Friday, April 17, 2009

If Fairuz asked to resign, so should Anwar

Penang Deputy Chief Minister 1, Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin has just announced his resignation from his post and his Penanti State Assembly seat.

This resignation is rather strange and expose inconsistency in Parti Keadilan Rakyat's practises.

This will be the 6th by-election since the March 8th, 2008 General Election.

First was Permatang Pauh, then Kuala Terengganu and the recently concluded Bukit Selambau, Bukit Gantang and Batang Ai.

We already had too many unnecesssary by-elections and it is a waste of public fund. Furthermore, we have been fed with endless politics since March 8th, 2008 General Election. The people are tired and for all likelihood, the players are politically fatigue.

From the episode to select the state governments, to teh endless ruckus in Parliament. The manouvre to oust Pak Lah and subsequently the recently ended UMNO party election.

There was Anwar's return to active politics from April 14th, 2008 and his sandiwara to get MPs to jump over to Pakatan Rakyat. The only outcome from Anwar's attempt is the withdrawal of SUPP from Barisan Nasional (BN). But the two SUPP MPs did not join the Opposition but remain supporter of BN.

The public was fed with endless conspiracy stories such as the link of murder of Altantunya with Dato Seri Najib and his wife.

Untill further loss in the political system, it is high time that all the parties involved refocus on their roles in Government. We should be focusing effort and ideally both Barisan Nasional and Opposition, should play their respective role to address the economic challenges the country is facing.

As it is, business community is feeling the pinch of drastic drop in sales. People are complaining from the rising prices of utilities and goods that arise from Pak Lah's novice decision to hike price of oil by 78 sen last year.

Other than by-elections due to death - Kuala Terengganu, Batang Ai, and Bukit Gantang -, Permatang Pauh, Bukit Selambau, and now Penanti are due to resignations. And, all three involves Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR).

Permatang Pauh was intended as entry for Anwar Ibrahim back to Parliament and coincided with sodomy charges against him. For this, Wan Azizah had to vacate the seat.

Bukit Selambau vacancy arise because V Arumugam had personal issues with regard to his marriage life. PKR decided to drop him to save the embarassment of having it's state assemblyman tattered with a legal issue.

Strangely, how about Anwar? His trial date begin on July 1st. Shouldn't he resign?

This leads to the resignation of Fairuz. Police report was made by Keadilan Youth allegedly of bribery involving illegal quarry in Penang. His case is still yet to be brought to court, unlike Anwar who is waiting trial.

If Anwar can claim innocent until proven guilty and creating doubts with claims of Government conspiracy, Fairuz also denied any wrongdoings. He went to the extent of publicly demanding PKR clear his name and threaten to expose state government and party scandal.

Anwar has taken a long time to decide on the faith of Fairuz and is making Lim Guan Eng restless. Lim had demanded on Anwar to make a decision on the position of Deputy Chief Minister 1 position allocated to a Malay PKR.

He answered that he is looking for a Malay replacement. As it is, there are two other Malay ADUNs available. Why can't they be the replacement?

There is also a lone PAS state assemblymen. Since PAS is part of the unregistered Pakatan Rakyat pact, is he not suitable? Oh yes, he is not PKR.

In the first place, why should Anwar need to put a Malay there if he claim his party has trancended racial politics and embracing multiracialism?

What is wrong if Fairuz remain as a State Assemblyman without a post in Government?

PKR has to take responsibility by living by their choices and not replace their representatives at their whim and fancy or intentionally create by-elections to perpetuate this environment of endless politicking.

Enough wayang excuses of Fairuz needing to pursue his education. He can do that when his term end. His responsibility now is to fulfill his duty and educational pursuit abroad should not be a consideration.

Furthermore, Anwar and Fairuz has much to answer for Fairuz denial of entry to Singapore by the Johor Immigration.

The position of peoples' representative is a serious position and not to be made foolish by such irresponsible game.


Raison D'etre said...

Am bloody fed up with by-elections too.If Fairus is as innocent as is claiming himself to be, stand up and be a MAN.

Don't slink away with the tail between his legs (not literally, of course).


Anwar mesti bertaubat said...

Itu pasal Karpal Singh kata "Anwar Ibrahim has created enough of trouble for the country"

Anonymous said...

1. i think there should be a clause added in the nominees registration/agreement that should the MP/ADUN voluntarily relinquish his/her post (not because of death), the MP/ADUN and the party will be fined like RM10million for wasting public fund. Clause like this will make them think hard next time.

