Sunday, October 20, 2013

Time to reflect

Stopped following and turned in at a time Dato Hishamuddin was consistently leading by 10 or more to Dato Mukhriz. Unless there is going to be a photo finish, it is pointless to wait till the wee hours.

Have seen berpuloh political result announcements to know there was not going to be any upset. Anyway, we predicted such [Read here]. We thought but did not write that Mukhriz will dimandikan (tarred out of town).

In the early part of the campaign, we decided on to involve in any campaign and be in close proximity with any politicians. That way, we could see the campaign objectively, without being astrayed by knowledge of petty tricks occuring, by looking at the campaign from afar. 

By morning, the final result is Hishamuddin by a 9 point lead. According to MyKMU, it got as close to 4, unofficially at 11:30 PM. The Bernama report to follow:

Umno Polls: Status Quo For Lineup Of Vice Presidents

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 20 -- Incumbents Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal and Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein retained their vice president posts for the 2013-2016 term in the 2013 Umno polls.

The trio received a new mandate from the 146,000-odd voting delegates to be "right arm" of president Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and deputy president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin in leading the party which is the backbone of the Barisan Nasional coalition.

Umno elections committee chairman Tan Sri Tajol Rosli Ghazali who announced the results for the vice-president posts at around 1.40 am, said Ahmad Zahid obtained the highest votes at 185, followed by Mohd Shafie 174 and Hishammuddin 100.

Their victories put paid to the challenge mounted three aspirants namely Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir who obtained 91 votes while Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam and Tan Sri Mohd Isa Abdul Samad only secured seven votes each.

The highlight of the race was the stiff fight between Hishammuddin and Mukhriz who had everyone on the edge of their seats as the results from the 191 divisions streamed in.

Tajol Rosli said although there was tie in the votes for Hishammuddin and Mukhriz in several divisions, no recount was done in view of the wide difference in the overall margin.

"Hishammuddin obtained 100 votes while Mukhriz received 91 votes. It is a nine-vote margin, thus not justifying a recount or re-election.

"If the margin is three votes and below, only then will a re-election be held," he said.

Tajol Rosli explained that Hishammuddin and Mukhriz received the same number of votes in three divisions namely Keningau, Semporna and Baling.

Ahmad Zahid, 60, who was born on Jan 4 1953, in Kampung Sungai Nipah Darat, Rungkup, Bagan Datoh, Perak, is currently the Home Minsiter.

He won the vice president post for the first time in the 2009 polls after having served two terms in Umno's Supreme Council from 2000-2003 and 2004-2007.

Mohd Shafie, 56, is the first Umno leader from Sabah to be elected vice president, also in the 2009 polls.

He is currently Rural and Regional Development Minister.

Hishammuddin, who is Defence Minister and three-term MP for Sembrong, retained his seat as had been predicted.

Known to be an 'IT savvy' minister, Hishammuddin is also holding the post of Acting Transport Minister.

Tajol also announced that Datuk Mohamad Aziz retained his post as Umno deputy permanent chairman after defeating two challengers, Datuk Abd Rahman Palil and Ahmad Fariz Abdullah.

Mohamad received 158 votes, Abd Rahman 25 votes while Fariz did not obtain a single vote.

Meanwhile, Umno executive secretary Datuk Ab Rauf Yusoh said the full results of the polls would be announced at 5pm Sunday.


For a late entry contender, Mukhriz did well. Despite claim by political expert and veteran housewife, Dato Rahmad Abdul Hamid that Mukhriz had not gone through the mill, his first time out was commendable.

According to MyKMU's figure, Mukhriz gained 55,290 popular votes and Hishamuddin had 54,829 popular votes. Thus Mukhriz is a credible candidate and can stake a claim for the VP post in the future.Off course, he has to win it.

What is frustrating to many is that his campaign team was not serious and professional enough. In case any of them are reading, it is not us saying but what others are saying. So listen up ....

If his team had been more serious, they could have got some votes in Johor and Pahang. Sure there is the state sentiment in Johor for Hishamuddin. As our Barisan Johor whass app group gave feed back, at least, get credible 'agent' and campaigners. Johor has too many delegates to be ignored.

And, Pahang is Prime Minister cousin's home state. Cousin brother is said to have made phone calls to campaign for Hishamuddin. No point beating about the bush, Sultan also promoted Hishamuddin.

However, the Vice Presidency race is for three slots, thus it is pointless to be overly competitive to the point of being adversarial with your competitor. Your competitor can get you the votes too.

For example, Tan Sri Isa Samad's Telok Kemang voted for Mukhriz. So did Bukit Katil.

Never discount anything in politics. There is no such thing as WYSIWYG. Sometimes, what you think you see will not be what will happen.

No one noticed when Jerlun voted for Khairy. They only noticed Rembau in which Khairy is Deputy Division Chief voted Mukhriz. 

