Thursday, March 07, 2013

Media screw-up at Lahad Datu

If it is Malaysiakini, it can only be expected.

As a George Soros funded organisation assigned to create chaos and disharmony in this country in order to execute their plan for a regime change and then bring in George to buy things for cheap like what he did it Russia, that is fine.

But, why is the mainstream media (MSM) also misbehaving?

Whatever their excuse, they should be more selective in releasing stories from Lahad Datu. They are reporting without understanding the implication of what they are doing.

Heck ... this is a crisis. It is not some wildlife adventure tour of Danum Valley.

Pardon... allow moi a correction.

It is not fine for Malaysiakini to do as they please.

Only that it is expected of Malaysiakini to not care for national and security interest but to agitate the public and create doubt on the ability of the security personnel.

Most of these duckers would not dare to even join the reservist like what Khairy did. MINDEF have been trying so hard to get the Steven Gans and Prema Chandrans to join the military but with minimal success. They are just ....

Perhaps other commentators can express it better. 

With Malaysiakini and the likes hanging around Lahad Datu, what the duck is the verbally incompetent IGP allowing them to hang around Lahad Datu.

It is not his job to be fighting for freedom of the press or information.

Who cares if there is an information blackout? More so, why should police or army ducking care Malaysiakini is being blacked out of information?

This is crisis management, a war ... democrasy and all those freedom of press, information, speech  and whatcamacallit can be flushed down the toilet bowl.

What so positive and useful about Malaysiakini's reporting in helping the crisis? They have and will continue to create unnecessary problems by their disinformation and misinformation.

This is a security mission and it needs to be completed first.

The ducking truth can be told later. By then, screw whoever you wish to screw.

The last thing one should do is to give out sensationalise information with gruesome pictures of dead bodies and stories of policemen and servicemen mutilated to quench the press thirst for sensationalism.

Even international media are selective on release of such pictures. They know there are people out there having dinner while watching the evening news!

The IGP should be most concern with his job and men then be bothered over the press.

Why must he be spending so much time doing few press conferences daily in Lahad Datu? Let a spokesmen at Bukit Aman or MINDEF do it. All the press is there. Release only allowed pictures.  

Tak payah banyak wartawan menyibuk di Lahad Datu.

And, whatever he need to speak, don't duck up on his facts. How can he fumble on the profile of the 5 casualities (later 6) at Semporna. It is like he does not know his own men!

He was corrected by bloggers and media. Shame ...

Dato Hishamuddin may have made a fool of himself in the past as a Menteri Amaran Dalam Negeri but by the look of things, IGP may have wrongly briefed and made him look foolish.

But, who asked him to extend his retirement? Do us a favour and ask him to check-in into some hospital and submit his retirement.

Only the crooked Rosli Dahalan, kingpin Dato Ramli Yusof, opportunistic Tan Sri Robert Phang, former beggar Dato Dr Din Merican and the strings of gangsters they protect appreciate this lembik IGP. 

Some know nuts in white Alphard wrongly advised PM on bloggers work

Yes ... no need to remind. 

This is not the time to hit at each other. It is the time to be united. It is a time to support our forces.

That is being done by bloggers and media by disseminating information and countering by defending or counter-attacking irresponsible statements by opposition.

But, some know nuts in a white Alphard could tell PM that bloggers are not effective.

Duck you! Don't talk if you do not know the cyber ground and battlefield. It is tough act of fighting back from a weakened position from us shooting our own feet.

Initially, some bloggers did got carried away with their overzealousness to be newsbreaker. It is perhaps an opportunity to move up the rankings. That was only for a shortwhile till an SMS request was spreading to seek them to be more judicous.

Now the real problem and it is so obvious today.

What the duck is the MSM doing? Maybe they do not realised it but they are giving away military sensitive information.

For instance, New Straits Times is happily telling the world the use of jet fighters and divulging of military positions. 

Berita Harian also the same as piece title.

Why did BH need to highlight jet fighters being used? Because it is sensational.

The Star also tagged along without thinking. But maybe too few of their people are in the military to understand.

There was a lot more details revealed in their videos and reports.

Utusan Malaysia was happily showing off their photos without understanding it's implication. Thanks for the book yesterday but this is about national security.

The frontpage today is sensational.

They are showing to the enemy that they are moving in small group of three or four soldiers.

This picture revealed our checkpoint and indicate the number of personnel at each checkpoint. Not to mention the identity of our servicemen. What if the Sulu intruders could kidnap and blackmail his family back home? 

This picture shows suspects and collaborators rounded up. Although faces are blurred, what if the enemy is able to predict who the captured person is?

