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Pak Lah to bring back Anwar to UMNO?

When you reach to pet a sleeping dog, you risk startling them and getting attacked, thus the idiom, "Let sleeping dogs lie."

It suggest that you are better off to leave a topic alone or not talk about things which have caused problems in the past. Do not instigate trouble and leave something alone if it might cause trouble.

Lastly, do not try to change a situation because you might cause problems.

Pak Lah should have kept quiet and sleep out the rest of his retirement.

He can try to deny and Khairy can get Lokman Nor Adam to blast a second SMS denial. Former Principal Secretary can get his man to issue a denial. Bridget Welsh can change the planned launch of the book.

It's too late. Pak Lah has awaken the dogs. Alert dogs sniff and sense trouble from afar.

Pak Lah-Anwar link

One Bigdog sniff the link between Pak Lah and Anwar.

In his posting Admission of Guilt, he highlighted the "fact that PKR Vice President Nurul Izzah Anwar who was invited and slotted to launch the book in Singapore on 30 August symbolises that Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim personally endorsing the book."

Nurul Izzah's defense of the book only strengthened the evidence that the Opposition especially PKR is backing Abdullah to take revenge and demonise the government and indirectly, weaken UMNO.

Taken from APA here

Interestingly, Syed Akbar Ali in his blog here shared an SMS which gives a perspective on the future direction of Nurul Izzah, Khairy and Anwar Ibrahim, below:
Is Nurul Izzah being groomed as a future Wanita UMNO leader ? Badawi and KJ with Kalimullah are  putting the plan in operation, three years away, a coup for UMNO before the next election. Anwar won't object as he then has fingers in all parties ie Government and the Opposition.  Very possible with Azmin heading PKR.

Anwar may not become PM but in this scenario he becomes a King Maker. Further this would give KJ the support for his ascendency in UMNO and distances the other factions.

Situation is very possible as they believe Mahathir would not be around long. Even if he does, they are out to hammer his credibility to weaken his standing. This would draw support towards  KJ group to take on Najib or Muhyiddin.  Although 1MDB has its war chest but KNB is a monopoly of Badawi's boys. So can you see the scenario building.

Included in the strategy Pak Lah boys want to keep Dr Mahathir  occupied so as to remove his focus on Najib. A decoy tactic or a tactic to ensure that he has multiple fronts to fight.

Note current mood of young Malays, Chinese and Indians (so called educated group) are not for Dr Mahathir. This is the wave they want to capitalise on as the instrument of change in their campaign as these are the people who have the energyand the vigour.

It would mean that the Pak Lah boys inevitably become indispensable to Najib. A well crafted scenario. This strategy puts KJ in the forefront as Najib's key ally and. clears the way for his ascendency in UMNO. Anwar Ibrahim style of climb in UMNO.
The responses Syed Akbar received was:
Plausible. A repeat of S46 coming back to the fold.
Another one:
Possible bro, and we hv to make a stop!
Meet up 

How to stop when this has been in play for quite a number of years?

Firstly, remember Khairy delivering passport to Anwar Ibrahim's house upon his release from prison under the pretext of assisting his immediate departure for treatment in Munich.

Anwar's operaion was truly miraculous as he was able to walk hours after the operations when it took us three days after undergoing similar operations. The Alpha Klinik where Anwar went for treatment was reported to be involved in fraud.

Second, Anwar paid a courtesy visit to Pak Lah during his open house in Kepala Batas after he came out of prison.

Thirdly, Anwar and Pak Lah was seen together performing zohor and having lunch at a certain Ismailiyah Sect leader in Hulu Langat in 2009.

The rumour was that Anwar spent three hours with Pak Lah trying to convince him to not resign and vacate the seat to Dato Najib. 

These are only the publicly known events that shows Pak Lah never severed his ties with Anwar despite Anwar's boys used to call him a walking zombie.

There used to be rumours of Khairy meeting Anwar in Singapore as arranged by Kalimullah. 

