Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Omar Ong conspire to drive a wedge between Najib and Tun

This blog exposed Khairy as the main culprit in pitting BN against Perkasa.

Another theory believed it is Dato Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. It is his association with Khairy that fuel him as a suspect. The Malaysian Insider reported him as being in concurrent with Khairy on the Perkasa issue.

There is one conspirator behind this gruesome "massacre of Red Indians" in the hands of cavalry. It is a bigger mystery than the murder of Sosilawati with alleged links to Hindraf, MIC, and Pakatan.

It also involves the systematic marginalisation and impoverishment that will lead to the "mass genocide" of the majority and original inhabitant of this country.

Khairy's despise for Perkasa is too visible to deny. Effectively he has sabotaged UMNO's election prospect by distancing UMNO from Perkasa members.

Khairy persuaded UMNO Secretary General Tengku Dato Adnan Mansor to say the words. Then came Dato Nazri Aziz, Dato Khaled Nordin and perhaps Dato Zahid Hamidi. It is followed by MCA, Gerakan and MIC leaders. The Malaysian Insider, and NST (& BH) louden it.

"The cavalry has arrived," as Khairy twittered.

It is not difficult to understand why they act in such manner. Khairy need something drastic to keep his political career alive.

Debt-laden and uneducated Ku Nan is beholden to his Chinese taukeh and he is a man with a past. Nazri is loyal dog that defends and argue for his master. He may not agree with his master but he valiantly defend the master of the day.

Let's not bother analysing Dato Khaled Nordin. His mentor, Dato Shahrir Samad is a similar attack dog. He will attack anything that is Dr Mahathir.

Zahid had expressed support for Khairy to be appointed as Minister, not once but twice. But his position on Perkasa is puzzling. Extract from The Malaysian Insiders report reads below:
Defence Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi further distanced Umno from Perkasa, pointing out that the group’s struggles were very “ethnocentric” in nature.

“We should reject ethnocentricity in this country. It should not be encouraged.

“I am worried that other groups will start fighting for their own ethnic needs,” he said.

He pointed out that Umno may belong to the Malays and the Bumiputeras but it still fought for the rights of the non-Malays.
But on Astro Awani, he said UMNO should support any group with common interest and agenda. He meants it as Perkasa.

One can argue that Zahid is talking differently to the Malay audience on Astro Awani and multiracial Internet savvy crowd on MI.

It is possible that MI had spinned him in the same manner they spinned Noh Omar and Ahmad Maslan. Both Noh and Ahmad are not against Perkasa amd expressed their support to Perkasa's Ketua Wira.

Zahid is a convenient spin victim since he could be made as though he is for Khairy. Many believed he is with Khairy by virtue of his open support for Khairy's Ministership.

The irony is Zahid does not represent someone that is in line with the Malay liberal ideas. Why would he keep a Perkasa Committee member within his fold?

The one person that is a co-conspirator in this attack against Perkasa that is unknown to all is Omar Ong.

He bragged to everyone around town that he has "the ears of the PM". Now he is driving a wedge between Najib and Tun. The mathematics could be politically fatal for Najib.

Omar Ong is undeniably working on the same agenda as Khairy and his Tingkat boys. He is quite capable of manouvering, conniving, and doing double face but he left it to Khairy.

Contrary to what Najib believe or was made out to believe, Omar remain loyal to the friends he had worked together to publish the magazine Ethos. The Tingkat 4 fame, Dato Zaki Zahid is an invisible partner at Ethos Consulting (Ethos). Why then would the association with Zaki's former employer, Booze Allen Hamilton with Ethos?

From inside the Pemandu office with Koh Tsu Koon and Idris Jala, Omar works his way to get his policies implemented.

With PM believing his loyalty and ability as technician, he failed to realise that those bloggers critical of Omar Ong are either related or grew together with Omar Ong in the Malaysian student scene in London. Omar Ong have been under their watch longer than PM claimed to known of him.

They could not buy the story of Omar Ong was listening in and reporting back on Khairy and the gang.

Typical of insulated bangsawan, PM may not know of Omar Ong as well he thought he knows. PM seemed too overawed and convinced with this so-called wunderboy that he does not see any truth to the allegations against Omar Ong.

The fact is Omar Ong can be a conniving and arrogant wannabee capable of brushing off those within a stroke. This is his side of the personality Najib and Rosmah will never get to see. For that, anyone that matter will never get to see this side of Omar Ong.

