Wednesday, November 05, 2014

SIS is sesat

The Fatwa Committee of Selangor announced their July 14th, 2014 fatwa that SIS Forum (Malaysia) Berhad or usually referred to as Sister in Islam (SIS) is deviant and has astrayed from Islam.

In other words, they are sesat.

By right, Sister in Islam should be abbreviated as SII. Now it is clear why they referred themselves by the acronym, SIS. It is only appropriate.

Islam does not have a hierarchy like Christianity does, but like any religion, the authority lies with the learned elders.

Although the Sunnah Wal Jamaah, or Sunni in short, practise consensus through such institutions as Fatwa Council, those without knowledge and do not diligently practise Islam could not be accorded the authority.

Religion is not based on democracy but authority of knowledge. The religious authority is only encouraged, but it may not be necessary, to engage such deviant groups, especially the steadfast and stubborn like SIS.

Legal authority

In reaction, former SIS President, Zarina Anwar filed for judicial review in court. It means they are seeking a civil court to overturn the decision by the state Fatwa Council through a judicial constitutional review.

It is a futile attempt and she is bound to lose.

Will it mean a non Muslim judge will overturn a fatwa ruling by learned Mufti with knowledge and authority? It does not make sense.

Islamic religous affair falls under the jurisdiction of the Syariah Court that was provided for in Article 121(1A) of the Federal Constitution, to deal with matters of state Islamic law. And, Syariah Courts does not merely deal with family law.

The special position of Islam is enshrined and protected under the Federal Constitution. No other religion is specifically mentioned in the Federal Constitution except Islam. Article 3(1) proclaimed Islam is the religion of the federation and not official religion as DAP would intentionally refer to as to misled the public.

Islam is specifically mentioned in other parts of the Federal Constitution such as Article 11(4) on the restriction in propagating of other religions to Muslims; and Article 12(2) allows the federal and state government to assist Islamic institutions. This include funding for Islamic schools, which is of a higher priority for funding under the constitution than Chinese school.

Sibu MP should understand the Federal Constitution before making the false accusation that Islamic Schools promote racism. It is not a racial based school system, like vernacular schools, to be accused for such. Surely Bible School has no relation to any race.

Islam is the religion of the majority and it's institution are empowered under the Constitutions. The institutions provide for structure and consistency in the practise of Islam in Malaysia.

The Fatwa Council is there to address issues on matter of hukum or others ambigious religous issues. In the issuance of fatwa it has to be based on clear references to the Quran, Hadith and ulamak interpretation as stated in accepted kitab. Mufti is empowered to issue fatwa. He is appointed by the ruler from among those conversant and knowledgeable on Quran, Sunnah and various branches in Islamic knowledge.

Surely interpretation of Quran is not as simple as literal translation by some former banker, who takes up Arabic lesson and simplistically rejects the sayings of the Prophet, while silently amongst his social media group, insult and demean the Prophet. An important part of faith is the belief in Prophet Muhamamad. Disrespecting the Prophet is similar to disbelieving the message brought by the Messenger of Islam from Allah.

Fatwa Council have important role to play for the Muslim public in providing clarity, uniformity, settlement of differences and dispute, unity and brotherhood (or sisterhood), gazetting fatwa into law and regulations, and point of reference.

In Malaysia, the majority of Muslims adhere to Mazhab Shafie. However, other Sunni Mazhabs are allowed. So does certain Mazhabs of Shia and acceptable Sufi teaching. One has to be learned and understand the any other Mazhabs and groups in Islam.


The Fatwa Council have authority, both knowledge-wise and power-wise, to announce certain teachings as deviant as the case for Liberal and Plural Islam being spread by groups like SIS, IRF and etc.

Liberal Islam are Islamic teachings that have been adulterated by liberal western psychology that they seldom negatively perceived and criticised the traditional Islam practices as backward and old fashioned using a western frame of mind.

The western liberal thoughts can be oftenly heard as expresses in their openness and their version of a more progressive Islam. Partly, it bores out of their inferior complex from the western education or living experience.

Most of the time they fail to learn and understand Islam's own thinking and philosophy on any matter of discussion and seek a simplistic explanation based on their own derived logic.

While, Plural Islam see all religion as the same, which is heretic in Islam. The statement of faith says no religion but Islam, Muhammad is our Prophet but Plural Islam see nothing wrong with adapting to other religions' practises.

They claim it as diversity but Islam's has it's own diversity to enable adaptability. Not the unbridled diversity they yearn. Islamic diversity is on matter of ritual and practices but it strictly preserve aqidah (faith).     

The recent rejection of Indonesian Islam Liberal thinker Ulil was also an example of how gullible Liberal and Plural Islam followers are. The person fake his Phd when he hardly has a first degree.

While there should be room for independent thinking and self review i.e. ijtihad but not by ex-banker or ex-reporters or sociology Phd holder or lawyers, who hardly adhere to the 5 times a day or other practices in Islam.

It is one thing to not practise Islamic rituals but it is something else to start saying what others are doing it wrong and trying to propagate it.

