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PKNS: Intrigues of street-ruled government (Part 2)

PKNS and Kajang Move

The popular interpretation is that it is the culmination of 5 years of never ending quarrel between PKR’s Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim an PKR Deputy President, Azmin Ali.

Some felt it is an act to justify Khalid to make way for Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim to assume the Menteri Besar position. It also serves to address the “Azmin problem” and will be Anwar’s stepping stone to Premiership.

In this second Part, we shall continue with the info from conversation with an old piers from those Bangsar partying days. It promises more intrigues together with endless back stabbing and revenge within the fold of PKR seeking for Anwar's favour.

At the end, it is all about Anwar and his pursuit for premiership.  Those seeking Anwar's favour will be left by the wayside.

Rafizi's Revenge

When Anwar was bombarded with criticism for abusing democratic process again by asking State Assemblymen for Kajang, Lee Hih to resign and to make way for him to run, Rafizi Ramli had to front-lined for Anwar.

Rafizi did so by admitting that he was the person to have planned for the move. But, he gave the most foolish reason.

He gave a conspiracy theory that Najib will be removed soon and Tun Dr Mahathir's faction will takeover. Subsequently, BN will bombard Selangor with attack and take it back.

It shows Rafizi hardly know sufficient politics. It was purely derived from only the surface and superficial information of political rumours and gossips. However, Rafizi indirectly admitted that Selangor state government administration is in mess and Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim has to go.

Rafizi joined Khalid's office after leaving Petronas. However, he, Nik Nazmi and few others fell out with Khalid and was kicked out. Khalid suspected them of trying to sabotage him and make way for Azmin as MB.

Back then, it is an open secret that Azmin wants the Selangor MB post badly. Azmin will not settle for second best, not even be exco member to Khalid's "cabinet".

The public will not realise till later but politicians know the political links to see all attack on Khalid be it from within PKR or outside are linked to Azmin. Unfortunately for Azmin, he does not have the support of DAP, which Khalid gets.

The sabotage on Khalid relates to an incident where a video recorder was found in Khalid's room recording him. In a press conference, Khalid conveniently blamed it on UMNO and threatened to make a police report.

However, he did not. Probably he could figure out that it was these boys so he did not push the issue any further. Also, there is said to be a scene where Khalid's long time PA, Rahimah was fixing his tie on him.

Heard there is, but not confirmed, other compromising scene.

After kicking them out, Khalid allegedly got even by returning the dirty play. He was suspected to be involved in the Azmin "ice cream" pictures.

The root of it was Khalid's inability to adjust to political and public office. Corporate people are too much of themselves thus they think that corporate approach to public administration is more ``'professional". 

Political position involves popularity and accessibility. And, it is also the creative art of the possible to make things not possible to be possible.

He couldn't appreciate that. Not so much he cannot bisa diatur things, but he is not willing to asal bapak senang with nobodies.

In the first three months of his MB tenure, he already had a fallout with his reformasi veteran Private Secretary. There was an ensuing demo against him by the reformasi in which in one incident, they had his car in the house garage wrapped in banners.

Rafizi left the MB office and was taken into the office of a new outfit for Anwar as Selangor Economic Adviser. That position was probably a way to absorb this MCKK jambu being groomed by Anwar.

Nik Nazmi was another MCKK jambu of the office till he became exco and in the following term, he assumed the position of Deputy Speaker. Nik Nazmi had admitted to this blogger that he is young but he is straight. He also do not believe Anwar is a homosexual.

Rafizi is the younger piers of Malaysian student politicians of UK in the late 19902 o early 2000s, They were the likes of Khairy Jamaluddin, Omar Ong, Akramsyah, Adlan Benan Omar and the "Tingkat 4" of Pak Lah's side and Anwar's side.

These boys come with the ego of thinking they are the Chosen Ones. As Rafizi moved up in the PKR party hierarchy and get to be elected as first time MP, the so-called whistleblower kept a hidden revenge on Khalid.

Throwing out Azmin

Although Rafizi masterminded the Kajang Move after the May 2013 general election, there is every reason to believe that Azmin was not aware of the plan.

The reason is Azmin did not started this round of quarrel with Khalid involving PKNS. Khalid started it by not reappointing Azmin to the board of PKNS in mid-january but he later blamed it on PKNS then GM, Datuk Othman Omar.

After much commotion and exchanges between Khalid and Azmin, Anwar stepped in. Azmin was reinstated as member of the board of PKNS or was he?

Azmin is not keen to be member of Selangor exco but for whatever reason, he wants the position in PKNS.

One source close to Azmin said they believe later that Khalid and his Personal Assistant, Faekah Hussein got wind of Rafizi's plan. So the two of them decided to do a scorch earth strategy of asal bukan Azmin.

Khalid can be replaced but not by Azmin. These is an old score to settle with Azmin. That is the reason Khalid refused sign for Azmin's reappointment on the board of PKNS.

Maybe it is to make it difficult for Azmin to step into the PKNS Chairmanship which is meant for Selangor MB. We tend to believe Khalid is making his last days in power to do whatever necessary to make Azmins life difficult and ensure he not be MB.

As said in Part 1, any decisions by management must get Khalid's clearance. His clearance, agreement and instruction is never in writing but verbal.

Khalid instruct Othman to sign the letter to inform Azmin that he is no more member of the board of PKNS. Osman sense that it is not proper so he "implicated" executive secretary Norita Mohd Sidek.

When Azmin reacted and exploded the issue, Azmin's former speech writer and now PR Manager for PKNS leaked to the media that Othman was not authorised to issue such letter and it is supposed to be Norita.

There was no decision by "PKNS" or member of the board to dismiss Azmin but merely reappointment within the power of Khalid.

