Monday, August 19, 2013

Tony F ... you're fired!

We will never own a single shares in Air Asia because it is not worthy of the price and more so that we are reading a financial disaster is awaiting to happen.

But, if by some fluke inheritance that we happen to be a shareholder in Air Asia, we would stood up in their Annual General Meeting to voice concern in the shameTan Sri Tony Fernandez brought to his Tan Sri title and the company.

Air Asia cheat passengers by overcharging and not disclosing true charges. They couldn't care less with the comfort of their passengers for having to wait a long time.

They hide behind the fine prints of agreements and term of sales. The company goes for revenue without any sense of ethics and concern for human lives. They adulterated the accounting policy to boost up revenue and profit and loss.

Tony F keep making statements to deceive the public and indirectly the shareholders. The man talks about being world class but his operation has no transparency and secretive to shareholders. They are never honest and every statement and manouver has ulterior motives.

With the latest pathetic PR stunt in handling their own crisis management at Manila Airport, which resemble an amateur businessman on The Apprentice, we would have said it loudly in the AGM, "Tony F ... you're fired!"

Those judges in The Apprentice should look at their boss and ask how foolish of him to buy an airline with such problem and still allow it to fly.

Embarasingly, over 100 Malaysian was stranded at the Ninoy Aquino International Airports, Manilla when Zest Airlines was grounded and suspended by the Phillipines Aviation Authority.

As reported by the Phillipines Star here,  Zest Arilines had violated the Philippine Civil Aviation Regulations (PCAR).
ZestAir’s non-conformance to PCAR and deficiencies affecting its flight operations included the absence of a qualified account manager, failure to check aircraft logs, flight manifests, weather, among others.

Canebo said that none of the airline’s 24 pilots are exceeding the flight time limit of 100 hours a month per pilot amid the findings of CAAP inspectors that the airline has been violating the flight time limit for pilots since January last year.
It so happen, Tony F has interest in Zest Airlines:

Hundred were stranded and this affected 100 Malaysian. It is only natural that Air Asia has to honour their obligation and commitment to the passengers. So Air Asia was send over to bring them back.

Tony F may have bribed some of the News Straits Times reporters to write with a big heading that it is their rescue mission.

NST GEIC Dato Jalil Hamid must look into this matter seriously and not just too obsess with doing PMO work when mediocre officers so hard-up to earn a medal for nothing and organising politically wasteful climb up Mount Everest claim to be Press Secretary.

Are Roy Goh and Emilia Gazali on the from Air Asia or they are remnants of Dato Kalimullah's legacy inside NST?

Not only Jalil, Rashid Yuso should seriously look into the journalistic ability of his rreporters.

Did this people bother to do a background check when it can be easily googled to know that Air Asia has an interest in Zest Airlines and this is not a rescue mission like taking back students from Egypt but a cover-up of their obligation?

Shouldn't they know better that anything that comes out of Air Asia must have sinister intention?

At about the time that we stop buying The Star and switching back to NST, they have to produce a report described by Cucu Tok Selampit as laporan sampah and Apanama described as prostituting NST. 

Wonder who in NST is still at it mendadah xxx to Tony F? One would thought that by the recent large exodus to The Malay Mail Online, there would not be anymore of the Kalimullah-Khairy-Nor Yakcop link in NST. 

This blog have been warning it's readers that Air Asia is not only a financial disaster waiting to happen but also a disaster that will cost human lives..

Tony F can think he is the American wheeler Dealer Donald Trump but he hardly come close to the classy Trump build trump Tower. Tony F runs Air Asia not as a low cost carrier but as a low CASTE carrier.

The Donald marries gorgeous blondes, actress and socialites but Tony F ... sorry no spouse should be drag in.

Air Asia does not see safety as important. Talking about safety and an impending disaster, one can read on Bigdog although he is rather kind to just called it as Kapal Karam in his latest posting.

There is something impressive on the decisiveness of the Phillipines Aviation Authority to just ground their home base Zest Airline.

This is unlike DCA, MAHB, Khazanah Nasional, Bursa Malaysia, and MAS too which kept giving Air Asia too much leeway. In fact, Malaysia Airport is just too nice and accomodating to Air Asia at the expense of other customers.

