Thursday, December 22, 2011

Congratulations girl, girl

When I first know of Girl, Girl or Aishah, daughter to Zakhir aka Bigdog ,she was a little girl.

The above is a picture of her celebrating her father's 40th birthday with the bloggers gang. So happen, she is a blogger too. See her more than two years unupdated blog here.

Aishah, is no more a little girl but a mature young lady of 15. See her 2009 picture in Perth below:

The Ministry of Education had announced that some 34,271 students (7.77%) of those that sat for the recent PMR examination scored straight A's. Today, Aishah had just made her parents proud by being one of them. She had scored 8As in the examination.

ABITW is happy for Aishah and her parents. We are equally happy that Allah had granted her wishes and our prayers. Prior to our flight to Mekah for Hajj, Aishah seek upon us to pray for her success in her examinations.

And we did not forget to do so.

Congratulations to Aishah. Savour this victorious moment. You have done well.

Uncle, wish you more success in the future. Are you considering medical school?

Special mention to Mrs Big Dog for her dedication to her daughter's education.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Aishah! May you continue the excel in your Life.

Anonymous said...

Salam Tuan,

Congrats to Ms Aishah and to the Biggum!

He must be really proud.

I am happy with my girl's result as well.


Anonymous said...

too early for med school la.ha2.but can start looking for best 0 levels schools..

BigDogDotom said...

Tuan Haji Sebiji Bata,

Thanks a million woof, for the posting. Thank you all, for the kind wishes.

The credit should go to SiKenit's Mama. She worked with this carbon copy of the mother, 110%. You can't imagine the method she had installed.

She has gone a long way since the first time you were introduced to this Girl-Girl. That was the times where her daily consumption include Powerpuff Girls, Stanley and God-knows-what-else on the DIsney Channel. Remember when she presented you and Arwah Hashim Hussin Yaacob on her 'Popular Times', when she was hardly nine?

That four times-a-year paper meant for her classmates, evolved to a blog sometime in 2007 and eventually she went into private and micro blogging (of which as a typical suburban teenager, she refused my readership!).

I guess she needed her space , in the trying times of adolescence.

BTW, during this school holidays, she just completed acting workshop organised by Enfiniti.

I'm not sure medical school is high on her wish list now. I think she's more focused to attend her Mama's alma mater, Keele @ Staffordshire. (I know she's not impressed with mine!). I hope she can maintain the upbeat, all the way towards tertiary.

Again, thanks for sharing her biggest success so far with your readers.

Unknown said...

Zakhir, tahniah! Tumpang seronok dengan khabar-khabar gembira... (aku tak berapa minat panggil hang big dog)

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