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Kimanis by-election: Anifah vs Shafie, PSS vs RM

The syariah lawyer and BN candidate, Dato Mohamed Alamain must have been annoyed with the perception going around that his candidacy is of no significance.

In response he said he is not new in politics, came up from the grassroot, and mentioned grassroot is still with BN despite the previous MP left BN.

It is rather insensitive of him to utter such words because Dato Anifah Aman is helping his campaign. But, it is all water under the bridge. Small matter that could be resolved. The issue of Pas Sementara Sabah (PSS) is more than some young politician's mistake.

Apparently, Warisan candidate and former UMNO assemblyman, Dato Karim Bujang made the claim Anifah is nothing and not to be worried over. Karim said he is longer in politics than Anifah.

Sabah Chief Minister, Dato Shafie Apdal too said he is unafraid of Anifah.

Never challenge Anifah. It inspires him.


He still holds much respect in Kimanis, and within UMNO Sabah.

Heard over the grapevine he was offered to run but declined. His view and consent was still sought after to decide on the candidate for UMNO.

After few prospective candidates refused the offer to contest, Tok Moh was the brave one to accept. And, Anifah is agreeable to his candidacy. That was what being said behind the scene.

For Anifah, it is a matter of principle that he not run. He is suing the Election Commission and appealing against the questionable court judgement.

He was acquited from accusation of money politics, but lost his seat due to EC strange decision to not appeal court judgement in a lawsuit by the lost Warisan candidate.

Tok Mo may not be new in politics as he had served for two terms as UMNO Youth Chief of Kimanis and one term assemblyman.

However, in Sabah, he is relatively speaking considered not in the senior league yet. He has yet to jump political parties.

Defensive Shafie

Joke aside, the by-election is seen from the campaign narratives covered by media and social media to be a personal war between Anifah and Shafie.

A Facebooker observing the campaign noticed the target of Shafie and Karim Bujang attack is only towarda Anifah.

Shafie claimed BN failed as government to deliver and indirectly point his accusation to previous CM and elder brother, Tan Sri Musa Aman.

The fact is:

That scathing attack by Shafie received a rebutal as his past record of alleged corruptions at the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development (KKLW) were rewinded in the blogs and social media.

Dato Najib allocated an unprecedented  large development budget for rural projects in Sabah and Sarawak in the tune of tens of billions.

However, projects were hardly completed and money paid to the contractors were  practically squandered. Back then, MACC mentioned of some RM7 billion worth of projects were lost and RM1.5 billion unaccounted for.

Shafie tried to play personal and use his Sabah4 Sabahan card but has since shut up.

Development card campaign too will not work. When did Warisan or Shafie developed the state?

While, Karim attacked Najib for his presence drew large numbers of voters.

However, his campaign is strange as he seemed to apologise to voters than offer anything for a ruling party

His 5 terms as assemblymen of Bongawan was literally a failure. He spent most of the time feathering his nest than serving his constituency.

Tok Moh should consider himself lucky to not being attacked. It means he is OK. He can draw criticism by attacking Shafie's past corruption allegations including the RISDA land sales.


Anifah main attack on Shafie was the controversial Project Blue IC 2.0 and the mass issuance of PSS.

Immediately upon Shafie being appointed CM, there was a coordinated program to issue ICs to illegal immigrant from Indonesia and Philipines living in the squatter areas.

They were allowed to take their belongings and moved to other areas before their homes were burned down. The state authorities then issued them replacement ICs under pretext of lost documents.

PSS are issued as a whitening program of illegal immigrants.

When Deputy Home Minister, Azis Jamman presented to Parliament, he mentioned it is not citizenship but renewal permit to stay.

Shafie openly supported PSS.

Read Sabahkini 2 HERE and HERE

Sabah leaders are suspicious and not convinced.

Hear Azis Jamman video above.

After staying for certain number of years, PSS holders are entitled for citizenship, claimed the above speaker during a political rally.

