Friday, December 16, 2011

Felda listing: No stroll in the park

There were two demonstrations held by PERKASA and other pro-Government activists yesterday in reaction to another demonstration by PAS's Mazlan Alimin-led NGO, ANAK to support the mutinous FELDA Director General, Dato Dzulkifli Wahab and to support Government's effort to list Felda Global Ventures Holdings (FGVH).

One was a protest held at the PAS Headquarter in a Jalan Raja Laut, Kuala Lumpur. It was followed by another show of support at the Felda headquarter in Jalan Semarak.

ABITW was at Jalan Semarak to document the event and lent support. Something smells fishy when PAS initiated ANAK, which had been relentlessly attacking Felda's management, policies and implementations but gave personal support to the head implementor, Dato Dzulkifli.

However, what seem look like a straight forward listing excercise that is supposed to benefit the settlers, without 'touching' their land, is no more a walk in the park. The issue is discussed as we scroll through the demonstration pictures.

Dato Dzulkifli was recently given 8 months 'gardening' leave from November 21st for his defiant act as Chairman of Koperasi Felda Berhad (KPB) to sack four Koperasi directors, which include Felda Chairman, Tan Sri Isa Samad and FGVH CEO, Dato Sabri against Prime Minister's directive to leave open his post for Isa.

Dato Dzulkifli and Ketua Peneroka was stabbing the Government in the back while giving lip service to support the listing. As a 30 year old career Felda officer, he had garnered support and loyalty from veteran settlers over the years but unknown to them are he has allegedly been feathering his nest from the organisation and settlers. Read Bigdog here dan here.

There are issues that need to be addressed and clarified to the 'participating' settlers. Nevertheless, the listing of FGVH is a more sensible exercise in the Government's next step initiative to look into the affair of the second, third and fourth generation of Felda settlers.

While the demonstrations was going on, Syabas Chairman and Chairman of Gempaq, Gabungan Wawasan Generasi Kedua and Bapak, Tan Sri Rozali Ismail held a press conference to deny rumours of his attempt to scuttle the FGVH listing and intention to replace current Felda Chairman, Tan Sri Samad. Read blog Putra Merdeka here.

Talk has it that he had attempted to join the Board of Directors of KPB together with the recently ousted Tan Sri Yusof Nor. Words are Yusof Nor has been dismissed immediately as advisers.

Perhaps Razali need to make the denial since talk is rife of him making a RM2 million offer to UMNO's training fund and facilities on condition he be given post of Menteri Besar for Selangor for a term. His basis is to resolve the water impasse in the state that is being blamed on him.

The conditional offer was believed to have been rejected by Dato Najib despite Razali being a regular donor and Treasurer to UMNO Selangor. The grassroot is not comfortable to place a corporate personality that became an issue for UMNO to spell an opposition led demonstration in May this year. [Read The Unspinners here]

Water industry sources claimed Razali had met Selangor Economic Adviser, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim and reached a new tariff agreeement. Before the new tariff is announced, many would asked what is the deal behind the deal to enable them to reached an agreement.

Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim had refused to cooperate to build the new Ulu Langat dam. This is causing public anxiety and it was raised in the recent UMNO General Assembly. Without a new dam, Selangor and Klang Valley may face water shortage in 2014. Khalid and Razali were singled out. [Read Gerakan Anti PKR here.]

What is Razali up to? That is the big question.

Politically his political godfather was the former Menteri Besaar and UMNO Vice President and Informaton Chief, Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib. Muhammad Taib was in Anwar's Team Wawasan and the likes of Anwar loyalist like Telok Kemang MP, Dato Kamarul Baharian used to be running Muhammad Taib's Foundation.

Anything seems possible.

Perhaps it is merely a second generation product of Felda not wanting to be left out of Felda's listing excercise. He listed his Puncak Niaga before Felda went listing. He needs to show off to the folks.

After all, he created BAPAK just to be on the same stage with Dato Najib but did not become the answer to Mazlan Alimin's ANAK. He merely divert all the enquiries and problems back to Felda. He created Koperasi Generasi Kedua, which has yet to be approved by Registrar of Cooperatives.

