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Hishamuddin interfered in police work!

TV3 and other mainstream media was bombarding yesterday's newspaper and evening news with denial statement from the Home Ministry's Chief Secretary General Datuk Seri Mahmood Adam.

Mahmoood was answering allegations by outgoing Inspector General Police, Tan Sri Musa Hasan that there was excessive interference by third parties in "police work".

The answer by Mahmood neither denied nor dismiss the allegations by Musa.

However, Mahmood did his job to speak for the suddenly silent but usually publicity crazy for media presence Home Minister, Dato Hishamuddin Hussein.

His answers was not within the description of "police work" but merely the Ministry's administrative and budgetary responsibility. The stuff the snobbish PTD officers do.

The words of Hasan clearly refers to "Warning" or "Waning" Minister, Hishamuddin.

Watch the You-Tube of Musa press conference below:

At 0:37, Musa said:
"Dan lagi satu ... yang mengecewakan saya dalam menjalankan tugas-tugas saya ada interference daripada pihak-pihak yang lain dalam kita menjalankan tugas. jadi tak perlu ada interference. Saya dah cakap ... saya selalu cakap bahawa pihak polis comand dan controlnya adalah dari Ketua Polis Negara sehinggalah pegawai-pegawai atasan kanan negara. Any third party yang memberi arahan-arahan kepada pegawai polis bawahan tanpa pengetahuan Ketua Polis Negara ... jika berlaku sedemikian ... interference ... arahan-arahan tanpa pengetahuan Ketua Polis Negara ... ini adalah satu tindakan yang salah. Ia tidak selari dengan command and control of police force."
It is clear that there are others outside the police command and control structure giving orders and instructing lower rank police officers. It is possible that there interference in police investigation.

Read OutSyed the Box here on the same issue.

In a recent history at the turn of the 20th Century, Anwar was convicted for six years imprisonment for ordering Special Branch Director, Said Awang to "turnover" Umi Hafilda by forcing her to confess in a letter. That was the price for interference.

For a fact, most including PM Dr Mahathir, Musa himself, and late former Attorney General, Tan Sri Mokhtar did not believed Umi's allegations of Anwar the so-called Islamic activists (off course, he is no more now).

Umi's 'turnover' letter provided by Said Awang to AG Mokhtar had him believe Anwar was clean, thus there is no case against him.

That was until Musa insist on investigating the why Umi's official police statement to him despite the letter provided to him after Special Branch did their strange and lawful "fact finding interrogation" of her immediately after raiding and arresting her.

Hishamuddin be warned!

This partly explain why Lim Kit Siang, Anwar naturally and the whole PKR machinery are out to ridicule and made wild allegations against Musa and oftenly criticise him for the most minute of issue. Dumb PAS are just tagging along idiotically.

Returning to the denial by Ministry's Secretary General, this was what The Star reported:
Home Ministry sec-gen: No meddling in police work

KUALA LUMPUR: Home Ministry secretary general Datuk Seri Mahmood Adam has denied claims of third party interference in the police force, saying the force had always managed its own duties and responsibilities.

“Sometimes, certain proposals by the police are not fully considered due to government policies or other restrictions like financial reasons and other regulations.

“This should not be misinterpreted as interference,” he said on Wednesday when commenting on outgoing IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan's statement of outside interference in police work.

He earlier witnessed the handing over of duties between Musa and new IGP Tan Sri Ismail Omar at Bukit Aman. Musa retires on Sept 12.

Musa said that Ismail should be given the free hand to carry out his duties. He added that this would allow officers to be professional and carry out their duties independently.

“The police force should be allowed to carry out its duties in accordance to the law and without outside interference,” he said.
Ismail should be given to carryout his job as IGP. Musa is helping ease his accension to the post.

One wonders the competency of Hishamuddin in doing his job as Home Minister. He is being ridiculed as a Minister who incessently wants to be in the media spotlight and keep giving warning after warning but no actions are seen done. Is he afraid?

For the sake of keeping the Chinese voters, particularly in his Sembrong constituency, Hishamuddin seemed to be pandering to the Chinese voters and appeasing the young and foreigners. He is not doing his job as Minister but interfere in other's realm of authority.

He will continue to do nothing and take no drastic action to calm and put order into the cocophonic state of the nation.

His inaction is inviting negative speculation that the leadership is taken hostage by the opposition "change" agenda with their foreign backers behind. It is as though the leadership is placed in a hand tight dilemma by the opposition psywar described by Tan Sri Nordin Kardi in an Utusan Malaysia issue middle of last month.

The propaganda by Anwar using APCO is clearly false and was intended to counter revelations of his links with Zionism.

It becoming apparent that the current administration failed to check on the unprecedented incidences of racist remarks made by politicians and activists to the point of outright questioning of the Constitutionalised points of the Social Contract.

Contrary to the real performance by Hishamuddin, Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib commended his cousin in a close UMNO Johor meeting as "the best person for the job under the circumstances." His delighted face displayed a pathetic show of self-denial.

