Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"You have to ask the AG on that." - Selangor CPO

This bloody Inquest could have ended before it could get started.

DAP would not have continued with their shenanigans to make the dangerous and irresponsible accusation of murder on MACC.

If the power at be knows how to play their psywar, DAP will be left totally embarassed. SOPO cyber writers can do battle on other issues rather than stuck on this long ridiculous accusation which the motive for murder doesn't add up.

MACC would not be diverted from their work to put corrupt public officials, politicians and hopefully, incompetent but corrupt GLC CEOs behind bars.

Not only we are stuck with this never say die case of the death of Teoh Beng Hock but it had gotten more complicated to the point of demand there is a demand for Royal Commission for Inquery by Bar Council.

Damn hypocrit this Bar Council!

They support political groups that has no respect for Raja-Raja Melayu but yet kept asking for RCI.

Just swell ... back to the Inquest.

Despite no decision to accept the suicide note by the Coroner, there have been few development today.

Firstly Gobind realised he is working for the interest of the family of the late Teoh Beng Hock. He said handwriting expert will be employed to study the 'suicide note.'

Secondly the Attorney General issued a statement to deny there was suppression of evidence. He tried to explain that he was equally startled. Back up la the story with information ... because something still doesn't jive.

Is he saying that he did not know of the evidence? Does that mean he is trying to blame the lawyer representing the Government hide it? Or it could mean he is accusing him of witholding evidence?

That may result, in not only implication on his professionalism but also in these testy times, accusation of racial collusion be hurled against him. Chinese covering up for Chinese?

AG also said the so-called 'suicide note' back was found two months after Teoh beng Hock's death in July last year.

Although it reflects badly on the Investigating Officer, taken that the note could be hidden in some secret compartment in Teoh's bag and it was only realised in September. Maybe it underwent some process of translation and verification for a month.

So who sat on it hoping to hatch not just chicken but human being from October till August? The Selangor CPO's response was when asked by reporters, "You have to ask the AG on that." Did Gani had a baby recently?


Attorney-General's statement

IN Teoh Beng Hock’s death inquiry today, the officers representing the Public Prosecutor, in assisting the said inquiry, intended to put in a note found in the deceased’s sling bag which contains an indication that may throw some light regarding his death.

However, the existence of the note was disputed on the grounds of delay in disclosure, failure to furnish a copy of the said note to the counsel representing the deceased’s family and suppression of evidence by the Attorney-General’s Chambers.

The Attorney-General’s Chambers vehemently denies any suppression of evidence (and) instead was equally startled when the discovery of the note was made known and thereafter caused further investigation to be carried out.

The Attorney-General’s Chambers was informed of the discovery of the note by the investigating officer, ASP Ahmad Nazri bin Zainal, on Oct 7, 2009, some two over months after Teoh Beng Hock’s death.

According to the investigating officer, it was not found when he first searched the deceased’s sling bag after the incident.

The note was immediately translated and there was sufficient cause to send it to be analysed by a document examiner of the Chemistry Department.

The said note was sent on Oct 9, 2009 and subsequently on Oct 20, 2009.

The document examiner prepared his reports and they were considered by the Attorney-General himself where the Attorney-General, Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail, was not convinced of the authenticity of the note due to insufficient samples to verify the handwritings, in particular the Chinese characters.

In addition, the note was said to be discovered some two over months after the death and that this would raise suspicion over its authenticity and discovery.

Having considered these factors, Tan Sri Abdul Gani was of the view that the note should not be tendered until and unless the investigating officer could provide satisfactory explanation as to its discovery.

As regards the note, the Attorney-General’s Chambers was earlier briefed by the investigating officer that he conducted a thorough search after being advised by the psychiatric (sic) that ordinarily there would be a note left in a suicide case.

However, recently, the investigating officer owned up by admitting that he did in fact find the note when he searched the sling bag on July 17, 2009 but did not realise the significance of it as there were other documents found and that they were written in both Chinese and Roman characters.

