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Denial and lawsuit to avoid answering [Up-dated]

Anwar Ibrahim filed a lawsuit against who else, Utusan Malaysia and TV3. One can read on elsewhere for the news detail.

Reuters was the one that reported a Malaysian opposition politician had invited heirs of the Sultan of Sulu to Sabah to discuss land issues. All eyes were looking at Anwar and he denied involvement. [Read our past posting here.

Newspapers and news portal reported undisclosed sources telling the intruders were promised land in Sabah. This was used by the opposition to accuse the person making that promise to be Najib. 

The Harakah is one, see below:

Another is by Sabahkini writer, Mutallib MD here

So what if a collaboprator is an UMNO Branch Chief? Wrong is wrong, why politicise national security? 

Typical of political book writer with their narrow and myopic view. 

It has to be Anwar

Whatever it is the 'diversions', we see it to be Anwar. 

Our PKR friend called this afternoon to refute it as Anwar Ibrahim because there are other opposition leaders. 

Fine ...

But anyone with sufficient understanding of politics will discount Dato Seri Abdul Hadi Awang, Dato Nik Aziz Nik Mat, Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng out-reaching themselves to get involve into such area. 

Out-reaching ... doesn't it remind of ABIM Outreach? Anwar has a habit of out-reaching and trying to be friendly with everybody who is in world news without thinking of the implication and impact to the interrest of the nation, ummah and Melayu. He wants to befriend them for future favours.

Back to why it has to be Anwar.

PAS has minimal interest in Sabah and too myopic to see beyond the compound of a madrasah. DAP is not interested in areas with no Chinese interest. 

It lead to only two leaders with interest and history on Sabah and the Southern Phillipines.

Without having to go at length on this, let's cut through the chase. 

It cannot be anyone but only two former collaborators; PKR leader, Anwar and STAR leader, Dato Dr Jeffrey Kitingan. 

Jeffrey had and still struggling to take Sabah out of Malaysia and was held under ISA for it before. 

Anwar is the power crazy manic whose pursuit to be Prime Minister has no limit to the extend he is willing to do. It includes working with American interest and allowing Sabah to secede. 

Our PKR friend may not have enough background information as oppose to our deep interest in Sabah for the past 15 years. In the past 6 months, we've made more than half a dozen fact finding and field trips to Sabah.

It is one of our two favourite states for R&R. The other used to be Penang.

Thus far, Jeffrey has acknowledged to meeting the fale Sultan Jamaluil Kiram III in early July 2012. Naturally, he denied involvement. 

However, Anwar has not commented on the picture of himself and MNLF leader, Nur Misuari. 

In the meanwhile, more reports emanating from the Phillipines are getting less subtle and more direct in pointing their finger towards Anwar. 

See few below: 

Manilla Times viewed that it was Anwar's offer of autonomy that attract the intrusion.

The Inquirer's new was focused on the specific phrase of:

It could be Jeffrey who used to be in PKR Sabah before he clash with Anwar and have problems not being the leader of a political party.  

When asked as to why Anwar did not sue Inquirer News, he said it did not accuse him as conspirator.

How will he answer why he did not sue ABN News of Phillipines below: 

ABC News is closely pointing their finger at Anwar as the conspirator. Read the report below:
MANILA: A Malaysian Opposition politician allied with Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is believed to have met with the Sulu Sultan late last year and gave the Opposition’s support to the Kirams’ claim to Sabah, a Philippine intelligence source revealed.

In a special report by the Philippine Inquirer, the intelligence officer said that one member of the Malaysian political opposition allied with Anwar Ibrahim was running for a post in Sabah.

“Apparently, this politician was one of those who spoke with the Kirams. He supposedly gave the Opposition’s support to the Kirams’ claim to Sabah,” the source said.

The source also believed that in their meeting in November last year, the Kirams decided to “reclaim Sabah or at least ask for a compensation for Sabah that is commensurate to the land’s value today, and for the royal family to be given due recognition by Malaysia.”
According to the Philippine Inquirer, the intelligence sources consistently mentioned three groups that appear to have taken advantage of the decision of the Kirams to pursue their Sabah claim.

“These are groups that wanted to ride on the Kirams’ pursuit with their own interests in mind,” one of the sources said.

Another source added: “There are a lot who can gain from this, not just in the Philippines but in Malaysia as well.”

