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Mahathir dependent on Kit Siang, Anwar, Ambiga and Maria Chin to bring Najib down

Like Raja Petra wrote here, it's the same with this blog.

Not keen to comment and argue on Tun Dr Mahathir's twice appearance at the BERSIH 4.0. The pro-Tun will use whatever it takes to spin. Taking a cue from the man himself, they said he was there to see and came later to be as Maria Chin put it as participant. It was denied he support BERSIH 4.0.

If so, why did Tun Siti Hasmah said it is people's revolution?

Quite sure she could not see well enough from the passsage opened for her to walk through the crowd that it was 80%, or some say 90% attended by DAP supporters. It does not represent the composition of the country. Also it's heavily skewed towards Chinese DAP demand!

Anyway it is pointless to write when one is in an excitable mood. That was till we came across Bigdog's twitter in Helen Ang's blog posting here. With him steadfast to his belief, someone commented that "Bigdog is more the flagbearer of Mahathirism that Mahathir!

To understand Mahathirism, read this academic work here than reading politically laced criticism on racism, human rights and cronyism [read one here]. No wonder RPK was writing a series against Mahathirism in May [read here to here].


The humourous remark on the bigger Mahathirism man puts us in less emotional mood to write. Angry we are not. Neither the feeling of being cheated.

It's political expediency and acceptable in the power game of third world mentality Malaysia. Malaysians are willing to sacrifice their principle and values when it comes to Tun M. More so the angry ones.

If there was any emotion, it was sadness.

But it gave a sense of vindication and clears any doubt. Dato Najib's influence and power could be waning. Unless he has something up his sleeve, he looks to go down.

It does not matter. Irrespective of who is right or who is wrong, we were not wrong for not backing Tun M.

We could not bring ourselves down to be part of a lie to accuse the RM42 billion i.e. the whole borrowing of 1MDB disappeared and indirectly infer it as being swindled.

And, there is hardly any "reward" to be sympathetic to Najib (not pro-Najib to correct) though the irony is some of the most vocal critics of Najib are the one seeking and handed with the "rewards".

As events unfold itself, we saw Tun M broke everything he stood for all his life for sake of political expediency.

One long time staunch Tun M corporate supporter said he went there as an emotional old man with so intense anger and hatred that he is will to bring down Najib by all means.

No denying what is made known or spinned to the public on Najib's allegations. It "looks" highly suspicious but it has yet to be conclusive and most allegations have yet to be furnished with proofs. and pass the court proof test.

Basically, one do not bring down the nation's leader on just suspicions and allegations.

Let it be remembered that politics is about governance. Political ideology is about where the line of thinking to guide through for the present and future in governance.

So, the process of politics is not about politicking but should not be delinked from issues of governance.

Though the full story is not known yet, there will be those that raised Najib's suspected attempt to stop investigation as breaching good governance. Lets not argue on that.

However, governance also means bringing down leaders has its due process. Does it justify breaching the constitution and law using the streets?

In a news portal one staunch Mahathir writer had described as "questionable source" and we agree, Neil Khor described in 2008 below: 
Like a true politician, he is not above using whatever advantages that his political opponents have given him. He understands human psychology and is willing to press all the right buttons to get his way.

Read more here

Shouldn't there be some level of consistency in political expediency?

Should there be concern for sovereignty, independence from foreign interference and nation's image in the eyes of the world? The forces in play has all that elements!
It is sad to see that a politicians being dubbed as statesman would be willing to run down the country in the foreign press, to make unsubstantiated allegations, and at Bersih 4.0, have we seen it all. Bigdog here and Rocky here highlighted what he said. Lim Sian See went at length about his inconsistencies here.

It is as if he has fallen to the card offered by these elements. More sad is some suspected Tun M is only concerned with 1MDB for the sake of YTL and GST for the sake of Berjaya. So he is willing to justify his presence at Bersih 4.0 as to be with rakyat and bring down Najib but not BN.

Judging by the posters on Tun M at Bersih 4.0 and getting threatened from a staunch pro Mahathir Dato for forwarding the images as feedback, the rakyat at Bersih 4.0 was not for Najib and UMNO/BN too!

