Friday, September 10, 2010

Penis-less NST deny Ibrahim 'raya' day reply

Only two centimetres? Pity ...

Anti Perkasa and Melayu liberal-led New Straits Times (NST) gave a frontpage "free advertisement" to Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa. It reads 'Umno does not support Perkasa.'

Sometimes the title could be one thing but the content could be another. That was how Anwar Ibrahim framed and ouster Tan Sri Rahim Tamby Chik. Reading their report, the gist lies in these words of Umno Secretary General Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor (Ku Nan) below:
“Umno does not have anything to do with Perkasa as alleged by some. The other BN components welcome this stand.

“Being associated with Perkasa will only weigh the party down. This sentiment was shared by all component parties which are worried about feedback they have been getting from the grassroots,” he told the New Straits Times last night.
UMNO is a political part and Perkasa is an NGO. Who doesn't know? But we know now who is calling the shots in Barisan Nasional. [The full report further down the posting.]

Since it suits Kalimullah's agenda, his online news vehicle, The Malaysian Insider gave a lengthy coverage and Perkasa's responses too. Read here.

True to the code of ethics taught at Kalimullah School of Journalism, NST gave NO coverage to Ibrahim Ali's reply to Ku Nan but instead published "The politics of moderation" in their editorial. This is the same cheap propaganda NST did by not reporting Perkasa's first AGM.

Looking at the editorial, it is a pathetic old recycle argument? Which editor wrote to leave unanswered the loss of face to UMNO members, UMNO members in Perkasa and to the Malay at large for Ku Nan's words above?

"This is not the first time that a senior leader from the leading party in the coalition has sought to distance Umno from the Malay rights group," the editor claim.

The first being public hate number 1, Khairy, second was Nazri Aziz and third is Ku Nan. Without mentioning the PM and other Ministers and UMNO leaders that gave attention to Perkasa, are these expired goods of any credibility?

Shame la NST. At least The Star gave some coverage here and here.

Ibrahim Ali answered with cool composure and not the gelabah manner the three stooges had done. Read Utusan Malaysia's Perkasa tidak perlukan mana-mana pihak. That is an in your face reply, penis-less NST!

Penis-less NST could turn out to be penniless NST. Further decline in circulation expected. As one comentator alerted, it looks like numbered days for Zainur, and Rashid NST and someone at Media Prima.

Below is NST's frontpage "free advertisement" for Perkasa yesterday:
'Umno does not support Perkasa'

PUTRAJAYA: Umno has unequivocally distanced itself from Malay rights group, Perkasa, with Barisan Nasional leaders describing the move as important in efforts to garner non-Malay support.

Umno secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor told secretaries-general of BN component parties that Umno would not back Perkasa or its president, Datuk Ibrahim Ali, in the next general election.

He said any move to support Perkasa or its stand would only erode BN support among non-Malays.

Tengku Adnan, who chaired the meeting at a hotel here yesterday, said the BN leaders also noted that distancing the coalition from Perkasa was best for the party as the organisation had on many occasions pitted components against one another.

“Umno does not have anything to do with Perkasa as alleged by some. The other BN components welcome this stand.

“Being associated with Perkasa will only weigh the party down. This sentiment was shared by all component parties which are worried about feedback they have been getting from the grassroots,” he told the New Straits Times last night.

Tengku Adnan, who is also BN secretary-general, said the coalition supporters were worried about allegations of the party being associated with Perkasa and needed to know the party’s stand on the group.

Perkasa, founded by Ibrahim in a move to allegedly “defend the constitutional position of Malays”, claimed to have attracted about 50,000 members nationwide.

BN members recently lambasted the Perkasa leadership for activities detrimental to efforts to realise the 1Malaysia concept.

They said Perkasa was irrelevant as the BN, under Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, would not gamble away Malay rights but would safeguard and guarantee them.

Last month, Perkasa urged the government to review the proposal to use open tender for the sale of strategic land, saying that the move could erode assets owned by Malays and Bumiputeras.

It also lodged a police report against MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek for allegedly making a racist stand in discussing Bumiputera equity participation.

On the meeting held at the behest of Najib, who is also BN chairman, Tengku Adnan said the components would be meeting monthly and not fortnightly to do serious “housecleaning”.

