Monday, July 02, 2012

In support of the dismissal of Tan Sri Abu Bakar

Firing civil servant could be seen as preposterous to the lovable but conniving Chief Secretary to the Government, Sir Humphrey in the famous British sitcom of the 90s, Yes Prime Minister.

He would have rattled by the revelation in the Berita Harian yesterday that former Director General of Civil Service, Tan Sri Abu Bakar Abdullah was dismissed and not retired.

By virtue of seniority, Tan Sri Abu Bakar was widely expected to takeover the post of Ketua Setiausaha Negara (KSN) or Chief Secretary to The Government, a post similar to Sir Humphrey, from Tan Sri Sidek Hasan.

Instead Prime Minister, Dato Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak by-passed Tan Sri Abu Bakar and choose Dato Dr Ali Hamsa as replacement KSN in middle of last month June.

The predecessor to Sir Humphrey, Sir Arnold would gasped in surprise to such promotion that is “not their time yet.” He would have exclaimed, “That is the thin end of the wedge.”

Without knowledge of the procedures and precedent of the civil service, this blogger laud the decision of the Prime Minister. It is high time and overdue that the incompetent ones is not rewarded with promotion but termination..

Hopefully it will set a new precedent that there is no such thing as automatic promotion by virtue of seniority but merit, efficiency and self-initiative among others are criteria for promotion, just like in private sector.

Those who fail to carryout their assignment must learn to be responsible and bear the consequences, thus not try to play organisational politics. Others should not dare to try to sabotage and be a “batu api” or instigator.

Not only was Tan Sri Abu Bakar by-passed, his application to continue service was rejected and he was terminated on June 30.

He expressed his sadness yesterday to this realisation that he was “dishonourably discharged.”

The online version of the news was not available but pro-opposition The Malaysian Insiders spot the issue and carried it yesterday:
Abu Bakar confirms sacked as PSD chief
By Shazwan Mustafa Kamal
KUALA LUMPUR, July 1 — Tan Sri Abu Bakar Abdullah has confirmed he lost his job as director-general of the Public Service Department (PSD) as of today, which sources say is related to Putrajaya’s aborted new pay scheme for civil servants.
Despite the government’s move to extend the civil service retirement age to 60, the 57-year-old senior civil servant of 35 years said he was “saddened” to find out about the termination only through an official letter.
“My family and I are still saddened by this situation. I did not retire but my service was terminated effective July 1, 2012.
“I received a letter informing me of the termination of my service. I think that is enough for me to say right now,” he was quoted by Berita Harian (BH) Ahad as saying.The Malay-language paper is the revamped weekend edition of Berita Harian. It was previously known as Berita Mingguan.
The paper reported Abu Bakar (picture) saying that he had opted to retire at 60, but the government’s unexpected decision meant that his benefits and pension would only be considered until June 30, 2012.
He has so far refused to comment on the reason for his termination, and whether it has anything to do with the PSD’s controversial Public Service Renumeration Scheme (SBPA), which was axed after protests from within the civil service.
Abu Bakar was previously tipped to be the next Chief Secretary to the Government, but Datuk Seri Dr Ali Hamsa has since taken over.
Abu Bakar, whose department was blamed for disparate pay rises for civil servants early this year, was widely expected to leave government service.
His termination comes amid a on-going debate over the civil service’s impartiality, after newly-minted chief secretary Ali raised eyebrows when he told his new charges that they “should know better” than to believe the “empty promises” made by the opposition.
The 1.4-million-strong public sector has been a traditional vote bank for BN but the controversy over a new pay scheme and attacks on the ruling parties by PR over bread-and-butter issues may offer the federal opposition a glimmer of hope in the coming polls.
But recent days have seen top government officials go on an apparent overdrive to protect the BN government they serve. Apart from Ali’s message to the civil service, Foreign Ministry undersecretary Ahmad Rozian Abdul Ghani recently attacked a Canadian newspaper for describing Datuk Seri Najib Razak as a “false democrat,” and insisted that the prime minister had “an impressive track record by anyone’s standards”.
A director at Putrajaya’s efficiency unit, Pemandu, also made a public attack on PR on Wednesday for not improving the states it governs and focusing on sniping and criticising the federal government’s efforts.
The surprise is why did Berita Harian carried the story and was quickly picked up by TMI where many ex-Kalimullah NST accomplice are?

