Thursday, February 20, 2014

PKNS: Intrigues of street-ruled government (Part 5)

Daylight robbery at De Palma

Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim makes it a political war cry to denounce UMNO's Selangor administration as corrupt, inefficient and poor governance.

When it comes to corruption, this blog is not racist or aligned with any party. It has to be addressed  without fear or favour. One would expect Khalid to address the low lying fruits first.

In PKNS, it is an open secret that there is openly a conflict of interest and major leakage in the operations of De Palma hotel. MACC have went in, Internal Auditor have went in and name it whose who inside and outside have went in to investigate but nothing happen.

Go ahead and blame the BN because De Palma exist since the time of Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib who happens be in PAS now. However, PKR and Pakatan Rakyat have taken over Selangor since 2008.

In 2008, Khalid claimed PKNS will be managed professionally and Selangor will ensure a corrupt free administration. Why things remain as usual - open and blatantly corrupt at De Palma Hotel?

GM-owned Hotel Management Company

The General Manager of De Palma since it's inception has been Datuk Haji Ilyas bin Zainal Abidin.

He gets paid RM20,000 a month and one would have the impression that he manages the hotel operation as a hotelier.

Unfortunately not, Ilyas is a shareholder of Biztel Sdn Bhd and conveniently the company is in a JV with PKNS in a company to operate the De Palma Hotel chain called De Palma Management Services.

Gaji dapat, share dapat dan yuran perkhidmatan yang kekal mengalir pun dapat (He gets salary, shares in company and steady stream of management services income.)

On top of that, he has a permanent residence in the hotel. So it seemed that it is common practise among hoteliers. Strangely, PKNS is paying hotel operator allowance to Biztel Sdn Bhd.

Operators only operate hotels but the expenses like mainteinance, refurbishment, repair, ssalary of staff, etc. is borne by the hotel owner. In this case, Biztel operate the hotel and be paid fees but does not have to worry about profit and loss.

If the name of hotel operator is reknown like Hilton or whatever, they would demand a cut of the profit. Not sure of Biztel.

Any work to be done has to be approved by the owner which is PKNS. Since Ilyas is the PKNS GM for De Palma, he can decide.

All removation work seems to favour few companies like Remarkable Design Sdn Bhd, Adika Design, and Accuride Sdn Bhd. The common factor in all these three companies is Callie Lim and Kelvin.

These Melayus gave to Cina because Cina can be in collusion to give kickbacks and keep quiet. What they do not know is Cina talk with other Cina and eventually this Melayu knows.

Colluding Controller

One source gave us information that there is such a thing called committee for tenders headed by the Head of Procurement committee, Hajah Roziah Ahmad who happens to be Kontroller  Wilayah Tengah.

The practise of tender is strange and indeed "professional".

In one instance, two or three quotations from companies were using only photostat papers instead of original copies to the approving committee.

Someone can manipulate the committee.

It also means that when MACC or Auditor comes in, nothing can be done and be used as evidence since it is not the original. Those who do not know will say MACC and Auditor is hopeless.

The documents presented to the Committee is a rather shabby work and hardly comply to proper corporate governance, which Khalid talks about a lot before becoming a politician.

There was a case in which the company Selvest Shwan Trading does not have a proper address but merely a PO Box address.

It turns out that in a case one by the name of Allan Mok appeared as Marketing Manager on two quotations for walkie talkie; Unicommercial Trading Sdn Bhd and Allwin Trading Sdn. Bhd. Upon checking, Allwin was a company dealing in textile. The old trick of rigging quotations

As Chief Exco of De Palma Hotel, she gives priority to any payment or claim by De Palma. Suspicious isn't it? Collusion cannot be discounted.

Such practise had been going around for a while and Roziah was dropped before but reinstated as though she would take care of PKNS interest. The problem is De Palma Hotel is not making money but the management company is doing well and getting fatter over the years.

Roziah maybe a Hajah but her marriage and extramarital life is stuff of Hollywood movies with a moderately priced hotel as the setting. It is open secret among the hotel staff that it reflects badly on management.