Hishamuddin failed in his role as Home Ministry. Before this, he was not impressive as Education Minister. He is far from a Prime Minister material.

The notion of sons of former Prime Ministers being thrusted to high places has to stop. They have to earn their respect and fight their way up.

Hishamuddin announced Ismail as the new IGP. He is a good decent policemen but will serve for only a year. His choice of Deputy IGP, Dato Hussein Ismail is also a good policeman. However, he will retire next year, earlier than Ismail.

He should have selected either the tough crime buster CID Director, Dato Bakri Zimin. Or Head of Special Taskforce for Anti Terrorism that captured Mas Selamat and a former Special Branch Officer, Dato Fuzi Harun. Both are in the late 40s.

Since November last year, it is known within the police ranks that Musa handed a list of appointments to fill up a long list of senior police appointments. Hishamuddin has not responded thus leaving many police stations still without an OCPD and officer in command. This can be demoralising to teh office and many good CPOs in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Johor and Penang.

The blog Just Read has the same info here.

This does not help towards seriously boost the plan and preparation to strengthen the police organisation.

Hishamuddin had denied interference in Utusan Malaysia here but he cannot deny his often mentioned press statements "saya akan arahkan pihak ..."

A case in point was the Shah Alam kepala lembu demonstration. Another was on the Teoh Beng Hock mysterious death here.

The same report reads Hishamuddin had "... directed the state police chiefs and OCPDs to investigate loansharks who paste their contact numbers on lamp-posts, post boxes and other public areas."

As Home Minister, it is uncustomary to speak to much to the press and hog the public limelight. He should stop instructing the police ranks in public. He, the PM or any in the higher echelon of Government should deal only with the IGP.

Despite Idris Jala's quantitative claim of improvement in the crime rate, gangsterism and organised crime is on the rise. Organised crime is a RM500 billion underground economy. Unfortunately it can't be selected in the NKEA but there are crooked politicians in on this.

This is the money DAP is trying to get their hands in to fund their political agenda. Organised crime and gangsterism is flourishing in the Pakatan states of Selangor and Pulau Pinang. All the fuzz about rising crime is just a camouflage to deflect and blame others but themselves being ... Omigod ... the real culprit.

In Selangor, there is the much talked of Ronnie Liu abusing his authority in the local authorities of Selangor for organised crime interest. He is not just into schemes to skim off assemblymen allocation but allowed criminal outlets to turn legit.

Prostitutions, massage parlours, gambling, video parlours, cybercafes etc are flourishing in the thousands to reach outside urban centres and into Malay area like Shah Alam. PAS's Khalid Samad should be proud.

Their opening hours have surpassed the witching hours to near morning. These outlets remained licensed and open, despite order to close and raids by police.

Pulau Pinang is infamous as a gangland for the late Boon Siew as the honcho at the top of the illegal food chain. Unless blinded by PAS propaganda or an upcoming free Siti Nurhaliza concert, the rise in gangsterism in Penang is noticeable.

PKR media machinery and personalities are supporting and defending policemen involved in corruptions and organised crimes. They are conjuring up allegations against Musa who is strict by the book policeman and hard on crimes. Their source of information points to the criminal-linked DAP sources.

DAP can't deny it because a Johor DAP leader acknowledge openly the presence of organised criminal in Johor DAP. Musa was former CPO of Johor.

However, let us not point at DAP only, there are also MCA Datok and Tan Sri involved in organised crimes.

Name like Tan Sri Micheal Chong is known in the street as the biggest Along in the country. Dato Dr Chua Soi Lek famed movie performance was a set-up by Batu Pahat organised criminals he socialised with.

Organised crime flourished during Pak Lah's time with the interference of politicians in police work. Murderous gangster Koo Tee Yam was released from Simpang Renggam within days after police did a major bust. That was not a morale booster for police.

This was the time of Dato Johari "Derhaka" Baharom as Deputy Home Minister. IT was believed that he made about RM5 million from his "consultancy session" those needing to settle problems with police. The meeting place was at a club in the Curve, Damansara Utama and his runners were Indian boys. [These boys had mistaken this blogger as a prospective client.]

His currrent boss in the Ministry of Agriculture, Dato Noh Omar was initially "baik" but later started to deviate. His PA Saiful that recently married a model was into pow-pow!

Pak Lah had a recommended to confer Tan Sriship to one widely believed to be a top organised crime mob head, Sabahan Tan Sri Ta Kin Yan. Talk is his collaborators include the taukeh of Danga Bay.

Maybe that should get the attention of Hishamuddin. Those informed with corporate news should remember a PLC company called Ecovest Berhad.

Read Bigdogdotcom here too.

What did Najib meant in his praise of Hishamuddin? Was it actually a praise or a sindiran which Hishamuddin did not picked up?

Hishamuddin's image to both the public and UMNO masses is bad. Like Khairy, who seemed to know only to talk and manouvre, both do not display competency as leaders!


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