Thursday, September 24, 2015


In two separate world
But, it's no sacrifice
No sacrifice
It's no sacrifice, at all

No sacrifice, at all
No sacrifice, at all
No sacrifice, at all
No sacrifice, at all

Rest of lyric here.
While walking down the stairs of the federal court, one of the defense lawyer was grumbling, "I'm not being a sore loser. Or sour grape ...

"The appeal court may have got their facts screwed up but their argument quite  fair and acceptable. But this ... the judges just could not grasp facts."

"Not much can be done ... bro. How to argue when it is 9-0?", a voice replied.

"I know ... I know ...", the lawyer admitted.

Typical of Malaysians, when the chips are down, all the vultures close in for the meat. Hyenas looking  from far to steal the catch of the other animals. Past events and misdeed will be recalled.

The truth is one but legality is another.

In a highly publicised murder case, the accused admitted to police and brought them to the site of the murder. The written statement was not admissable in court.

As they arrived to the main door for their car to leave, the voice said, "Even at high court, there was too much strange turn of events. Facts not picked up by the judge but outright lies and fabricated evidence was accepted.

"Our common man logic can smell it from far but it may not be legally proven or evidence admissable."

"Sickening ...", the lawyer answered.

The more sickening would be the unappreciative remarks for the convicted sacrifice, past and presently still. Not to mention, the unsympathetic remarks for someone who has been working to redeem himself and fought out his past demons.

If not for his silent support from behind, the last fight would not have been successful and achieve its desirable outcome. And, he still gave his undivided support despite being down and out

Is that how society appreciate the sacrifice of someone? Is the sacrifice worthy it?

Pondering on this day to celebrate a holy sacrifice. To all ...

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha
Maaf zahir dan batin

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Anonymous said...

It was a perfect set-up.

Only done by someone with access and ability to influence judges can do such.

If Anwar ppl use this case, they can have a go at the judiciary and revive back the conspiracy theory against anwar ibrahim for sodomy 2.0.

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