Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Omar Ong slipped into Petronas?

This news just came in on Rocky Bru's today here and his Malay Mail is publishing the story here.

Words leaked today that the controversial and member of the Oxford mafia, Omar Ong will be appointed as Petronas Director. The announcement will be soon.

It seemed that the decision was already made in early August. Despite the strong resistance expressed by Independent Directors of Petronas, Prime Minister, Dato Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak vehemently insisted on the appointment beleived to be at the behest of Omar Ong.

Words are his appointment would pave the way for his eventual appointment as President/CEO of Petronas. Hasan Merican is due for retirement.

The general concern of those in the know of Omar Ong's background and affiliation is that he is being assigned a position beyond his own capacity and capability. His past tendency to tinker and introduce his yet to be proven successful consultancy templates.

Omar Ong is untested and should be tried to run a smaller organisation elsewhere. The succession plan in Petronas should be respected.

Why are we ready to gamble Petronas in his hand?

Petronas is a major asset of the nation and manges the nation's oil reserve and foreign exploration. It has a wealth of human resources and experiance within its fold. It has its own succssion plan and there should not be any queue jumping from outside the organisation.

The problem with the worldview of people like Omar Ong is their tendency to be fascinated with what's fashionable of the day and not ready to defy convention and norms.

When Petronas was established by Tengku Tan Sri Razaleigh Hamzah, Malaysia defied the norms set by the Seven Sisters Oil Companies of the world. The country resisted the pressure to follow the rules and terms laid down by the major oil companies and its backing superpower. That brevity and strong sense of patriotism had enabled Malaysia to have "real ownership" of its oil wealth and the money plowed back to develop the nation. Otherwise, Petronas would be in the boondogs like Indonesia's Pertamina today.

Placing personalities like Omar Ong, with linked and association with Khairy, Tingkat 4 and their network of corporate freeloaders pervading every Government linked Companies in the country, is that they are devoid of any sense of patiotism and over awed with the western corporate thinking without pondering a glimpse of the bigger national agenda.

The presence of Omar Ong was attributed to the high dependence of the Government and GLCs with wasteful brand named Corporate Consultant. Lost are the building of creativity and capacity to think and plan put our own solutions to problems and our own thinking in development.

The irony is that the presence of graduates from such branded prestigous Universities does not translate into independent thinking but becoming more dependent nore on foreigh brains. Petronas will eventually be run by outside consultants rather by from capacity and capability from within.

The most scary part is Omar will have access to confidential and important numbers that is not reported. This blogger see Omar as a security risk just like Khairy and his Tingkat 4.

Omar is dangerous because he has his own personal cause and agenda that will not be congruent with the historical social, political and economic fabric of the party and nation.

Beyond the sight of the Prime Minister, Omar Ong is not as personable to others to enable him to command the respect and loyalty from his underlings to be an effective leader is such an important organisation.

His appointment will have a discouraging effect on the sizable number of Petronas employee who has been loyal to the organisation. Omar was a Petronas scholar who did not honour his commitment to serve with Petronas and on many occasion have repeatedly rescinded in his agreement with his scholarship provider.

All due respect to the prerogative of the Prime Minister to choose and in the spirit of 1Malaysia and his call to listen to the rakyat, this rakyat plead the PM to reconsider. Also this rakyat wish to remind the PM that he had gave a commitment not emulate Pak Lah's practise of having a wunder boy and a West Wing style Tingkat 4.

This is one appointment this blogger strongly feel the PM made a mistake and this honest view is expressed without any malice but out of concern for his own Premiership. In fact, the appointment will become a political liability to Najib. This is one burden he does not need.

The PM may have confidence in Omar Ong but not those who knows Omar Ong beyond the confine of the PM's office and a natural kow tow to the number 1 of the country.

Can 1Malaysia please listen to what the fear and concern of the people?


Anonymous said...


You and Rocky.s campaign to discredit Omar Ong Has Failed....

Stop kacau DS Najib's Plans that you know nothing about...

Joe Black

KS Cheah said...

Can somebody please answer the "WHY" question?

Anonymous said...

By appointing Omar Ong as Director in Petronas, DS Najib is opening the gate of his own destruction. He should have been intelligent enough to see the fate of Tun Lah and not to emulate the same. This will be his biggest mistake and the beginning of his own destruction. A good leader think the best for the country and its people, a bad leader never listen and makes a bad decision, a very good example Tun Pak Lah. Ds Najib I do hope you are prepare to be out soon. You wont get another chance. Good Luck!
Rakyat Voice

Fair play said...

There goes Petronas!! How can OO be apointed a director when he has refused to pay back his study loan???

yahoo said...

this is indeed a sad day for all smart, hardworking and honest Petronas employee

budak-kom said...

rakan2 blogers pernah menjalankan satu tindakan dengan menyrang usaha mengambil alih ijn dan cadangan lapangan terbang d labi negeri 9 tidak lama dahulu. dan ia menjadi.tidak salah kan kita mereka satu logo supaya dapat d tunjukkan arah kepada pm 1 malaysia yang kita semua menolak kepada pelantikan ini dalam petronas.harap dapat kerjasama dari rakan2

Anonymous said...