2. What happen to Anwar's shadow cabinet? Has it been announced? I might have missed it but did I?

3. What happen to Anwar's BIGGEST announcement which is suppossedly so shocking that could implicate Najib with Altantu'who'?

4. Looks like another flip-flop superstar is rising after Pak Lah.


perfectwater75 said...

Maaf saya kurang bersetuju kenapa Anwar turut kena letak jawatan. Kenapa najib tak kalut nak digesa meletakan jawatan bila ada pemimpin UMNO di peringkat bahagian disabitkan tuduhan rasuah di mahkamah?


A Voice said...


If Fairuz is asked to resign based on allegation of corruption which need to proved.

Furthermore, Fairuz is disputing it and demanding his name cleared or else ...

There is no court case yet on him.

I demand Anwar to resign not because Fairuz is alleged to commit a crime.

Anwar is already facing trial in court for an offense, why isn't he resigning like Fairuz?

Can't understand your mentioning against Najib?

For argument, is there any case/(s) proving Najib as committing offense?

Rumour is one thing.

Pambu Nala said...

Err how about his good friend getting RM 500 million dollar commission, why don't the MACC investigate. rakyat already has lost confindence with the judiciary, I see most of the commentators on this pro UMNO blog already have turned against UMNO. Maybe its time you smelt the roses unless you thinnk you can change public perception like your disasterous one man campaign against KJ.

Unknown said...

Fairuz resigning is not the only event this month. There are more than 10 other events for such a small country like Malaysia. It all boils down to the leadership quality we have esp. from the ruling parties. Only to show how weak they are. Want to bet that we will have another 10 more new events over the next one month??

river said...

to pambu nala,
A voice was not alone campaigning against that nose wiping KJ. There were many independent blogs who were inspired by the same motivation, as opposed to the low life paid blogs who campaigned for the young man.

get out from your coconut shell, toad!

A voice is a grand blogger. He has my sincere respect for his consistent stand.

nasidagang said...

PRK diadakan atas alasan yang tidak munasabah merugikan rakyat. ikuti ulasan lanjut di:

luah fikiran said...

Amat kecewa dan amat kesal dengan pembaziran wang rakyat yang berlaku akibat daripada pilihanraya kecil (PRK). Amat difahami sekiranya PRK diadakan atas sebab kematian wakil rakyat. Tetapi ini sebab lain. Sebab politik dan sebab masalah dalam parti. Tak kiralah apa partipun. Amat malang bila diperhatikan ada parti-parti politik yang sentiasa melaung dan mendendangkan lagu dan slogan KEPENTINGAN RAKYAT tetapi bertindak mengorbankan wang rakyat.
Laporan akhbar STAR hari ini (18/4/09) melaporkan melebihi RM 30 juta dibelanjakan untuk 5 PRK yang diadakan selepas pilihanraya umum 2008. Ini belum termasuk perkiraan tenaga dan masa. Apa nak jadi dengan negara kita ini?

Md Radzi Ahmad said...

UMNO sepatutnya menumpu perhatian menarik sokongan rakyat menjelang PRU akan datang dan memastikan kembali berkuasa dengan lebih cemerlang. Keaadan itu tidak akan tercapai sekiranya UMNO tdak berpecah belah dan perpaduan orang Melayu mantap.

Melayu juga perlu bijaksana bermain politik.UMNO perlu lihat realiti corak politik dan harapan rakyat teutama generasi muda Melayu.

Pilehanraya Kecil Bukit Selambau dan Bukit Gantang perlu di jadikan iktibar dalam semua espek. Jika tidak UMNO dan kita semua akan rebah.

Anonymous said...

I feel its about time Najib put an end to all these nonsense.

Let these PKR ramba on their own, ignore them.. They are doing this on purpose to ensure the Government dont function, NAK MENG IAkan yang tiada.

Just leave them alone and lets get on with life. Most giving problems are Celop shortcut so called bumis..

Anwar darah India, Isteri darah Cina, RPK darah Omputih, Nizar darah Cina and mostly surrounded by THE familiar faces coming from the world's 3most populated areas on

Their forefathers came here as desperate peoples for reasons VERY known to themselves.. darah macam ni pi mana pun bikin kacau satu dunia! MENGHELE'



Please read the truth about situation in Perak here, this story is from the Perak officials!

Unknown said...

only god knows how dirty is anwar's heart.. bukan nya apa.. tak habis2 nak kenakan orang melayu.. enough2 anwar... jgn lambat laun pecah juga tembelang ko tu.. bukan nya aku tak tahu.. tunggu masa je..

Eric said...

By-elections need not be a "waste of public fund" if BN were playing by the rules. Check out for more explanation.

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