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No sex please.... We are PKR

"No Sex Please ... We are British" was a 1970s play about a Bank Manager with a young wife. He sent for a mail order of Scandanavian glassware.

However, he ended up getting a stream of pornography, photographs, books, films and eventually girls. The hilarious part of the play, which was later made into a film, was the attempt to get rid of the embarassing paraphenalia.

Before making any guess that this posting is more sexual expose on the sexual escapade of Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim, please read on because your guess could be wrong.

Talk on Anwar's homosexuality must have started sometimes in the mid-1990s when his political career took a meteoric rise. He did a blitzkrieg to takeover late Tun Ghaffar Baba's position as Deputy President UMNO and was appointed Deputy Prime Minister.

It became public coincidentally in the midst of the financial crisis and the Kuala Lumpur Commonwealth Games.

Since then, any election involving Anwar or PKR or other Pakatan Rakyat parties would have his homosexual court cases and extramarital sexual escapades as an issue to question his moral standing and integrity.

Kajang by-election will be no exception and expect it to be another bi-election like Permatang Pauh in 2009.

This time, the ex-Keadilan started the first salvo with their statements that got frontpage coverage in Utusan Malaysia.

They claim the Kajang "bi-election" is merely Anwar's attempt to delay his sodomy case at the Court of Appeal and avoid sentence.

Part of it was touched in our past posting here.

Subsequently, UMNO Chief of Information, Dato Ahmad Maslan repeated the same message. 

Then, there was news of an effort to gather 3,000 former Adil or PKR members to campaign against Anwar in Kajang.

Former tennis partner and provider of special services to Anwar back then, Dato Nallakarupan announced his intention to run as candidate.

It is sad.

When the news of the resignation of  the PKR Kajang state assemblymen followed by Anwar's announcement to run, there was widespread public resentment.

Certain faction among the liberals within the pro-opposition fold, PAS and DAP supporters have legitimate issues against the necessity of Anwar and PKR using the by-election to solve their internal problem with Anwar assuming the position of MB.

Till today, Rafizi has not been able to give a proper reason and Anwar has to step in to convince his supporters on the reason for the removal of Tan Sri Khalid as Selangor Menteri Besar and replaced by himself.

There is also the point on Anwar's ability to govern and administer. When he was a Federal Minister till assuming the Minister of Finance position, most in the know see Anwar as only a Ministry spokesman and deliverer of prepared speech.

If not for the support of Tun Dr Mahathir and Tun Daim Zainuddin to guide him, Anwar would have been worse than today's Dato Hasan Malek or Dato Nik Aziz.

However, these former foe turned allies seemed concerned only for his overdeveloped libido.

To answer, Anwar merely brushed aside that predicatable line of attack by saying he will not delve into personal character attack. The Malaysian Insider's reported:

Anwar promises to keep it clean, vows no personal attacks during by-election campaign

February 03, 2014
Latest Update: February 04, 2014

PKR defacto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim will not stoop to personal attacks against any Barisan Nasional (BN) leaders while campaigning in the upcoming Kajang by-election eventhough his opponents have vowed to do just that.
Instead, Anwar pledged to stick to his usual campaign issues such as rising inflation, abuse of power by the BN and government corruption to win over Kajang voters.

"This is nothing new. Since 1998, they have been attacking me on this," Anwar said in response to media reports that the BN will use his two sodomy court cases as issues against him in the by-election.

Read on in MI here.
It is not British humour yet but close to Yes Minister material.

In fact, the excuse is quite funny. It is obvious that he is irritated and can't stand more expose on his personal affairs. He knows there is many more personal issue of sex, corruption and deviant faith.

However, the sex issues will not affect him. He has the advantage and lead in Kajang. It is his long run reputation that he is more worried. His current friends too can become foe and use it against him.

So it is hilarious to see the adulterer and sodomite pretending to be a gentleman.

To claim as gentlemen, was he not the man who design, plan and delivered the endless personal attack against Dato Najib and his wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor?

Despite Rosmah not in a political position or holds any position of power, the attack has not stop.

It has extended to Rosmah's son business affair. No shread of proof could be offered to show government money was chanelled to finance his movie venture but they are still unfairly making him an issue.

His movie Werewolf of Wall Street is banned from showing in Malaysian cinema but there was a demonstration to demand it's ban. The demo used Rosmah as subject of hate. However there is no demo for all the X rated movies entering households through the Internet.

Other than that, there is also a string of names that are victims of Anwar's slanderous game.