Tan Sri Abu Bakar was personally assigned by Dato Najib to look into the new pay scheme but instead the SBPA pay scheme designed by Tan Sri Abu Bakar turned out to be feathering the nest of the senior Government servants. [Read our past posting here]

He was doing a typically depicable act of self-interest that was strangely similar to the script in the episode, “A real partnership” in Yes Prime Minister.

When CUEPACS exposed it, Dato Najib had to embarassingly do a U-turn to dump the SBPA and institute a revised SSB pay scheme. Tan Sri Abu Bakar not only fumbled in his assignment but was dishonestly acting for his self-interest.

However, he did not own up to his actions for embarassing the Prime Minister. Does he expect Dato Najib to promote him to be the next KSN?

Now one wonders as to why the GEIC of NST and BH would approve the report which is made as though Tan Sri Abu Bakar is being victimised. Since this is untrue, it will be another embarrassment to Dato Najib.

The power to appont the new KSN belongs to Dato Najib. Is Jalil Hamid questioning the Prime Minister's prerogative? Heard the news KPPA will be a women. [Read Outsyed the Box here.]

Hurrah for the women!

Padan muka kepada orang jantan yang malas belajar dan bekerja tetapi asyik nak berpolitik.

If not for the Berita Harian report, Tan Sri Abu Bakar's termination should remain as murmur within the PTD Mafia. [Read out view on PTD here. ]

Could this be an intention by Tan Sri Abu Bakar to instigate certain segment of the civil servants against the Government. Of late, many former army and police officials have turned over to Pakatan Rakyat out of their personal issues.

Dato Najib's decision should be supported and such craft politics and slick manouvre of lazy top level Civil Servants should not be entertained.  

The approval of the news by Jalil Hamid would seemed to be an act of sabotage to get voters amongst the Government servants vote against Barisan Nasional for a fair decision by the Prime Minister.

Whilst, TMI seemed to serve the role of carrying the news to the opposition side. The opposition is known fpr their demonising Government institutions but have no shame to spin story to take advantage of this opportunity for power. 

One wonders on which side is the the former PMO’s Director of Communication with? If he is in cohort sabotaging Dato Najib, he should find his way to the door. One should know from whom ones bread is buttered.


nikkkyyy said...

cukup2 la tu.bukan takde pencen.ramai lagi org boleh isi jawatan tu... boringg

Anonymous said...

I must say from my personal view, a lot of dissatisfied little napoleons and bereaucrats have join on the 'bash the government' wagon.

It's time for the government th cast this louts out. They can say whatever they want, but your track record speaks for itself.

Let this be a lesson to everybody else.

Anonymous said...

As salam , hari itu berdialoque dengan rakan bukan melayu dan dia mengatakan kita ini, Malaysia is a fail state, alasan dia sebab public sector domain orang melayu yang teruk. Mungkin ada betul apa yang dia kata kalau Orang melayu yang dimaksudkan sama seperti yang dalam gambar dalam posting Tuan Haji sekali ini. Biasanya saya bertekak panjang kalau cakap pasal melayu, tapi kali ini tidak ada apa yang boleh cover line saya .

Anonymous said...

Patut tanya sanggupkah bukan melayu khususnya cina kerja kerajaan dgn gaji kecik?

Anonymous said...

dear abitw,

so, most likely the good tan sri shall be courted and feted and do a cross-over. no surprise there if it happens, and well-trodden path it is.

but what about those yang lain2 who, as you have just said, 'embarassed' the pm? and, not to mention causing the rakyat much pain.

the ill-fated share swap, the medini land deal...

an long overdue clear-out many would say.

as salam

aizura said...

