Friday, August 06, 2010

Lullaby on Bolehland

Syyyy ... let's not talk to loud today. Let's not wake up Putrajaya.

There was a serious error in yesterday's posting. It is not the call on Tun Musa Hitam to resign from Sime Darby Chairmanship. That call remain.

Musa is not competent and not right to head a major investment of PNB. After all, it is only me, my family and saudara mara ... lots of them that have investment with PNB.

Maybe, we should not make a fuzz and awake our lack of sleep Prime Minister. Dia baru nak tidor. Pak Lah had the benefit of sleeping in office all these years.

The error made was to use The Malaysian Insider's report that Sime Darby is expected to lose between RM2-RM2.5 billion loss.

As a result of that report, Sime shares fell in value by 2% to a one month low or RM1 billion wiped out of their capitalisation. Read Reuter's report at MI here.

That same report gave bullets to Saifuddin Nasution, Tony "Bankrupt" Pua, and Dr Dzulkifli Ahmad to shoot at Government and spin a link to Felda.

Ah ... nothing to worry.

Not to the point of awakening the PM yang baru nak terlentuk. Have trust with his trusted media savvy and strategist appointee, Dato Ahmad Maslan to counterspin and spin back them Pakatan to oblivion.

Off course, that is if he did not get confused in the middle of a press conference between revalued asset value and at cost asset value. In fact, Ahmad already did a counterspin.

Even if it wasn't Ahmad's effort, just credit him. Say it is his deft touch of timing the corruption charges against Sime Darby Marine general manager Zambri Mohd Idrus. He will actually think he did take the punch out of the damaging MI report.

Syyy ... please do not laugh to loud. You will awake the PM.

Dato Rocky said Sime actually issued a statement at the end of trading session yesterday to inform there is no loss but profit.

But Dato, do not make that a frontpage of the Malay Mail today. The last we need is to have Securities Commission investigate MI.

Then we will end up having to defend their journalistic rights to divulge price sensitive information and rigging market. If it turn out to be true, that is insider trading.

Rather worried about them getting beaten up by SC's lady security personnel. That is too much noise. Not only it will awake Najib, it will awake the first lady next to him also.

Seriously or not so seriously, the kasi chance to Najib should be further extended beyond a year.

That way we get a chance again to taste his delicious home cooked mee goreng. One felt so honoured that one will not write anything critical of the PM.

There will be someone will get the idea in his head that bloggers only write upon his instruction and approval. Suddenly someone is taking charge of me ... looks like there is cashflow into our perpetually postphoned Greek holiday?

Hurrah ... that is the way to allow PM his long needed sleep. Continue the lull till the next General Election. Rakyat loves 1Malaysia. Only pretentious sophisticated thinking bloggers tak mahu faham.

This must be understood too.

SC Chairperson, Tan Sri Zarinah Anwar had just been extended for a year in April by Najib. The last thing Najib need is her name tainted after renewal.

The country can't afford to have someone Najib affirm as "I know what I am doing" or "I have confidence in her capability" to be known that the public lost confidence in her stewardship.

She should not be put in the difficult spot of investigating Kalimullah's MI.

In Malaysia, the good value of appreciating those whose given the first big break and remain blindly loyal is important to perpetuate. Kalimullah gave "Mrs" Zarinah his first big break to join the rescue team of MBf Holdings and Capital for ahem .... . Belajar berterima kasih.

Furthermore, it will create too much noise and the public will end up knowing Azizan is the business partners to Kalimullah and he had given Kalimullah a place in companies such as Ekowood, TSH Resources and etc.

Azizan was also in Ramunia before it was taken over by Sime. And Sime is now inheriting an undercut Indian project that Indian subcontractors refuse to be involved.

But ... jangan ada mulut cibai pergi kasi tahu Najib. Kasi pegawai dia tak apa, it won't reach him. Everyone ... follow the tune. "Comb your hair with Brylcreem." That's Omar Ong favourite commercial.

My tune is Arlo Guthrie's "Alice's restaurant." There is another Alice's tune "Living next door to Alice", where you have to particpate along, "Alice, Alice, Where the f**k is Alice?!"

All these SC investigating talk will not be fair on Sime. They will be under the spotlight. And, they are only the world's largest listed palm oil planter.

Malaysia and Najib's name would not be soiled internationally if there is investigation on insider trading or market rigging.

More convenient to blame Pakatan for their endless spin. RPK memang putar belit for accusing Rosmah for the murder of Altantunya and submarine commission of RM500 million.

And please please please ... don't go blaming Nazir for the Synergy Drive tri-merger idea. He only got a couple of hundred million fee for CIMB to justify the deal. He didn't own Sime shares.

Time to be fair to Zarinah.

She can't be expected to investigate MI because some bloggers think so. Then she will be forced to answer the press and explain to the investing public what happened to Berjaya on their gaming announcement.

It is better she keep silent and instruct Head of Public Affair to deny everything without an explanation. Further scrutinising her on Pantai, Isyoda, ECM Libra-Evenue, etc. will only awake the Prime Minister.

Zarinah's image as a corrupt-free regulator is only disputable when what is said on the ground amongst investors, market players and professionals reach the press.

No worry there. That is for Tan Sri Nor Mohamad Yuck-Chop Chop to handle. The mainstream media sure takut to report call for their resignation by Wee Choo Keong.

Only Utusan Malaysia really jahat ... disobedient. A matter of time, they need to be merged with Media Prima.

The really professional journalist is found in Suara Keadilan, Harakah, Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insiders.

If MI is investigated, it will awaken the Bumiputera investors in ASN schemes of the loss in value of Sime yesterday in which 40% of it are theirs.

Their noise will make Najib sleepless. He had only fell asleep after 15 months. But Tun Dol took almost 3 years before he is known to slumber.


Anonymous said...

Ini cynical giler, voice.

Get enough sleep okay ...

Anonymous said...

sc should act against MI


insider fucking said...

Malaysia Insider kantul for insider trading.

Anonymous said...

SC got no credibility to act against MI. Somebody should act against SC first.

Anonymous said...

So this must be one of those few "scheme cepat kaya for the rich but by invitation only"

Anonymous said...


Don't be so bitter.....

It's not that DS Najib's is sleeping but it's probably all decided by his "Kitchen Cabinet"......

By the way, it is really located in the Kitchen.....Therefore, Ladies and Wives First.

Joe Black

Anonymous said...

First week dia jadi PM, gua subscribe dia punya 1 Malaysia newsletter, but now... just another tido PM

Anonymous said...

tak pe la bang,
nanti semua duit tu boleh le masuk kat YAYASAN ROHA, dan boleh la gunakan duit tu buat majlis kenangan jasa tun razak.

Anonymous said...


super 'nice' piece.

love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Najib, typical hangat-hangat tahi ayam

Same league with PM Slumberjack

Anonymous said...

najib is slipping or sleeping?

he now seem to have same problem w dolah.

dolah has khairy, najib has omar ong.

dolah has islam hadari, najib has 1malaysia.

etc etc etc

both luv singapore!

n enjoy be cheated by spore

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