It was Tun Dr Mahathir himself, whose concerned with Iskandar Malaysia corridor plan during its initiation then, claimed that Singaporeans living there would breed and their children could claim Malaysian citizenship.

The same concern by Sabahans.

They are already unhappy with the presence of a million Filpino Suluk and Sulawesi Bugis from the first round of Projek IC.

It diluted the voting influence of KDM and other Pribumi communities.

Warisan's diversion

PH replied by getting Tan Sri Muhyiddin to claim PSS was introduced by BN and it came about after the RCI on Projek IC.

That is an absolute lie.

It was discussed at the RCI and part of the preliminary finding was to look into solutions to monitor and control the illegal immigrant problem in Sabah.

However, there was no approval by BN cabinet for it mplementation. BN campaigner should ask PH to declassify cabinet papers to prove that PSS was approved in cabinet or even discussed in cabinet during BN time.

How would a 2015 discussion at committee level only, but, never discussed or approved by BN cabinet in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, suddenly became a BN project?

The information gathered by the RCI was voluminous and too much for the commission, that comprise of senior Sabahan leaders including then 80-year old Tan Sri Pairin Kitingan, to complete their work. The materials compiled could be stacked up and reached the ceiling.

PSS is the key takeaway for BN campaign as it represented the view of the people of Sabah.

It is more impactful than to focus on Shafie's past track record as it could reinforce the perception he could continue to do the same thus deprive Kimanis of development projects if they lose.

It is project IC 3.0 and voters will have to answer to their children and grandchildren why Kimanis voters allowed this to happen.

This the last chance for a public referendum for Sabahans to send a message that they reject or have great concerns on PSS.

Once the genie is let out of the bottle, you can no longer correct the situation as past project IC shows.

MA63, oil royalty

Cautious position on MA63 by Shafie

Naturally, no political discussion in Sabah could get away from discussing Malaysia Agreement 1963, oil royalty and Sabah's 40% tax collected portion.

The promise by Dato Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi that BN will honour the MA63 fully 100% when returned to power.

Sceptics like activist Zainnal Ajamain asked why not done when in power?

Ask Mahathir as he was in power for a large part of 22 years. He denied Sabah and Sarawak rights and even interfered in Sabah politics as he backed different horses.

Mahathir's current solution to the oil royalty is an offer for sale of Petronas shares to Sabah upon listing.

Sell, not free.

Zainnal seem to support Warisan, PSS and for all one know, the Petronas shares offer.

He was adviser to the late Tan Sri Adenan Satem. And, he is adamant of only his view that he criticised Sarawak for not supporting a constitutional amendement on Sabah and Sarawak status.

It was not reviving the original removed clause. One Dato Karim Rahman Hamzah snubbed back. Sarawak have their own lawyers to advise, indirectly saying better than the prejudicial former tax assessor.

If Sabahans are serious on these issues, voting Warisan and PH in Kimanis is basically sending a message that it is fine for PH to continue not honouring their promises such as 20% royalty and 50% tax and MA63.

Sarawak has started their lawsuit against Petronas.

But Warisan still struggling with their own problems, more concerned to naturalise Filipino and filling up all key positions in state government with Shafie's home town, Semporna folks.


Only happening from Sandakan by-election

What happened after PH won Sandakan in May 2019 - 8 months ago? Nothing happened.

That is why they are so arrogant as to fund Penang's RM46 billion PTMP project and also their RM9 billion PIL highway project of 19.5km in November while at the same time they keep saying they have no money to honour the 20% royalty and 50% tax back to Sabah.

Imagine that Pan Borneo Highway Sabah cost RM12.68 billion for 706km whereas PIL highway in Penang cost 26 times more expensive on per KM basis. (RM18m for Sabah vs RM462m for Penang)

PH will think that because Sabahans are still very happy with them like in Sandakan then there is no need for them to give Sabah what they promise.