Dear author. Please base what you write with facts. There are always two sides to every story. Only when you have heard both sides can you make a sound judgement. Do you know the base of the SBPA story and the true content? Do you know the steps that need to be taken to approve a government document? Clearly you are out of your league. Get your facts straight before you comment on government issues. Research on Tan Sri's job history and I dare you to prove he is dishonest. Only Allah can repay your Fitnah to Tan Sri.

A Voice said...


Asking question and claiming your version of the truth is right with mine wrong is not enough.

You may have to tell us more than that to convince us that your version is right.

Present us your fact, truth and research. Hopefully it is convincing enough for us to consider source is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Im supporting Aizura's comment about Tan Sri. Please read

Anonymous said...

aizura said...
Dear author. Please base what you write with facts. There are always two sides to every story. Only when you have heard both sides can you make a sound judgement.

Dear Aizura. Isn' it facts under his tenureship or what is ? When you're the captain of the ship even your incompetent first mate did the blunder the captain has to "tanggung" that shit! So what now? No proof reading before tabling that "naik gaji" scheme? So what happens to your timbalans and what nots of the high paids assistants.?
Still wanna blame the PM?Are you a die hard fan or something else. Incompetence can surface at all levels of the management hierarachy. Take it in good faith Aizura,accept the truth for what it is. Take it for what it is or otherwise they'll be digging the skeleton out of the closet, that wont be nice . If I were him I accept the "pension " gracefully or otherwise he will lose it all, i.e if certain pro government guys digs up his past , then he's gonna! Lets face it, dont any KSU's, Ketua pengarahs, or any other timbalans dont have any Golf Club memberships, that or those places have a lot of stories to tell.

Anonymous said...

Typical manusia skrg, salah pun tak blh tegur atau diambil tindakan. Kalau tak, masuk pakatan.

Tak fikir ke kalau pembangkang menang nanti, yg berkuasa adalah dap.

Bwh cina. dap yg mcm pap spore, mampus pemalas2 melayu dlm kerajaan yg kaki ampu dan main politi tapi kerja tak buat!

Anonymous said...


KPPA was doing KSN's bidding. DSNajib is my PM but Sidek was never my KSN.

PTD Loyalist

Anonymous said...

After election, najib must clear out all the incompetent, corrupt, failed and inefficient in cabinet, in umno, in glcs, in govt and in business.

Otherwise, he will end like pak lah to be a one and half term pm.

Dia tak tidor tengah majlis tapi sama lembab and flip flop. He does not have a khairy but has a rosmah. Equally pro spore, pro usa, and his policy did not help the malay.

If not for not wanting pakatan, many reluctantly gave him a chance. If NATO lepas, GE, Let mahyudin move up.

Anonymous said...

A Voice,

Dalam perkhidmatan Kerajaan banyak sangat musang berbulu ayam yang berpangkat tinggi dan mempunyai akses maklumat sulit. Banyak yang disalur kepada Pakatan Rakyat. Malahan banyak tindakan pegawai tinggi ini yang menyebabkan rakyat marah.

Contohnya tindakan pegawai dalam PSD dalam isu SBPA yang tidak membenarkan kakitangan awam mengetahui tangga gaji. Skim diberitahu tanpa perincian tangga gaji. Bahagian tangga gaji sengaja ditahan dari dilihat oleh kakitangan awam tanpa pengetahuan Najib. Sabotaj!

Malahan Najib sendiri tidak tahu berlakunya sabotaj sebegitu. Sabotaj itu yang sebabkan ramai kakitangan benci Kerajaan. Padahal tindakan ini sengaja dilakukan oleh musang-musang yang berjawatan tinggi ini atas arahan tuannya.

Dan sudah tiba masanya Najib meletakkan orang2 yang dipercayainya.

Begitu juga dalam soal Media Prima ini. Banyak sangat yg berjawatan dalam Media Prima yang berkiblatkan Anwar. Jadi tidak hairan mengapa NSTP boleh keluarkan berita sedemikian.

