Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Will this be the political battle that Tun M finally lose?

And now, the end is near
And so I face the final curtain

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The Council of Ruler urged the government to complete investigation.

It may have been brought about by allegations by sceptic that it was Dato Najib but a certain government official accused Datin Rosmah was part of a meeting to halt and delay investigation.

That's what they want so YES it is, said Bujai. By Year End, Statement and investigation must be completed. In the interview to The Malaysian Insider, Attorney General Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali was reported saying that MACC wanted more time.

If so, where is the logic in the claim that former Attorney General, Tan Sri Gani Patail and former Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin were in cohoot to arrest Najib if the investigation is yet completed?

Sarawak Report makes no sense to claim the existence of a charge sheet (which does not formally look like one) with regard to SRC investigation since MACC is told to quicken their interview of Najib.

Will that mean a closure is due for the alleged improprietaries?

Near the end of the year, UMNO will be holding it's Annual General Assembly beginning from December 8th. The tradition will be for the UMNO Deputy President to deliver the speech to open the three UMNO Wing; Wanita, Pemuda and Puteri.

It is believed Najib will come out on the RM2.6 billion money in private account before the GA.

December 3rd is scheduled for Prime Minister Najib to answer it all in Parliament on the 1MDB issues raised several times through the Q&A and budget debate in the current Parliament session.

PAC has scheduled December 1st for Arul Kanda to appear. With Tony Pua chickening out, sentiment favours Arul.

If the debate was held, it would have been on last Friday November 6th. The attempt to childishly turn the chicken accusation by replacing Tony with Rafizi did not work. Neither did Tony's release of 10 questions hardly lead to the alleged disappearing billions.

As the year-end rolls in, many are seeing the game is almost over.

Last week November 5th, Rocky here wrote:
REMARKS were made over lunch, tea and dinner yesterday about how quiet "the other side" of the Najib-Mahathir divide has been. Of late, even the Tun's attacks on the Prime Minister have been rather subdued. The lieutenants seemed to be taking longer breaks in between postings and potshots; perhaps they have tired themselves out with their heavily recycled accusations and run-of-the-mill questions.
On the same day, we posted "Game's over the moment Tony blinked". However, we remembered writing somewhere earlier claiming the game's looks almost over.

My auntie's cousin commented with a dash of insult in her Facebook here, below:
Bila blogger tersohor proTun dah mula recycle dan recycle isu 1MDB ... ini maksudnya, dah tak ada sumber bahan baru ... dan mungkin Atok tak mampu beri bukti?
Azmi Arshad explained it in his FB here. Extract below:
When the Opposition first played up the 1MDB hoax, it was mostly only zombies who believed them. Of course no need for evidence. No need to see to believe. No need to even think. Just read tabloid headlines. That's the nature of brain dead zombies.

When TDM jumped on the 1MDB bandwagon we saw the evolution of a new species... Poops (pentaksub other opposition party). Poops blindly believed anything TDM wrote on his blog. The logic of poops was that since TDM is making allegations then he must have evidence. Poops say there is no smoke without fire.

Poops haven't seen and don't need to see any shred of evidence. They think they see smoke and that's good enough for them. So the difference between poops and zombies is that zombies don't think and don't need to see smoke while poops think they see smoke.

Poops and/or zombies challenged the government to make police reports against TDM or sue him. (They also challenged Najib to sue Ling Liong Sik, WSJ, SR etc etc... If Najib doesn't sue then it is solid tangible evidence Najib is guilty of corruption). Zombies want TDM arrested or sued because they hate TDM but poops challenged the government to take action against TDM so that he will then reveal all the evidence.

And then TDM dropped a bombshell. He said he does not have any evidence to support his allegations.
Poops were devastated that TDM could be that brutally honest. Many became disillusioned with TDM but many still remain loyal because by nature poops don't need evidence, they just need to think they see smoke.
One shallow and unlearned poop called as penyokong Najib during a wedding in a demeaning tone. We didn't call them poop but kumpulan kena tipu orang putih (referring to Sarawak Report's Clare Rewcastle). It got them to silent themselves.

Nevertheless, JMD is still trying as The Mole gave coverage here. Good effort for trying but what he is saying is Petrosaudi cheated 1MDB on the so-called Turkmenistan deal.

Does that constitute proof that money was diverted to Najib's personal account when Good Star belongs to Petrosaudi and not Jho Loh as alleged by JMD, The Edge, Sarawak Report, Tony Pua, Rafizi, NYT, WSJ and all the other unsavory accomplices of Clare?

He's still got a long way to go with UMNO GA on December 8th coming near and Christmas Day as RPK claimed here as the deadline to put the proofs.

Will goalpost be shifted to seek for more time?

It is more than 8 months since Tun Dr Mahathir made the allegation that the whole of 1MDB's borrowed money of RM42 billion disappeared but NO PROOF HAVE BEEN FORTHCOMING. That was the way Tun M burned the issue [read FMT here].

Transcript of Xavier Justo SMS with Clare Rewcastle and many others are due to be disclosed to the police soon as his lawyers expressed willingness to cooperate with Malaysian police. Time is running out on the  alleged perpatrators.
Apandi was reported saying by TMI here as below:
Apandi said he was cognisant of the Malay rulers’ statement as well as the public's concerns.

“Immediately after the rulers' statement, on the night itself, I messaged MACC: ‘Hello, you'd better speed up.’

“And then, in fact, to make sure they speed up, I said, ‘complete investigations by the end of October.’ That was my direction,” he said.

But he said MACC later told him an October deadline was “impossible” to meet, so the date was changed to year’s end.