This blogger is aware that Pak Lah's men had a meeting, if not several meetings, with Anwar at the home of a long-time UMNO Member of Parliament.

This was confirmed to yours truly by a Khairy's Division Ketua Pemuda boy from Terengganu in front of another ex MRSM and political blog writer. There was Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Salahuddin Ayub, Dato' Mahfudz Omar, Khairy Jamaluddin, Dato Kamaluddin Abdullah and the UMNO MP as host.

One startling link between them is highlighted by Bigdog in this speech by former Anwar's man, Ezam Mohd Nor which shows another side to the link between Pak Lah and Anwar:

Would all these help affirm further the SMS from Syed Akbar that Anwar wish to return to UMNO and Pak Lah is opening the way?

It is refining our own belief here that former Deputies of Dr Mahathir is conspiring to gang-up against him.

As far as the link between Pak Lah and Anwar, there is a known linkman for Pak Lah and Anwar to collaborate as in Pak Din who used to be Pak Lah's driver. Read in AIDC here.

Nahi nahi not necessary

 The classic nahi line in this Sanggam Hindustani movie is at 0:54

Pak Lah will have a hard time trying to convince with his denial. The Malay Mail online report below:

Pak Lah: I’m not sleeping with the enemy 

By Zurairi AR

August 12, 2013 

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 12 — Under fire from pro-Umno bloggers, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi denied today that the release of a book on his years as prime minister is a conspiracy to attack the Malay nationalist party. 

The contents of the book as well as the choice of PKR lawmaker Nurul Izzah Anwar, the daughter of Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, to launch the book in Singapore earlier set tongues wagging online. 

“The principle of openness means that we must be ready to give space for anybody to speak. But do not make an assumption that the book was written by Pak Lah who has conspired with the opposition to attack his own party,” Abdullah (picture) said in a statement here, referring to himself by his popular moniker. 

“Whatever criticism given in my interview in the book was made because I want to see Umno given continued mandate and trust by the people.” 

“Awakening: The Abdullah Years in Malaysia”, a book on his short reign as the prime minister who succeeded Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, features an exclusive interview where the usually quiet man finally speaks out against his detractors. 

In the days following its release, the book dominated headlines in the media with heavy focus given to Pak Lah’s words on Dr Mahathir and what the former prime minister described as “unwarranted attacks” on his person that eventually led to his ouster. 

Pro-Umno bloggers have since accused Abdullah of being a “mouthpiece” of the opposition with the release of the book, painting its editors Prof Bridget Welsh and Prof James Chin as alleged anti-Barisan Nasional (BN) dissenters. 

Today, Abdullah denied he had a hand in the book’s tone or the decision to have Nurul Izzah launch the book in Singapore. 

“Since I am not the publisher, printer, editor not the author of the book, I do not know, am not informed and not responsible for any invitations to launch and discuss the book,” Pak Lah explained. 

“The news of an opposition leader attending the book launch in Singapore — even if it is true — was the decision of the publishers, not me.” 

The Singapore launch has since been cancelled, according to the book’s editors today, who earlier postponed a companion event in Kuala Lumpur due to the growing controversy over the tome. 

On Saturday, the editors decided to postpone the launch here, citing concerns over its “politicisation” and sensationalisation by media organisations in their reportage of certain portions of the book. 

Today, Chin also denied that Nurul Izzah’s scheduled attendance had contributed to the cancellation of the Singapore launch, and repeated the hope that the public will read the book in its entirety before making any comment. 

Abdullah has also clarified that he was not planning on attending the launch event, to dispel any notions that the book was written and endorsed by him, explaining that it was not written under his request or sponsorship. 

On Saturday, Welsh and Chin noted in their open letter that some media outlets had wrongly categorised “Awakening” as “Pak Lah’s book”. 

They pointed out that this was inaccurate as the book was a collection of multiple views from different persons, including politicians across the divide and academic observers.