A disaster is about to happen and there is no way one can do anything about it. Giving them more leeway and by not being decisive on them will only make the impending disaster, financial or human, worse.


Anonymous said...

ABITW, this is not the first time TF the pariah has embarrassed Malaysia:

and failure is another popular byword in AA's lexicon:

But then again, Najib the arsehole blockhead simply loves conmen. Apa mau buat.

Warrior 231

Josseran said...'s not as if they are like Lion Air.

I mean - hitting cows on an airport runway in Indonesia. It gives a new meaning to the adage "till the cows come home".

Anyway, the outrage over Zest Air proves that the Philippines regulator is on the ball. No more, no less.

As for AirAsia, it is subject to the jurisdiction of regulators in all the countries it flies too. Including no-nonsense types like Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

How many of these have criticised or interdicted AirAsia for maintenance and safety shortfalls?

By the way, why aren't you taking Malaysia Airports to task over the fiasco that is KLIA2?

One suspects that the attacks against AirAsia and Tony Fernandes are diversionary attempts to shift the spotlight away from MAS and Malaysia Airports/KLIA.

After all, MAS has not been able to surpass SIA, and KLIA has not been able to overtake Changi Airport.

So, in keeping with Malaysian predilections, it behoves us to look for scapegoats.

And who more conveniently placed to fulfil that role than AirAsia and Tony Fernandes?

Anonymous said...

Alway take flight but not to take airasia.... Ranjau Kuat and no tanggungjawab.


AirAsia got a habit of refueling the aircraft whilst passengers on board. Is this legal ..?

I have travelled half part of the world and I have never experienced these happened on other airlines.

Its already a habit of me,when ever i get to my seats, I will always buckle up and doze off.. ( tired of waiting and rushing to airports at least 3hours early )

I remembered well, on my 2nd flights from Langkawi to K.lumpur on AirAsia, immediately after i get into my seat i just buckle up and suddenly, 'a makan and minuman selling girls with 'blone' hair( i don't know what to call them,stewardess..? flight attendant..? )came to me and ask me to unbuckle.When ask the reason why.. the answer is"the plane is refueling,and should it caught fire there's no time to escape....!"
I was in shocked when this stupid girls explaining to me macam dia tu professional aviator...!!??
Just recently, I took a flight LGK-KUL and I choose to fly MAS but the flight was 20mins delayed and later refueling.
Then came AirAsia touched down five mins later.. As we were waiting to board to our announcement came asking AirAsia passengers to board the plane.We can see clearly from the terminal the plane was just about to be refuel...

But MAS got off the ground first and AirAsia is still refueling and handling baggages with passengers inside.

Anonymous said...

AA still better than MAS which raped the Malaysian tax for countless times.

Anonymous said...

Gee, what about MAS and its dire financial straits? Its shares are only 33 sen apiece now. Maybe another bailout with taxpayers funds is in order?

As for Malindo, its parent company took its passengers for a swim just off the airport in Bali. And just recently, one of their planes had a mincemeat n' BBQ:

A Voice said...

AA troopers 5:47

What make you think AA did not rape Malaysian tax.

The rape the taxes paid to government and the taxpayers too.


The culprit of KLIA2 is Air Asia. You are just lazy to be thorough and go through th details.

Waiting for Tony to make a fool of himslef as often.

Who cares bout Lion Air...they are not Malaysian.

They way you decribed it is not pilot mistak as often happen to Air Asia but responsiblity falls on the airport authority.

Anonymous said...

If his payback time don't come before the end of his life then he will face the divine justice facing all the paying passengers he's cheated. No point to condemn him mah..just fly elsewhere where you are not treated like low caste lor

Anonymous said...

ABITW, You will soon come to know that Josseran is also Gormlessapp aka Petronius at WCK's blog and GGK aka Sampehfi aka Jasper Bloodstone aka Skilgannon 1066 at Rocky's and many other nicks that suit its bastardy.