These “external factors,” as an Inquirer source described the groups, are one small faction that is in it for the money, an anti-Aquino administration group, and the Malaysian political Opposition.

“The Kirams planned to pursue their claim as early as last year. But they went to Lahad Datu also on the instigation of these groups,” the intelligence officer said.

The small group supposedly goaded the Kirams to ask Malaysia for a higher rent on Sabah. If Malaysia gives in, this small group would allegedly have a share of the increase.

The anti-administration group simply wants to discredit President Aquino and is using the peace process as a cause of disenchantment for the Kirams.

“All those who do not like P-Noy (the President’s nickname) have joined forces. This is one way to really test how this administration will react (to such an issue). Whatever happens in Malaysia, there will be a backlash on us,” one source said.

“In a way, whoever wants to disrupt the peace process or the gains of President Aquino has already won,” the source added.

The third group is allegedly the Malaysian political Opposition, which is gearing up for general elections that may be called before June.

Whether the heirs of the sultanate of Sulu acted on their own to reclaim Sabah or were instigated by an external force to do so, one thing is certain, according to government intelligence sources: It was a business that proved too big for the heirs to handle on their own, the Philippine Inquirer reported.

The sources said that the Philippine government’s policy on Sabah is to keep it in the back burner.

But apparently “some people” want to push it forward now. And why now, at this time, is one of the questions government intelligence is looking into.

It is being Tausug that is keeping Sultan Jamalul Kiram III, his family, and their subjects stubbornly pressing their renewed claim to Sabah, even to the extent of defying President Aquino, one of the Inquirer sources said.

“This is the last stand of Sultan Jamalul. Being Tausug, they already gave their word they would pursue their claim. This is now do or die for them just to keep their word of honour,” the source, a senior military officer, told the Inquirer.

The source said the Kirams decided to unite because they felt left out of the peace negotiations between the Aquino administration and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, which signed a premilinary peace deal last October.

“The Kirams wanted to get the attention of the Philippine government,” the source said.

“For so many years, the family felt they have been exploited in politics. Sultan Jamalul was goaded to run for senator in 2010 but he lost. Then their letter to President Aquino (in 2010 before he assumed office) got lost,” the source said.

The source said the Kirams and their followers “conceived the details of the plan to go to Lahad Datu” in late January this year.

“In February, a small group of the Kirams’ followers left for Lahad Datu, followed by Raja Muda Agbimuddin,” the source said.

The estimated 70 firearms now in the hands of the group holed up in Tanduao are owned by residents in Lahad Datu, Tausug and Badjao holding Malaysian identification cards, the source said.

Malaysian security forces have encircled Agbimuddin’s group but are holding action, with the grace period for the group to leave having been extended three times and a fourth being requested by the Philippine government.
Malaysians careful

The Inquirer’s military source said the impasse continues because the Malaysians are extra careful in dealing with Agbimmudin’s group.

“They are all Muslims and they know that if there is violence, it would go on forever. There are 800,000 Filipinos in Sabah. It would be a huge problem in Sabah if violence erupts. The Malaysian security forces may end up dealing with guerrillas or a rido,” the source said, using a Muslim term for clan war. - http://newsinfo.inquirer.net

Jeffrey has acknowledged meeting the fake Sultan of Sulu, Jamalul Kiram III. Anwar has not acknowledged or explained his meeting with Nur Misuari. He was also abrasive to questions from the press during his press conference. See below:

It is very similar to his reactions to questions on his missing Omega watch and identity of person with the China doll in the video that is unmistably him.


There are more questions for Anwar. Nur Misuari has defended the intruders, warned Malaysia from taking actions and acknowledged that some of the intruders are his men.

The blog Ground Zero Sabah [read here] that we linked to in the posting Lahad Datu, Sabah oil and American interest asked this question below:

Is that why Tian Chua tried to create deviation? He is involved!!!??? 

Jeffrey was with Anwar in PKR before leaving to form STAR.

The link to Anwar are getting clearer. 

Updated and Edited: 10:50 AM


Anonymous said...

the reporter that asked Anuar may after all not be a genuine reporter. He could have been planted by PKR to be a stupid reporter stammering and as usual he did not mention which media he was. And Anuar as usual will never admit or accept the news when he only mentioned Philipine Enquirer... can you believe a reporter stammering infront of the Mother of All Liars .. why did he not mention more papers ABN , Reuters, Manila Times? Perhaps that reporter Lily Suriani should ask Anuar and see how he answer..Such hypocrisy!