Rumour has it that she had a supply sponsor for her Umrah. A slut yet spiritual ...

Friday congregation overflow next to the swimming pool

De Palma allowed it's surau, which is big and spacious next to the swimming pool, for Friday prayers. So the hotel and it's management looks good.

PAS gave accolades to De Palma for it's so-called Islamic practise. Read here.


But unknown to all, the pious exterior hides a management that is corrupt and scandalous.

Talking of scandal, this is the hotel in which Wanita UMNO Dato Dr Rozaidah was caught for khalwat by her husband,

It was puzzling how she could be allowed to run for the Ampang seats against Zuraidah in the last GE. The moment her name was announced, the police report of her khalwat was spreading like hot cakes around Ampang. She was a lost case before she could even start campaigning.

Her excuse was also not convincing because she never attempt to clarify when it happened 10-15 years ago?

Selangor UMNO was living in the stoneage. They forgot computers and Internet can do. Rumours has it that Wanita UMNO and the bearded one fought for her. She must have one nice bottom to pinch.

Back to Roziah, she was a partner to Hajah Siti Zubaidah to secure a business plot in Shah Alam presumaby the PKNS bbuilding in Shah Alam to sell clothing for raya promotion.

Instead of helping small business people, they were re-renting their plot to them at exorbitant rent rates. Atas angin they say. Something Jews are very good at.

What did Khalid do about it? Nothing.

All this is known but what did those professionals in PKNS Holdings, who is supposed to be the boss to these corrupt but pious looking government servants, do about this?  Nothing!!!


HAlim said...

Wow, this like you can have your cake and eat it while having the other guy's cake and eating it too. Sure going to die of cholesterol soon. What a financially sound life people are having in PKNS.

Anonymous said...

once upon a time there is a spa in De palma ampang which was very famous for some reason.

some says the massage is good and some says the masseuses are very good.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Berhubung kenyataan akhir tuan, sebenarnya pegawai PHSB yang melapur diri kepada pegawai PKNS, bukan sebaliknya. Mesti diingat PKNS adalah tuan dan PHSB adalah kuli. Sebab itu PKNS boleh ambil staf dan tamatkan kontrak PHSB ikut suka.
Selepas dibongkar masalah operasi dan pengurusan disyarikat anak yang membawa andaian salahguna kuasa dan rasuah, pegawai PHSB akan melaporkan kepada pengurusan PKNS. OO pula akan hantar laporan itu kepada pejabat MB untuk tindakan. Tapi tiada tindakan dari MB sebab adakalanya pegawai politiknya mengirim balik laporan itu kepada kawan baiknya, CFO PKNS.
Sampai kepada CFO, pegawai PHSB dimaki sebab menyusahkan CFO walaupun laporan yang dibentangkan kepada pengurusan PKNS menunjukkan memang ada yang tak kena. Mengapa ini terjadi? Adakah pegawai politik dan CFO mahu menutup sesuatu yang boleh menggugat masa depan mereka? Adakah mereka terlibat didalam salahlaku yang dikenalpasti disyarikat anak? Ada yang tak kena disini.
Kini semua perkara yang tak betul diketahui umum. Kita tunggu masanya pelbagai lagi skandal PKNS dihebahkan. Kita sepatutnya berterima kasih kepada pegawai PHSB yang telus kerana kini semua perkara buruk diketahui umum. Kita juga dapat tahu bahawasanya yang tak telus dan tak boleh dipercayai sebenarnya dari kalangan pegawai PKNS sendiri! Malang sekali pegawai PHSB dijadikan mangsa didalam percaturan politik!
Saya mantan staf syarikat anak PKNS. Saya mahu membetulkan fakta mengenai pegawai PHSB. Mereka semuanya senyap. Mungkin kecewa PKNS telah mengambil mereka sebagai anak tiri dan hamba.

Anonymous said...