This picture revealed amoured vehicle brought in. However, it is helping the enemy prepare for the eventuality of these armoured vehicle being used. They may have ran to areas where these vehicle are not accessible. Thanks photographers, bijak ....!

Good ... reveal more.

This one revealed PASKAL is covering the shoreline in tugboat. Any military men can size up what is PASKAL and their ability and limitations.

At one time, it was reported what battalion being deployed. 

Sorry for the language but gilalah kau orang ... The enemy knows which battalion and strength is stationed. It is like opening up our other positions.

This idiot here revealed a chronological order of our operation and told the world we used our Hawks and F-18 to pursue a bunch of 200 guerilla fighters.

The jet fighters and all those asset have a military strategy and objective, BUT let's not reveal it yet. Perhaps once it is all over.

The police and army are working fine. They have all the information.

The communication maybe, to be polite about it, less than perfect. But they have readied themselves with a plan long ahead.

Due to the sensitivity and delicate situation, they just cannot be rambo-like in the manner of unthinking macho American military cowboys. That is why it takes some time. Don't listen to Anwar Ibrahim. He is stabbing us from behind.

See what the press people and their yearning for press freedom have done. To understand the implications for their unthinking act to be sensational and grabbing attention, see below:

They have invited outsiders and sympathisers to interfere. Outsiders and sympathisers do not know a ducking thing about the white flag trick and bodies of police mutilated.

These outsiders and sympathisers made comments while sitting in their armchair with a bag of potato chip watching CNN. He should be morre concerned with Palestime and Rohingya. 

They will not suffer from a protracted "war."

The press could be jeopardising military operation and endangering the lives of our police and army personnel out of their ignorance.

And, Ng Yen Yen ... do shut up and not say something as stupid as denying there will be no safety issue for  Sabah tourist.

Siapa mahu percaya kalau lu cakap sekarang? Bodoh punya Menteri!

For heaven sake, Tan Sri Ismail ... please kick all those nuisance 50 reporters at Lahad Datu out and stream information only through Bernama.

They maybe be slow and make Dato Dr Rais Yatim look useful but information coming out of Lahad Datu must be controlled.

Take away all handphones if necessary. Some military and police maybe leaking information. If there is a need to communicate, find some other ways.  Perhaps, limit the numbers used and monitor they calls coming in and out

Jam the airwaves so that these intruders can't communicate.

This is a security crisis.

In a crisis management, why should the police and army gives a ducking care if the media news are boring. Save the excitement for after the mission is completed and successful.


Anonymous said...

Yes War protocol DICTATES confidentiality for fear of jeopardising the smooth execution of defence strategies.

Ban all journalists and news agencies. Only the TOP defence personnel is allowed to give press conference.

It is not the duty of defence ministry to protect jounalists and kaypohs.

Anonymous said...

I saw bundles of The Star left unsold at 7-11 this afternoon.

maybe the Chinese urban have already cast their vote for the coming GE or typically they are not bothered as long as the Sulu did not kacau them

Anonymous said...

editors are like vulture brader....

I saw bundles of The Star left unsold at 7-11 this afternoon.

maybe the Chinese urban have already cast their vote for the coming GE or typically they are not bothered as long as the Sulu did not kacau them

Anonymous said...

someone should really talk to IGP and PAT about revealling too much info to the press. Tell these two that they are not obliged at all to answer any questions from the press or hold a press conference even. Let Bukit Aman do the PR job.

Anonymous said...

Well put. I hope there's lesson learned here for those in Mindef and KDN.

I remember when young seeing army movement with the truck insignia blank out.

Troop movement can be done at night.

Photos only from army or police photographers released at press briefing.

etc.etc.etc. banyang protocol dah lupa.

Kalau ada next time. Belajar lah ooi.....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the two ministers, the IGP and PAT can be guided on what they can or cannot say at the briefings. I believe the general was the one giving out information on what fighters were used in the ops in one of the daily briefings.
Is there no one there coordinating the news that goes out at the daily briefings?


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir.

You're absolutely right. I have full respect for you and I salute you.

I think Hisham is clueless as KDN. On TV3 he said "this is the first time that Police & the Military have conducted an operation together". Zahid said, "some sort of blue ocean strategy" !

He might have forgotten that the army was also engaged in gun battles with the communist, before the mid 80's. The late Dato Kanang is from the Army Ranger, wasn't he? Fighting the communist insurgent then, was the job of the Police too. That is why VAT69 was established. The Army or the military was just helping out. The only occasion when the assistance of the army was not sought, was during the Memali raid, Nov.19,1985 and that makes, especially the Army terribly pissed off.