If he is not impress with anyone, his arrogance and insult can bring out disgust in record time for a human. He is beaten only by skunks secreting that foul smelling odor.
Omar Omar operates from Pemandu office, now dubbed as the new Tingkat 4. Pemandu is worse than the former Tingkat 4. They come from well-heeled family, and no Melayu or bumiputera. They so far detached from common Malaysian life. It seems they have never left Bangsar.

Neo-liberal philosophy for open, liberal and free market policies is the only way they believe in. They could not appreciate why a RM14 a day wage Iban living in a longhouse can't compete and be as prosperous as the late Lim Goh Tong or Kuok family.

They are out to slash subsidy to zero subsidy and no Government role in the economy. Ultimately, no affirmative action or any form of assistance under Article 153 of the Constitution.

In Petronas, Omar Ong is turning the already well runned national oil company into the Royal Dutch Company. Many major appointments are filled with Shell people. This was the same formula that Idris Jala did to oust and replace MAS personnel with inexperianced Ernst & Young and Airasia personnel, thus for the Airasia copycat strategy.

Speaking of Airasia, Omar Ong was with Tony Fernandez and Kalimullah in London the week before Raya. There must be some mischievous plot and MAS looks to be gobbled up. There is more. Just watch this space.

Omar Ong has an old score with Dr Mahathir. He feels the old man is in the way of his reform plan. Again, it is his reform plan and not that of Government or Najib's.

Dr Mahathir stood in the way of his appointment to the Board of Director of Petronas before. Tun's association with Perkasa is something Omar and Khairy stood against. Thus for the recent planned commotion on Perkasa.

Najib's response to all this is in this extract of an interview with CNBC:
CNBC: Why is former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, and now Perkasa, why are they so upset though?

NAJIB: They are not against us. They are talking more about bumiputra rights. But actually we are not taking anything away from the bumiputra, but we are saying that let us do it differently. Let us get better results. Let us achieve a more equitable society. But at the same time, being fair to the non-bumiputras as well. Because we want to build a One Malaysia.
It is diplomatic answer but the question arise is did he send those dogs out? Only Muhyiddin sent some consoling and encouraging words to Perkasa.

Tipped off by insider/(s) in MI, Omar Ong have been in communicado with the online portal of Kalimullah and Brendan Pereira. He has been leaking information and of late, had contributed article/(s).

Let see September 13th editorial here, for instance. It does not have that typical MI sarcasm and twisted rationale.

On top of that, it is not typical of MI to give constructive criticism in it's analysis. It is as though someone inside had some unfulfilled agenda and had fed MI's editorial with information to push the reform agenda faster.

The reform agenda is pro-big business and pro-foreign MNCs, but not pro-rakyat as 1Malaysia slogan claim to be. It is the mantra promoted by McKenzie & Co. or Bain & Co. or Boston Consulting Group and lobbied by Ethos Consulting to con-sultan their way around.

Surfing the MI leads to many such style of articles. It began about the time of the Chinese Economic Congress organised by MCA and Nazir infuriated the Malays when he described NEP as "bastardised".

In response to Tun's Merdeka greetings blog here, MI reported here Lim Kit Siang's blog response here. That puts into play the perception game that Tun is against 1Malaysia and the New Economic Model. Omar Ong's plan is to drive a wedge between Tun and Najib.

Don't ask for proof because we are not going to court. How do you proof that father Mustapha Ong is going around town and sitting like a Chinese Emperor boosting he can deliver anything through his son?

This September 13 analysis entiled on Malay rights drowning out Najib’s reforms is obviously not written by the seasoned journalist or spin master at MI. It doesn't have the flair and convincing touch of a writer.

They would not have argued by claiming Malay rights as red herring meaning to brush it aside as rhetorical tactic to divert attention away from the real issue of reform. It is a fundamental issue. Najib acknowledged it but his policy makers, NEAC members, and political operators refused to acknowledged.

Furthermore, the discussion of parliamentary snap election is a dead giveaway that this article is written by an insider. This could be the article Omar Ong wrote himself. [He has left comment in this blog before here.]

Perkasa has clearly stated before that it is not against reform. The problem with ideas emanating from con-sultans is that it has no offering on the plate but concepts and acronyms.

The third Kongres Ekonomi Bumiputera organised by Majlis Perundingan Melayu had highlighted significant weakness of the New Economic Model. Their resolutions was far practical but so was the one from NEAC, EPU, Pemandu, etc.

