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Zukri, Zaiton: From liar to moron, From destroy to bailout

Dato Zaiton Hasan and Dato Zukri Samat continued their trailblazing lies over the weekend.

Hoping the public attention is on Rantau by-election and their lies, half truth and cover-up of their cock-up will not be notice.

They can hoodwink the Pak Cik pencen, whose life is only commuting to and from surau 5 times a day and could only comprehend news headline.

But not everybody.

Zukri used to claim the restructuring scheme involving SPV is not a bailout. Lim Guan Eng acknowledged indirectly that MOF is doing a bailout, but is passing the buck to Azmin.

Dato Najib exposed Zukri as a moron.

The Zaiton-Zukri-Faiz PWC designed scheme, in cahoot with Zeti and Nor Shamsiah of BNM, and forced upon Prokhas's Chan by Tony Pua is literally a failure. These schemers destroyed TH and now bailing it out.

Daim should fire these reckless morons!

Self bankrupting TH for Bank Islam

None more obvious the intention than latest statement by Zukri to scare away depositors to say TH is technically bankrupt.

It is all propaganda to repeat same lies over and over again with token words of hope. And, most appalling of Datin Yatie to prepare a communication script that is detrimental for the client. It is becoming of a PR Consultant to a negative messaging to destroy the client.

Who is paying her and whom is she working for? Definitely not to TH short, medium and long term interest.

Notice Bank Islam's "fixed deposit" offering was raised.

Zaiton is a long standing member of the BOD of both Bank Islam and BIMB Holdings. Personally, it was never Islamic in spirit, but camouflaged usury. The true Islamic institution is TH. So lets not withdraw and continue to support TH as called by UMNO and PAS leaders.

Though Zukri did plead for depositors not to withdraw and create a bank run, there was massive withdrawal. Zukri denied there was massive withdrawal . How could it not be when Rafizi's 2016 dirty trick saw RM2 billion withdrawn.

It is heard RM1 billion withdrawn in the first few days. A businessman informed that one branch in PJ had withdrawal of RM78 and RM65 million on the first and second day, respectively.

Basically, Zaiton and Zukri is working for BNM and Bank Islam. Heard after the lies they concocted against the previous top management, they lined up their Bank Islam friends into TH.

The statement of Zukri is self inflicted damage on TH to push depositor out and turn TH into a travel agency. He ignored the role TH is to play to strengthen the Muslim economy. There are reasons to believe he and Zaton hardly read the TH Act and his and Zaton's public statements reflect so.

Technical bankruptcy is looking from financial side.
TECHNICALLY BANKRUPT means that the company has, at least temporarily, run out of cash to pay its bills and is, at the moment, bankrupt. However, it may recover by raising capital, collecting monies owed to it, or selling off various assets.

Read on:
Bankrutcy is a legal status.
Bankruptcy is a legal process through which people or other entities who cannot repay debts to creditors may seek relief from some or all of their debts.
The term bankrutcy was irresponsibly used by. Zukri and is ill intended.

Ignorance of Tabung Haji Act 

If Zukri had read TH Act, he should realised it cannot be allowed to bankrupt.

Perpetual succession means:
In company law, perpetual succession is the continuation of a corporation's or other organization's existence despite the death, bankruptcy, insanity, change in membership or an exit from the business of any owner or member, or any transfer of stock,etc.

Perpetual succession, along with the common seal, is one of the factors explaining a corporation's legal existence as separate from those of its owners. This principle states that:
  • any change in membership of a company does not affect the status of the company,
  • death, insolvency, insanity etc. of any member of a company does not affect the continuity of the company. Thus the life of the company does not depend upon the life of its members.
  • it shall continue forever irrespective of continuity of its members or directors, except in case of liquidation (or "winding up") of a company.
If Zukri had read Section 3 (2) of TH Act 1995, perpetual succession means it cannot go bankrupt.

More so, there is Section 24 of the Act on government guarantee. Been telling to read Section 22 to 24 repeatedly.

Government is responsible to step in and "bail out" from the Treasury's Consolidated Fund to assist the expenditure. It need not do SPV and failed to end up bailing out the SPV for RM17.8, but suffice with RM10 billion borrowing to revive the portfolio.

The portfolio suggested by Zaiton and Zukri will never generate return through their worthless sukuk. More so, bankers and accountants are not businessman with the eye for opportunities. TH participation in real economic activities and businesses can yield better long term return than paper shuffling into sukuk and all those fancy hybrids between equity and borrowing.

Zaiton appealed to the uninformed

As far as Zaiton, watch the You Tube below:

Zaiton's facial expression show signs of looking shattered when Najib Shaari mentioned the SPV's sukuk may have failed SPPI test and sukuk not issued yet.

As Chairman of Aufit Committee, she could only gave "prasangka" as excuse sukuk not issued. Admit it that the account showing it as reveivable!

Zaiton could only say about Realisable Asset Value (RAV) was that "ia tidak dizahirkan dalam akaun". Maybe she s not wrong because RAV was not disclosed in the accounts as past practise.

More to elaborate later.