Remembered getting stern face and subtle snub for making presence at events of a bonafide but not favoured list. One retired agency director was cold storaged during the Mahathir-Musa spat for just appearing at a Musa's social function. Yet Tun M made his presence at a DAP opposition rally!

He said he had to be there because Najib closed all channels. Perhaps the process at PAC, MACC, and Attorney General has taken a snag as well as all lawsuit Najib was supposed to do is seen delayed.

Furthermore, Najib has yet to reveal all the conspiracies to bring him down by an alleged Tan Sri Gani Patail orchestrated arrest to just bring him down but no charges will be filed.

Is Tun M qualified to say so when justified or not, he dismissed Chief Justice Tun Salleh Abas?

It was made known few months ago by Facebook comments of Tengku Majid and Tengku Azizah, prince and princess to the late Sultan Iskandar refute Tun M's claim that Tun Salleh complained of noises from neighbouring istana. It takes quite a drive by car from istana to reach Tun Salleh's official home!

Has Najib blocked all form of communication or media coverage, mainstream or alternative, printed or electronic any coverage on Mahathir's ranting on Najib?

Was government facilities denied usage or pepper sprayed to stop him talking in public? The latest talk was at a public government mini stadium.

Tun M past dealings have still unanswered questions. Yet Tun M is talking of his moral concern on Najib's political fund raising?

Anwar and Colour Revolution

One of Tun M's supporter said his presence diverted attention from Bersih 4.0 to him. He is helping BN actually. What was the guy smoking?

If there was any diversion, it was his talk in Pasir Gudang that got diverted by his wide coverage at Bersih 4.0.

It is no consolation that the whole rhetoric of Bersih 4.0 was getting big coverage in the alternative media naturally, printed media and foreign media.

The globally held Bersih 4.0 got the global awareness. Tun M gesture indirectly supported another CIA orchestrated color revolution. [Read in Wikipedia here]. He can only deny and some still buy but that is the perception.

Whatever the denial made, Anwar welcome Tun M's presence at Bersih 4.0 [read TMI here]. He or his people could be teasing Tun M. Nevertheless, Tun M has given him a moral victory.

Anwar claimed Malaysia is now a matured society and ready for more liberal democrasy. One of the agenda Bersih 4.0 was to Bebaskan Anwar! That is one big slap to Mahathirism.

People power, Tun Siti?

Neither us nor RPK agree with Anwar's claim [read here]. Malaysian like to talk and loud on their opinion. They generally do not know what they are talking about and are gullible to lies and propaganda. Most simplify conclusion without any homework!

It is an open secret that Anwar is backed by US covert operation. Tun M despised Anwar for this and he asked Najib of Anwar before the quarrel everytime they met. It's as though insisting Najib interfere to ensure Anwar goes in the slammer.    

The color revolution of Bersih in Malaysia serve to help Anwar topple the government. It is a US covert operation which employ Gene Sharpe's modus operandi to replaced the toppled leader with their own stooge.

In Geoglobal Research article, Perfecting the method of political "color revolutions", the following excerpt says it all:
The principle is simple: exacerbate all underlying frustrations, blame the political apparatus for all the problems, manipulate the youth according to the Freudian “patricidal” scenario, organize a coup, and then propagandize that the government was brought down by the “street.” ...

... A genuine revolution entails an upheaval in social structures that takes place over several years, while a “color revolution” is a regime change that occurs within weeks.

To start but end up seeking to topple government

Color revolution will start somewhere with preaching and pursuit of ideals, even claim of being non political but finally it will end with calls to topple the government.

Typically, there will be allegations of corruption but it has never been substantiated and proven. See the similarity?

By the time, the leader is overthrown, forgotten are the plan to investigate and charge the alleged corrupt leaders. By then, as the article explained: 
The slogan of the “color revolutions” harks back to an infantile perspective; What matters is to overthrow the head of state without consideration of the consequences–“Don’t worry about your future, Washington will take care of everything for you.” By the time people wake up, it’s too late; the government has been usurped by individuals not of their choosing.
Geoglobal Research also published Colored revolution: A new form of regime change made in the US. Understand why Bebaskan Anwar?

