Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Failing faculties, Frigging soundbytes

Tun Dr Mahathir is renown for his ability to communicate in simple soundbytes and use it effectively to attack political opponents or to turn the table on their attack.

Quite often than not, it is not technically accurate. But it serve the purpose to convey the essence of his message.

These days, with his faculties failing and memory limitted to remembering the past but not recent events, he is frigging himself silly to think the simple soundbytes still works.

With supporters split and politically dependent on DAP, his past narratives are irrelevant today.

Frankly, it is pointless for him to even consider returning as PM for the third term. [Go to the survey by The Unspinners blog HERE to agree or disagree]

Hanif Khatri view DNAA prudent

Yesterday, this blog responded to Mahathir's Plea Bargain II blog posting yesterday.

Mahathir obviously feared Dato Najib making a comeback. At the same time, he has to depose Tan Sri Muhyiddin and recently made a ridiculous claim that Muhyiddin made bigger damage than Najib. He followed-up on Najib with an FB posting to repeat a similar line of logic entitled Stealing Chickens.

Mahathir's comment on Riza Aziz is the usual simplistic soundbyte, which only satisfy his intellectually shalow diehards. It is technically or more precisely, legally inaccurate.

The old tiger is no more as sharp. It hardly conveyed the desired message and does not attract sizeable followers.

Mahathir's own lawyer, Hanif Khatri said that Riza Aziz's settlememt is prudent. He should seek the advise of his lawyer before shooting his mouth.

Shot his own foot

There on, Mahathir shot his own foot to repeat a recycled claim he never gave government contract to his sons:

It confirmed his senses and faculties are failing. That sort of soundbytes does not have any more bite today, but yet he thinks it still work.

For one, people know it is not true. Secondly, there are people like yours truly familiar with this recycle argument and ever willing to give the answer.

Najib responded on FB, Menjawab Stealing Chickens by mentioning about MISC, Pantai Hospital, Fomema, Kencana, Opcom, NFCP, and Ascot Sports with the award letter to Opcom attached:

According to Tun, Najib FB's admin went to the extent of posting the response in its entirety on Mahathir's FB.

That attracted hundreds of comments against Mahathir and made his admin team defensive.

Despot fear of free speech

At 1 AM last night, The New Malaysian Times reported 500 of the 1,500 comments were removed and criticised Mahathir for curtailing freedom of speech in deleting and banning netizens’ comments.

Cina-Ca reported only 700 of the 5,000 comments is left on Mahathir's FB by at 9 PM.

That is Mahathir, the despot dictator that suppressed free press and speech, and now trying to make a comeback.

A leader unable to take charge of the national debate is no more relevant. More so, for leaders in fear of opposing views.

Like Mugabe, he will fail because he is no more relevant.

His 22 months messed up than Selamatkan Malaysia. Another 6 months will not serve any purpose but disrupt any chance of economic recovery.


Anonymous said...

Your paymaster Najib will be in jail soon and Anwar will not be PM. Mission accomplish Tun M!!

Anonymous said...

Rpk is talking nonsense.No proof just wild conjecture as always.Somebody is feeding and transmitting his conspiracy theory.

A Voice said...

Anon 2.17

Maturity still denies you. Many ways to be critucal than aspersions and presumptions

A Voice said...

Anon 8.55

Whose going to court. Denying does not help your argument or messahe. Only denial.

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