Me too, think that Hisham, Zahid Hamidi and the IGP, are not suitable to lead anything. They are not convincing and stern enough. And they must have their eyes focused onto the camera when talking live on TV.

You are also right when you said;
"Let a spokesmen do it in Bukit Aman or MINDEF. So all the press is there. Release only allowed pictures. Tak payah menyibuk di Lahad Datu."


Anonymous said...

Salam bro.

Lu memang BETUL. Gua sokong.

Masing-masing MSM kejar UNTUNG brader. Yang lain - termasuk nyawa anggota pasukan keselamatan ke, nyawa orang awam ke (dah geram ni) - tolak tepi. Janji masssyyuuuk RM! Memang bangang diaorang tu.

Anonymous said...

I would have thot they'd jam the airwaves much earlier, but surprised to see that about an hour after the airstrike, Agbimudin Kiram made a call to his relative in Manila to say that he and his men are ok and the Malaysian army may have made a friendly fire!Kurang asam punya sulu!

Anonymous said...

Kesian Malaysia...... Musuh dari dalam dan luar. Mungkinkah pembangkang sendiri yang misinformed UN Sec Gen tentang keadaan di Sabah dan sebut tentang humanitarian? Hello...kalau UN Sec Ge ikuti perkembangan dari mula, humanitarian apa yang dia maksudkan? Penduduk KD ke yang terbunuh?. Semuanya berlaku semalam...jet melintas, PM meminta kita berdoa, UN Sec Gen keluar kenyataan dan pengganas minta henti pertempuran. Media Malaysia pun bangang pergi tunjuk gambar2 jet pejuang, tempat2 strategik kepungan dan sekatan jalanraya. Sekarang nak henti pertempuran? Celaka kau pengganas nak menipu lagi!. Ya Allah, selamatkan perwira2 negara kami yang ikhlas berjuang di Sabah, Ya Allah, selamatkan kami penduduk Malaysia yang cintakan keamanan dan kemanusiaan, Ya Allah kau turunkan bala dan sengsara dunia akhirat kepada mereka yang membunuh anngota keselamatan kami, Ya Allah kau selamatkan bumi Malaysia yang kaya dan aman damai ini. Ameen.

Anonymous said...

I like this video. Both Malaysian and British discuss the issue within context, intellectually with supporting facts and matured.Very brilliant! Unlike the other party who put himself very low and emotional, blame game and smearing diplomatic relations against what his government's stand. Everything speaks by itself..

Anonymous said...

Setuju sangat.

Masing-masing nak pastikan PM nampak mereka 'buat kerja' supaya jadi calon PRU13 kut !!!

If only PM could read this article.


Anonymous said...

Maklum ler brader dah dekat pilihanraya mestilah Zahid & Hisham nak publisiti, termasuklah parti pemerintah secara keseluruhannya. IGP pulak takde pengalaman dalam kendali krisis spt di Lahat Datu. Nampak sangat kebudak-budakannya. Akhirnya yg kelihatan adalah tahap profesionalisme yg tidak boleh dibanggakan baik dari pemimpin dari pihak kerajaan & pemimpin pasukan keselamatan.

Anonymous said...

Perhas , there are Anwar's Ministers in waiting, Five Stars General in waiting and IGP in waiting, sleeping in MINDEF and KDN....

Salleh Telegu

Anonymous said...

I prefer Ex IGP Datuk Rahim and Musa Hassan or Zaman Khan stlye and approach rather then the current IGP or the yes man of Hisham. I too dont understand why reveal so many sensitive information on millitary activities. Dont they know that the rebels have smartphones, GPS etc . Easily they can logged in internet and read all news related to them even they may have expert hackers to get secret information. Maybe the brother of Kiram is right, no bombs hit them, I dont know however I just keep on reading news to get the latest. They should keep it low untill all ended.

Maestromind said...

Kalau nak mencarut mencarut je bang tak payah nak what the duck la apa la..apa ke benda la. Anyway good article

Unknown said...

Good write up but I think the message could have been put across in a more simpler manner. Its just too long than necessary. In the process, you make yourself just like the people you criticised. Why the need to re-quote what these people did or provide links to their sites? You are only helping to dessiminite these sensitive information rather than helping to blank it out.

In passing you commended Khairy's enlistment as a reserve. Well, that is respectable but my question to you, does it make any difference? And also, forget about the reluctance of Steven Gans and Prema Chandrans to join the military. Why don't you? If "They are just ....", you are also nothing less, at least that's what I think.

A Voice said...

Darn ... my Fenruary plan to go to Danum Valley cancelled.

I am sure ducking mad.

Sorry dude, have to limit to just duck.

Anonymous said...