Al Hijrah realised things was not working out and did a face saving posting in their moderator's FB:
Ramai yang mempersoalkan mengapa kami memilih Tuan Najib Saahari bukan nama2 besar untuk digandingkan dengan 2 lagi panel.  
Sudah pasti kami ada justifikasi tersendiri mengapa 2 generasi berbeza dipilih untuk sepentas & menyampaikan hujah masing2. 
Pertama :
Dalam memastikan Analisis Tabung Haji bebas daripada sentimen politik, susuk tubuh politik haruslah dielakkan menjadi panel. 
Kedua : 
Saya antara follower tegar Tuan Najib. 
Dia bukanlah netizen biasa yang bercakap semberono, posting tanpa ilmu, merapu meraban. 
Posting beliau kebanyakannya berfakta. 
Dan banyak juga saya tidak bersetuju dengan beliau namun saya menghormati pandangan beliau & saya suka melihat pertukaran idea antara beliau & follower nya.  
Cuma biasalah darah muda, pasti terkeluar ayat2 noti orang muda.. Hahaa 
Ketiga  : 
Apabila seorang anak muda menerima jemputan untuk berdialog dengan 2 orang Otai, di situ memperlihatkan keyakinan beliau terhadap ilmu yang dimilikinya. 
Dan ia terbukti semalam, beliau hanya memberikan fakta, mempersoalkan itu & ini yg berdasarkan ruang lingkup maklumat yg beliau terima. 
Namun apa yang mahu saya BAGITAHU di sini... 
Lihatlah gambar ini. 
Gambar ini saya ambil sebaik selesai rakaman. 
Saya tersentuh. 
Najib terus mengajukan soalan & kekeliruannya pada Dt Zaiton seperti seorang anak kepada ibunya. 
Dan Dt Zaiton dengan penuh kelembutan menjelaskan 1 persatu pada Najib. 
Malah Dt Zaiton katakan pada Najib : 
'Najib, mai no you, if you tak pasti dengan sesuatu, pihak kami boleh perjelaskan pada you' 
MashaAllah, saya kagum dengan Dt Zaiton.. 
Sebagai BOD TH, dia menyantuni anak muda yang berlainan pendapat dengannya dengan baik sekali. 
Dt Dr Daud Bakar, tidak perlu lagi saya huraikan. 
Kredibiliti beliau, menjelaskan dengan nada penuh hikmah antara sebab mengapa saya suka mendengar sudut pandangnya.
Dt Dr Daud juga IDOLA PUJAAN Najib Saahari ☺️ 
Maka, apa yang boleh saya simpulkan Analisis semalam hanya akan 'sampai' pada mereka yang benar2 mahu 'mendengar'. 
Buat mereka yang menonton untuk mencari salah, PASTI kesalahan akan menjadi bahan utama status FB mereka 😁 
Dan Dt Zaiton, Dt Dr Daud Bakar serta Najib keluar dari Premis TVAH dengan gelak tawa mesra.  
MashaAllah, Analisis telah membina 1 lagi sillaturrahim ❤️
Just a media emotional trick. Al Hijrah comes under the purview of Mujahid. Just admit they were ordered to follow It was Yatie's typical bully strategy. This time it backfired. From liar to moron, destroy to bailout.

Didn't we say earlier these people no shit about turnaround. Just financial con artist!


Zaiton a f@th&* fu#%kin* liar said...

AA whack kaw kaw ...

PH's well known tactic is to keep repeating the same lie until it becomes the truth in people's minds.

The amount recorded in the accounts was RM70.3b but the Realisable Asset Value (RAV) was RM74.7b therefore ASSETS EXCEEDED LIABILITIES.

Adakah benar, Datuk, pemberian hibah 4 tahun berturut-turut ini menyalahi Akta Tabung Haji sedangkan yang memperakui akaun, yang mengaudit laporan kewangan [adalah] Jabatan Audit Negara, dan dibentangkan di Parlimen. Komen Datuk bagaimana?"

ZAITON: "Ahhmmm… kita tidak komen apa… uhh… uhhh… kata orang tu fakta-fakta yang diambilkira bila keputusan lama dibuat. Tetapi setelah kami semak semula akaun tersebut, memang kami dapati 4 tahun berturut-turut memang aset itu kurang dari liabiliti. Itu pendapat... [ ]… bila kita tengok balik akaun tu… memang… memang jelas."

Zaiton tidak menjawab soalan samada hibah tahun-tahun lepas menyalahi atau tidak menyalahi Akta TH. Beliau hanya mengatakan akaun menunjukkan aset tidak melebihi liabiliti.

ZAITON [14:30]: "Realisable Asset Value mesti dizahirkan dalam Penyata Akaun. Masalahnya RAV tersebut tidak dizahirkan.

Nonetheless, if you look at the Annual Reports of 2015 and 2016, the RAV is mentioned in "Ulasan Operasi" i.e. ia "dizahirkan". Zaiton was not lying that RAV for 2017 "tidak dizahirkan dalam akaun" but it was a deceptive half-truth which is as good as a lie. Ia tidak dizahirkan di dalam penyata akaun tidak bermaksud ia tidak wujud.

In this respect, a very important point to note is that TH has not published its 2017 Annual Report (Laporan Tahunan) – only the statutory Financial Statements (Penyata Akaun) with limited information was published but not the Annual Report.

Read on

Kaki Gasak said...

If Mahathir like P Ramlee riding a mini-chopper bicycle, then Zukri Zaiton Zeti Madinah Shukri Bedoll are Sergeant Ibrahim Short aye aye chief together with the 40 Thieves of Baghdad City

Din said...

Wow, najib saahari?hahaha.

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