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Something ain't right

Ketua Wanita for UMNO Gopeng Division, Dato Hamidah Osman was sacked by the UMNO Supreme Council last Tuesday. Irrespective of the arguments - pro or con - for or against Hamidah, this is but a typical rough and tumble in party politics.

Today sacked, tomorrow reinstated, and day after back as buddy again. After decades of observing, following and limited participation in politics, a lesson learned is not to interfere and involve in internal party jostling for positions.

As far as Hamidah, her political career had gone downhill after her spectacular manouvre to wrestle back Perak from DAP. So she "could" be seeking for a new lease of political life after losing her positions in the last general election, Wanita UMNO party election, and government appointed chairmanship in Tekun.

The lifeline she chose was to support Tun Dr Mahathir's fight against Dato Najib. As Tun M picks up pace and visibly seen as collaborating with opposition and their satellite NGOs, yet again Hamidah suffered another setback in her political career.

Rightly or wrongly, it is all political rhetorics and the ensuing exchange of political rhetorics is still on going. Though some sympathy for this protelariat struggle up the feudel power ladder, still not a concern. Only notice the strange coincident as published in Utusan Malaysia's last Friday issue.

Blaming Hamidah

Some blamed Hamidah's predicament on her political competitor/(s).

The one often mentioned by Hamidah side has always been MB Dato Dr Zambery Abdul Kadir. Hamidah was instrumental in the coup in Perak but Zambery was appointed by then PM, Pak Lah as MB. Some say there had been rivalry between them since.

If Zambery were to be behind the plot to fix her downfall, that would have been the dumbest move. It is like giving one's alleged rival a new lease of life.
There are those that said the rivalry was third-party instigated.  

Seldom mentioned is the Gopeng UMNO Division Chief, Dato Hamzah. It was said that he pit an ex-Puteri UMNO division leader against her to almost topple her off from the Ketua Wanita UMNO Gopeng Division position in the last party election.

During the last party election, Dato Hishamuddin Hussein was blamed for her withdrawal from the Deputy Wanita UMNO Chief candidacy.

Nevertheless, for the right or wrong reasons, she has many political enemies too.

Some blamed her for endless habit of picking one fight after another and being trouble maker. As a result, she could not give her attention. DAP could easily by passed her attention to load Sungai Rapat with Chinese voters to get even and beat her.  

Some blamed her for not being quite clean herself; she was investigated by MACC for 9 corruption issues by then PAS friendly state MACC chief but so far no charges. Her sister, Hamizura Osman was subjected to 9 hours of abusive questioning.

There have been murmurs in Perak of Hamidah having her own set of Chinese taukehs, in the plural. The rumour was she had been on the taking for business favours. Hamidah comes from a large family and her siblings was said to be instantly wealthy, driving luxury cars like Porshe Cayenne and Vellfire, and holidaying abroad with the whole family entourage.

But that is all talk and yet to be verified.

Some pity her for being misled to pick those fight. She was criticised for going back on an arrangement she was involved to put Sabah's ADUN Dato Azizah Md Dun as Deputy Ketua Wanita UMNO candidate but she end up putting herself as candidate.

But it is said she is seldom instigated and provoked to get into fight.

And finally, some take it on her sister, political confidante and seldom blamed as shit stirrer. Hamizura is seldom blamed as the hand behind foolish stunt like the picking fight on nomination day that got viraled as video in the last general election.

In the last party election, Hamizura made herself candidate against the Division Chief.

TEKUN Chairman

After the general election and party election, Hamidah was then nominated as TEKUN Chairman. Immediately upon realising something ain't right about TEKUN, she compile information and documents and arranged for MACC to investigate on the CEO.

Subsequently, there was a power play between the CEO and Hamidah that eventually led to the then Minister for KPDNKK, Dato Ismail Sabri, to not renew her appointment.

Just days after her Tuesday sacking as UMNO member and Ketua Wanita UMNO Gopeng, Utusan gave frontpage attention to the following news last Friday:

Bekas CEO TEKUN mengaku tidak bersalah

SUWARNI MOKHTAR | 26 November 2015 11:32 AM

KUALA LUMPUR 26 Nov. - Bekas Pengarah Urusan dan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Tabung Ekonomi Kumpulan Usaha Niaga (TEKUN) Nasional, Datuk Abdul Rahim Hassan dihadapkan ke Mahkamah Sesyen di sini hari ini atas dua pertuduhan menggunakan jawatannya bagi mendapatkan rasuah.

Abdul Rahim mengaku tidak bersalah atas kedua-dua pertuduhan itu.

Dia didakwa telah menggunakan jawatannya untuk meluluskan dua permohonan pinjaman program perintis TEKUN Nasional bernilai RM100,000 setiap satu kepada Dynamind Enterprise yang menantunya, Khairul Fadly Mahammad adalah pemilik dan anak saudaranya, Khairiyah Khalid merupakan rakan kongsi syarikat itu.

Mahkamah menetapkan ikat jamin sebanyak RM50,000 dengan seorang penjamin dan kes akan disebut semula pada 16 Disember ini. - UTUSAN ONLINE

Something is strange about Hamidah's expulsion.

Tan Sri Mahyuddin expressed concern on the reason/s for her sacking. Some may say that it is expected of Muhyiddin to defend anyone supporting him or Tun M's cause.

But, seriously it cannot be for Hamidah or her sister for gathering people to receive Muhyiddin at the airport upon returning from an Australian golf weekend. Or for Hamidah or her sister involvement in organising a talk for Tun M in Ipoh.

Muhyiddin was then a Deputy PM and not sacked yet as Deputy UMNO President. Tun M is still UMNO member. Thus for Hamidah's emotional PC on Friday to ask why not sack them both. She was so emotional that she was uttering an incomprehensible words about "bakar negara".

In his defense of UMNO, Khairy claimed that UMNO is still the most democratic party. He said Hamidah went too far. Fine, what did she actually do?
It is said that Hamidah had attended an opposition event. Unlike Dato Saifuddin Abdullah whose presence was published in the media, Hamidah's case was not known.

Procedure-wise, any disciplinary issues should be taken to the Disciplinary Board first. The final say was to be Supreme Council. It happened to Tan Sri Isa Samad. And Saifuddin was supposed to present himself to the Board but quit the party to join PKR.

The Supreme Council has the final say but in Hamidah's case, there was no clear offenses, specifics on the accusation and due process but it was taken straight by Secretary General, Tengku Dato Adnan Mansor to Supreme Council.

Zambery, the UMNO Perak Liaison Chief was said to not been consulted at all.  

Some say God has determined it on Hamidah for her past actions. Oh gawd, who are they to know or predict God's intention and plan?

Some say Hamidah has benefit enough for her contribution to topple the DAP government. That is still heresay. All these plus the blames levelled at her is of no relevance to the simple issue of something is not right here.

Of no relevance too is the insinuation that she is being fixed for going after the TEKUN CEO.

That would indirectly making an unfair accusation that there is a collusion by Ku Nan and Ismail Sabri. While Ku Nan maybe in the habit of destabilising UMNO from inside to serve his personal purpose, however accusing him of collusion need to be firmed up.

Always be cautious of stories being spread. Politicians are good at buat cerita and in the blame game to get out of trouble.

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typical Umno hakmilik mereka... the most powerful gets all and the rest are at their mercy. and the usual lurus bendul rakyat Melayu jadi pak turut... and the cook get their cheque after every meals prepared... half cooked or half baked.

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