Monday, April 15, 2019

DPP's affidavit midst of Adib's Inquest contemptous

Adib (left) and DPP Hamdan Hamzah

The withdrawal of Seafield Mariamman Temple Committee's several applications related to the Inquest on the death of fireman Muhammad Adib raised concern on the coordinating DPP.

DPP Hamdan Hamzah committed a strange action to submit his affidavit to say Adib's death was not due to being beaten.

His affidavit is made when the Inquest is still on-going and could be viewed as influencing the outcome of the Inquest.

This can amount to contempt of court. But why did the coroner allowed it?

The DPP's role in coordinating the inquest is to arrange for the witness to present their account to the coroner, who is a court magistrate.

As seen at the Teoh Beng Hock Inquest, the DPP submit their affidavit at the end after all witnesses have made theirs.

His submission encouraged the committee's withdrawal, which proves he had influence a party involve with this Inquest and in this case. it could have been favourable to the committee.

Suspicous cover-up from the start? 

From the moment police announced there will be an an inquest on the death of fireman Adib, doubting thomases suspect Tommy Thomas will cover up for his fellow Indians.

Also, there were suspicion it is to cover-up Cabinet Minister Waythamoorthy, whose statements were seen as racially provocative and wild accusations infuriated majority of the public.

There were four suspects taken in by police but were released. When talk on social media that the four had disappeared, it infuriated the public.

The announcement that police will stop their investigation and continue pending coroner's findings heightened the suspicion of cover-up.

There is the possibility that there maybe insufficient evidence available for police to take further action.

So the Inquest was deemed necessary to allow the witnesses and evidences related to the death be heard in public in a transparent manner than P&C nature of police investigation.

However, suspicion of cover-up emerge again when few doctors, happen to be Indians, were not seen as collaborating with eye witnesses accounts, including those hearing Adib's account his beating while in hospital.

There is a Malay doctor that raise the possibility Adib was beaten.

For DPP Hamdan to conclude in his affidavit mid-stream and the Temple Committee made a decision based on his opinion, he will be seen as influencing the Inquest.

Hamdan had been told off by a witness during proceeding for asking irrelevent question.

Brace themselves for a public outcry. It is glaringly looking like a shabby cover-up.

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Anonymous said...

The four who were arrested were the ones who went to the police to inform that they are the ones who carried adib to a hilux to be sent to a hospital. The police instead of recording their statement, remande them for murder. The judge dismiss the case when the police tried to extend their remand. This is what poor Inidans get for doing good. The whole thing is political ploy to be the hero of bangsa dan agama.

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