For instance, the issue of wealth distribution was not touched. There is no specifics on the affirmative action except new criteria of being fair, competitive and market driven. What does market driven affirmative means?

It is like asking the fundamental question whether 1Malaysia is assimilation or integration. There is no clear and unambigous answer. To add to their trouble from poor communication, the Chinese papers all interpret it as 'sama rata.'

For the same reason as Perkasa and MPM, Dr Mahathir had written to Najib and Pemandu with some comments and suggestions. Probably Omar Ong came to know of it or got a copy by deceiving some staff and his blood boils. He can no more keep his hair straight. [Can't resist this Chinese ethnic joke.]

Sayang isteri, tinggal-tinggalkan. Sayang anak, pukul-pukulkan. Lastly, sayang Perdana Menteri, tegur-tegurkan. That is to be clear ABITW is not anti-Najib.

Now that we have clarified out stance, Najib should be clear in his stance and be resolute in his leadership.

The grassroot perception is that Najib is emulating Tun Dol. He is losing control on the destiny of the party and country. Rakyat is beginning to lose confidence with the indecisiveness of the existing bangsawan class of leadership.

With his running dogs and advisers recklessly running amuck, Najib may go down in the history book as the ending N of the RAHMAN series of Prime Ministers from Perikatan-Barisan Nasional. By then, Abdullah will be forgotten but Najib will forever be remembered as the last BN PM by future school children.

The next acronym could likely be LIM KIT SIANG!

* Edited at 10:50 AM


Anonymous said...

R - sabotaged by Mamak Mahathir
A - mati awal
H - sabotaged by Mamak Mahathir
M - Mamak adalah supreme king of Malaysia.
A - sabotaged by Mamak Mahathir
N - sabotaged by Mamak Mahathir

Pemimpin Melayu semua hancur sama sekalian. Kehandalan orang Melayu dimana?

Anonymous said...

Komen diatas amat dangkal dan tidak berfakta, lain kali jika ingin berbicara pastikan anda sudah siap dgn bukti & fakta...

berkaitan para terakhir, aku rasa orang tak akan ingat Tun Dol dan Najib jika ia berakhir, apa sumbangan mereka??? berslogan adalah...


Anonymous said...
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sniper said...

what is dollah's safety net that makes Najib dare not take any direct action on these wild dogs.

Of course letting the wild dogs running free can be dangerous. But letting them roaming around in your house can be harmful too, if unchecked.

it still remain a mystery to us.

Anonymous said...

I say good for Omar Ong and KJ.If these 2 young men can acheive what this writer claims then they are doing Malaysia a favour.

Anonymous said...

baru aku tau najib = pak lah..hahaha

Anonymous said...

Iklas saya kata yang Anonymous 10.11 am sunggoh creative sekali. Kalau Anonymous 10.11 am adalah orang Islam , sungguh baik sekali sekiranya anda menggunakan creativity anda untuk mengeratkan salitulrahim antara orang2 Islam di Malaysia. Senang sekali bagi unsur2 tak bertanggung jawab mengambil kesempatan untuk memecah belah orang Islam khas nya dan Malaysian am nya sekiranya ada antara kita yang terus emotional dan buruk sangka.Buka mata dan minda dan secara rasional lihat disekeliling anda. Segelintir orang kita bertahun tahun tak hormat orang Malaysia dan pemimpin Malaysia sehingga mereka tak protest langsung bila LKY dengan terang2 menghina Malaysia dan Malaysian dan dari dulu lagi tipu mengenai asal usul Singapora. Sekira nya anda bukan orang Islam tapi adalah orang Malaysia sila tunjuk loyalty dan sayang anda pada negara anda ...

Anonymous said...

Najib is not gullible, he prefers the discreet style.

It is his misfortune to inherit sleepyhead's excesses, which includes power-cliques within UMNO.

Anwar set the precedent. Money is the power-broker. Even TDM could not rid UMNO of this habit of money for votes, no matter how passionately he tried.

Najib chose the non-confrontational consensus seeking strategy which may not be TOO effective.

I saw him tear and heard his voice change when he talks about championing the Malays/Bumi.

That I hope is a VALID tell-tale sign of where his heart is.

Let's give him a chance and support til proven otherwise.

At the moment, the 5 loud anti-perkasa members may be taking privileges/advantage of his discrete style.

tebing tinggi said...

