Monday, July 19, 2010

Al Fatihah for Dalilah

Elviza and Dalilah in one of those bloggers get-to-gather

Yesterday, blogger cum Sinar Harian columnist Elviza sent this SMS from blogger Dalilah's husband:
"Salam semua. Dalilah Tamrin sedang nazak. Mohon dari semua keampunan. Maafkan kesalahannya dunia akhirat."
I immediately replied Elviza asking where she is now to visit. By the time she could reply, it was late in the evening to visit the hospital.

I thought I would get to visit her at the Oncology Ward at General Hospital today after clearing my morning chores. Alas, it is too late. Bigdog had just called to say she had passed away. The body will be taken to Banting for burial today.

Dalilah, or Raden Galoh as she called herself on her blog, had been suffering from breast cancer for few years. She wrote her experiance on the blog Onebreastbouncing.

I was introduced to this strong willed woman in our weekly Blogger's Tuesday Mee Rebus at Kak Ton's house in Kelana Jaya. My wife always remember her for a book she gave her.

Off late, her health had been really bad. In her last posting on June 19th, 2010, she shared her suffering as she wrote:

"The pain became intense and excruciating that I have nothing else in my mind except pledging for Allah's mercy and love to reduce the pain."
Her final words to all of us ...

"Let's hope this is not the final entry. Should it be, I hope it becomes an avenue that people seek for some good guidance, InsyaAllah.

God bless you all. "
No Dalilah, it was your last entry.

I can imagine how difficult it is for her to express herself in that condition to share her last few moments with us.

May God bless you, lovely lady. We will love and miss your bubbly character. You will be joining Captain Ancient Mariner for that greatest blog up in heaven.

Al Fatihah ... I wish the family condolence. May they be strong in this sad and trying moment.

.... I am off to her funeral.

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galadriel said...

Bro, looks like arwah Dalilah passed away on the same day arwah kapten did last year.

Can't make her funeral today, I regret to say. Pls include my prayers too, when u pay your last respects.

She was a lovely woman.Inspiring. Will be missed.

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