Despite the postponement of the launch, the duo said the book will remain available at book stores nationwide.
What more a second SMS from someone with no locus standi:

Sejak dua tiga hari yang lepas, banyak berita diterbit mengenai 'buku Pak Lah'. Isu ini juga mendapat liputan luas dalam media sosial dengan pelbagai reaksi dan komen.Sebelum saya memberi apa-apa komen, mungkin saya perlu memberi sedikit penjelasan tentang buku tersebut.

Pertamanya, buku tersebut tidak ditulis oleh saya. Buku ini disusun oleh dua ahli akademik, James Chin dan Bridget Welsh, dengan memuatkan beberapa rencana oleh pelbagai penulis yang telah menyumbangkan tulisan masing-masing mengenai pentadbiran saya sebagai Perdana Menteri. Ada yang dikhabarkan positif dan banyak juga yang negatif dan kritikal.

Kedua, saya sendiri hanya terlibat melalui wawancara yang dibuat oleh James Chin dan Bridget Welsh. Wawancara ini lebih kepada menjawab soalan-soalan yang dibangkitkan oleh penulis-penulis yang telah menyumbang kepada buku tersebut dan memberi saya ruang untuk menjelaskan beberapa perkara dari sudut saya sendiri.

Ketiga, saya tidak menaja atau meminta buku tersebut diterbitkan. Sudah menjadi perkara biasa para akademik membuat analisa tentang sejarah politik negara kita dan sudah pasti era saya tidak terlepas dari kajian ilmiah. Saya cuma telah setuju untuk diwawancara agar suara, pendapat serta penjelasan saya dapat dimuatkan didalam buku tersebut.

Keempat, oleh kerana saya bukan penerbit, pencetak, pengarang ataupun penulis buku tersebut, saya tidak tahu, tidak diberitahu dan tidak bertanggungjawab diatas mana-mana jemputan untuk melancarkan atau membincangkan buku tersebut. Berita yang mengatakan pemimpin dari parti pembangkang dijemput untuk melancarkan buku ini di Singapura - kalaupun benar - adalah keputusan penerbit buku, bukan saya.

Kelima, saya tidak merancang untuk menghadiri pelancaran buku tersebut. Ini kerana saya tidak mahu orang membuat andaian yang buku ini ditulis atau ditaja oleh saya. Saya cuma menjawab soalan yang ditanya. Biarlah jawapan-jawapan saya menjadi tumpuan pembaca.

Berlatarbelakangkan fakta-fakta diatas, saya berharap orang awam mendapat gambaran yang lebih jelas tentang 'buku Pak Lah'. Sekali lagi, ini bukan buku yang ditulis atau ditaja oleh saya. Mungkin ada yang bertanya, kenapa Pak Lah setuju untuk diwawancara oleh pengarang-pengarang yang dikatakan selalu menulis rencana yang kritikal? Saya bersetuju diwawancara kerana perlu ada penjelasan saya sendiri didalam kajian ilmiah ini.

Suka atau tidak, setuju atau tidak, saya berpegang kepada prinsip keterbukaan sebagai paksi kepada demokrasi yang matang. Prinsip keterbukaan inilah yang saya amalkan apabila didatangi dengan permohonan oleh para pengarang buku ini untuk diwawancara. Walaupun saya dimaklumkan buku ini bakal memuatkan rencana yang kritis dan 'unflattering' tentang kepimpinan saya, saya masih setuju diwawancara atas semangat keterbukaan demi perdebatan yang seimbang dengan mengambil kira semua sudut pandangan.