For that matter, sufi practices that is so lax in their prayers, fasting, ibadah and avoiding the forbidden could be deviationary. Allah is a loving god but other chacteristics of Allah can also be found in the sifat 20 or Asmaul Husna (characteristics of Allah).

It boils down to knowledge need to be practised. How could one be doing a review without first embodying the religion into one soul. Unless one practises Islam, only can one embody the spirituality of Islam and develop on existing body of knowledge and practices.

Those doing self interpretion or learning without a guru (teacher) will end up being misguided.

Knowledge need to expand and past mistakes should be corrected but not by sweeping observations without in-depth understanding. Off course, faith is a personal issue but any diverging ways should be kept private and not to create confusion and disruption on the faith of the masses.

Such thinking should not be allowed to propagate to provide the spiritual stability to the masses. When such group dedicate themselves to disrespectfully provoke the establishment, they are pushing the envelope of tolerance.

SIS in Islam started out emanating from a group of women without Islamic learning fighting for Muslim women's rights by questioning the inefficiencies of religious authorities.

Subsequently, they grew to question other aspect of religious authorities. The funding from western foundation made them venture into Liberal and Plural Islam by interpreting Islam from the western secular perspective. They adopted the western human rights as their crying call and associated themselves with anti-Muslims political groups to become political.

SIS is not a new way of looking at Islam or a progressive Islam but a vehicle to question and being disrespectful of traditional Islam. They have become the platform for orientalist theological invasion into the faith of Muslims in this country.

They are confirmed sesat!



Anonymous said...

SIS ada " God the father"..?
Kita adalah HAMBA bukan anak..
Ini brmakna SIS setuju dgn konsep trinity..

Anonymous said...

dah nama pun SIS
Sister Is Sesat

Anonymous said...

I salute you for this article, sir. What modern day muslims lack is passion for learning islam because of their western leaning and education received through the eyes of human rights and gender equalities as advocated by the western world. Wake up religious authorities as you guys are able to clear these problems and polemics.

Anonymous said...

of course SESAT

SIS = Satan In Sisters

Anonymous said...

Bravo bro...I totally agree with you...Diri sendiri pun tak tutup aurat, nak betulkan orang lain pula...bahkan nak bawa pergi court pulak tu...mahkamah sivil pulak tu...Memang betullah SIS ni jadi alat barat untuk menyerang Islam dari dalam...

Pautan said...


Tergerak hati saya untuk memberi sedikit komentar memandangkan pertubuhan ini terlampau berani mengeluarkan kenyataan yang jika saya sebut dalam bahasa kasarnya sesat dan menyesatkan masyarakat.

Mungkin di sini adalah medan terbaik untuk menjawab agenda SIS yang memperjuangkan hak kesamarataan wanita di samping lelaki kerana SIS tampaknya bebas untuk berdakwah dalam negara kita.

Adakah ISA tidak mampu untuk menangkap dan memenjarakan ketua SIS ini?

Sangka baiknya mungkin SIS terlampau jahil dengn Islam sehingga berani memaksudkan syariat Islam tidak adil dengan kaum wanita.

Adakah SIS tidak tahu syariat Islam ini bukan datang daripada kepala dan pemikiran ulama’ tetapi Pencipta Yang Menciptakan SIS dan sekalian yang wujud di alam ini.

Ibarat bos dengan pekerja. Jika pekerja tidak senang hati dengan bosnya boleh cari kerja lain (ayat orang yang dah bekerja) dan bahasa mudahnya jika SIS tidak puas hati dengan peraturan Allah silakan cari alam lain.

Tetapi benarkah dakwaan SIS Islam tidak adil dengan kaum wanita?

Sebelum saya berbicara soal fitrah wanita dan lelaki, mari kita renung dan fikir sejenak makhluk Allah yang lain yang juga mempunyai jantan dan betina. Berkata Abu Hayyan Al Tauhidi dalam kitabnya Al Imta’ Wa Al Mua’nasah; laungkan bersamaku kebenaran firman Allah s.w.t:

Maksudnya: “Dan tidak seekor binatang pun yang melata di bumi, dan tidak seekor pun burung yang terbang dengan kedua sayapnya, melainkan mereka umat-umat seperti kamu.” (Al An’am:38)

Mari kita perhatikan:

Lelaki mempunyai gigi sebanyak 32 batang manakala wanita sebanyak 30 batang dan orang yang ......

Baca sepenuh di pautan blog

Anonymous said...

SIS adalah agenda UMNO. Ahli2 anak elit UMNO.

Hanya majlis ugama kerajaan negeri PR yg berani lakukan sesuatu. Wilayah berdiam, negeri2 BN lain pun diam ....

Usah nak persalahkan PR.

Anonymous said...

Lets not politicise religion. Teruklah pas ni ....

Anonymous said...

It would not be fair to just accuse someone of demeaning the prophet. Show the proof if you are truthful.


Anonymous said...

Jgn politikkan agama Anonymous 5.44 PM.. Jika betul pun ianya angkara UMNO, tiada pula orang UMNO yang tidak bersetuju dengan fatwa MAIS.. Sebaliknya yang tidak bersetuju adalah rata-ratanya dari PR, siap buat press conference lagi

Anonymous said...