“In our lengthy first meeting (today), we discussed in detail what we planned to and should do besides our strategies in facing the next general election.

“We also ironed out voter-related issues and how to make sure the majority of our seven million members vote for BN,” Tengku Adnan said.

The leaders later adjourned for a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, who is also BN deputy chairman, to discuss the BN convention scheduled for Nov 28.

On the issue of BN components lagging behind the opposition, especially the DAP, in voter registration, Tengku Adnan said the first to register voters would not necessarily receive their votes.

“Having said that, BN has strategies, too, in ensuring votes are in the bag.”

On whether BN was ready for the polls in Sarawak and at the national level, he said the party was prepared but would continue efforts to strengthen itself and gain voters’ support.

The BN convention will be held in November at Dewan San Choon in Wisma MCA unlike previous years when it was held at the Putra World Trade Centre.
Forget about putting up the worthless editorial. Below Ibrahim Ali replies on Utusan Malayisa, in which NST is penis-less refuse to publish his reply and honour his right to reply:
Perkasa tidak perlukan mana-mana pihak

KUALA LUMPUR 9 Sept. – Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa Malaysia (Perkasa) tidak memerlukan sokongan mana-mana parti politik untuk membolehkannya berjuang terutama bagi mempertahankan hak Islam dan Melayu seperti mana termaktub di dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan.

Sebaliknya, Presiden Perkasa, Datuk Ibrahim Ali berkata, Perkasa amat memerlukan sokongan rakyat negara ini khususnya mereka yang bersetuju dengan agenda perjuangan pertubuhan itu.

"Sejak Perkasa ditubuhkan kami telah menetapkan beberapa agenda perjuangan dan paling utama adalah mempertahankan Perlembagaan daripada dicabul oleh mana-mana pihak yang tidak bertanggungjawab.

"Selain itu, Perkasa turut memperjuangkan kewujudan kerajaan yang amanah, adil, saksama, tidak rasuah, tidak menyalahgunakan kuasa, mempunyai sistem penyampaian yang cekap serta mesra rakyat," katanya kepada Utusan Malaysia di sini hari ini.

Beliau mengulas laporan media hari ini bahawa Barisan Nasional (BN) dengan sokongan sebulat suara 13 parti komponennya terutama UMNO membuat keputusan untuk menjauhi Perkasa kerana dikhuatiri ia boleh menjejaskan kewibawaan dan keupayaan BN meraih sokongan pengundi pelbagai kaum.

Dalam keputusan pada mesyuarat bulanan BN bagi memperkukuhkan gagasan itu yang pertama kali diadakan di Putrajaya semalam, semua parti komponen turut mengalu-alukan tindakan UMNO apabila mengambil langkah pertama menyatakan pendirian mahu menjauhkan diri daripada Perkasa.

Setiausaha Agung UMNO, Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor yang mempengerusikan mesyuarat itu berkata, UMNO tidak akan menyokong Perkasa atau Presidennya pada pilihan raya umum akan datang kerana tindakan itu berpotensi menghakis sokongan pengundi bukan Melayu terhadap BN.

Ibrahim berkata, dalam agenda perjuangan Perkasa, pertubuhan itu juga mahukan pemimpin atau wakil rakyat yang beriman, bertaqwa, menjaga solat, celik al-Quran, berakhlak mulia, amanah, mesra rakyat dan tidak sombong.

"Pemimpin atau wakil rakyat juga tidak boleh sama sekali melakukan maksiat, mempunyai sifat tamak haloba dan melakukan perkara-perkara tidak bermoral,’’ katanya.

Mengenai pendirian 13 ahli komponen BN tersebut, Ibrahim berkata, beliau percaya jika Perkasa tidak wujud sekali pun sokongan bukan Melayu kepada BN tetap sama selepas Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-13.

"Ia kerana komponen BN terutama pemimpinnya mempunyai bermacam-macam rekod yang boleh menyebabkan rakyat menolak parti itu dan janji Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) kepada mereka,’’ katanya.

Beliau berkata, Perkasa memberi kebebasan penuh kepada mana-mana ahli-ahlinya untuk membuat penentuan pada Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-13.
Smart statemnt Ku Nan, just smart ...

Perkasa is just a convenient excuse for MCA and Gerakan to exert themselves or probably leave BN. MCA and Gerakan have not been cooperative for the last year years.