DAP agenda 

DAP is ever willing to support Bersih as they employ a similar subversive tactic since pre-independence.

Politically, DAP is against anything that the government stood for including the constitution since before independence. It is disguised as promoting democrasy and now taking in Malays but it promotes chinese chauvanism and harbours ex-communist operatives.

First bersih

The use of yellow as colour for the first Bersih meant to seek palace intervention.

On the same note, yellow colour is closely associated with Chinese. Nothing racial intended but just fact. Chinese is described by whites as yellow man. There is yellow river.

And RPK revealed Ronnie Liew played a major role in the first Bersih. 

Tun M's unbounded anger and hatred to bring down Najib at all cost goes to the point of giving mileage to issue started by Tony Pua and Rafizi.

Some blogs and portals are building up accusation that Tun M was behind the Wall Street Journal and Sarawak Report leak as well as working together with opposition, their media and Clara Rewcastle.

There is suspicion Tun M will try his hands in the vote of no confidence. Dato Salleh Said Keruak said a succesful vote of no confidence not only bring down Najib but also BN.

Another way of saying it is the BN block will no more exist. Maybe MCA will begin the break up.

There is already talk that Tun M is cooperating with DAP and PKR as well as PAS breakaway GHB to get the no confidence.

If unsucessful and Najib is recalcitrant to stay on till the lawful manner of a general election will bring him down, Tun M will have to bring down BN to knock off Najib. That is unless he can campaign to bring Najib in Pekan.

Bringing BN down means DAP will come to power. Maybe bringing Najib and BN down, it means Tun M need to work with DAP and CIA-backed PKR and GHB. Tun M is dependent on Kit Siang, Anwar, Ambiga and Maria Chin to bring down Najib.  

When Najib's statement on "bangsat" was made hot, someone accused Najib as the person for "membangsatkan" UMNO.

Blogger Captain Seademon recap history here to theorise that it had been Tun M that was involved in the downfall of UMNO. The events fit in but too simplistic as each historical event has it's own interplay of forces. Nevertheless the analysis showed Tun M can destroy and recreate it.

There is a question Tun M could not answer convincingly to Bigdog in the closed session but Din Turtle broadcasted it openly. Most pro-Tun avoid answering. Who can replace Najib to make sure BN remain in power?

Make sure it is answered with some knowledge on the numbers and ability to win seats. To include the opposition into the question, lets rephrased as Who could be made Prime Minister?

None from  PKR and PAS including GHB has any resemblence of capability, but Lim Guan Eng. 


mapsscom said...





Tebing Tinggi said...

One could well argue that Tun Dr Mahathir, in his golden years, has been "enlightened".

Or perhaps he is reprising the ornery curmudgeon role that he is fond of adopting.

And being iconoclastic about it.

Like when he propounded his "Look East" philosophy, which has proved to be prescient, seeing the rise of China to superpower status.

Maybe Tun Dr Mahathir has taken a long hard look at globalisation and has come to the conclusion that Malaysia could do better in this race.

And if the executive is preoccupied in "firefighting", that leaves little time to attend to the competitive imperatives out there.

In other words, politics proposes, but economics disposes!

Anonymous said...

i feel like vomiting everytime you mention that there is no proof that najib has swindle the rakyat's money. If he is not in the wrong, the action taken to "kill" the proof were there for every thinking person to judge;

AG's term terminated and replaced by a loyal UMNO man, Task Force that is in the middle of investigation was disbanded, PAC was stopped from functioning, anybody that question 1MDB will get the sacking. And look at the inaction also;

Until now after 2 months of the WSJ report najib is yet to sue them; najib fail to turn up at the #nothingtohide function; 1MDB has failed to come up with the 2014 audit report (what happen to the appointment of external auditor, is Deloitte still the auditor), is AG continuing its investigation? how to show proof if najib keep on disturbing investigation?

but there is still light at the end of the tunnel. Now the international investigators have start their own work. najib doesn't has the power to stop them all. we will see the proof that you are looking for from an outsiders.

serves najib right for whatever outcomes he will got. a lot of malay muslim has been praying for this if you must know. they are not in the mood to join bersih, but they want najib to go, that is for sure.

be a man and accept the reality.

drMpower said...