Elok sangat kalau musang-musang ini dihalau keluar.

-Peg Kerajaan-

mohd. natar said...

...There must be a reason for one to be kicked out from a race. Take it as a lesson. After a period of 30 over years in service, it is considered as acceptably long. May be he is fated to end at that level. There are other ways for him to survive. With huge monthly pensions he should not face any difficulties for survival. Therefore it should not an issue at all...

mohd. natar said...

...There must be a reason for one to be kicked out from a race. Take it as a lesson. After a period of 30 over years in service, it is considered as acceptably long. May be he is fated to end at that level. There are other ways for him to survive. With huge monthly pensions he should not face any difficulties for survival. Therefore it should not an issue at all...

mohd. natar said...

...There must be a reason for one to be kicked out from a race. Take it as a lesson. After a period of 30 over years in service, it is considered as acceptably long. May be he is fated to end at that level. There are other ways for him to survive. With huge monthly pensions he should not face any difficulties for survival. Therefore it should not an issue at all...

BCA said...

Six new principles for a better civil service

PUTRAJAYA (July 2, 2012): Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak has introduced six new principles for civil servants as a guide in carrying out their daily tasks.

He said that civil servants must always uphold the principles of "Cepat", "Tepat", "Integriti" (CTI—Swift, Accurate, Integrity) and this will be supported by the principles of "Produktiviti", "Kreativiti", "Innovasi" (PCI-- Productivity, Creativity, Innovation), as a reminder to civil servants to go beyond their "business as usual" mindset.

During his speech at his ministry's monthly assembly, Najib said the two acronyms—CTI and PCI reflect the renewal process that is needed by the government to be more innovative, adding that the government is constantly seeking good ideas to improve its services to the people.

"If we were to use the analogy of the Euro 2012 match, Spain won without having a striker, but with six midfielders (they) still managed to score goals.

"It was an unconventional, untested formation but it managed to make Spain the champions of the Euro 2012.

"As a government, we are also looking for ideas with a difference," he said referring to Spain's 4-0 victory over Italy in the 2012 European Championship on Monday.

Najib said that one of the examples of the success of the CTI and PCI principles is the launch of the "Urban Transformation Centre" (UTC) in Malacca recently, which syncs the services provided by both the Federal and State government under one roof for the convenience of the public.

He said that the UTC enables the people to do various transactions such as paying of assessment, quit rent, income tax, zakat, renewal of MyKad and passport, among others.

"The UTC is opened from 8:30am till 10pm every day. This is something that may exist in other countries but we are able to provide such services for the comfort of the people," he said.

Najib also congratulated the Implementation, Coordination Unit (ICU) in the Prime Minister's Department for winning the United Nations Public Service Award in its efforts to reduce poverty under the eKasih programme.

He said that such awards are a recognition of the government's effort to provide better services for the people, albeit there are various quarters who deny the government's efforts for their own political motives.

Najib said another example is the listing of the Felda Global Ventures Holdings Bhd (FGVH), which faced much opposition but surged 20% in its trading debut last week.

"We have to always have faith and confidence in our efforts," he said.


Dah salah tu belah la... said...

Firstly I believe any non-performing government servant should be sacked. If the PSD chief was indeed responsible for the fiasco, then he should be sacked immediately. They don’t have to wait till the anniversary of his contract. Our government services are too heavy. Despite its heaviness there are plenty of free loaders. They are not productive and they think it is their birth given right that once in the service they their service cannot be terminated. The government is weak in this aspect. In schools there are many teachers who simply enjoy “gaji buta”. This universal problem is endemic throughout the civil service. We are not breeding quality in the service but in actual fact is doing the reverse. The effect is well described by the Malay proverb “Kerana nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga”

Anonymous said...

Dear Aizura,

Your posting seems to be in endearment of Tan Sri Abu Bakar.