Anonymous said...

the reporter that asked Anuar may after all not be a genuine reporter. He could have been planted by PKR to be a stupid reporter stammering and as usual he did not mention which media he was. And Anuar as usual will never admit or accept the news when he only mentioned Philipine Enquirer... can you believe a reporter stammering infront of the Mother of All Liars .. why did he not mention more papers ABN , Reuters, Manila Times? Perhaps that reporter Lily Suriani should ask Anuar and see how he answer..Such hypocrisy!

Anonymous said...

Harakah memang macam tu, itu je yang tahu...buat apa baca..buang masa je...

Anonymous said...

Nuar, the New Pharaoh of the Nusantara,thought and said "All the judges, all the advocates, all the law makers in Capitol Hill, all the law makers in Knesset, all the law makers in Lower House of Parliament (UK) are under by thumb"

Salleh Telegu

Tok Mudim said...

The Tausags or Sulu that creating trouble in Lahad Datu and Semporna are the one that BEING TRANSPORTED IN by Nor Misery and Jamalul Kiram III with the influence of a desperate and power crazy Malaysian politician.

While the other whom for decades have been cari makan for their family in Sabah especially in the east coast are not terrorist.

They may create some minor social problems in Sabah but NEVER started such a brutal act.

If you may recall all the brutal acts on Sabah ie Sipadan Resort kidnapping, terrorizing an east coast town and a few more, all are done by those based in the island of Southern Philippine.

So those who tried to discredit these peace loving people, please get your fact right.

my 2 cent tot.

Anonymous said...

Utusan is known to publish fiction and lies and often this is proven in court so this is the right action by Anwar.

Dewa Muda said...

Tuan Haji, now it is even louder and clearer

BTW, get some rest, I'm always worried when you pay a visit to Ampang Putri.

IT.Sheiss said...

Hey Anwar.

Why not sue Philippines military intelligence, Reuters and the very "free" Philippines media as well?

Meanwhile check this out:-

Sultan wants UN, superpowers to intervene
Anisah Shukry | March 4, 2013

PETALING JAYA: The self-styled Sulu Sultan Jamalul Kiram III wants the United Nations, the United States and the United Kingdom to intervene in his claim over Sabah, Philippine news website ABS-CBNnews.com reported today.

According to the news portal, Jamalul said he had lost faith in the Philippine government’s ability to help the Kiram clan in its claim to the north Borneo State.

Jamalul’s army comprising some 200 men has remained in Kampung Tanduo, 130 km from Lahad Datu, Sabah for three weeks now.

The armed intruders reportedly lost at least 12 men in its skirmishes against the Malaysian police and armed forces last Friday.

Jamalul’s attempts to seize Sabah by force has earned the disapproval of President Benigno Aquino III, who has repeatedly appealed to the sultanate’s army to return home and resolve the territorial dispute in the Philippines.

Similarly, the Malacanang Palace said today it was not disregarding the Kiram family’s claim over Sabah but pointed out there was no reason for the army to stay there.

But instead of heeding the calls for retreat, Jamalul told the news portal today that his next step would be to seek help from the international body and two superpowers.

He said the last time the issue was brought before the UN was in the 1960s, under the term of then President Diasdado Macapagal.

US bound by agreement

In another development, spokesman for the sultanate Abraham Idjirani said it was seeking the assistance of America to intercede by invoking a 1915 agreement signed with then US colonial government in the Philippines

He said that under the Kiram-Carpenter Agreement signed on March 22, 1915, the US had agreed to provide “full protection” to the Sulu Sultan.

He added that under that agreement which was signed by then US-appointed Governor of Mindanao and Sulu province, Frank W Carpenter, with the Sulu Sultan, the latter had relinquished his and his heirs’ right to temporal sovereignty, tax collection and arbitration laws in exchange for an allowance, a piece of land and recognition as religious leader.

He said under the agreement, the US had also agreed to give “full protection to the Sultan of Sulu should the question of Sabah arise in the future between the sultanate and any foreign authority.”

“We will remind them of their moral obligation. That obligation is not to use violent means but to help find a solution,” Idjirani was reported by the Philippines Inquirer.

