Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A non-event in Ipoh

No more is the large crowd seen when they did the ridiculous State Assembly meeting under a tree.

The illegal attempt by Sivakumar to call the reconvene of the State Assembly did not create much the event they wanted. They was a 200 people crowd in which half are the press people. There were also some 30-40 BN members from UMNO and MIC watching the circus.

The Pakatan ADUNs gathered at the Perak DAP office and walked sheepishly towards the State Secretariat building through the tree where the last illegal Assembly under tree was held. Their path were few stopped by FRUs and the police.

Nizar was in the midst of his theatrics before stunted by the yell of Daulat Tuanku from a group of BN supporters from UMNO and MIC.

It was the Sultan's refusal to allow Pakatan to dissolve the State Assembly following the jump of three Pakatan ADUNs to be Indepenedent and give support for BN that attributed to Pakatan's loss of control in the state.

They attempted to challenge the decision of Sultan in court but have proved unsuccessfall. Left without any choice, Pakatan is dead set to create political instability and sustain a sentiment of dissatisfaction amongst the people in the silver state. As it is they have been picking on issue and creating public spectacle such as today.

Legally, they are left with the option to nit pick issues and the only option left is to question the removal of Sivakumar in the last legalised assembly meeting. The prospect to do so is minimal given the fact that the Perak State Constitution clearly state that the prerogative to determine the Speaker of the Assembly is left to the Government of the day.

Pakatan should just get on with life and accept the fact that the BN Government is the legitimate Government. The BN Government is not likely to give up power and furthermore, the Sultan will not allow a state election. BN did not seek power but was given to them by virtue of three Pakatan ADUN leaving the pact to be Independent and support BN.

The frustation on the low impact event today can be seen by the attitude of the organiser against the media. A photographer was warned to be careful. A blogger was denied acess to the Pakatan press conference at the Heritage Hotel. Was there anything dangerous and seditous told in the PC to disallow the media?

So much for freedom of the press and speech.


aint_no_clown said...

ehmmm care to read the Law Siva?

Maybe he can be arrested under The Seditious Act, or maybe he can be arrested (if he attemp to repeat the mischief) under the newly revamped,and hopefully improved, Police Act, which has yet to finalised its draft.

Sick of foul political play and clown act of these so called clowns in suit!

abuarif said...

RAKYAT sudah kenal siapa PENGKHIANAT BANGSA!!!!!!NIZARRRRRRRRR kau telah menggunakan ISLAM utk pedaya bangsa MELAYU......tapi MELAYU PERAK.. ada sejarah sendiri..sila lawat PASIR SALAK..orang PUTIH lagi dipancung demi PERTAHANKAN TANAH AIR dan agama....KAU jangan melampau NIZARRRRR kuda TUNGGANGAN DAP......MELAYU DAH SEDAR dan akan BANGUN!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

These people are "political traitors" with personal agendas to create havoc in the state of Perak.They are really testing their limits, although, their actions are considered "BIADAP n KURANG AJAR" towards DYMM Sultan of Perak and the Perak Royalties.

Anonymous said...

ye ke Melayu dah sedar???
yg pengundi di bukit gantang pi pilih dia gak apa kes... pidah...


Anonymous said...

The real test for legitimacy is the Perak voters. Can BN/Umno willing to chance it. BN/Umno is hiding under the sarong of the Sultan, the corrupted Judiciary and PDRM. Go and face the voters. I dare you.

Anonymous said...

"The real test for legitimacy is the Perak voters. Can BN/Umno willing to chance it. BN/Umno is hiding under the sarong of the Sultan, the corrupted Judiciary and PDRM. Go and face the voters. I dare you."

Hah hah hah. Your beloved RPK had already reminded Nizar to dissolved the assembly when there were rumours of the defections. Heck they even knew of the identity of the defectors.

Ini kes sudah terhantuk baru nak terngadah. Baru mau jumpa Sultan, mau bubar, tapi tara baca itu article 16(6) state constitution.

Lepas tu nak kecoh kecoh... Pegi dah..... You reap what you sow.

If u don't believe me pergi baca archives Malaysia Today by Raja Petra Kamaruddin.


Masa Sultan Lantik Nizar jadi MB, Sultanlah yang paling pandai baik, best dan segala-galanya yang baik.. Daulat Tuanku lah, itu lah ini lah...

Lepas Sultan reject permohonan bubar, (which is fully vested in him under the law) Sultanlah yang bodoh, tara otak, rasuah, kroni dan semua yang cibai....

My question to you is...

Lu bodoh ke apa? Kalau mcm ni. Pakatan Rakyat cuma nak semua going their way aje... macam spoilt brat yang menjerit-jerit tak dapat aiskrim 20 sen... Pirahhhhhhhhh.... Get a life la brader... Shit Happens and you allowed it to happen. PADAN MUKA!

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