Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Shut-up and brace yourself for a bumpy ride, Musa

Tun Musa Hitam was reported in the New Straits Times today reiterating a position he gave prior to the announcement of the South Johor Economic Region (SJER) or today called Iskandar Malaysia.

The project was announced by the sleepiest Prime Minister ever, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in March 2006 to deviate the attention from critics for cancelling the Scenic Bridge. He claimed it was his idea but nobody smart enough should believe it.

As the man who failed in his responsibility, when Sime Darby and Golden Hope was under his watch and had recently resigned, Tun Musa said Malays are already successful.

Tun Abdullah's mentor must be blind and deaf.

Tun Musa know nuts about economics and business. And, he was trained and assigned by Tun Abdul Razak to look and strategise in the area of education and politics.

The NST report below:
13 March 2013

Malays successful, says Musa

SHAH ALAM: It is impossible to achieve absolute equality in all sectors across all races in Malaysia, said former deputy prime minister Tun Musa Hitam.

Musa said he did not agree with the opinion that Malays were still far behind in the economic sector as Malays could now be considered successful by any yardstick compared with the past.

"We have achieved success. No one can say that we are not successful by any yardstick, but with the open system we now have, this is always being questioned.

"I don't agree with the sentiment that the economy of Malays is threatened and will collapse (without government assistance).

"Can it survive? Yes? Can it grow stronger? Yes, it can. Are the Malays far behind (compared with others)? Yes, there is still a lot to be done, but it depends on what sector.

"There are sectors in which we are far ahead, there are those we are far behind," he said in adialogue on the economic survival of Malays, here, yesterday..

[Update 3:30 pm] In FMT report [read here], Musa echoed the view of ASLI's former Executive Director, Dr Lim Teck Ghee to say that the GLCs are part of the Malay Agenda.

It would mean that as claimed by Lim Teck Ghee, that Malays equity have far exceeded the 30% equity targeted by the New Economic Policy (NEP). 

He must be following the footstep of his protege Abdullah by sleeping in meetings, not reading reports, and not have his ears on the ground. Too much "mile high' in Sime Darby leased private jets. 

Today's GLCs and SLCs have foresaken nation building agenda and in particular the Malay Agenda. The CEOs are too profit driven, self-centred morons more concerned with filling up their nest and not too mention, "corrupt." 

Musa shows his ignorance of economics when he said the opposition will not lead the country to bankruptcy with their Buku Jingga. 

He didn't read the fine print and Pakatan's spending plans for the first two years and first 100 days which has NO revenue stream in the projection.

Looks like Tun Musa is trying to do an Anwar Ibrahim or Saiful's father style of turnaround to say we do not need to see the Malays equal the other races.

What the duck was his lifelong struggle through UMNO all these years was about? Since he failed like Anwar Ibrahim, is he planning to change his positions like Anwar the chameleon?

We have a lot more responses but just wait for the big bomb on Iskandar Malaysia to b ereleased tomorrow circa 10:00 AM.

Tun Musa is the Chairman of the Board of Advisers and it will add another one more batch of failed organisation under Musa's watch.

As one who have been a big disappointment and failure to Johor and Johoreans, we feel he'd better shut up and brace himself for a bumpy ride tomorrow.

While, Gani Othman should just sit tight or try to hide inside one of the two condominiums in Tijani, KLCC. Don't expect the Sultan to protect you on this one.

There will be a lot of cheek rubbing to do.

Edited and Up-dated: 3:30 PM


Anonymous said...

This is the man responsible for the Memali incident, 1985. We was then DPM and KDN. Tun Dr.M was in China. So he is the one calling all the shots, then. At that time race relation was very-very tense. There was some sort of hatred among Malays and Chinese because of allocation of Malay teachers in SRJK(C). The Chinese print media have been inciting hatred by suggesting that the government is trying to 'dilute' vernacular school. The Malay media condemned the Chinese, with vengeance. Some media were banned. Lucky, no internet of handphones, yet.

There was already that 'atmosphere' resemblance May 13,1969, in the air. Factory operators were already afraid to go to work.

To diffuse the situation, Memali incident occurred the way it did. Operation started, 4am and mission accomplished by 8am in the morning. (That incident almost caused a bloody confrontation between the army and police at Baling police station). The media immediately switched their main news to Memali. Radio and TV aired "Jangan dengar khabar-khabar angin" and patriotic songs. No more issues of SRJK(C) or (T) in the print media.

That is why Musa lose his job.
Don't trust this guy.


tebing tinggi said...

MUsa was just another Anuar ,but Anuar was a better actor,Malaysia was blessed that this type of people was never to led Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

think irrespective of personal view being polite and respectful will not go amiss!

big bad wolf said...

Never trust a fox, especially a black fox who like little red riding hood.

Anonymous said...

Tun Musa is a Respected Johorian who would have been Prime Minister of Malaysia had it not been for Mahathir who sabotaged him.

He is still highly respected by right minded Johorians and his opinions are held in high regard locally and internationally.


Hj Kassim said...

I totally agree with Musa.Malay had progerss and in Politic are webare ahead of Chinese and Indian.
Musa is buying New Life Insurance to live another 30 years.

musang said...

pencen je la musa ooi. dah tua

ini bukan negara komunis

spy psy said...

A Johor wolf who like to lick wine from a .....

Anonymous said...

thank god he never became pm.

Anonymous said...

ProudJohorian---You are proud of him? You must have gone bonkers.

Anonymous said...


Did you pass your PMR? You are not to clever arent you

gurkahpolitik said...

ini musa tak boleh pakai punya ... kita orang buat kerja untuk dia..tapi fulus tak lepaih..kamjat!

Anonymous said...

After enjoying almost a half century of perks and privileges, now only you want to speak up? Shame on you, Musa!

Anonymous said...

Iskandar Malaysia is nothing more than land flipping scheme where land owners and developers are cross transacting to create false impression of excitement about investment in Johor. Khazanah, IRDA and the State are all guilty in creating this myth of growth in Johor.

Anonymous said...

This guy is still aiming or rather dreaming for the top executive post. PR is having problem selecting the PM and Ku Li had just shrug-off the idea as the potential candidate. Pleaselah Musa, sudah-sudah tu.

Hj Munawir said...

Musa selalu suka membuat kenyataan yang bertentengan dengan Tun Mahathir.
Dia checkmate Tengku Razaligh yang dan Mahayuddin yang bercitacita hendak menjadi PM.

Musa is a smooth politican.

Saya hendak. Dengar apa pula komen Ron ,Adam Kadir dan Dato Sharil Samad.

Dia suka provoke minda Orang Melayu,Jangan pula kita latah.

Anonymous said...

Aku ingat...

Bukan rajin kerja, kuat disiplin, beriman....

Anonymous said...

aku maleh nak spekulasi tapi ada orang kata PR ada calon lain dari anuwar yg depa nak naikkan jadi PM, org politik veteran. semo orang dok habaq kata KULi tapi aku rasa bukan KULi, tapi yg 2kali kalahkan KULi.

Anonymous said...

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