 Opposition leaders, 5 are well passed 62 years of age. There is no time to recreate Malaysian in Singapore's image. Too late !

Anonymous said...

Assalammualaikum wbt Dear Voice,
1.Why don't we let PR take over Johor this time ?

2.InsyaALLAH then Salahuddin Ayob can then be MB of Johor.

3.Then you be the adviser to Salahuddin - 3.1.rectify back all the problems that Ghani/Tingkat 4/UMNO have created.3.2 Help Salahuddin to 'memertabatkan semula Bangsa Melayu diJohor' just like during the Johor-Riau Empire days...


Anonymous said...

Problem with Salahuddin is that he is a lallang and hardly understand all these intricacies.

You leak him something and it comes out differently.

The PAS brain has expired softwares.

He cant even spot such issues.

Anonymous said...

WMF means Wan Mother Ducker

sharifah said...

Your article is spot-on regarding the situation in Johor. Walaubagaimanapun saya tetap berdoa agar Johor tidak jatuh ketangan puak komunis dapster ini.

Saleh Sanjoyo said...

Malay population is aroung 65%
Chinese 25% and Indian n Sikh the rest.

Can the Chinese control the country ?

The Singapore will use Iskandar to move in their low income people or the poor Singaporean.When Singapirean sell their apartment in Gelang they can buy a big bunlow in East Ledang.Iskandar.

As Singaporean move to occupied Iskandar,Johore Malay can move North to Pahang and Negeri ?

I really pity Johore Malay.Many UMNO leader come from Johore.Tun Dr Ismail,Tun Musa Hitam,Dato Shahril,,Mohd Rahmat,Mahayuddin,Osman Saad,Ghani Othman and many many more.
After Selangor ,Johore is the riches state in Malaysia.

the Malay in Johore remain the most loyal to UMNO,the third Fixed Deposit.But why UMNO leader prefer outsider than the Johorean in giving business opportunity.
Why Mahayuddin sell Kejora Plantation to Syed Molhtar and not to Johore Corp.
Why Ghani give so much land to Lim hantu but not to Damansara Realty which belong to Johore Corp.

Malas nak cakap.Lagi banyak saya cakap lagi tinggi darah saya.
Do we need second Panglima Salleh.If Yes Who.?

Anonymous said...

Your Article reveals the reality on the ground.

A Reality that cowards Najib and Tan Sial Khoon refused to accept.

Anonymous said...

Anwar has hinted in his song that "Sabah akan hilang, and Najib will become Ketua Pembangkang." Couple that with the Kiram incursion to create instability in Sabah, which was to force the Govt to declare emergency thus suspending Sabah from GE13, one can see the evil scheme materializing. Without Sabah, PR will have a much better chance to win GE13, even by a simple majority of one. Anwar will become PM, but DAP will call the shots. Hence what YB Zul said could become true ie Singapore would be invited to come back into Malaysia, giving Anwar's govt 2/3 majority and power to amend the Constitution. And since DAP have Anwar by the balls, they could quite easily kick him out any time with a no-confidence vote in Parliament.
How's that scenario for our future. Scary isn't it?

Man Kandak said...

sementara itu di Penang, Lim Guan Eng berkata jika anwar tewas pada PRU akan datang kelak, beliau akan menawarkan jawatan Dato Bandar Georgetown kepada Anwar demi memenuhi sikapnya yang suka menyaman orang.

Di sana Anwar boleh menyaman sesiapa saja tanpa mengira hari dan masa ikut suka dia..... ujar Guan Eng

Anonymous said...

Actually no Malaysian Chinese wants to be the Prime Minister except those in the DAP. The 13th General Elections is the last bus home for these wannabes !

Anonymous said...

The DAP has lost its credibility and trustworthiness for being 44 years in the Opposition, probably the longest in the World ! They serve nobody but themselves !

Anonymous said...

When a Chinaman steals, he does not steal for himself but only for his family.

Anonymous said...

Really I do not understand how the DAP leadership can brazenly make a grab for power from the incumbent BN Government when they were 44 years in the cold and have no academic qualifications like Lee Kuan Yew.

Not Too Late to Send back Chinese said...

We Malays dont need the Chinese or indians you fool. Nsynco!
It was Tunku's weakness and he was held hostage by the British to take in the Chinese migrants. The Chinese and indian labourers have no right to be the citizens of Malaya. Period.

We must try to undo what Tunku had done. it is not too late.

Vincent Tan Ju Dii had built a replica of the tongkang that brought him and his father from communist China.

Now that China is prosperous and peaceful we should evoke this love of
motherland among the Chinese at vernacular schools so that they choose
to self deportation.

Now that the tin mines have closed we dont need the Chinese anymore than we need the Bangla once the project is completed.

We dont offer the bangladesh citizenship do we?

So lets live and live in peace. Go back to where you come from.

Big cat will tell you how peaceful Taiwan is.
If a Malay girl can make it in taiwan, there is no reason why chinese cannot make it.

GettheChineseoutofMalaya said...

Singapore brings in 1 million communist Chinese to be its citizens. And bring in another 1 million Indians. Obviously this is to fight against the Malays in Malaya and Indonesia.

Why Najib is so happy to work with Singapore Communist government is not strange.

He has no idea what he is doing beside money, money and contracts.

Thats all. Dumb fella has no idealogy one day kissing pope christian hands the next day praying in mecca. Its called agnostic.

One day Hindu dress one day cowboy dress. So who is supporting him?
The Malays want a Malay hero who will fight for them not an opportunist who leave them at a stroke of a problem.

Everything he setuju one as long as there is money.

1 juta Komunis Cina di singapura said...

"Di negara jiran Kerajaan nya dgn tak segan silu membenarkan bangsa awin dgn bangsa dari tanah besar atau mereka yg datang dari tanah besr China itu sendiri dgn mudah dapat kerakyatan. Begitu juga kaum India dari negara asal dgn mudah di beri kerakyatan"

Itulah hakikat kepimpinan Tamil dalam UMNO yang tidak mementingkan Tanah Melayu.

Sepatutnya strategi jangka panjang diperlukan.

Perhatikan sahaja Cina PAP di Singapura telah memberi kerakyatan kepada 1 juta Cina Komunis dari Tanah Besar! Ya 1 juta komunis sekarang berkumpul di Singapura.

1 juta rakyat India kini berkumpul di Singapura.

Pemimpin UMNO, think tank Melayu, NGO Melayu buat apa?

NGO Melayu Johor perlu ambil perhatian mengenai 1 juta Cina komunis di seberang tambak.

UMNO perlu object dengan kemasukan 1 juta komunis Cina ini sebab Singapura itu ada orang Melayu yang kini terpinggir.

ini adalah dasar imperialisma Cina Komunis. Anak-anak melayu perlu disedarkan.

My Say