Sudah pasti pandangan-pandangan dalam buku ini akan mengundang reaksi-reaksi tertentu. Terpulanglah kepada semua pihak untuk membuat rumusan masing-masing. Prinsip keterbukaan bermaksud kita sedia memberi ruang kepada semua untuk bersuara. Tetapi janganlah pula ada yang membuat andaian bahawa buku ini ditulis oleh Pak Lah yang sudah bersubahat dengan pembangkang untuk menentang partinya sendiri. Itu sudah memesong fakta dan menjadi fitnah.
Apa juga teguran yang diberikan dalam wawancara saya yang dimuatkan dalam buku ini dibuat kerana saya ingin melihat UMNO terus diberikan mandat dan kepercayaan oleh rakyat. Saya tak pernah meninggalkan UMNO dan Insya'Allah bila tiba masanya nanti, saya akan menghembuskan nafas terakhir saya di dunia ini masih lagi sebagai ahli UMNO yang cintakan negaranya.12 Ogos

Kenyataan Ini Saya Terima Dari Pejabat Tun Abdullah Badawi, Mohon disebarkan
Nice try but it does not help Lokman's political cause to claim the source came from Pak Lah's office.

Let the game begin!

Since the dogs are up and barking, allow the game to begin!

If Anwar is returning, Najib may have no choice. He may have to accept his return to save UMNO from losing the next General Election.

It is too late for him to realise his mistake for giving good faith to allow Pak Lah's corporate boys to stay till they are in control of government's corporate machinery.

The return of Anwar may see the end of Najib whose grappling with loss of confidence within and without the party.

Jebat Must Die wrote here to remind that Pak Lah will not bring back confidence to the administration. We quote this words of his, below:
There is also this principle that one must always use in politics. When the enemy hates you, you are doing the right thing. But when your political enemy is loving you, then something is indeed wrong. 
Najib should not be a nice guy to not realise that both Pak Lah and Anwar are his political enemies. The fiercely critical Dr Mahathir remain his strongest allies. The Malays have an idiom:
Sayang anak pukul-pukulkan, Sayang isteri tinggal-tinggalkan
Dr Mahathir's complains and reminders to Najib is still his way of showing affection as a fatherly figure.  


Anonymous said...


Actually your theory is plausible. Very diificult to accept but the more I read, the more I like if is true. I could not imagine that that I will agree if it is true before.

Why? We need brave peoples. Anwar and KJ perhaps the only brave peoples among the Malay politicians. Anwar and KJ will sodomised the Chinese. They will restore order.

Even TDM deep in his heart will agree I think. I will support whoever are brave enough to fight for Melayu. I hope Anwar read this!!!

Go and sodomised the Chinese and you will get my vote. Bring back Anwar to UMNO.

Anonymous said...

I will add a twist to the whole thing. What BD has written thus far is spot on. It is a well orchestrated campaign run by KJ , Fuck Lah and gang to bring buttman at least into the equation if not into UMNO proper, elevate his daughter as quid pro quo to cement KJ as next PM designate and ostracize our only statesman, Dr M as payback.

But the twist is : all this is tacitly sanctioned by Najib. Najib is wary of his reduced stature in UMNO after the Chingkie humiliation in GE 13. He has lost a substantial portion of the grassroots as evidenced by all his setpols defeats plus the strategic retreats of Zambri, Khaled from Supreme Council bids. Najib is afraid that TSMY will topple him by ganging up with Tun.

So the poor insecure boy is now reaching out to Fuck Lah to save his arse and this is where KJ, Nurul and buttman come in. There are also close chums of buttman like Nazri, Zahid, Ali Rustam and leftovers like Saifuddin egging Najib to broker a deal. And of course, their Trojans in UMNO have got the cue. I won't be surprised if KJ goes for no 2 as early as this October ala buttman 1993. Sense of déjà vu, eh? Well, Malaysia is fucked if ever that happens.

You don't get a book release, unity government cocktales ( which Najib has not denied), Singaporean hands in the game if something is not afoot. Observe how the unity government talk was planted in the Kalimullah owned, Jahabar fucked MI and note too how buttman is crowing about it while Najib is playing coy. It is as if buttman is telling Najib to not act shy2 about it. And who were the point men in those Jakarta talks, well Zahid was there for starters...coincidence.....hahaha.

