Monday, August 12, 2013

Whose feeling the heat?

The Awakening of Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi or more precisely, the book "Awakening: The Abdullah Ahmad Badawi days in Malaysia" postphoned it's launching.

That was what Bridget Welsh said and Rocky commented here that her excuse does not jive. She use the excuse that the book is being overly politicised but attempted to politicise the book by having Nurul Izzah launch the book on August 30th in Singapore.

That event is not postphoned. Only postphoned is the Malaysian launch on August 16th which was supposedly to be attended by Abdullah and Tun Musa.

Is somebody feeling the heat from the controversies the book has generated so far?

Definitely, somebody is feeling the heat but not saying anything.

Tun Dr Mahathir decided not to say anything but trust the old man to be cool in any circumstances, even as big as a major financial crisis and yet came out scot free.

Yet the two probable accomplice do not look cool.

Abdullah remain with his elegant silence self. By right, he should speak out because the editor of the book claimed they had met him for an interview. 

Why entertain a SUARAM linked book publisher?

Khairy Jamaluddin avoided to comment but had "terlepas cakap" (accidently spoke) to say Abdullah requested the book be launched after general election. Maybe it was spinning by Malaysiakini but there has not been any denial coming.

No denial is coming forth for open and loud allegations that the dark hands behind this book is Dato Kalimullah Hasan in consultation with Khairy

In Malaysian politics, silence does not mean no. It is usually interpreted as covering up for a sense of guilt from an action made. Until Abdullah and Khairy explained logically, the public will assume they were involved or consented to the book publication.

There is no more such thing as ignoring an issue.

When PMO media team shoose to keep quiet on the issues of submarine, Altantunya and Rosmah, the issues did not quiet down but became difficult to debunk later.

Trust the media to keep harping on them or there is some sinister conspiracy going on by the media.

It does not matter whether the PMO's media team are distinguish or half baked journalists but they sure are living in the dark ages on matters of media propaganda to think of quiet down as strategy.

Maybe Abdullah and Khairy just realised the mistake that any form of collaboration with SUARAM or SUARAM linked publisher will be detrimental to Khairy's political career, thus Bridget was requested to postphone.

At least, that is a plausible explanation for Bridget's decision to postphone.

But what about statement made by aspiring candidate for Deputy UMNO Youth Chief, Lokman Noor Adam?

He pass an SMS statement below:
Kepada teman2 yang mendapat mesej berantai berhubung Pak Lah menjemput Izzah melancarkan bukunya, isini ada sedikit penjelasan. Harap disebarkan :
1) Buku tersebut bukan buku yang Pak Lah tulis
2) Ia ditulis oleh ahli akademik dan Pak Lah hanya ditemubual dan menjawab soalan ahli akademik tersebut.
3) Memang Pak Lah subject penulis, tetapi ianya bukan buku terbitan Pak Lah
4) Justeru yang menjemput Nurul Izzah bukanlah Pak Lah tapi penerbit

Mohon dipanjangkan. Terima kasih.
Lokman Noor bin Adam
Exco Pemuda UMNO Msia
One wonders on the locus standi of Lokman Nor Adam to make such statement. During Pak Lah's days in office, he was known to be aligned to Khairy and a fervent defender of Pak Lah. He was seldom labelled as Khairy's boys.

There can only one possible reason that gives him some credibility to his statement. He could be in the family of Pak Lah. 
The only possibility left is that he is married to one or both of Tun Jeanne's daughter with her ex-husband, late Tun Endon Mahmood's younger brother and Pak Lah's former brother-in-law, Osman Mahmod.

But Lokman is already married with quite a few children.

Somebody is feeling the heat from the possibility of getting kantol (caught)!


Anonymous said...

AS LONG AS ANY book DOESN'T TOUCH CURRENT ADMINISTRATION, IT should be construed as something done in good faith.

If LKY can comments on the currents affairs of its neighbor state therefore locals should not quickly jump the gun at a statesman who simply recalling what was going on during the era.

Anonymous said...

KJ as always is too confident of himself and has jump the gun as usual. The moment he was appointed a 'junior minister' he starts shooting his mouth off. It is a known fact that Pak Lah thinks the world of his obnoxious SIL and will do anything that KJ command. So this is another example of how stupid and dumb Pak Lah can be. And also shows how arrogant KJ can be.

I hope UMNO members will not give him any votes either as Pemuda Chief or MT members or VP. He wings should be clipped and he should be kick into the dungeon.

Anonymous said...

The book is all about kj future.

As for lokman he is in as Razali is link to Najib.... Being hisham boys.

And lokman depend on kj for his talian hayat in umno.

Anonymous said...

Are you blind that you cannot read or simply love to twist facts.
Hasn't Pak Lah responded already? That he has nothing to do with the book except the interview? That the interview was done in 2011 to clear allegations thrown against him. Doesn't he have the right to answer his side of the story?

Anonymous said...

Sepatutnya buku ini dinamakan sleeping not awakening

Anonymous said...

oo sorry pak lah manu tahu siapa bridget welsh dan chin kan? sebabnya selama ni dia banyak tidor. dia lupa nak tanyer Kerry atau pun Kerry yang beri jawapan jawapan pada temuduga tuh? kau ingat kiter ni bodoh ke? memang dia tak tulis buku tuh tapi pokoknya buku tu ada tujuan tertentu dan pak lah dengan sewenang wenang nya beri peluru, kan?

Anonymous said...

jeanne daughter ada dua

nadene & nadiah kimie

jeng jeng jeng lokman awat lagu tuh hero tetiba mai

Anonymous said...

kenapa bukan Utusan melayu ke yg beri peluang dan interview Pak lah utk mendapatkan penjelasan pak lah pada 2011 itu? Kita sendiri tak ambil peluang dan masih berperangai menjaga pemimpin semasa, bila orang lain ambil peluang, kita dok menyalak salahkan sesama sendiri. Dua isu yg pak lah bangkitkan dan di war warkan dalam media, kita sendiri tak komen. Malahan mahthir pun belum komen.

Sekarang, mintalah media umno ke atau utusan ke untuk mendengar penjelasan dan cerita dari pihak pak lah sendiri.Mesti ada bahan yg boleh digunakan utk menyerang pembangkang termasuk anwar ibrahim.Ini kerana yg berperang dan melawan anwar ibrahim adalah pak lah bukan mahathir. Jika pak lah tak ganti anwar sbg tpm, mahathir dah lama jadi ketua pembangkang.

Anonymous said...

4488 rpsettsMenantu Badawi dah mula pasang strategi untuk pemilihan UMNO nanti. Kalau ahli UMNO tak nampak lagi dan masih nak pilih malaun ni memang UMNO akan hancur. Cuma nya sekarang si Menantu ni dah tak ada 'power' nak beli undi. Kita lihat nanti samada ahli UMNO pilih dia atau tidak?

Anonymous said...


Apasal hang tak terus bertanding lawan kj untuk post ketua pemuda ?

Dulu hang kalau cakap...macam naga keluar api.
La ni hang pun dah jadi kucing.

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