Saturday, June 06, 2015

Who is the 16 million ringgit man?

Back in the 70s, there was the TV series Six Million Dollar Man, the male counterpart to the Bionic Woman. Also another series.

Malaysia had also it's own six million ringgit man. It was widely believed that one UMNO Division Head spent RM6 million to secure his position in the mid-90s party election. Few years ago, there was another six million ringgit man with RM60 million ringgit missing in action. Read back Rocky Bru posting in 2012 here.  

There is the thirteen million plus ringgit guy which is not a high flying businessman, or politicians or an injured astronaut, but just doddling and rambling in his blog. One can read him here.

Slightly more in value, there is out there a prowling 16 million ringgit man. The amount pales in comparison to the five hundred million dollar man as imagined by a popular political writer [read here].

But, this criminal act of corruption can still be stopped.

As per the allegations on the six million ringgit man without anything gone MIA, it involves a public contract. Several sets of documents reached out hands, all together more than 110 pages of explanation, documents, correspondence, maps, valuation reports, site pictures, approval letters, etc.

There are lots of material to write about but there lies a problem. The information looks "sensitive" in nature so none should be released. The operative word is "should" because it is something of strategic relevance for the country. More important, the proposed project is beneficial for the rakyat.

No, no ... we are not trying to be another Sarawak Report to claim of receiving documents but only released nothing more than suspiciously fabricated emails. Was anyone suspicious as to why an executive of a company correspond on company matter via gmail and not use company's secured email?

Before getting diverted elsewhere, the proof of possession of the material is the collage below:

Hope it is blur enough not to reveal sensitive details.

This is a piece of land that used to be a facility for certain purposes. The facility is no more useful and have turned to be risky for the rising density of population in the nearby area. It had to be moved to another area to suitable for current requirement.

That should be a done deal.

In 2007. a group that involves local companies and a GLC were requested by the Minister concern to undertake a feasibility study. It proves to be the right move and the plan was to move the squatters on the land to a certain area under the administration of a certain federal government agency. 

That way the plan development for the area could proceed. While, the site of the facility could also be developed. Both areas will build low cost or maybe affordable housing area for at least 10,000 families.

The local stakeholders have been consulted and all are agreeable as they see the benefit to the rakyat. Minister agreed, the money Minister agreed and all likelihood cabinet agreed too. All system should go but now is when the snag comes in.

The agency chairman suddenly turned envious to luminary club of million dollar or ringgit man. He wants to join at the precise sum of sixteen million ringgit.

Usually, it is civil servant that stand in the way from allowing projects to proceed with all sort of bureaucracies, procedural or ceremonial, in their effort to get developers or contractors to understand and cough out an offer.

Politicians get caught in the middle as rakyat grew impatient from waiting any further to the long promised project. Failing which he could lose his YB prefix to somebody else. Finally, the civil servant makan duit and it will be the YB's name that get smeared.

This time the power falls on the lap of the Chairman who coincidentally is also a YB.

All the parties have been spending money in one way or another to get the project running. The rakyat has built up expectation and have become more anxious than usual. Bonners have been put up to ask on the progress.

So the project should get started but the aspiring sixteen ringgit man is taking his time. His party's fate is in his hand yet he is taking it easy. To make it more ridiculous, he wants it now and at one go before he will put his John Hancock.

Quite sure this is not something unusual in Malaysian bureacucrasy but this time the stake is higher than voters throwing them out. What will happen to the aspiring sixteen million ringgit man?

Better not know. Just do not play with peoples' life.

To make matter worse, several others are asking to whet their beaks too.

Another Minister has moved in and for quite sometimes the new Minister planned to stall the project. Some suspect the insidious intention is to get his people to come in instead. But, technical issues will be cited as excuse.

If stalled within the immediate future, it would be another headache for the administration and party already saddled with public distrust of 1MDB.

So don't simply stop effort that is already on-going because it is for the the good of the rakyat. Not a blackmail but to avoid corruption from happening at expense of rakyat.

Those in the game would known what is being written here. Construction industry people are aware of this project. For security reason, the details are not disclosed and kept under lid.

For how long? Who knows? All the stuff may have reached MACC and it is under investigation. When people are fed-up, they could get reckless. So do be careful.


Sir Wenger said...

Anything to do with the Hon. Representative from Barking Sand?

Anonymous said...

"Stuff reach MACC" this must be a joke. Been reading many many moon all the same stuff goes to MACC. But only one person goes to jail : Saudara Anwar. The rest still enjoying the loots.

A Voice said...

Intelligent guess wenger but not the one. Thats old story.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.41

Anwar was cid police case. Tak tau janganla komen lain kali.

Anonymous said...

The fact remain many many moon goes to MACC, nobody get caught. Just enjoying the loot lah ok. Typical Makan hak rakyat sampai muntah

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