Khalid Samad,Anak Yusof Rawa dan Hanifah Maidin tidak mewakili majoriti ahli PAS yang bersetuju dengan fatwa yang dikeluarkan oleh MAIS.Discuss dan berdialog dgn golongan ini tidak akan mendatangkan hasil kerana SIS diketahui sebagai penganut liberal pluralisme dan juga songsang yang tegar.Statement dr golongan ni yg sentiasa konsisten sejak lebih dari 10tahun dulu menunjukkan mereka adalah golongan yang engkar.Adakah Mujahid,Khalid Samad dan Hanifah Maiden boleh berdakwah keatas golongan ni?Adakah selama ini Mujahid atau Khalid Samad dan seangkatan dgnnya tidak pernah membaca rencana yg ditulis oleh SIS terutamanya dari Zainah Anwar yang terang terang bertentangan dengan Islam?Itulah bahana jika bercakap macam orang bodoh tak boleh diajar..

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Some 2000 years ago, 99% of the population are illiterates, except the poets, the scribes, religious scholars, and the tax-collectors. By and large, they have more important things to do, like putting food on the table and in terms of religions, they let the scholars decide for them, and they follow. Now, most of us are widely read, and educated, and they/we are challenging the religious scholars, and even the threat of Hell no longer frighten them/us, which is a good thing, as many fatwas turned out to be tainted by corruption, fake or misguided.

Anonymous said...

The number of hadiths collected and attributed to the prophet Muhammed is in the hundreds of thousands, as much as 700,000. The majority of these hadiths are pure lies and fabrications and were rejected by the early Muslim scholars who thought they can figure out which hadith is authentic and which is not. Out of that, only 7,000+ hadiths are accepted as the most reliable ie not fabricated or pure lies.

The Fatwa disputed by Sisters In Islam, right here right now should be tested for it RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW for it's kesahaihan, fabrication, if it is pure lies or that it's not tainted by corruption. Why is it so difficult for PAS or for that matter any Malaysian/Malay Muslim to see that this has been the tradition, the method of challenging evidence to weed out the pure lies, fabricated, tainted issues in Islam, fatwa included?

maae said...

Anda ini ahli SIS...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

SIS members sholat seperti mana Muslim Lain Sholat. Cam mana boleh sesat?
Ini cuma perbezaan pendapat dan idealogi dan perlu kematangan untuk mengendalikan. Kalau dulu ada rancangan lupa tajuk.. di mana Ustaz, paderi dan ahli agama lain boleh dudu dan berbincang takan dalam komuniti muslim perkara begini tak boleh di tangani dengan secara baik?. SIS mahu melindungi Hak Wanita. Sedih Malaysia ku.

Anonymous said...

ini yang pelik. apa yang takut sgt dgn SIS ni? pompuan2 mulut cabul je pun. takkan majlis agama takat isytihar sesat dan biar lepas bebas mcm tu je? sedangkan rasul kahar, ayah pin, al arqam digempur habis2an, aku pelik knp SIS ni semacam kebal. elok mais gunakan saja kaedah pendakwaan mcm kes rasul kahar dulu yg ternyata berjaya utk membendung ajaran sesat SIS ini. kalau x, bg penampar je spy dia ingat mereka bukannya kuat sgt. cuma menunjuk kuat je.


Anonymous said...
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A Voice said...

My policies are clear.

Whether you are on my side or other side, no insults especially towards me.

You wanna get your views out so be smart to not whack the blog owner.

Anonymous said...

give sis a chance to prove themselve dont simply act holier than thou.....islam is diverse....well we dont need no thought ctrl all in all ur juz another brick in d wall......u r actin no more like the takfiri

Yang nak komen tu solat tak? said...

Yang nak komen pasal islam tak progressive ni, depa sembahyang jaga ke tidak?

Kuat ke ibadah?

Hayati ke Islam? Adakah mereka menjiwai Islam?

Adakah mereka berbbudi bahasa dan adab macam orang Islam atau orang putih?

Yang defend SIS adalah Anwar Ibrahim... peliwat. Mana credibility?

Yang kata semua boleh adalah group sesat yang kata dalam quran kata sembahyang cuma 3 kali satu hari.

Minum arak yang dah jelas hukumnya haram.

Dahlah itu, mereka nak persoalkan semua hukum hakam dalam Islam. Yang haram nak dihalalkan.

Tak buat sudahlah, tapi tak perlu nak bbersungguh2 utk halalkan yang haram.

Setakat pandai dan berilmu tapi tak menjjiwai Islam, takyahlah ... Tak mahu aku dengar.

Anonymous said...

Cehhh...dlm kes rampasan bible org2 kami kata ini semua konpirasi umno..umno memperalatkan mais...tapi bila mais buat sesuatu yg pada kamu bagus kamu kata inilah PR...citt...

Anonymous said...

Holier than thou???. Well definitely if extra tutup2 (tak rugi jika humble dari segi pakaian)yg membuak tu org lebih hormati la. Ada la segan2 sikit susah sgt kah? Lebihkan lagi rasa kemaluan susah kah.?

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