Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy 50th, Rocky

Taking a breather from a rushy weekend and week before, ABITW joined Dato Nuraina and a small group of friends for dinner to celebrate Dato Ahiruddin "Rocky" Attan's 50th birthday at Garibaldi, Bangsar yesterday.

This is the first time we finally get to meet up since we left for Hajj in October.

It is a small group of friends. Tonight will be another do at The National Press Club with another small set of friends.

Another picture of the birthday 'boy' blowing his cake with a bright Blackberry taking prominence

As Syed Akbar said in his blog here, we may have readers, sympathisers and supporters, but "we have few friends." With some negative trends in the blogging community, the circle of trust may get more limited.

We've taken few pictures to share the private event.

Engku Imran of Bernama TV in conversation with Mariam of Maxis. NST columnist, Azmi Anshar in dark T shirt.

Firdaus as unofficial photographer and Endie, both of The "Tikus Mondok." The Mole, they claim.

NST columnist and also with The Mole, Shamsul Akmar beside Blog House President, Syed Akbar chattering to Dato Lazarus Rok (not in picture).

Dato Rocky with Dato Nuraina with Dato Lazarus (this time head visible). Left out from picture blogger Tan Sri Doctor 2008 and wife, and Bigdog.

Our gift to Rocky ... It's a secret. Supposed to be inspiring.

Definately not this book

Happy 50th Birthday, Rocky.

By the way, there is another notable Birthday Boy today. Guess who?


Update: 12/20/2011 11:45 PM

That's right, Firdaus Shahnaz.

It is the "official" birthday of Tun Dr Mahathir. It is termed as "official" because that was the accepted official date. Perhaps that is what the registration people used as his birthdate.

If you read the Malay Wikipedia below, his date of birth is written as 20 Disember 1925.

However, the English Wikipedia used his actual date of July 10, 1925 as his date of birth.

Obviously, Dr Mahathir is more of a cancerian than a capricornian. Cancer is the hallmark horoscope of great thinkers.

Coincidentally, Tun Siti Hasmah was born two days earlier but a year later than Tun Mahathir's on July 12, 1926. Another cancerian.

So happen, some member of ABITW is a cancerian born on the forth of July.

Nevertheless, Tun Dr Mahathir is "officially" 86 years old. One can't help but admire his health and physical attributes at that age.

Hidup Tun M!


Freddie Kevin said...

Happy 50th birthday Datuk.

Anonymous said...

Many names have been given to this group..elite bloggers..assasins...
No need to list those names by other side ..

Selamat Hari Jadi ..Bru..
Semgoa terus di beri Rahmat dari Yang Menjadi kan...


Anak Johore said...

Salam Bro.

You are from Johore.Can you do a quick research dan write something on the propose privitisation of QSR/KFC by Johore Corp.On Monday Tan Sri Ali Hashim X Ceo of J.Corp talk about outside force that are running J.Corp.I think it is an open secret that MB have rope in his close friend Lim Km Hoe of Ekovest to help in restructing J.Corp debt.What many people worry,instead of J.Corp paying his own debt,they embark on new deal that will increase their debt.

In 3 to 5 year when CVC exit from the deal,how do J.Corp buy out CVC debt.What many of us worry in 5 year time J.Corp not only have to sell KFC/QsR to pay their debt but they have to sell other J.Copt asset like Kulim shares.

We know you are a Johoirian and fomer banker.Can you invertigate and come up with your own analysis on this deal.

bru said...

thank you freddie. hope to see you tonight. you too, wak.

and thanks for the sejadah from mekah and book, a voice. i hope that circle of trust expands rather than contracts.

Firdaus Shahnaz said...

The other birthday boy is our beloved Tun M

Bedul said...

OMIGod Rocky, thought you are in your early 40s like me. Anyway have a good one. Great to be sharing the same birthday as our esteemed leader.

Anonymous said...

hi anotherbrickinwall.blogspot.com-ers happy christmas to all of you - matt

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