Let's leave Razali and his corporate greed and ego aside. Commissions, kickbacks, extravagant mark-ups and RM5.1 mllion a year Directors fee for a public utility company still does not satisfy his insatiable appetite. Unfortunately, he does not realised that he is neither a winnable candidate to wrest any opposition seats nor the pull to attract support for BN to takeover the state.

The display of anger towards such defiance and double cross is real. And the opposition's sudden interest in Felda is not welcomed. But the opposition is adamant to penetrate Barisan Nasional and UMNO's fixed deposit of 55 parliament seats. Read Sanggah Tok Janggut here and Gelombang Wangsa Maju here.

The listing is necessary to help distribute the benefit to all Felda settlers. If Mazlan Alimin's demand is fulfilled, how on earth could 350,000 ha of Felda Plantation land be distributed to some 700,000 second to fourth generation settlers. More so with 250,000 ha is in Sabah.

By the time FGVH is listed around April next year and the settlers got extra money in their pocket, one wonders if all the political effort of PAS-led ANAK matters? Chances are it will be forgotten. For Mazlan Alimin and ANAK, it was worth a try.


Anonymous said...

Another rip off in the making. Nothing will be left after they have laid their hands on anything that is saleable. What a sad state we are in right now.

Anonymous said...

Yee haa, Najib is losing control. Macam Pak Lah zaman akhir PM.


mantra-indeeptots said...

Corporate mafias and now power trading...

Anonymous said...

The reality actualy ia that the peneroka will not benefit from this listing. The listed entity will take away about 1 billion in Felda profits and gain a one of payment to Felda of about 6 billion. The profit taken away will impact social and economic programs for the Felda settlers and if you do simple maths, the listing money will only last 6 years. Then where will Felda get money to pay dor these programs? The harsh reality is that the peneroka land is not as proftable and when you take the "cash cow" land out of Felda that doea not belong to the peneroka but from Felda proper and transfer to FGVH, you have a serious long term hole you need to cover. This is the actual truth and thats why the DG wants a thorough a study to be done first. He is a true Felda man and is a good man. The second generation Felda folk do not understand this and only see the short term again. The opposition is saying to the peneroka not to support listing as they will GIVE the land to them. This complicates things as other people now think that the DG supports the opposition. This is sooo not true. He is a loyal civil servant and the reasoning behind his questioning is purely for the good of the peneroka and NOT BECAUSE OF SUPPORT FOR THE OPPOSITION. People need to be clear on this.

Dr Mazlan Felda said...

Salam Bro.

Saya hairan kenapa Felda amat ghairah untok pergi listing Plantation assets nya.Tujuan kita membuat listing syarikat yang kita mileki atas dua sebab.
1-Untoka mendapatkan modal tambahan untok memperluaskan lagi operasi.
2-Untok mendapatkan modal bagi membayar hutang syarikat.

Kita di maalumkan oleh PM Najib yang Felda mempunyai hampir 4 billion ringgit wang tunai didalam tabongnya.
Kedua kita dimaalukan yang Felda tidak mempunyai hutang yang perlu di bayar.

Jadi persoalannya kenapa kita perlu menyenaraikan Plantation Estate Felda.Jika kita menyenaraikan Plantation estate Felda ini bermaana 25% dari sahamnya akan di jual kapada public termasok foreign fund manager.Ini bermaana keuntongan dari Estate Ferla terpaksa di berikan kapada public termasoklah Foreigh Fund manager,
Kedua.Peneroka2 Felda akan mendapat saham2 Felda Plantation yang di sinaraikan di pasaran saham.Tidak siapa dapat menghalang peneroaka 2 Felda ini menjual saham2 mereka di pasaran saham.

Apa yang terjadi akhirnya peneroka2 Felda ini akan menjadi hamba yang terpaksa berkerja keras di ladang mereka dan keuntongan yang di buat akan di gunakan untok memberi dividen kapada public dan foreigh fund manager yang menjadi pemegang saham Felda Plantation.

Ini lah sebeb yang sabenarnya ramai orang membantah tindakan Pengurusan Felda ini untok menyenaraikan Felda Plantation di pasaran saham.