ABITW, what is the price of one's head? dont tell me the cliche that loyalty has no price. everyone has his price. its either high price or else. the greatest premier malaysia ever had, is replaceable. if he is then what makes someone else irreplaceable?

the way i look at it, this is blind love. either this blind love is binded by any sort of monetary link strength or the love of umno? the second one is very cliche but i simply put there just to balance it out.

the old man is hell bent to get someone down. not everyone but one person down. just give him and all will be well.

ps - dont tell me the cliche as such if-we-have-to-give-in-everytime-then-what-are-we thing. you have to give the next guy head if only the next guy does something very wrong like this one.

Anonymous said...

They look like working together ...

Rally behind Dr M or live with Najib, Zaid tells the nation

FMT Reporters | September 3, 2015

He says Malaysians must regard it as their common priority to remove the PM.

PETALING JAYA: Zaid Ibrahim has urged Malaysians of all political affiliations to come together to oust Prime Minister Najib Razak and to accept former premier Mahathir Mohamad as their leader in the effort.

In a speech he delivered at the Royal Selangor Club, which he has transcribed for his blog, the former law minister acknowledged that a segment of the anti-establishment forces would be averse to the idea of rallying behind Mahathir, but he urged them to set aside their hatred of the man for the greater good of saving the nation.

He said: “[Najib’s] removal must be our common priority. I repeat: his removal is our priority.

“To do this, there is only one option available: either we rally behind Dr Mahathir, or we have to live with Najib for a long time. If we have to work with a group within Umno to remove Najib, then we must. I know some of you are allergic to Dr Mahathir, and some of you are more gung-ho and believe that we must remove Umno altogether. If you can do it, then by all means do it. But I would rather try to remove Najib first, simply because, on paper, it’s easier to achieve. Change comes in small doses.

“In the past, Opposition parties have become stronger only from breakaway factions formed in Umno. The first Umno breakaway was led by Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah in 1988, which helped PAS gain control of Kelantan. The second Umno breakaway was led by Anwar Ibrahim in 1998, which helped plant the seeds of Pakatan’s present strength.

“These two movements did not change the government. However, victory may come if there is a third Umno breakaway that is prepared to work with the Opposition. The question is whether the Opposition is willing to work with Umno breakaway faction Number 3 and vice versa.

“This is a big if, but it’s possible. ....

More "HERE"

Unknown said...

The true evil is regime change / rainbow revolution with Pkr as the main actor but DAP will benefit the most as they are the snakes from hell's pit.
They will slaughter the malays out of this land as that is their plans all this while.
Pity the Malays.

Anonymous said...

In this hour of crisis we do not need advocates. We need people who can tell us what is wrong and what is correct. Commonsense must prevail and all of us, I mean all of us without exception must pay homage to the rule of law and not rule of politics. What is at stake is greater than our individual future. All of aware aware that when you drive around Kuala Lumpur if you make one wrong turn it will take you hours to get back to where you made that wrong turn. In the affairs of a nation that time taken to get back where you made the wrong tern is measured in decades.

My take is we must cut this position that advocates take and we must look at the issues in the interest of the nation. Whatever our loyalties may be to individuals, group of individuals, and associations we have the incumbent duty to loyal to the state and what it stands for. We are not the first nation to face such a situation and we will not be the last. We must have the wisdom to do what is right. Otherwise like many Third world Countries our GDP will not be able to pay for the cost of the crisis.

Anonymous said...

Mahathir does not care about rakyat (whether Malay, Chinese, India, etc). He just want to protect his rich chronies. Chinese has been USED by him..

Anonymous said...

The people should not support Tun anymore. It is clear that what Tun wants is mere power and richness for his cronies only. Looking at what he has done, it is clear that he is an untrustworthy and unethical person. He do anything to satisfy his demand, not what the people want.

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