A leader should lead,not being lead to lead.
Are we being too tolorance to the near acceptance, Malays must come to thier senses,"raja adil raja di sembah,raja zalim raja disangah" .

Are leaders who being lead to lead to be blamed or we to be blamed ?.
Jangan biarkan nasi menjadi bubor.

Anonymous said...


You said;

" Rakyat is beginning to lose confidence with the indecisiveness of the existing bangsawan class of leadership."

Eeeer Voice..

There are no more BANGSAWAN Nowadays..



Joe Black

A Voice said...

Few commentators got out of topic raising issue not relevent to the subject. I am not releasing it.

There are two commenting on my less than perfect English with insults.

You want to read perfect English, go to an English grammar or English lit blog.

What do I care.

Those spewing insults wont get comment released too.

One was complaining but decide to leave the country.

If you are leaving, why bother anymore? Just go ... Your comment is of no more relevent!

Anonymous said...

"You want to read perfect English, go to an English grammar or English lit blog.
What do I care."

Ha, ha, ha, Must be the oxfart trained boys.. whack em proper, bro.

Perkasa member.

Burung Merbok said...

1. Anon 10.11 , you must me a dud. Can't offer anything intellectual and matured ? Then, just shut your trap and disappear ! This blog should just delete such childish comments !

2. Anon 12.56 , nobody's stopping you from leaving. Perhaps 'it's good riddance to bad rubbish' ! If you, and the likes of you, are not happy or comfortable enough to be in this country, don't you think you'll be doing yourself a great favour by simply packing your bags and just leave ? The US, the UK , perhaps Australia and Canada would be a good choice as your next destination. And after a few years there, you'll get into your 'complaining mood again' and the host country will be lambasted for things not 'convenient' to you ; for you are a character who thinks others are always wrong and yourself 'the perfect angelic complainer of the century'. It's with disgust that we Malaysians, who are Chinese, Malays, Indians, Kadazans, Dusuns, Muruts etc, look upon such ingrates like you. We despise you and your kind. Leave the country for all we care. We just want to live harmoniously and peacefully in this country, even with 'those shortcomings' that you and your kind have tried to imply ! After all there is no nation on earth that is a TOTAL picture of perfection ! There is bound to be something that you would find fault with cause that is your in-born nature ... complain, complain, complain... without even giving a shred of support or perhaps even a kind word of gratitude ! For such is your character, an incorrigible ingrate !

Anonymous said...

Puas baca blog kau A Voice! Banyak betul info.

Your previous postings about the SC saga, as far as I am concerned still remained unrebutted... right? Haha I wonder what do they have in mind now about you... Zarinah Anwar, Nor Yakcop and the gang...

Back to the topic bro, I wonder, again, how on earth in the first place the PM can put his trust to this Ong dude, despite his obvious association with KJ (and the rest of the oxbridge wonderboys)?

In fact, reportedly this Ong dude is the one who introduced APCO consulting firm to Najib, which eventually became point of attack by Anwar and his dogs...

The PM should really be careful with the people around him... he should instruct any good special branch officer to keep a tight monitoring over this Ong dude...

- Rimau -

Dari Mata Ku said...

MP & ADUN yg ada adakah pilihan najib sepenuhnya? berilah masa untuk PM kita berkhidmat kepada negara dahulu dan nilailah beliau melalui undi saudara / saudari semasa PRU kelak.Mengapa perlu berpecah dalam keadaan sekarang?kita perlu bersatu.Janganlah sibuk mengumpul harta dalam negara sahaja hingga lupa cabaran di luar sana.dunia ini sudah semakin dekat.perancangan perlulah mempunyai citarasa yang menepati rakyat keseluruhannya dan bukan segelintir sahaja.mahukah kita lihat segala usaha nenek moyang kita kini hancur begitu sahaja?marilah bersatu wahai sahabat semua.

Rakyat Malaysia Bangsa Cina said...

If the ruling elite still focus on the bangsawan concept or other politic games, it is very easy for foreign power to colonize us indectly through economy manipulation, I am Chinese and I support 1 Malaysia or whatever Malaysia as long as we can stand together to save our country before we become like Greece and being laughed by the whole world and begging for helps everywhere.

We need to save ourselves, politician is a kind of job, their games will always exist, we need to wake up and fight together to prove that we Malaysia are not for sell and we are not puppets of western country.

My Say