Khalid immediately cold storaged Othman who is due to end his contract anyway, and Norita by transfering them to the State Secretary office and assigned only to read newspaper.

The other person frozen was Muaz Omar.

Khalid wanted to expelled Muaz Omar but Manager for Strategic Human Resource, Rina Sharif said it cannot be done.

In the midst of figuring out how to expell Muaz Omar, a group of permanent staff of PKNS employed as government staff met up with Faekah.

This is one feisty spinster. She defend Khalid as though he is her "husband" and openly dare to be in confrontation with both Azmin and Rafizi on Twitter.

When the Kajang move was revealed, she even openly attacked Anwar.

The staff rep was a Controller for Northern Region and ex Audtor by the name of Siti Zubaidah and Roslan, respectively.

They suggested to her to sack all the contract staff of PKNS Holdings. They were government staff so their rationale was from a government point of view.

Read Part 1 and a link to AIDC in the commentary to understand their point view. [Read it here and here] The rebuttal will come later.

While the question the work of PKNS management from PKNS Holding, they also have issues.

An estimated half of the top officers in the original PKNS organisation are corrupted and power abuse was rampant. PKNS Holding presence stand in the way for them to make money from kickbacks and and commissions.Siti Zubaidah herself was investigated by MACC.

Faekah bought into their suggestion and instructed to fire all the reported 23 PKNS Holding staff. Azmin's boy, Muaz has to go. It does not matter that the 23 family of PKNS Holding staff will lose their income.

That's street-ruled government where everything are done for politics without concerned for its ramification. Since public is gullible to their propaganda and PR, they have nothing to worry.

For the 23 staff of PKNS Holding, the spin is they are "all" Azmin's boys and "sudah kenyang". The allegations by Siti Zubaidah and Roslan is used to the hilt.

For them, there is no fear of any legal action for unfair dismissal. They that contract allows them to end their service with sufficient notice but it is not that simple. There must be due reason to dismiss an employee.

There is no corporate restructuring planned. They are in management thus will know about it. At the same time, there was a pledge of integrity made at the end of January and corporate plans for the future was already in discussion with the new incoming GM to replace Othman.

So this sacking was never planned but decision made at the spark of the moment. The interesting twist to why Azmin does know of the Kajang move is that he will likely be slaughtered too after Kajang.

Wait for Part 3.

Part 1


Lee Tee Poo said...

Let me get this right, in the PKNS sacking case, 23 staff lost jobs because they wanted to sack only 1, the spinmaster, Muaz Omar? Their strategic human resource manager must be stupid and inexperienced by saying that they cant sack him, because they just did, all 23 including the Muaz guy! Gosh, i wont hire her as my hr ever because her stratergy is all wrong from the start. I also recall reading in the newspapers that the PKNS Holdings GM resigned in protest. What is that about? Is it just to cash in on the publicity? Because if he is sincere, he would be helping his staff to get continued employment, not get sacked. The same with the Chairman of PKNS Holdings who signed the letters. I heard both these people have permanent jobs in PKNS, so they are just there for the publicity. Just like the politicians. No action, talk only. Does PKNS breed jokers and clowns? Anyway, reading the previous link and today's revelation, looks like 2 guys are to be blamed for all this wild mess. Both have the same lastname, brothers? Whatever, from what is written, there are many others involved in 1 way or other in this scandal or other scandals not revealed yet. This makes a mockery of the trust people gave the managers in PKNS proper and PKNS Holdings. Due to political rivalry or what, at least the public now know that MB Khalid is taking action to clean up the rot that is in PKNS. Very good case study indeed.

Anonymous said...

Bak kata Clark Gable, "Frankly dear, I don't give a damn"

- Heart of the Sun

riddle said...

Anwar cant handle Pkr internal problem

Anwar depend on Dap for ah beng support

But anwar can control the Pas organisation even fron outside.

So why didnt join pas from the beginning back in the 70s

Anonymous said...

Since you, a voice of sinner, is so smart to write so much petty and trivial issues day after day, let me just ask you for your confirmation as to who killed Altantuya shaariibuu.

Anonymous said...

Anon@8.46PM, just troll all the PR bolggers and you have all the multiple versions to answer your query! No need for this "sinner" to waste his time to appease you!

Anonymous said...

Lee Tee Poo i think you are Per Nee Poo. You read about everything but you miss to read that the HR strategic also are one of those that get fired. Just because people share same sir name dont mean they are brothers. How many ali, mohd or hassan brothers in Malaysia? Moral of the story here obviously in the PKR street way of cleansing whoever that say no to them will be totally wiped out. Ahhh takut if they govern the country.

Anonymous said...

nampak ada logiknya jugak kepala otak Paekah ni. kalau buang Muas sorang, nanti orang nampak hubungan nya dengan Azmin. Nanti orang tau la Muas kena buang sebab khalid benci Azmin, tapi kalau buang ramai-ramai tak nampak lah hubungannya. Bijak-bijak otak pembelit Paekah ni.

lepas ni Paekah boleh jadi manager Sepah Tu pulak. mesti meriah maharaja lawak tahun depan.

Garret said...

If the Selangor people want Khalid to remain as MB, then they must not vote for Anwar. If Anwar wins, you can bet your bottom dollar that he will be MB. And when he loses his court case and go to jail, which he sure will, Azmin will become MB.
It;s as simple as that!

Anonymous said...

Hmm....politics will always be politics but may I ask the people out there this question??
If Anwar become MB Selangor, who can guarantee that all men and boys of Selangor will be free from 'you know who and you know what'??
he even has the cheek to try to create a dynasty with his 'strange and questionable' family..please us all.

Rabbit said...

When an employee is made redundant as in PKNS case, they must be reimburse proportionately. Not just 2 months salary in lieu.

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