We seriously thought Hishamuddin would have come out top with the public endorsement by Shahrizat, Khairy and Emi (still grasping the name of the new Ketua Puteri).

That would have paved the way for Muhyiddin to vacate his position to a fellow Johorean and finally a Johorean to be Prime Minister.

Khairy may have, intentionally or otherwise, overzealously campaigned for Hishamuddin and backfired. A sources claimed the Khairy team had a long held grudge for setting-up Khairy to say things that backfired heavily on him.

Many thought Dato Shahrizat's had her hands twisted and forced to support Hishamuddin and surely Wanita votes will pour in. [Read here.]

Kepong gave Mukhriz and this is a saving grace for the UMNO election. Delegates cannot be told to vote who.

Half of Sabah refused to follow the cai from above and had their own mind. Coincidently, it was Sabah votes that came though for Hishamuddin at the end.

Despite using every available political resources and levers of power and influence, Hishamuddin only scrap through with a 9 votes majority against newcomer Mukhriz and his long list of shortcomings, known and unknown.

It is an open secret that PM helped Hishamuddin's campaign. The rakit involving the three incumbents was designed to save Hishamuddin. The mainstream media was openly promoting status quo.

His father-in-law seeked Sultan's support to "cemar duli" and openly campaigned for Hishamuddin. [Read here.]

This is something unheard off but in Malaysian politics, they say it is smart because whatever it takes to win, use it. Very third world mentality ....

There is no town or kampong and officer bearer or power broker not combed by Hishamuddin to campaign.

Commendably, Hishamuddin answered our greeting wishes. Zahid answered, Ali answered, Isa too ... but Mukhriz did not.

One can call it Murphy's law but Hishamuddin is in a crisis of confidence. He need to reflect and seek for an answer. Otherwise, his aristocratic background does not guarantee him premiership. He already used that card in this election. he should open his eye to a trend emerging.

There are those that felt he is apathetic. Too difficult or averse at making tough decision and tendency to avoid conflict.

Whether his answers are not convincing or it did not reach, he has a popularity issues. Whether he is taking the bullet for others or it is his own doing, his actions and statements in the past had not endeared himself with the UMNO grassroots.

Few leaders we heard complained that Hishamuddin has a past of 'stabbing' in the back or not honouring his promises. That may culminate into his current unpopularity.

Hishamuddin seldom open himself to be misquoted and make remarks that do not go well with the masses, pro-opposition, fence seaters or even pro-government. This is not just about his time in Kementeriaan Amaran Dalam Negeri.

Another equally important point which the leadership should reflect is that it could be not about Hishamuddin but a proxy protest vote against Dato Najib. 

These are only feedback from others. We prefer to hold back our opinion because as a former trader or dealer, our preference is to predict the future. Everyone is an expert on the hind sight. In another word, backside observer and analyst.

One point we like to repeat was and too few are in denial is Mukhriz and Hishamuddin made a major strategic mistake. The man to knock off is Shafie.

Recently, we have written twice on it, here and here. In summary, there is no such thing as Sabah quota. UMNO must transcend state parochialism and vote on the person's ability.

Then secondly, he is cannot be the so-called liaison between Sabah and West Malaysia. There is a Liaison Chief for Sabah. And he does not have support and strong influence in Sabah.

Finally, he is a political liability in Sabah and a potential timebomb. It seems every faction we have spoke to are aware but why is there still talk of the superficial Sabah quota? His USNO and UMNO breeding and past camaraderie with Najib must not supercede all these.

Because of that, a potential and popular figure like Mukhriz lost and Hishamuddin effectively lost out to Zahid in term of priority to be Deputy President cum Deputy Prime Minister.  A "lanun" has higher priority.

Non-performer Shafie will crowd out future rising stars including Khairy, Mukhriz and others from a place in the higher echelon of power.

Honestly, both Mukhriz and Hishamuddin, including Najib have to do serious reflection. Don't ask feedback JJ because he is a poor listener thus does not get honest feedback and has poor understanding of the ground.

Someone told us that JJ told PM that we will get 35% of Chinese votes. He is the main reason the war room was a mess. A war room needs only one commanding general but it had 10 commanders with JJ representing 3 commanders.

Mukhriz has to be serious as a politician. It is not just about having fresh idea and being popularly accepted. It has to be translated into votes and deliverable support.

He has to prove himself administratively and politically, thus he must get real good people in his team and not just hangers on from the past.

Hishamuddin need to get good advisers and managed his public relation well. As his grandfather and father, he could be overly cautious but when the time comes to commit to a risky positioning, they makes the wrong moves.

Beat us, why is it happening to an intelligent and good breeding leader like Hishamuddin? Perhaps he is too jovial and casual when meeting people that he is seen as not serious and in the worse of situation, too much of a clown and jester. Sorry if it is a low blow.