Tak dinafikan, PHSB ada yang leka, ada yang kerja keras. Tak adil 100% orang PHSB dikata membazir wang. 50% profesional. 50% yang tak pro sombong, cakap besar, guna pakaian dan kereta mahal. PKNS pon ada orang macam ni. Memalukan penjawat awam!
Gaji: Yang profesional layak gaji besar sebab dapat gaji pokok saja. Tak dapat imbuhan macam elaun sara hidup, dll yang orang PKNS dapat. Orang PHSB kerja kontrak 1 - 3 tahun. Orang PKNS kerja sampai 60 dan pencen. Habis kontrak, habis punca pendapatan orang PHSB.Orang PKNS bila pencen, dapat wang pencen dan rawatan medikal sampai mati. Lepas mati, isteri pula yang dapat.
Dikira dari mula kerja sampai mati masa pencen, orang PKNS dapat pakej amat besar dibanding orang PHSB. Orang tak tahu akan imbuhan yang diterima orang PKNS. Imbuhan diterima sama dengan gaji pokok. Jika gaji PKNS RM5000, imbuhan pun RM5000, jadi jumlah pakej bulanan RM10,000. Adakah itu jumlah kecil? Tak adil gaji mereka dipertikai.
Kerja: Orang PHSB kerja seorangan, ada 1, 2 staf saja. Orang PKNS ada pembantu khas, penolong, kerani, pencari fail dan ramai staf sokongan. Kalau dikumpul gaji semua staf ni, pakej diterima lumayan. Pakej orang PHSB amat kecil sekali bila dibanding pakej orang PKNS. Adakah itu adil?
Perasaan hasrat dengki nyata dilihat dikalangan orang PKNS keatas orang PHSB. Sebenarnya orang PKNS pon iri hati dengan orang syarikat anak tapi mereka tak berani masuk syarikat anak dengan alasan kehilangan elaun. Sebab itu orang PHSB kerap dikritik dan tak dapat layanan baik dari orang PKNS. Seorang pegawai korporat PKNS mengaku dia sengaja beri arahan mengeliru kepada orang PHSB supaya keadaan kucarkacir lalu menggugat tahab prestasi PHSB. Anehnya dia juga ketua pengurus PHSB. Perilaku pegawai PKNS ni direstui CFO PKNS yang juga Pengerusi PHSB sebab dia suka ubah keputusan dan sekat dana yang pengurusan PKNS dah lulus. Mengapa semua ni berlaku? Mungkin ada kepentingan diri dalam projek tertentu? Mungkin sebab hasrat benci sedia ada? Mungkin ada komplot untuk gagalkan wawasan MB untuk PKNS?
Hakikatnya orang PHSB diambil untuk menjalankan kerja yang sepatut dijalankan orang PKNS sendiri. Mengapa? Sebab orang PKNS tiada pengalaman dan kepakaran bisnes. Mereka lebih suka mementingkan masa untuk aktiviti persendirian seperti penglibatan dalam PKNS FC yang hangat dikatakan. Dengan itu, memang PKNS selamanya takkan maju bila pembaziran wang rakyat dilakukan oleh orang PKNS sendiri! Bukan orang PHSB! Itu adil?

Anonymous said...

Setuju sangat dengan komen di atas... Tu lah. Dengki sangat!!! Patutnya bila nampak org lebih professional, yg lebih berdaya saing maju, yang lebih cekap buat kerja, sepatutnya org2 gomen mcm pkns ni teruslah semangat!!! Itulah misi PHSB ditubuhkan!! TO INJECT A NEW AND BETTER CULTURE FOR PKNS SAKE! A culture yg lebih semangat buat kerja laju, sbb mmg takde sapa boleh nafikan govt staff mmg slow. Sorry to say. Tapi kenyataan. Dah la slow. Minum pagi ada, minum tengahari, petang, tak campur lagi makan minum time meeting. Aduhai. Senang lewang betul. Tapi hasad dengki jealousnya Masya Allah. Dahsyat!!

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