Bottom line: Najib retains his post, KJ is the new heir with Indian drag queen she male Nurul well positioned for the future plus the obliteration of Tun and his brilliant legacy which leaves the door open for Chingkie and Sporkian political dominance in local affairsand Yankee quasi imperialism over Malaysia. All that suits lackeys like Buttman and Fuck Lah just fine.

Warrior 231

Anonymous said...

if opposition didn't like a book (the Mly Delima for ex), the possibility is that U wont get their votes.

if opposition like Ur book, it might awaken them and part of the awakening process may translate into useful votes!

Anonymous said...

When OTB allowed articles written by leaders of Dap to appear in his blog, can we assumed there is something between him and Dap?

Anonymous said...

Anwar return to umno.....hahaha.. U maybe sleeping too much ...

The fact will remain as it is...asshole player will not be accepted.... Video with amoi where u want to hide.... Anwar is history bro...same goes to their followers....

Anonymous said...

An Elaborate Conspiracy Theory drawn from a few sentences by Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in a book composed of essays by a large number of contributors!

Another Brick to fill up the wailing wall.

Anonymous said...

I can assure you that no way would I be casting my vote for BN, come PRU 14, should the Gay Tua be brought back to the fold of UMNO.

Anonymous said...

Seems every one forget Najib/Muhiyiddin/Pak Lah was an Anwarista before.

Anonymous said...

2:57 am,

Its the other way around. You can safely assume there is something between the DAP leader and OTB.

Anonymous said...

Badawi dont have the brains nor the balls to do any such thing. Not even Khairy. This is a mamak Kalimullah plan. Backed up by mamak Nor Mohd Yakop and mamak gangs to put Khairy in power. Once Khairy is in power, Kalimullah and Nor Mohd Yakob plus all the mamak cronies will suck the country dry again. Kalimullah made off with at least RM1.2 billion under Badawi. More billions can be made. That is why Kalimullah's Msian Insider is playing a lead role. They see Najib as history. Anwar is dead. There is a huge leadership vacuum coming up. Khairy can fill in the vacuum. If the Malays are foolish enough to support AI, why not Khairy? Kalimullah and Nor Yakop will be right behind.

Anonymous said...

Tun Lah memang ade bola dan sanggup letak jawatan kerana gagal pada PRU13.

Tapi Najib tak de bola kut ?

safiai saad said...

Wow,mind creativity at his best.Pak Lah influence in UMNO is rather minimal,since his performance as UMNO President is tasteless.Immediately after PRU 12,he was attacked from all direction.
He himself will not be wellcome by the Malays,well manneered person but result is more importance.
Anuar infulence in UMNO is still strong,especially he was in UMNO for quite some time.He has build his net working in UMNO during his Ketua Pemuda and Vice President.Look at the current leadership,you can bravely showed that these are ANUAR boys.
the question is timing.When this can take place.I think not possible since nobody in UMNO would want to be James Dean "The young and restless".Every body would like to be the rider of the winner.
But politics is the art of impossible.Yes it can materialise provided the elements of change start to snowball.

Anonymous said...

Well ..... the Hari Raya spirit and the Umno PAU kempen is greater than hari merdeka this year.

Cheers bro

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


the person who brought anwar into umno was tengku razaleigh

Anonymous said...

and while the politicians are pharking & sodomizing each other, the country goes to the dogs..

assets sold to foreigners, debt mountain goes higher than kinabalu, crime becomes a worthwhile profession, education system cracked by dongie zhongie...

and stoopid opposition cannot even organize themselves to present a credible alternative.

hate to say this...but bring back TDM. malaysians yet to be weaned off

Anonymous said...


Teuku could be the first Anwarista but who offered that fler job, perks and promotion?

Anonymous said...

Dia pacitot china doll nak sodom chinese apa pulak. Sebenarnya dia tu dah kena sodom dgn lksial.
Anwar in umno mmmpphhh will definitely loose my vote for any parties...duduk dan tgk...

Anonymous said...

Heh heh..spot on!

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