While I do not know him or you personally, I was made to understand that he was once the Sec-Gen of Defence Ministry and sat in a committee that vets the tenders by Mindef suppliers.

I was also made to understand that during his tenure there was a big hue and cry over the selection process where a certain favoured company was given huge contracts but only to supply sub-standard materials and imitation goods for the Armed Forces.

Due to this, we surely cannot deny the possibility of a kickback by the suppliers/contractors to those directly involved in approving the contract. As the Sec-Gen at that time, he ought to be aware of this but unfortunately nothing changed.

I respect your belief that he is an excellent and honest civil servant but on my part, I beg to differ.

Anonymous said...

OMG this is not sacking...with pension? LoL

Ex-N17 said...

Dear sir,
When it comes to the Peg. Tinggi Kerajaan, it's almost like seolah-olah mereka ni betul semua & tak boleh ditegur, even tho gaji mereka sebenarnya dibayar dengan WANG RAKYAT. Mereka simply bazirkan untuk acara-acara bodek menteri/KSN/any bloody bigshot yang boleh hantar mereka to the stardom. Mengaku ajelah. Especially 41 & PTD ke atas, majoritinya perasan terlebih pandai & ada attitude elitist, walhal bila berdepan dengan public yang berurusan, kerani dia la yang menjawabnya. Face the facts, yang kebanyakan orang bukan la tak berpuas hati dengan Kerajaan, tapi tak berpuas hati dengan sistem penyampaian Kerajaan melalui jabatan-jabatannya. Kalau ada la program transformasi sebenar, maka transformkan dulu civil servant pemalas & kaki mengular, especially yang 40 ke atas, sebab mereka ni bad influence yang mengajar junior staff budaya mereka. It's high time for the pekeliling '7 malaikat' diganti dengan sistem merit seperti di private sector, so that jabatan kerajaan lebih berdaya saing & kurang birokrasinya. Mengenai maklumat sulit Kerajaan terlepas ke tangan pembangkang ? Simple je, pegi buat banci dalam pejabat kerajaan (Federal ye bukan state) berapa percent staff kat situ orang Kelantan ? Definitely more than 70%. Siapa yang kata tak tu sama ada dia buta, bodoh ataupun pembohong besar. Logik la kalau Kerajaan bagi amanah kat orang yang berasal dari negeri pembangkang, amanah tu dilanggar. Simple as it is!

Anonymous said...

As salam, sedang buat review of pembangunan golongan miskin dan pendaatan rendah unqtuk diserahkan kepada pegawai2 kita di atas. Penemuan dari survey dah jelas tentang gagalnya basmi kemiskinan negara, bermillion dah dibelanja tapi hasil tak ada. Serah laporan pada pihak yang berkuasa/ geng tali leher dan bercoat di Putra Jaya. Nak kata bodoh matematik, pegawai atasan 41 ke atas. Dalam dokumen Rancangan Malaysia Ke 9 dan 10 kemiskinan jatuh pada tahap sifar, kajian kita / survey tentang kemiskinanyang kita jalankan ( bukan dari jabatan statistik) masih tinggi pada tahap 50% dan duit dah banyak habis basmi kemiskinan tapi masih tegar! Apa dah jadi? Serah laporan kepada pegawai atas, dia tak mahu akui kita gagal dan banyak " ketirisan/ leakages' dan pegawai kita masih in denial. Moral of the story, pegawai kita too comfortable, duduk di dalam bilik hawa dingin, pakai tali leher dan baju coat 24 jam. Kalau ada yang perlu bincang hal ini saya sudi kongsi maklumat kajian saya dan kita sudi berkongsi , berbincang dan berlapang dada pasal program kerajaan ( kemiskinan) yang masih tak tercapai.

Anonymous said...

Lepas ini Tan Sri akan pakai kopia selang serban atas bahu dan masuk PAS.
TanSri akan naik pentas dan bagi ceramah "Kerajaan BN tidak adil , kerajaan BN zalim pada pegawai2 kerajaan...kera...."
Semua akan 'Takbeeeerr'
Tabung akan tetap disebarkan di kalangan penonton yang akan hulurkan sumbangan ...'masyyuuuuk'..