Still at it

One can only understand the feeling of betrayal and the desire for revenge by these ex-Adil and Keadilan.

They had spent long number of years of their life and family sacrificing to defend Anwar's so-called innocence and fought for his release from prison but only to found out later that it is true. Upon his release, they saw he not only betrayed their friendship but put the struggle for the faith, race and nation in the back burner for his revenge and quest for power.

They couldn't resist to continue bonking Anwar because not only because Anwar did it but he has not stopped doing it both ways.

Like in the British play, Anwar is endlessly cooking up excuse, denial and returning the blame to UMNO for every of his caught sexual acts. It is like the case of getting Scandinavians sexual paraphenelia for the order of Scandinavian glassware. 

It is high time someone write a script for drama or comedy movie. Wonder would Riza Aziz be keen to produce.

In the MI report, it was mentioned that the alleged blogger Papagomo, Wan Azri submitted the name of young man as his witness for the trial in Anwar's lawsuit against him.

The pretty lembut boy is Anwar's partner in the Raja Goyang video. His name initial is AAAA and handphone number .... (sorry secret). However, it was not necessary to call the boy thus avoiding another sexual related controversy for Anwar Ibrahim.

The sum of the lawsuit sounded large but Anwar knows he will not get a single red note from Wan Azri. He only wanted to clean up his name tarnished by the Dato Trio's sexual expose dubbed as the Chinadoll sex video scandal.

The sodomy case on Saiful Bahri is far from over.

Next Tuesday February 11th, Anwar is due to face the Court of Appeal after several attempt to delay the court from proceeding. Their application to remove lawyer Dato Shafee Abdullah has failed.

Their new twist to discredit Shafee is by spinning that he will be the next Attorney Gneral. It serves to pit him against current AG.

Shafee is an able lawyer that Anwar and his team of lawyers fear. As told by someone, Shafee and Anwar goes way back and he knows much of Anwar's intimate secrets.

Before the decision is made, their side has preempted any possible negative outcome. FMT's January 30th report gave a naughty impression that the sodomy appeal will not affect Anwar in Kajang.

However, the report merely quote Shafee's explanation that the execution will only commence after Anwar has exhausted all avenues of appeal at the Federal Court. Read here.

The decision will have a lot of bearing on Anwar's reputation.

Tony Pua's had did a reverse psychology statement to throw some fear factor into the Kajang Chinese psyche by claiming Anwar's lost will end his career. If he loses his sodomy case, many more will  begin to believe that Anwar is really bisexual and sodomite.

It will finally be the end for him.

Doesn't work

In the meanwhile sex issue against Anwar will not work anymore in getting votes for BN.

Those who believe already believe it. While those that do not yet believe will never believe. And those who believe but do not see it as the deciding factor, needs to see other offerings.

Having the 3,000 ex supporters play up the old sex issues and have Nalla run against him does not serve any purpose.

A local Kajang UMNO leader expressed opposition to Nalla's intend. FMT report in full below:
‘We don’t want Anwar-Nalla boxing match’

K Pragalath
February 5, 2014

BN leaders and Kajang folks give a big NO to Nallakaruppan.

KAJANG:  Even though Malaysian Indian United Party president KS Nallakaruppan leads a BN friendly party, Umno and the local people in Kajang are not in the mood to welcome him.

“Thanks for the offer Nallakaruppan but you are not suitable for Kajang.  We don’t want Kajang to be a boxing promotion ground between PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim and Nallakaruppan,” said Sungai Kantan Umno branch chairman, Mohd Said Mat Saman today.

He said this in reference to Nallakaruppan’s offer yesterday to contest against Anwar in the Kajang by-election.

Mohd Said added that the people want more growth and development compared to what Nallakaruppan wants to say about his former tennis partner Anwar.

Hulu Langat MCA division chief Lee Ban Seng also was not happy but stopped short of criticizing Nallakaruppan.

“Kajang is traditionally a MCA seat. I don’t want to comment further,” he said.

Nallakaruppan who is also a senator had said that he wished to reveal the secrets of Anwar to the Kajang voters.

He also said that he would discuss with Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, who is also BN chairman, to allow him  to contest in Kajang.

‘X’ for Anwar, No to Nalla

Sentiments against Nallakaruppan also reverberated from the ground.  Some people openly declared their support for Anwar.

“I am putting an ‘X’ for Anwar.  Nalla would not get any votes ” said 43-year-old taxi driver T Sakaran.

Another taxi driver, M Krishnan, 39, had this to say about the MIUP leader: “Tell Nallakaruppan to buzz off of from Kajang.”