Idjirani said Malacañang’s “small window of opportunity” to end the standoff was not acceptable because all the government wanted was Agbimuddin’s group pullout from Sabah, without assurance of negotiations involving the sultanate’s claim to Sabah.

Eight Malaysians killed

Yesterday, Inspector-General of Police Ismail Omar confirmed that a total of six policemen were killed in an ambush by armed intruders in Kampung Sri Jaya, Simunul, Semporna, Sabah on Saturday.

He said six of the armed intruders were also killed.

Police are investigating whether the group, believed to be less than 10 in number, in Kampung Sri Jaya Simunul are linked to the royal army of the Sultanate.

On Friday, two VAT 69 police commandos, ASP Zulkifli Mamat, 29 and Sergeant Sabarudin Daud, were killed, while three others were injured in a gunfire with the royal army in Kampung Tandou.

12 of the armed Sultan Sulu followers were also killed.

Yesterday, a group of soldiers from the 21st Royal Malay Regiment at the 8th Brigade Camp, Pengkalan Chepa, left for Sabah to boost security forces there, Bernama reported.

Armed forces Chief General Zulkifeli Mohd Zin was reported to have said that two more army battalions would be deployed in several areas in the east coast of Sabah.


Anonymous said...

Anwar 1998 till present day......
I deny it and I will sue you.

I pray he dont repeat the same thing when answering question in grave.

Anonymous said...

Based on the information I read from Bernama, I deduced we have underestimated the Sulu militants.

Probably we didn't expect these militants to shoot to kill. Were we hoping that the Islam brotherhood wouldn't maim each other? Boy were we wrong. Religion is the last thing on their mind.

The news that they decapitated one of our policeman and tortured the others before killing them give you an indication we are not dealing with country bumpkins here. We are dealing with hardcore merciless fighters. They have been in wars for the longest time while our policemen and army were not expose to any wars. Paling tension pun mungkin Bershit.

Bombing is not going rat them out. These are people well verse in guerrilla war fare. You thought you can starve them? I think we are underestimating them. This is going to be a long battle.

Plus what if there are actually Malaysians amongst these militants? Ya Allah, we give ICs to dubious characters? Is that why our Government is so reluctant to bring in the army? Again, why is it so easy for Filipino Muslims to obtain PR or Malaysian citizenship when Putrajaya gives Malaysian with foreign spouses hell just to get a PR renew?

Don't get me wrong. I am a strong supporter of UMNO. Tetapi ada pengkhianat di dalam negara yang tidak menepati amanat yang diberikan oleh rakyat. The latest rumor/news I heard is Putrajaya peddling out ICs to Bangladeshi and Indonesians in Selangor. If this is true, this is treason. Also news that Bangladeshi going through auto gate check in at LCCT meant for Malaysians. If giving Filipino Muslims IC/PR was due to historical ties, then I can understand. But Bangladeshi? Apa kena mengena dia orang dengan kita?

Jangan-jangan kita terbagi banyak IC pulak kepada Indonesian. Nanti perkara sama merebak ke Semenanjung. Not everybody can migrate overseas.


Jay said...


Keep on spinning and keep on blaming Anwar. Easy for PR to deflect and bom BN at the ballot box.

Hope you are feeling better though. Politics need not be personal animosity

Anonymous said...

Sovereignty, national interest, self-esteem. Yes! Surrender. No!

Anonymous said...

Bodoh betul komen si Muhd kat atas ni sampai tak tau nak respon macamana. Orang tengah sibuk perang dia pergi tempat lain. This ass claims to be an UMNO supporter - a common tactic used by cibai Pakatoon these days. Either he is a Pakatoon, or agen MNLF yang cuba nak spread propaganda. There have been a lot of such comments lately, we notice.

Anonymous said...

Najib Tried the "Gua Tolong Lu Lu Tolong Gua"
Tactic on this Bunch!

It Didn't Work Period.

Anonymous said...


Anwar was caught on tape with cinadoll and he STILL denied.

elvis said...

tanya sama bangNon, sapa dalang Kiran
nanti herdik bangNon,U ulang I saman

ulang lagi 4x

Anonymous said...

Muhd 3.43

Don't forget how many of these terrorists once got aid, arms, and ammo from us so they could start havoc in the Phillipines. Now the monster we fed turns on us...

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