Apandi said MACC would have to submit the file to him by that time, “by hook or by crook”, since he had already given them ample time.

Despite this, Apandi said he felt MACC’s investigation into the case was moving at a “reasonable pace”.

Cases involving movement of money from one company to another takes time as it involved tracing documents and tracking down and interviewing the ever-growing list of people involved, he said.

He pointed to the case of former Perwaja Steel boss Tan Sri Eric Chia Eng Hock, who was charged with RM76.4 million embezzlement in 2005 after “years and years” of investigation.

But he confirmed that MACC was making progress, and that its officers had already recorded statements from SRC International managing director Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil and director Datuk Suboh Md Yassin.

In July, the Immigration Department issued a travel ban on Nik Faisal while Suboh was reported missing.

However, Apandi said businessman Jho Taek Low, also known as Jho Low, had yet to be questioned as “he doesn't come into the picture yet”.

“If any of them (witnesses) start mentioning Jho Low, then they (MACC) will call for Jho Low,” he said.

Apandi added that he believed the police would only start investigating 1MDB after the auditor-general’s report on the state-owned investment firm was released.
In the meanwhile, Tun M came out in the open again after complains of his attempt to talk to UMNO grassroot members were denied by a Merbok UMNO Division Head.

After TMI report quoted Tawfik Tun Dr Ismail as saying G25 rejected to participate in Tun M's political battle to oust Najib, TMI today reported him seeking support from Ambiga. Sad to see him in this state. It's been downhill since the Bersih 4.0 appearance.

Will this be the political battle that Tun M finally lose? However, as Rocky warned, the game ain't over.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I have a few questions here.

Did PM Najib received and accepted the amount of RM2,6 billion in his personal account?

Did he admit to the fact that the said amount was credited to his account?

As a public servant, did he report the "donation" to the relevant authorities and parties?

As a public servant, was he aware that he was duty-bound not to accept the said donation?

Was there any proper auditing of this said donation?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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tebing tinggi said...

The majority ,looks at it as who's doing right and who's doing wrong ,that nothing got to do with political battle .

Anonymous said...

So u and najib propaganda team thought it just tun m battle..
It was never about malaysian feeling?
Tun m live or die will never ever clean up all the mess n shit

Anonymous said...

Finally I dont believe anything spoken out by this Old Mamak Kerala..sorry to say.. he is the father of bribery and true liar!

Anonymous said...

But then take it on positive side, Tun sacrifice himself to make UMNO is relevant. Positively umno is good, the ugly is opposition and the bad is Tun. Najib is now the king maker.

wansster said...

Tun hampir pasti kalah kali ini
Tapi lama selepas beliau meninggalkan dunia ini...rakyat malaysia terutama ahli UMNO pasti akan menanagisi dan menyesali kemenangan gemilang Najib ini.

Anonymous said...

Mahathir Mohamad has reinvented himself to be a champion of the people, a voice for the voiceless. This is a far cry from the authoritarian figure most Malaysians remember him to be during his time as Prime Minister. This new persona of “Mahathir, the lone voice in the wilderness” has garnered support and even adulation. However, his newfound popularity has prompted his critics to burst out of the woodwork to accuse him of opening the way to our current government’s excesses.

And it is a fair claim. After all, it was during Mahathir’s reign that our public institutions were defanged and the powers of the Malay rulers were drastically reduced. It was during his reign that dissenters disappeared from their homes in the middle of the night under the auspices of the Internal Security Act. That’s not too different from the current practice of arresting Prime Minister Najib’s critics under Sosma or similar societal control laws.

Mahathir’s recent assertion that a lavish lifestyle is proof of corruption is a fact Malaysians have known for a long time. After all, how much an elected official is paid is a matter of public knowledge, and every Malaysian knows that luxurious bungalows and sports car fleets are somewhat out of the reach of an MP’s budget, never mind private jets and diamond rings so big that there would be wars over them.

But Mahathir must know that the situation under his administration was no different. Certain individuals in his government accumulated assets and wealth far beyond what they could afford with their salaries. The oversized houses and Ferraris were around in Mahathir’s time too, and recently the former MB of Selangor, Khir Toyo, was imprisoned over corruption charges. Khir was the Menteri Besar of Selangor for years under the Mahathir regime.

Mahathir, well known as a cunning politician, could not have been unaware of corruption under his administration. His inability or unwillingness to handle the situation was the precedent for what we see today. The proof of the rot is in the fruit, and most Malaysians will tell you that the fruit has now gone rotten.

Mahathir has the support of a lot of people in his mission to oust Najib, but he must know that his legacy is heavy, and hypocrisy is the first thing people will point out when he accuses Najib of perpetuating a “money is king” mentality. Perhaps he’ll have even more support if he admits his mistakes and apologises for them.

Regardless, the mindset as concerns corruption in our country has to change. It cannot be acceptable for our leaders to climb over one another’s heads in search of material wealth.

Anonymous said...

so Najib can start to sue wsj on the fitnah... and also washington post...

Anonymous said...

Mula2 psl 1mdb somehow or rather jadi psl donation..if auditor general repot ckp 1mdb xde salah n sprm ckp donation bkn frm 1mdb and AG ckp donation x salah sbb xde akta psl political donation..then what..lps tu nk jadi mcm Dsai ke menjerit sana sini cakap konspirasi..

Org muo

Anonymous said...

Perang belum habis lagi jangan konfiden sangat boleh menang..zaman Pak Lah baru berlalu bukan lama pun, lupa dah? Ingat G7 Kedah?

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