Sunday, February 02, 2014

Boycott Astro, not Bantah

Wrote about Astro sometime ago here.

So lending these pro-PKR unregistered NGO a hand. But why Bantah Astro or protest against Astro? It is not a strong message and hints of dependency.

Commercial entities only understand money and bottom line. If it affects their bottom line, only then they will heed and listen.

Otherwise, they will ignore and arrogantly say other clients have no issue. If their number of clientele is increasing, they will be more arrogant and not afraid to say "If you are not happy, you can stop subscription".

There is other options like Internet and Unifi-linked Hypp TV for access to similar services. Call for boycott to unsubscribe. Then they take notice.

But this group called for boycott of Utusan Malaysia before.

Looks like that campaign was not successful. So work harder boys.


Anonymous said...

My one cents comment. SAM are ASH$#$##. Malaysia have been given a choice. Free TV with normal arial , TV1,2,3,Ahhijrah and so on. You don't like AStor just terminate simple as that. If 30% subscriber do that, then Astro will then affected.

Anonymous said...

Saya sanggup batalkan melanggan Astro dan kekal dengan RTM sahaja tetapi jika berbuat begitu siaran TV saya pula akan terganggu dan langsung tidak mendapat siaran. Jika masalah ini boleh di atasi, saya percaya ramai orang akan berhenti melanggan Astro.

Anonymous said...

Rumours say that utusan top 3 to be replaced.... Any confirmation and why

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