The Kajang state seat fell vacant following the resignation of incumbent assemblymen Lee Chin Cheh of PKR on Jan 27.

Read on here
FMT is pro-opposition portal but on this issue, that report has it's truth. Our Whass App group too reverberate the same sentiment. One such example:
Nalla ni....Rakyaat pun dah menyampah....Kaki supply pompuan boleh dapat pingat, jadi ahli dewan negara....Bukti Umno dah beli dia. Mcm mana kita nak tangkis persepsi ni?
 One young lady commented:
Dari dulu dia cakap saja ada bukti tapi tak pernah tunjuk. Jadi siapa nak percaya? 

Whereas, Anwar dok melaung-melaung peoples need! Tanya Nalla ... can he meet peoples' needs besides sex.... hihihi 
More provocative comment from another lady, a journalist:
Saya bukan ahli UMNO. Walaupun ada segelintir malaun...tapi we have some good leaders dan ahli yang taat dan setia yang telah banyak berkorban dan menyumbang untuk parti....

Tapi kenapa orang seperti ini tak dihiraukan. Sebaliknya bekas gengster keling, ahli kumpulan mengkristiankan Islam dilantik jadi Menteri/Timbalan Menteri? 

Kenapa orang berfikiran liberal/sekular dilantik dalam Majlis Konsultansi Nasional?
Political maturity

There are sufficient issues for Kajang to question his moral conduct other than sex issues.

Let the campaign in Kajang be about issues and not same rib tickling attempt to win voters by giving goodies or announcing goodies allocations.

If he had kangkung-ed PM for barang naik, then let us tauGAY his ability, or more lack of it, in understanding economic issues but boast of his past as a former Finance Minister.

PKNS's sacking of 19 contract staff could highlight the disarray manner of the state administration and governance by these street level politicians. 

Anwars talks of National Consensus and spinned his concern for racial and religious disharmony in Selangor as basis for Federal government to do an emergency. Lets' debate and dispute the intention of the agitator himself.

Take-up the Teresa Kok's Chinese New Year video as issue. However do undertand the impact of one's actions.

Teressa's video stunt makes her popular and strengthen her political strength within her target group. The attack on her makes her stronger and more respectable.

But what does PEKIDA hope to achieve by showing their anger?

Their provocative act of smearing chicken blood on her posters and displaying highly provocative banners at Puduraya only to gave bullets for the other side. Not being sympathetic or apologetic of Teresa but being frank and rational.

Not only that it makes them look silly and intellectually challenged. Did they ponder on the impact from their action?

If these bodyguards for prostitutes owned by Chinese pimps are really that brave and macho, why do it on her poster? Do it to her!

Why offer money for others to slap her? Slap her yourself la ...? No one paid money to Kiyai Arshad to slap Karpal Singh for his provocative statement decades ago.

Why demonstrate in front of Maybank but do it at Jalan Petaling or in Seputih?

It is time to end such childish political stunts. Make politics fun and not stupidly funny. It is time to mature to be more sensible and rational in our politicking and campaigning.

Admit it, neither UMNO nor BN these days are any good and effective at such mischievous political psywar and propaganda games. They tend to play those old laughable, predictable and out-dated tricks.

They will do better by being communicator and answer the issues with facts. It is sometimes hurtful but let the truth be told. Good can only prevail over bad based on the truth.

It is time to be bring back rationality in society and end this over done psychological game of perceptions. A rational public will be politically more favourable to BN.

As one Najib supporter told us (and he is not Malay okay?), his disgust with Anwar Ibrahim is his  divisiveness on society and acquisition of power at all cost ways that he does. He can't stand him for trying to strut around as though he is innocent and purveyor of good values and decency.

He knows Anwar all too well from his past association. And he knows Najib.

They way he see it the message of Najib vs Anwar is about hope and future versus chaos, breakdown in order and moving the nation backward.

It would be great if Dato Lee Chong Wei or any young Chinese of his generation is placed as candidate. Even if he does not win, it is time to bring hope into our politics through the youth. If he wins, it would be great.

The nation need the young to move it forward.

No more past quarrel of the older generation of leaders like Anwar, Tun Dr Mahathir, Tun Musa, Tengku Razaleigh, Lim Kit Siang, Karpal SIngh, Haji Hadi, Nik Aziz and Taib Mahmud. It is time the new generation takes over the mantle of national leadership.


kajang voter said...

Just boycott the PRK and let anwar win unopposed.

Just let it be....After all its all started because of pkr internal problem.