The most scary part is Omar will have access to confidential and important numbers that is not reported. This blogger see Omar as a security risk just like Khairy and his Tingkat 4

What confidential and important numbers are we talking about. And since you know about it, perhaps these numbers maynot be as confidential as made out to be....

Hidup Omar!

A Voice said...

Anon 11:53

I am releasing your comment to show everyone the immature spin in your arguments.

Just coz one do not know the exact amount and dollars and sen, it does not mean one can't figure out the type of numbers not made available to public.

The fact I can guess does not mean that it is no more confidential but it just meass you are still ignorant on many things, kiddo.

Nak hentam tu tengoklah siapa. Kita bukan budak hingus yang tak ada kawan sana sini.

Grow up and shut up from making such childish spin!

Sisingamangaraja Gorgor said...

Bro Rocky... Kita dah nampak ape mangkuk2 tingkat 4 ni dah wat pada Negara mase zaman dollah dulu... Takkan itupun najib tak nampak?...~

Nih pulak pendapat haku tentang najib...~

1. Bubarkan kementrian koperasi dan keusahawanan... Spatutnye kementrian pelajaran tinggi yang dimansuhkan dan diserapkan lam kementerian pelajaran & tubuhkan 2 agensi atau majlis universiti/kolej, 1 tuk universiti/kolej awam dan lagi 1 tuk universiti/kolej swasta, just like Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia (LPM) for UPSR, PMR and SPM & Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia (MPM) for STPM...~

2. Liberalisasikan Bank Islam (70% for foreigners???)... Pasni GLC mane lak yang jadik mangsa... Banyak lagi cara len nak promote investors...~

3. Tak sambung smula projek "Jambatan Indah"... Tapi wat projek jambatan len pulak...~

Yang ke-4... Letak salah sorang mangkuk tingkat 4 kat lam Petronas???... Oh! My God!!!... Baru yang ketiga "I've just lost my confidence on him already"...~

Anonymous said...

inilah pemimpin bengong, ada orang dah bertahun2 bertungkus-lumus mengembangkan sayap Petronas sehingga menjadi syarikat gergasi di luar negara, masih nak pakai sikap buruk melantik "kroni". Habis orang2 di Petronas yang berkerja lama tak ada seorang pun yang layak? KPI apa macam ni dari pemimpin negara?.. kerajaan dah ada MAMPU di-tubuh pulak PEMANDU... cerdik, cerdik...ini lah tingkah laku pemimpin yang akan gadai negara orang Melayu..

Anonymous said...

It is an honour and great privilege that you have chosen to release my comment as you have been known to be very 'kedekut' in publishing comments critical of your point of view.

In your excitement to shoot arrows at me, you may have missed the larger point. There is a lot of questions being asked about "confidential" and "sensitive" information e.g. the number and price of forward contracts Petronas has committed to. Is this the 'sensitive' and 'confidential' information we are referring to?
If not, I dont see what other information is so sensitive; it can't be some new profound technology as Petronas is dependent on foreign firms like Murphy Oil Co., Halliburton (Iraq war profiteer), Baker & Hughes, Schlumberger and other members of the Anwar-Neo Con conspiracy to mine the oil.

If indeed that the forward contracts are the information being referred to , why can't the public have a right to this information and why is it the monopoly of those who have "kawan sana sini"?

Anonymous said...

Is this what PEOPLE FIRST means? The resistance of the Petronas Board of directors with years of experience means nothing to the PM?

Anonymous said...

Dear Voice,

It is difficult to tell at this moment if OO appointment lead for Petronas CEO. We could not make a conclusion that OO despite his past affiliation with KJ, is still and will continue to kow tow to KJ...i believe OO, and being a smart and opportunist, will kow tow to the boss of a day. For your information, Petronas board and top management at this moment is not actually clean, smart and professional as you and others might think. Many oil concessions belong to Petronas if locally was developed via partnership which petronas has exclusive control and if abroad via political connection, e.g Sudan. Petronas was not successful (to a point that on par with other major oil companies) in Indonesia, middle east, etc...No doubt, many petronas downstream investment such as chemical, refiniery,are considered ok...but they are not really rocket science and Petronas investment is secured through JV with reputable corporation. While one can considered it is prudent, this type of business venture is nothing to be proud off. Overall, Petronas has done well for a developing nation standard if u compare with Pertamina. In sumary, there is nothing wrong to inject fresh blood into Petronas top management who are currently rather choose to stay at comfort zone. The proper way to move forward is for Petronas to break up its businesses into various companies, make it public and run by few individuals rather than at the hand of main petronas board who practically decide the direction of all businesses.

straycat's strut said...

Yup, I would ask why too.

It seems that DSN has no choice but to appoint this guy. Who is he? What good has he done to the country? Wasn't he simply one of the team that shredded malaysia to pieces with their "consultancies" like national automotive policy.