At the end, UMNO and all it's leaders have to do a very serious reflection on what had transpired during the party election.

Please no cliche like the recent UMNO election had demonstrated true democrasy or it is able to claim there is no more money politics. Orang akan meluat because they already have an observation and opinion of what had transpired. Witnesses have spoken everywhere and shared what they saw. Some admitted this and that happen.

Thus far, there is ONLY no reports with MACC.[Read Rocky Bru here.]

As for the opposition and other parties, they should just butt our. They are no better. We are observing happenings in PAS, PKR and DAP. The MCA quarrel now is repulsive. MIC is not expected to be better.

Anyway, au revoir. It is time to ....


Anonymous said...

"Beat us, why is it happening to an intelligent and good breeding leader like Hishamuddin? Perhaps he is too jovial and casual when meeting people that he is seen as not serious and in the worse of situation, too much of a clown and jester."

Seriously. You don't know? And you think THIS is why Cucu Onn lost? Because he's too jovial and seen as a jester? Have you not been following the news in recent years? The real reason why people meluat dengan Hishamuddin keeps getting mentioned again and again in blog comments.

It's because he is lembik.

marhaem said...

Those contesting in recent "pemulihan" umno already secured their post or periuk nasi..

But will they really concern about our future?

Wallah Hualam...

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but it is not 'avoir' but 'au revoir'. Tolong jangan marah.

'Avoir' means to have but 'au revoir' means goodbye.

- French celup

Anonymous said...

Sincerely I do not see anything special about DS Hisham except je is cousin to PM and son of former PM. He cant even express himself but always 'menggelabah'.He has no leadership qualities. One thing that I will never forgive him is that he had the cheek to openly and offically said that the armed intruders at Lahad Datu were not militant or terrorist and that resulted in the death of members of our security forces and rightly DS Hisham shd have been shot.I think I'll stop herr for the time being.Tq.

Anonymous said...

DSSA certainly did well. Despite your misgiving on his support in Sabah (semporna and nearby division only you said), he managed to get more than half of the vote. Even the mighty Aman brothers with their jewish brains and machinations (your words not mine) seems to hit a brick wall when it comes to this *cerdik* bajau guy. Cant be hitting and whacking the same old thing, zahida la tu for the past 2 years its beginning to sound pathetic now and the ghoulish words of "timebomb". Maybe we will get a DPM from Sabah in the near future, insyaallah. Hows that for TRANSFORMATION.


belang said...

Hisham win the contest today but his support is certainly dwindling. Najib or the palace may see as his saviour this time but all they ever do is just postponing the inevitable fall of hisham. If they think that umno is for their own grab then they definitely didnt read enough history. The tides is alarmingly bigger than expected and the will of fire from 91 divisions is not something that Najib and co could halt come 2016. What will you do Mr. Razak?

Anonymous said...

Pru 13 yg lepas najib salahkan tsunami cina.

Pru 14 nanti najib akan salahkan tsunami melayu pulak.

Najib lupa bahawa lepas pru13 PAS sudah sedar dan mula mahu berubah bagi menawan semula undi melayu.
Kita lihat pemilihan pas tak lama lagi.

Tapi najib masih lagi cuba menghidangkan pengundi melayu dengan menu yg sudah basi.

Mark my words....

A Voice said...

French celup

Pardon my french. WIll correct


Sabah is like another second home to us.

Like to see someone from Sabah rise up in the national leadership. Can understand your aspiration for Shafie.

And we do not see anyone from the PR side will rise high enough there.

Shafie needs more than just his ability to finance his politics.

There is more revelation to come on Shafie and it will be known in due time.

It is not just corruption and kickback.

Releasing it during campaign time will be seen to be politically motivated.

Anonymous said...

belang said 11:07 PM

Not much TUN Razak can do I'm afraid, except spinning like a top in his Makam Pahlawan grave at his offspring's wanton deconstruction of his lifetime fruits of labour (DEB, FELDA).

Korang x kesian ke kat arwah bapak korang wei?

Anonymous said...

Not really surprised of Shahrizat's ability to sweep clean the women's wing votes. During her time as Minister for Women, each of the Ketua Wanita of every parliament got appointed as Pengerusi MPWK Parlimen. And they still maintain their posts till today. How can they not be grateful to Shahrizat who put them in their place, in charge of budget and with salary to boot?

New Women Minister must do something about it. The recent 1Azam and NFC blunder will not impact Shahrizat at all.

Anonymous said...


I am totally with you on exposing the wrongdoing and corruption. Your expose on acct gen n custom are top notch, but your allegation on DSSA "In the past he had allied with Dato Dato Lajim Ukin and was involved in past financial scandal" is a bit far fetched and hollow considering Lajim's son was charged for the falsification of DSSA support letter, thus the issue of whether the allegation is a red herring for the real problem in Sabah.


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