Ini berbeza dengan listing Kelang gula MSM.Dalam hal ini Felda terpaksa mengeluarkan modal hampir 3 billion untok membeli syarkat gula Robert Kuok(Keputusan yang tak masok akal).Jadi Felda perlu menyenaraikan nya samula di pasaran saham demi untok mendapatkan balek wang yang di keluarkan untok membeli syarikat gula MSM.

Saya berharap jangan lah kita gila sangat untok menyenaraikan saham kita .Trend sekarang ini banyak sarikat mahu privitise syarikat mereka salepas di siniriakan di pasaran saham.Lihat apa yang di buat oleh Ananda Krisnian dan baru ini Johore corp mengumukna tindakan nya untok privitise QSR/KFC holding.

Anonymous said...

Tahniah, Dr Mazlan.

Satu penjelasan yang mudah dan masuk akal.

Penyangak ni kenapalah gelojoh sangat, lama lama semua tanah Felda akan dijual.

Salleh SC

Anonymous said...

Develop the topic further. It is interesting to find out more!

Anonymous said...

Walaupun listing ni akan membebankan peneroka felda dlm jangka masa panjang, namun semua bantahan akan lesap apabila agung2 diturunkan. tahniah ABITW, ekuiti Melayu dijual kpd orang lain. Hidup 1 Malaysiah

A Voice said...

I could rebutt point by pointthe weakness of some comments but I will not be engaging then.

Due respect to all my learned commentators (except you know who), could you all perhaps enlightened me how this additional effort for the 2, 3rd and 4th generation felda settlers is a rip-off?

Highlight the major ones and not over who deserve and not deserve.

In my book, the government have help and elevated the first generation felda settlers out of poverty and to many, into wealth.

It is not the government's responsible for the livelihood of the sons, grandsons, and great grandsons (including -daughters). It is their's.

When will this excess dependency syndrome ends?

Why limit to kampung felda only? How bout the traitional kampung folks?

Are they not voting citizens contributing and sacrificing for the nation TOO?

Anonymous said...

Why must you invest in Unit Trust? Simply because it is a business for those who does not know how to run businesses. LISTING is part of business too. Why Felda, why now and why not? If it is about risk, just look at Bursa Malaysia. Many ups and many downs. Its normal. Sometime spikes, sometimes corrections. Its normal too. And its for the Malays. Proud of it, support it and cut all craps about loosing. Business is business. Be strong and go for it. Dont hesitate. Go Felda Go.

Anonymous said...

Bloggers think with fingers whilst TS Rozali think with brain. That is why bloggers keep on blogging till now and TSRozali keep on businessing till infinity. Attacking the water tycoon won't hurt him much. He knows better than the bloggers about Felda and other relevant issues. The people gives high respect to constructive blogs and bloggers. Therefore, bloggers need to justify themselves to be part of an attitude public or keep play nasty in blogs and webs...

A Voice said...

Anon 1:07

One major flaw with your attempt to comment is you are too presumptous that it defeats any of your attempt to put a point through.

This blogger is neither envious nor has interest to be like Razali, especially so in his state as a crooked corrupt and greedy businessman.

Since Razali makes so much money and the commentator thinks that is an achievement, he should not be envious of blogger and just carry on to make money.

But why did he bought Siasah, a nyamuk media company?

BTW Razali wont be making money till infinity because he will die as any mortal and face God to account for his deed on earth.

It applies to you, anon and me too. Hope you have some ounce of conscience.

Amazonia said...

A Voice,

" This blogger is neither envious nor has interest to be like Razali, especially so in his state as a [crooked corrupt and greedy businessman]. "

you just proved Anon 1.07's point :

"Therefore, bloggers need to justify themselves to be part of an attitude public or KEEP PLAY NASTY in blogs and webs..."


A Voice said...


I am absolutely sure when I die, I do not have to justify to the Al Mighty my allegations.

My eyes, ears and mouth will bear witness to what I have seen and was told complete with supporting documents.

But, Razali will have to answer to God for his sins.

Thus, why do I need to bother about you ...It is for you to find out what many have already known.

I'd rather write on something else more important.

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