But if you compare with Tanjung Piai after PH's big loss, they have now become afraid. They have u-turned on the abolishment of critical allowance, on the planned increase in petrol prices under the petrol subsidy scheme and even u-turned on the Toyota Vellfire.

If PH wins again, they will become arrogant again and introduce even more new taxes or raise prices.

It is important for Sabahan to have BN win Kimanis for Sabah opposition and people representation in Parliament.

This seat was stolen from BN. They lost the seat because PH sued EC under BN - not because BN lost the case. In fact, Anifah won the case and the PH candidate had to pay him RM105,000 as compensation.

The PH candidate had defamed Anifah. But because he failed to prove his claims, he lost - so he sued EC and won.

PH has already stolen so many MPs from Sarawak from BN. Now GBS only has 3 MPs and UMNO only has 1 MP. This means that out of 25 MPs from Sabah, the opposition only has 4 MPs.

So who will speak out for the people in Sabah in parliament?

And it is proven that you cannot depend on people like Chong Cheng Jen of Sarawak and Shafie of  Sabah to scold the federal government. They even defended the budget 2020 even though it clearly did not meet the 33% share as per the manifesto.

Shafie is comprised as his corruption cases such as Zahida Rafique, RISDA, and Sabah water cases are still pending in MACC. It can be restarted anytime - as MACC clearly does not play by the rules and is led by a former PH party leader.

That is why Shafie is so weak that he cannot even prevent PPBM to come to Sabah even though it was clearly against his wishes and his agreement with PPBM.

That is why you need to send a stronger voice for the opposition to parliament in order to demand PH honour their promises and to make sure Sabahan's rights are not compromised.

Overwhelming RM 

Will Sabahan do the rightful thing?

One former and retired Federal operative said that Sabahans weakness is money. They are corruptible and will sell their interest for personal gain.

Maybe it is not just Sabahan, but even Malaya people too.

Some Sabahans in Kuala Lumpur felt it could be different this time. The wave of sentiment against PSS is too strong for Warisan to hold back.

This is where the same Facebooker claimed money have been raining in Kimanis ever since PSS is drawing voters attention in Kimanis during the first week of campaign.

Coming in to the second week before Saturday's polling, it has gotten more intensive.

Where is EC and MACC? 

Each homes were offered in the tune of RM1,500 which can be equivalent to three months pay for a farm labourer in times of low oil palm prices.

That is not all.

EC seemed to be more focused at following and monitor Dato Anifah's campaign team and not the Warisan campaign team whose been blatantly being distributing money to voters.

It is an open secret in Kimanis that they are buying over BN campaign workers to break-up its machinery and appear at a bogus party jumping announcement event.

As suspected to have happened during GE14, EC seemed be carrying out instruction of Warisan. Both EC and MACC are as good as non-existent.

Shafie's henchman and money man, Dato Peter Anthony could openly announced reward of a multiple sum to any money BN had given should they make report to EC.

Expect BN to face a concocted accusation should they win and another by-election is not impossible.

The removal of BN posters and banners are done openly and blatantly with Peter Anthony can be seen in attendance.   

BN's answer is to appeal to voters' senses. Take the money. Not offered, ask for it. Get paid before doing their tasking. Come voting, give it to BN.

Maybe that will be the message loudly said openly tonight.

BN will be launching an important milestone in their cooperation with PAS in Muafakat Nasional.

It is not yet MN for Sabah but a prequel as there will be a lot of sorting out to do, especially the appreciation and acceptance of PAS.

There will be a major rally dub as Himpunan Muafakat Rakyat Sabah tonight.

It has the potential to be a game changer with Anifah, leaders of BN and UMNO Sabah, and leaders of parties of Gabungan Sabah including Dato Dr Jeffrey Kitingan convening together in a major political rally to lend support to UMNO candidate.

At the back of the Facebooker's mind, he is asking whether Shafie's Ringgit Malaysia party with the clearly stated slogan Sabah4Filipino, instead of the renown Sabah 4 Sabahans, overwhelmed voters sensibility?

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