And bang non sure tak boleh cakap besar sebab menang pun tanpa bertanding sebab bn boycott sebab bang non mempermain kan sistem demokrasi.

Kalau ini pun najib mahyudin amat maslan ku nan dan mca x boleh fikir juga baik kamu semua turun sahaja

kajang voter said...

On the 2nd tot, of coz the bn leaders in kajang would prefer to join in the election fair.... Time to make some extra money esp during this slow time

Anonymous said...

As bad as anwar is, the new target market hate kak ros even more. What ever issue that is brought up against anwar, he plays victim and cry wolf. Then u open up tv1 and u see news about rosmah this and u open up bulitin utama, rosmah does that.

Anwar is not only stupid, the guys manning the current ship is even dumber than him. No end in sight. Unless najib backs off, all will fall into ruins. If anwar was smart, he shouldve laid low during last ge and popped up after pakatan won. Most on the fence have had it with najib and only anwar is keeping him in power come next ge. If anwar goes, najib will too.

permerhati gomen said...


sape proaktif, sape reaktif nie... bn asyik2 respon jea je, tak kisahle ape benda pr buat tu betul@tidak tapi yg pasti bn akan respon jea [betul@salah respon soal ke2]. jarang skali bn mencadang... selain one-itu@one-ini, ape benda itu ntahle... lagi teruk dari zaman paklah, slack satu jea... hadari-semua [ape benda ntah tu]... atleast chedet adelah wawasan2020 [betul@salah soal ke2]

ni ko nak hentam anwar tak reti manage ikut sejarah.. ape dah, mangkuk punya angle... yg skrg ni manage pun cacar marba sape die, bn bukan pr. nak mapus, .. cth senang jea, ko org buang 400m sebab nak jaga tol.. apelah TSMY yg umum, nape tak najib? dah tu, alang2 400 apsal tak 500 jea pastu kurangkan tol 10% ke, kan baguis... cari angle lainlah - bunoh diri dah

Anonymous said...

Sir, what is definitely established is the fact that the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 14 failed Policies for Singapore spied on his abang adeks, close friends and neighbours sexual peccadilloes in breach of traditional protocol, trust and goodwill. He let slipped when he commented on the sexual peccadilloes of some Malaysian politicians.

Anonymous said...


Salam 1 Malaysia kpd semua,

Cerita sex and the British pada

70'an di wayangkan dalam the

'Carry On' films yang lucu.

Saya ada sedikit digression-mungkin

beberapa isu yang akan dibangkitkan

di PRK Kajang.

Ikutilah rentetan yang telah saya

tampal di tumpang sekole dan

Helenang. Nampaknya kita perlu

perangi musuh Islam 'on all fronts'


----- ----- ----- ---- ---------


Jangan marah sangat pada Teresa .

Dia hanya bikin video gurau gurau

aje. Tak bersuami, dengan siapa dia

nak berjenaka kalau tak dengan

rakyat 1 malaysia! Lagi dia ada

lah satu anak yang baik, bersifat

mulia . Tak kenal maka tak cinta.

Berikut adalah catatan yang akan

leraikan isu mengapa geng china

membuat joke video yang menaikkan

darah kita semua.....


Nampaknya ancaman dari pihak gereja

katolik dan pengikut tegar

mereka yang disokong olih gereja

denominasi kristen lain [tapi bukan

geng Unitarian yang tidak

ada organisasi di Malaysia ]

menggugat status quo geng

buddhist, hindu, punjabi

dan Islam di dalam Negara ini.

Adalah wajar 4 kumpulan yang

tertera di atas mengadakan satu

dialog untuk menangani gejala

' christian word industry’

[meminjam frasa Mr Iain [dari blog

'Anak Si Hamid'. ]

Mungkin untuk memahami apa itu

‘christian word industry’

kita perlu lihat betapa besar dan

kompleks nya bisnis network

gereja katolik dari wayang

Elizabeth 1,11 dan hingga ke

wayang tentang Knight Templars

yang ditulis olih Dan Brown.

Wayang Shogun memumjukkan empire

bisnis gereja katolik di Jepun dan

'Michael Collins' tunjukkan

bagaimana ketidakadaan belas di

kalangan padre gereja katolik.


Anonymous said...



Sekarang tibalah masanya untuk

kita lihat kes Teresa Kok yang

panggil melayu – malaysey [melayu


Melayu di dalam negara ini sudah

lama di perlekehkan sedemikian

kerna adalah satu adat china

yang chingkies macam

Teresa terbawa bawa kaltura

dari Tanah Besar China. Di sana

mereka[china] akan panggil omputih

‘white/red devil’ atau ‘x-kuey.