Why DSN? Owe him any favour? Still has not learnt anything? Please lah...

askar melayu said...

A Voice

1. Was Hassan Merican promoted from within?

2. Was he not just an accountant/auditor before he joined Petronas?

3. Does he has any experience in the oil and gas industry then?

4. He went straight to being a VP and after a short while the SVP and then .... history.

5.An organisation as big as Petronas need somebody from outside to lead; promotion from within will make the CEO/President too powerful (in Petronas pun ada warlord jugak) with stale ideas.

6. How old was Hassan Merican when he joined Petronas? As young as OO?

Voicey, even though he is not in Mukhriz's circle, it's okay. Don't worry too muchlah, the other directors are not stupid.

Anyway, how did Hassan, a virtually unknown accountant got to be a VP then? I know that Tan Sri Basir brought him in. But Tan Sri Basir orang siapa? Ohhh... no wonder!

Anonymous said...


Quote "The general concern of those in the know of Omar Ong's background and affiliation is that he is being assigned a position beyond his own capacity and capability" Unquote.

Can those in the know and I assume you are one of those please elaborate further what you meant by this? Wasn't he some not too distant years ago touted as a symbol of the new generation of the Oxford-Cambridge brigade that would somehow elevate our nation to the stratospheric level of a developed nation or was I conned by the government propaganda?

I'm asking a genuine question. No malice intended. If he is half as bad as you make him, I wonder what kind of advice does Najib gets.

Something ain't rite here...


Anonymous said...

Akhirnya George Soros melalui Anwar berjaya menembusi ke jantung ekonomi Malaysia.

So Tahniah Khairy, and bye bye Najib. What a waste. Tak layak sekuman untuk menghampiri kelas Tun Razak apatah lagi Tun Mahathir

Anonymous said...

Siapa Anwar/Khairy pada Soros?

sila tatapi



Anonymous said...

Petronas tu well managed ke..masih ada room for improvement?Think positive lah >>introduction of new blood with new ideas myb good move towards enhancing returns and sustainability.

Bukan dia "one man show"---ada mgmt,ada BOD >> check and balance if everyone willing to carry the can.

But UEMB good example of corporate governance gone awry cos BOD are subservient and jaga periuk nasi masing2.Petronas BOD lg responsible kok?

Anonymous said...


What is the justification? 39 yo and already on the BOD of Petronas, he must be having skeleton keys to doors of opportunity.

Thank you

Admin CCZ said...

Gunakan media ini sebagai bahasa untuk mengatakan tidak pada pelantikan Omar Ong. Jika tidak dihalang maka kita yang akan menyesal. Masih banyak lagi individu-individu hebat dari seorang anak muda ini. Jika benar dia excellent, berikan sebuah Agensi Kerajaan untuk dia tadbir. Jangan kerana takut dengan ugutan yang tersembunyi. Kenyakinan rakyat baru saja nak berbuah selepas penat dibajai angkara Khairy. Mengapa harus mengenepikan perasaan rakyat?

Anonymous said...


Dah tak ada orang lain ke yang lebih layak? Bagus sangat ke Oxford....Universiti itu yang bagus bukannya semua student dia...kalau belajar pandai..tapi pelahap dan tak ada semangat patriotik buat apa........Petronas dah berjaya sebab tak ada pengacau seperti KJ dan OO...tapi sekarang Najib pulak buka pintu buat OO....biar OO kerja dari bawah dulu dan baru naik atas...bak akta pepatah..kalau cepat naik cepat pulak jatuh....lebih teruk kalau naik sebab orang tolong dukung....nanti jatuh terduduk...dengan PETRONAS sekali....kemudian...jual pulak PETRONAS kat TEMASEK.....

antubiul said...

Oxford-Cambridge and Bill Gates is not from there.

People first or Najib fisrt?

Anonymous said...

ermm..weird la V..flip-flop cam pah lah jugak ler nih..
memula say No to OO as board member..now OK plak.. kuat btul tukang tarik telur PM nih..

p/s sorry kasar sket ..but mmg cam shial..


Anonymous said...

I blame all these mess on TDM.
He destroyed the system and now whoever take over as the PM, (even a lembik one)to do whatever he fancies , no check and balance.


Unknown said...

Salam Voice,
I thought najib would live up to his words of putting people's interests first... well this appointment could well be another nail to his coffin - blatant disregard to rakyat's wish... I wonder who's interest this will serve?

tikorama said...

askar melayu said...

"Anyway, how did Hassan, a virtually unknown accountant got to be a VP then? I know that Tan Sri Basir brought him in. But Tan Sri Basir orang siapa? Ohhh... no wonder!"

hassan merican di bawak masok ke dalam petronas sebab nak bersihkan orang2 Tengku Razaleigh yang dok jadikkan petronas tuu cam bapak diorang punya.

Alizul said...

There are many ways to read into Omar's appointment. To me, there are serious national security repercussions in his appointment. That should be enough for us bloggers to try to uncover the underpinnings of the appointment in the context of our national security.

Read my take on this in: http://alizul2.blogspot.com.

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