As a result of this, the Attorney-General decided to put the note in and directed the investigating officer to explain this in court to avoid any repercussion in future and let the coroner decide on its weight after considering the explanation by the investigating officer and the document examiner’s report.

Therefore, there is no suppression or withholding of evidence and that the decision for not tendering it earlier was made based on the document examiner’s report as well as the discovery of the note which gave rise to suspicion.

The Attorney-General’s Chambers will tender a document as evidence only and until it is satisfied that any shroud of suspicion surrounding it is lifted.

Jabatan Peguam Negara
9 August 2010


Selangor CPO silent on ‘Teoh’s note’

PETALING JAYA, Aug 10 – Selangor police chief Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar today refused to take any questions on the note purportedly written by Teoh Beng Hock, but only found by a police investigator more than two months after his death in July 2009.

Khalid, who has been loquacious about investigations through updates in his Facebook account, was however laconic about the “note” found by the investigator which was deemed not important at that time.

“You have to ask the AG on that. He is the prosecutor,” he said, when Teoh’s case was raised at a press conference here.

Khalid also pointed out that it was not fair for him to comment on the case at this stage.

“You could have ask me anything before but not when the case is in court,” said Khalid, referring to the inquest.

A statement from the Attorney-General's Chambers last night has raised questions over a “note” found last year in Teoh Beng Hock’s sling bag “that may throw some light regarding his death”.

The statement said he AG’s Chambers issued a statement last night about the discovery of the note by Investigating Officer ASP Ahmad Nazri Zainal last October 7.

The death of the political aid is subject of an ongoing inquest after widespread disbelief that he killed himself after being questioned over graft allegations by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

The AG Chambers issued the statement after lawyers, including those acting for Teoh’s family, accused prosecutors for suppressing evidence until the tail-end of the inquest.

The statement noted that the AG’s Chambers was earlier briefed by the investigation officer that he conducted a thorough search after being advised by a psychiatrist that, ordinarily, a note would be left in a suicide case.

The statement also said Ahmad Nazri recently owned up that he did find the note when he searched the sling bag on July 17 last year but did not realise the significance of it as other documents were also found and that they were written in both Chinese and Roman characters.

The Malaysian Insiders


Hopefully the note is really that of Teoh's and Coroner accepts the explanation.

Sorry for the family of Teoh Beng Hock. They want to believe that MACC did it but no it is not them. In fact, they should look at the Ronnie Liu's letterhead issue seriously.

Now that Ean Yong is not in the same faction with Ronnie, he could perhaps share more sordid details of Ronnie's indiscretion and abuses.


KX said...

Why so long delay for such a important piece of "evidence"? Something that is in MACC favor and could end the inquiry long ago. Is the polis and AG that incompetant?

No doubt the letter is written by someone other than TBH. Long after TBH died.

The AG should have learn from Pulau Batu Puteh court case on what happen when you manufacture proof

Maverick SM said...

Don't worry. The system will ensure that every effort will be made to ensure it is authentic. Our system is intelligent and will not pose any plausible doubt.

So, let's continue with the Mrs Zarinah story which is intriguing.

Passionate Blogger said...

Since one of the reason given by the AG for the delay was to examined the authenticity of the letter, we can safely presume now that letter was written by TBH. I wonder what's on Gobind's mind now? Tangguh kes like daddy? :D

Anonymous said...

Why not save time and money and inconvenience by tendering it early after it was found? It smacks of fabrication and reduce further any semblance of credibility on the AG and MACC.

A Voice said...

No no ... I wouldn't go to the point of calling it fabrication.

I'd say it is more incompetent.

My curiosity is why is lawyer for Government quiet?

At least AG is saying something

Anonymous said...

This case is not a win-win but most definitely a lose-lose for both sides. First, the family of the deceased is dragged through emotional hell for each day the trial goes on. Then, it is somewhat embarrassing to the government with the continuing publicity the case gets. There's the possibility that this may descend to the level of a media circus.

My Say