They have no support of the Chinese. Their voters registration drive is practically non existent.

Why is UMNO bending backward to pander to their wishes? More millions for Chinese schools and few ringgit for suraus and madrasahs?

Does Ku Nan really represent the view of UMNO? If he does, the many bukan puasa session with Terawih prayers during Ramadhan did not awake them from Pak Lah's deep slumber of in-denial.

That is sad because the rakyat is clear in their stand and demand on UMNO. At least, the majority Malays after setting aside Melayu liberals and opposition. It is what Perkasa fought for. Dr Mahathir is supporting Perkasa and The Malaysian Insiders have spinned the report.

Smart move, Ku Nan ... too smart.

You have just split the Malay votes further by sending the message the Government have be done with Bumiputera rights. It is a mistake to belittle Perkasa in favour for voter-less MCA and Gerakan. Perkasa's voice will come in handy for Najib.

Ku Nan will eventually kneel to Perkasa for Malay votes!


Anonymous said...


nst is doomed. circulation has gone down to 74k. thanks to the liberal malay. the worst ever in nst history. it is a record.

Anonymous said...

Mr Rashid Yusof, you have interview Halim Saad so when you going to defend Tajuddin Ramli who samun MAS.

Daim Tarbus

A Voice said...

Voicey, Selamat Hariraya. In all honesty, Ibrahim Ali is using his Perkasa to enhance his already doom political career. When Ku Li left Umno, Ibrahim join Ku Li to form SEMANGAT 46. During the by-election for the AMPANG (Now Pandan) constituency between Ong Tee Keat and Harun Idris, in every Ceramah, Ibrahim CRITICISE Dr Mahathir with all sorts of name calling but today he kisses DR Mahathir balls in order to protect his own political career. For so many years, Ibrahim DID NOT FIGHT FOR THE MALAYS but now when he knows his political career is coming to an end, Perkasa is the platform to rejuvenate his career. In all honesty, I belief Perkasa would have MORE CREDIBILITY IF XXX XXXXXXX XXX X XXXXX is the PRESIDENT of Perkasa.

George Choo

Anonymous said...

Then Perkasa need to become political party to return this challenge to Umno.

With 60% bumi population I'm sure Perkasa will easily get.. like.. all votes to form next government, riiight?

So why don't you get that XXX XXXXXXX XXX X XXXXX to get the ball rolling rolling rolling?

Kenn said...

U.M.N.O. = Un Malay Nonrelevant Organisation

Anonymous said...

Salam Tuan, saya cadangkan org Melayu baca buku Malaysian Maverick oleh Barry Wain.

Saya amat kagum dan bangga dgn Dr M kerana pengorbanan beliau utk masa depan negara. Org boleh kata beliau rompak negara ttp Dr M adalah pejuang bangsa yg tulen yg tidak disenangi byk pihak.

Kita tidak perlu kpd Perkasa jika Umno/BN berpegang kpd doctrine Dr M dalam mentadbir negara. Maka tidak hairan mengapa Dr M sokong Perkasa kerna Umno telah menyimpang dari memperjuangkan hak semua lapisan rakyat negara ini.

Seperkara penting mengenai Malaysian Maverick, perjuangan Dr M konsisten dari mula beliau masuk Umno sampailah ke hari ini.


jaflam said...

Fully agreed that Ku Nan, Nazri and Khairy looks more like an expired and unwanted leaders in UMNO. Despite his track record Ibrahim managed to speak on Malay rights instead of the plunderers many that will drowned UMNO.

Anonymous said...

It is precisely because PERKASA is getting noticed that adnan, nazri and kj are unhappy.

Perhaps their non-Malay "pot of gold" collaboration is threatening to cut off supply of funds to them.

I remember this adnan prompting sleepy pm abdullah what to say to the press. I perceive this act as the puppet master.

His power base urge him and nazri and kj to reject PERKASA.

So you can tell which UMNO members should be kicked out thru their anti-PERKASA stand.

Anonymous said...


Ish..Ish..Ish Aren't the two Boring Old Farts Ku Nan and Nazeri Aziz, too ugly and too old to become MCA Page Boys?

Nik Rahmah

Anonymous said...

Boikot NST! Beli Suara Perkasa

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