It is nothing more than a brainless troll with cow dung between its ears. It has some shares in AA, hoping to strike rich and escape its pathetic messenger boy existence in Singapork. It will keep conning itself with its deluded rants against anything Malay/Muslim, shortselling its stupid Chingkie racist self to earn it regular 50 cents per comment spittle. Poor thing! whiling away a sad, lonely deluded existence in the shadows of reality.

So its a waste of time advising it to check its facts or even face the truth of itself and its low quality brains.

Meanwhile check out page 17 of this list:

Warrior 231

Josseran said...

A Voice

I know that Lion Air is not a Malaysian airline (but it's Malindo unit certainly is).

And Lion Air and AirAsia are both LCCs, are they not?

It's interesting that you should bring up KLIA2.

Are you saying that Malaysia Airports couldn't get the specs of KLIA2 "frozen" and agreed by all the stakeholders before work commenced on the project?

I contrast this with how the Changi Airport Group is managing the construction of Terminal 4 at Changi Airport - which will be used by most of the LCCS operating flights to Singapore.

CAG and Malaysia Airports - different strokes for different folks?

Anonymous said...

Tido atas wang, bakar note 100 mau cari syiling doplosen bwh katil yg gelap gulita.

dulu wa antara brjuta makhluk malaysia suda kasi doa berjaya sama Tony.
Sekarang wa antara bjuta makhluk malaysia sudah kasi sumpah sama Tony.

wa ingat lu kena buat 1 marathon derma sama miskin punya orang baru bole tolak kitorang punya sumpah.

Anonymous said...

Yo bengap no compromise on safety. do you understand ? KLIA2, MAHB, MAS are
unrelated to this safety issue dicussed.Neither is SIA success over MAS

Lu tak masuk tajuk la brader

Berpuluh-puluh engineers and managers must do their jobs before an aircraft is allowed to leave the ground. Ini bukan macam start kereta.

This preventive prerequisites to flying hundreds of lives. Pakai otak la bila nak tulis

Anonymous said...

Who is tony F?

Anonymous said...

seems unbelievable AA became tooooo kind and humane to rescue stranded passengers of Zest Air. Remember how AA denied a baby and her mother from boarding the flite back to KUL from Vietnam because of scars from chicken pox? And worst, failed to provide sufficient assistance to arrange accommodation and alternative flite? In that situation, MAS played a more nationalistic and humane part...BRAVO MAS!!! Malaysian LUV MAS!!!

A Voice said...


From the way you argue and write, we don't think you are Gormlessapp or Petronius or GGK or Sampehfi or Jasper Bloodstone or Skilgannon

If you had been following this blog, you wouldn't be saying "the attacks against AirAsia and Tony Fernandes are diversionary attempts to shift the spotlight away from MAS and Malaysia Airports/KLIA."

When MAS lost money, we went after the management and furthermore, we keep saying airline should be managed by airlinber, engineering by engineering, etc.

Accountants are only best as bookkeeper until they get another paper for other useful skills.

Furthermore, you are not quite sharp to raise issues on KLIA2. It will ricoche back to Air Asia and Tony F.

The noose in your arguments is raising issues with Malindo, Lion air, etc, who cares?

The subject is Air Asia, another safety concern on air Asia and faking a case of stranded passenger as rescue mission.

Looks like Tony F and his trolls are not getting smarters, are they?

On who is Tony F, can exactly say it or we end up self censoring our own comment.

Anonymous said...

Hey man ...u are losing it .....way way beyond ...poor fella

Josseran said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
A Voice said...


Stick to the subject. Comment rejected!

Josseran said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

A Voice

You used to ban Jasper Blackstone for being adversarial in his comments.

The same person now is commenting as Josseran.

Suggest you ban the commentary.

A Voice said...


You have questions and issues worthy of be made known but why the need to be hostile with an opening like this:

How very convenient.

Backing away from open debate, are you, and pursuing your own particular demons?

At least be honest and upfront about it, instead of making off-tangent remarks about unrelated issues.

State you issue then keep at that. We do not shy from a debate if it is a debate. You are here to quarrel.

Would you entertain such guest into your house? Thought sopan santun is a Malaysian culture.

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