Saya yang dibesarkan di KL sudah

biasa jika China tua/muda

akan cakap dalam base china :

'tiau, tiau, ….. .malai kuey’

yang bermakana melayu hantu.

Walaupun Long Jakpar orang pertama

yang discover bijih timah

dia tidak jadi jutawan. Gengsta

China Ghee Hin

dan geng lain dapat kawal lombong

duit ini kerna mereka berasal

perompak/lanun dan keterunan

mereka kini mengkontrol bisnis

judi dan persundalan negara ini.

Proses evolusi juga melihat mat mat

lanun di sungai negeri tanah melayu

ditransformasikan jadi raja dan

sop nya dikarang bagaikan satu

fiksyen dek omputih macam Raffles,

Winstedt dan geng geng East India


Sementara itu geng geng china

mengejar kejayaan di dalam

bidang pelajaran dan nama mereka di

tambah nama omputih menjadikan

mereka Anglo-Chinese. Sekolah

sekolah anglo-chinese, Andersen

merupakan proses menjadikan

chingkies dan kohling

bangsawan baru di negara ini.

Kohling pula cepat mengadaptasikan

nama mereka macam geng chingkies

dengan menjadi katolik

dan ada yang jelas tidak segan

segan menjelma sebagai nglo-indian.

Setelah proses pembelajaran

berlaku, jelas geng geng katolik

masih tak puas hati.

Ambil contoh KJ John -

pelajar dari kolej RMC. Gomen

scholar , Sudah pasti yang

dia jelas terjemahan bagi ‘God’

adalah ‘Tuhan’. Tapi selepas

40 tahun meninggalkan kelas SC/MCE

SPM sekarang] dia buat bodoh

pulak. Kononnya terjemahan

untuk ‘God’ sudah jadi ‘Allah’ .


Naluri’ auta kelingnya tak lari

walaupun dia menganggap dirinya

‘anglo-indian’ Sama juga dengan

teresa -sikap chingkienya tak

lari. Bila bercakap bersama

kawan chinanya pasti dia

panggil melayu -

malakuey. Dia tidak ada niat buruk

atas melayu . Dia hanya bersikap

‘uncivilised’ kerna itu adalah

kaltura china melaysia. Tak tahu

terima kasih, rasa hormat pada

melayu dan memang kasar bila

berinteraksi dengan melayu .

Sama juga dengan Ooi Sam

Pah sudah di upgrade anglo-chinese

jadi Jeff Ooi. Perangai sial

china masih pekat. Dia panggil

kuli kuli di MPPP ‘kucing

kurap’ . Saya pasti dia juga

satu lagi decepti-con dapy yang

panggil melayu mala-kuey.

Bagus kalau ada mat mat yang

bolih buat tape percakapan geng

decepti-con nih sesama mereka!

Kategori akhir yang jadi champion

katolik ialah melayu bangsat-moral

yang terdiri dari mat/minah

'pantat' [arseholes] yang nak

tunjuk liberal untuk raih undi/rasa

feel-good dari pujian geng geng

nons. Geng terdiri geng PR

[Usop Jawa, kalidsamat,

Azmin, marinamadey, zaid

ibrahim, azliraman, din-

merican, azmisharom,ajisbari

dan minah minah keparat dari sis

seperti zainah-anuar dan






Anonymous said...

This man Anwar, has no feel bones of tedium. He is determent to his advent of the Prime Ministership in waiting. The post of Menteri Besar of Selangor would be his stepping stone for make ends meet regardless of being toady. The only description that we can think of him is politically a very sick man indeed. 

He was blackballed from his sordid past yet his supporters are as blind as the bats praising him as the demigod of adulteration and sodomy.

Don't they see it? He is not fighting for a cause. He is a dead lover from a contagious laughing stock. It is obvious, he is fighting for himself and make belief that his stance as the pop-prophet. He thought himself as a paladin but actually a demagogue with shenanigan in nature. Yet, they are so blind to see it! No matter what you say about him, Anwar is still their Man.

Critiques diagnose Anwar's perverted sexual affairs with younger boys and older men were nothing worrisome at all. In turn, they were blamed by their dubious characters, sandy and dodgy, wonky and dodgy and perceivably being charged for political gangsterism. Apparently, they have made Pakatan's mentally deranged and lost its political bearing by leadership.

Many have no idea how much inconvenience shits the critiques have had caused to Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim and the DAP's Chauvinist pigs

My Say