Pasal nak lakukan surat kabar korang, sanggup nak gadaikan maruah negara dan dedahkan lokasi pejuang negara. Stupid journalist

Anonymous said...

Good one bro. Well said.

When we're at war the nation must be united behind the elected government. Full stop.

Malaysia kini and the likes who go against the war effort must be booked. No any other way but booked.

In the 50s thro 70s we were fighting the communist bandits. In true fashion all things for that security efforts were mobilized and enforced.

It's the same now.

Anonymous said...

A voice

either your blog has been hacked or you has been a bit over on this topic.

and whether you notice or not, anwar's cycbertrooper is trying to this discredit Najib, ATM and PDRM by trying to give negative image of the whole Ops Daulat in order to divert the issue on him being part of the sulu Assault on Lahad Datu.

and your topic and writing seems a perfect place for them.

Annie said...

I have to agree with Anon 10.08 on this one. I think the MSM journalists are doing their best to get the stories of the Sulu gunmen crisis so that the public are well informed about it. Malaysia is still under BN where the people have the right to be informed as to the development of such incident so that they are not unduly worried about their safety and those on the front line. As far as I know, all precautions were taken to ensure the MSM stories and visuals of the operation against the gunmen would not endanger our security personnel. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Memang Betul Bro!

Media Semasa Malaysia patut ditutup dan diambil alih olih Manila Inquirer.

Anonymous said...

There is strong evidence suggesting weak leadership and lack of good judgement which ultimately caused the life of those security forces fighting at the frontline.

First, it took too much diplomacy to deal with armed terrorists, as they being called NOW.

second, leading national security who think he is so bloody expert, the holy untouchable cousin completely dismissed possibility of threat from the Sulu militants, calling openly from another of his stupid self-gangho tweet, "not terrorist" and "very remote from Lahad Datu". Would he apologize after so many have died and resign from the post he is currently sitting not because he is good at it but because he is the cousin? OF COURSE NOT! Un-toucha-bangjib.

thirdly, a prolonged arm conflict will never do the government any good. Sentiments among Rakyat will boil, they are with the security forces, but conflicting statements and mindless remarks via pc or tweet or fb from arrogant minister will make situation worse. Now is really not the time to talk about why police first army later, Geneva Convention bla bla bla... who cares? Armed militants went in and killed our fellow Malaysians, how convinced it need to be before we just bomb them off? Of yeah, diplomacy has to take priority.... go tell that to the families who will never see the return of their beloved sons and fathers.

Forth, may God protect Malaysia and help the security forces to end the conflict asap. They have worked too hard to protect our home. As for arrogant Minister who only interested in getting photo published and check on the guns as if he is also a commando, go lick a duck, in the situation of life and death, pretenders deserve no respect.

God be with us all.

A Voice said...


I am not trained in the area of language and journalism. I am considered a numerical minded left brainer.

Thanks for the advise but I write in the manner i like. how i like to do it. I will change and adjust in good time.

Currently i like it this way.

I have no ranking to chase, no traffic to attract and no editors, publisher or subscriber to answer to.

I write what I like, how I like with its pathetic grammar as some try to ridicule me and as long or short as i wish.

As blogger, i am all . . . writer, reporter, columnist, sub editor, editor, publisher, censor of comments, researcher, and messengers. As amateur,semi pro or pro.

Hope u get my message. After all, you are reading this for free.

A Voice said...

anon 10:08 am

i ve done a lot for bn. and will continue to help where it is necessary n useful.

baru cuit skit, awak dah gabra ke?

this one is about the life of our polis and askar putting their life on the line to bring peace. harmony n prosperity to the rest.

bn should take back seat on this. politics will have to take a backseat.

A Voice said...

Anon 2:35 pm

Thanks for support but i wont agree to you suggestion.

Manilla Inquirer?

Anonymous said...

Saya ingin meojok kapada gambar yang saudara siarkan bertajok"Kenderaan berat membawa kereta perisai Condor....
Hari ini saya main folf dengan pegawai tinggi polis dari Bukit Amat.Dia kata untok membawa Tank Condor,pasokan tentera tidak ada kenderaan berat(trailer) Mereka menyewa trailer itu dai syarikat transport Cina dari Tawau .

Macam macam lagi dia cerita.Antaranya dia kata askar kita tidak ada night google.unrok rondaan waktu malam.Bila malam,askar kita pulang ka base dan tengok TV .

Ha ha ha.

A Voice said...

Dear reporter

I will not publish comment against friendly reporter.

Aisay man ... most of you not reading the real message. Or was it lost in translation?

It is not so much about media or reporters.

Nak dekat pilihanraya terpaksalah marah ..., sindir penyokong

Anonymous said...


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