Anonymous said...

Sbpa mula dibincang dan digubal semenjak zaman mail adam. Byk tahap perbincangan dibuat tapi pokoknya banyak wahyu dari sidek hasan ksn yg turun dan ganggu gubalan termauklah arahan supaya jgn libatkan cuepacs.

Mail adam tak tahan dan tangguh hingga la dia pon tak disambung atas arahan ksn sidek jugak sebab dia geram mail adam buat sambil lewa tak macam motto Nike Sidek, just do it!

Bakar ambik alih lepas setuju syarat sdek bhw sbpa kena cepat tapi ikut point point oleh sidek. Bakar selalu rujuk sidek, dan sidek tau setiap progress sebab tiap kali bincang dengan dia, dia akan bagi arahan yg berubah ubah.

Bila dah jadi isu, dan cuepacs bising, sidek paksa mail adam ambik alih sebab cuepacs baik dengan mail adam.

Sidek patut berenti awal bukan diberi habuan...

Anonymous said...

Yang lebih penting lagi adalah untuk kerajaan lebih berhati-hati dengan skim PTD secara keseluruhannya. Jangan dibiarkan mereka ini terlalu berkuasa berbanding perkhidmatan/skim lain hingga tiada check and balance.

Punca kepada wujudnya golongan Mafia PTD ni adalah kepercayaan menteri-menteri yang keterlaluan kepada mereka kerana kedudukan mereka sebagai 'Tuan Penasihat' (macam kat blog Husin Lempoyang la pulak ;)). Hinggakan suara dan rintihan penjawat awam skim lain tenggelam sama-sekali.

Sepertimana yang semua orang sedia maklum, PTD ni bukan sahaja jaga kepentingan sendiri, tetapi juga melindungi/very protective of their kind - Mafioso through and through. Good example is cik Aizura kita. Saya pun kenal si Bakar ni, and he is not the kind that Aizura try to imply.

Semoga episod ini menjadi pengajaran kepada Kerajaan dan PTD.


Anonymous said...




rock kapak

aizura said...

I truly believe that unless you are not in his shoes,you will never understand. The truth may never come out due to his love for the country that he has served for 35 years. InsyaAllah,everything happens for a reason.he has stayed quiet yet some of you assumes he will enter the other that not FITNAH?stating something with no facts whatsoever?it is a sad day when the civil servant positions are being politicized.after everything that has happened,all he is worried about is not himself,but the youngsters he is unable to help.far thinkers have never been able to do their work quietly in the gov. Thank you for letting him go, he can now achieve his true potential elsewhere.I am not mad at this post,since it is written with no knowledge.I would love to share what truly happened,but it is not my secret to tell.

Anonymous said...

Fitnah and speculation is two different thing dear Aizura. Look at yr own post, is this what a god fearing muslimah should write when talking about fitnah in the same breath?

...Clearly you are out of your league. Get your facts straight before you comment on government issues.... Only Allah can repay your Fitnah to Tan Sri.

A Voice ask you to furnish facts or proof yet how did you choose to answer? Isnt yr following post in essence re-enforced what Bapak and Rock Kapak said?

...I am not mad at this post, since it is written with no knowledge.I would love to share what truly happened, but it is not my secret to tell.


Anonymous said...

Dulu gua pun keje ni jugak. Memang betul beb, PTD ni ada sistem kasta. Bukan antara skim jer, sesama PTD pun ada. Kalau lu jumpa yang dah premier (kadang-kadang baru JUSA C) siap kena pesan, "you dont speak unless spoken to".

Gua keje kat satu kementerian tu, gua punya staff siap cakap, kalau xx44 kebawah (grade yang rendah dari dialah) dia tak mau cakap, buang masa dia jer. Depan gua lak tu. Macam siut, gua tak boley adjust lah dengan culture macam ni, lepas tu gua cabutlah.

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