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Sabah's sadomasochistic obsession to be played out again by Mahathir

In his Facebook yesterday, Sabah political writer, Musli Oli appealed to Lim Guan Eng to request Tommy Thomas correct the proposed amendment of Article 1(2) of the Federal Constitution. It is supposed to be the "equal partner amendment" to revert back to the original version of the Malaysian Constitution in 1963.

It is a rather strange request, but our good friend could be serious in his own way. It  turned out he denied Tun Dr Mahathir's politicking is not all the time in his earlier posting. Mahathir is not in his element during his nightly rest.

It is Musli's sense of humour and typical cynical self in view of the confusing state of Sabah's current politics.

PPBM launched their entry into Sabah yesterday. This happened after former Sabah UMNO leaders, few elected representatives, and claimed 100,000 members crossed-over.

It came after several denials that PPBM will break their pre-GE14 promise with Warisan, including from Mahathir himself. Subsequently, PPBM justified their action and now are officially in.

Ah Sabah ...thought they changed, but they never could.

Since our regular travel to Sabah to get close to the people there and here in KL for almost 20 years, we formed the opinion that Malaysia Agreement 1963 is close to the hearts of every Sabahans and the minds of every Sabah politicians.

Mahathir's then government ISA-ed Dr Jeffry Kitingan, but it could not douse the Sabahan spirit to have their rights and interest restored.

Now that Sabah could not shed its old habit of party hopping, maybe it is not really so. Sabah's real obsession may not be MA63 or the plight of their people and the state.

In our earlier posting, we claimed the proposed amendment is a Mahathir's ploy to buy time to not fulfill MA63. We now have second thought.

Having known and got close to many Sabah politicians, it would be insulting and rude to say they are stupid, particularly the ex-UMNO Sabah.

It is not a fair remark. The majority of them had a disadvantaged childhood from being deprived access to proper education during Mahathir's 22 years of neglect.

The only possible reason must be the refreshing air and the beautiful sight of clouds above the high grounds in this land below the wind brought out a natural masochistic tendency to want to be repeatedly screwed by Mahathir and in the almost exact hindsight position.

Logic defying 

Upside down house at Tuaran

Do not get us wrong.

We love Sabahans. And this is not us being angry at them for leaving UMNO. More so, it is their democratic rights.

And, this UMNO supporter (only few years ago realised a membership form filled up, submitted and paid as life member in the 80s never got registered) is no fanatic to not appreciate Sabah UMNO's predicament.

UMNO appreciate Sabah's grievances, but Sabah have been repeatedly crying wolf that end up not being heed. Every UMNO members have their own concerns and wish list for their home state, thus the seemingly obsessive manner Sabahan talked about their state may turned off others.

More so, UMNO have been at the pinnacle of national leadership since the inception of Malaysia. Their thinking is national and concern is with all the states!

Nevertheless, we are not surprise they left enbloc, not at all.

Before GE14, we were aware with at certain leaders at UMNO HQ were insensitive. They directly interfered and bulldozed their way in Sabah UMNO internal political affairs to promote a personal political agenda of someone.

That contributed to the GE14 disaster in Sabah and their political loss. They was silent revolt before GE14, and Sabah UMNO leaders and its members had enough.

It is inevitable that they come out of the shadow of UMNO. And, it is for the better as it allows them to focus on their state.

But to wriggle out from the claws of a bird of prey and return back into the jaws of the same crocodile, that is incomprehensible and logic defying politics beyond common rationale.

Perhaps, the basis is beyond money as claimed by a former Wanita UMNO leader. It is hard to take that in, because it is open secret that politics in Sabah needs money to even get attendance to events.

Some leaders confided that their hearts and minds will always remain on Sabah's MA63. If Mahathir betrayed them and not deliver, he will face a mass crossover too.

Yes sure ... a senior Sabah leader indebted to his mentor for his tertiary education but could get into a long standing feud over money, power and possibly sex.

What is stopping anyone of them from betraying the cause for personal wealth and glory?

Sink and swim?

In 1985, Mahathir betrayed Tan Sri Harris Salleh to jump into bed with Parti Bersatu Sabah within a year after announcing to sink and swim with Berjaya in the 1985 state election. Following Sabah riot in 1986, PBS was "forced" and accepted to join BN.

On the eve of  1990 election, PBS pulled out of BN and win. If not for the tengkolok Kristian slander against Tengku Razaleigh, Mahathir would have lost the general election. Many claimed credit to yours truly for that devious stunt, including arah Zam Maidin and a Tan Sri.

Subsequently, PBS won the 1994 state election too but by too slim a margin. There were defection of PBS assemblyman to BN and PBS lost the state. It was partly the success of Mahathir's long term Projek IC biru covert operation. 

If any Mahathir groupies denied and claimed he did not betray anyone, it means they are too young and still wet behind their ears.

This time around, Mahathir went into a partnership in 2017 to allow Dato' Shafie Apdal's Warisan to take care of Sabah for GE14. PH was victorious, but Mahathir's position is not of strength thus needed MPs to crossover to strengthen PPBM.

He started to waver on his promise.

Mahathir even reiterated will not expand wing to Sabah. Behind the scene he was taking advantage of feud between Tan Sri Musa Aman and Shafie.

And the feuding Shafie could smell from afar.

Suddenly words started to surface of 10 assemblymen, including UMNO's newly appointed State Liaison Chief, Dato Hajiji Mohd Nor, and Secretary Dato Masidi Manjun leaving UMNO to turn independent and it turned out true later.

Khairy claimed Hishamuddin Hussein Onn was behind this. Maybe but Hishamuddin was the one of the leader that wrecked UMNO Sabah before GE14

Hajiji is Musa Aman's main man. Yeah sure, they left on their own accord. Something was cooking when Hajiji chided Tempasuk assmblyman for joining Warisan.

Suddenly, a new rumour surfaced.

The narrative begin to change.

Musa was charged by MACC and Shafie could be easily blackmailed with his alleged corruption cases.

Mahathir sent his political secretary to Sabah to accept application forms to join PPBM and it is as good as confirmation that PPBM is entering Sabah.

Shafie quitened by threat and reluctantly supported PPBM's entry into Sabah. However, he was not around at yesterday's launch.

Musa-Shafie feud left UMNO but continued in PH.

The narrative continued to change.

Mukhriz "man", Datuk Mohd Rafiq Naizamohideen warned to wait for a surprise. Surely, it is not about the number that will attend the Penampang event.

Shafie was part of the 1985-94 Sabah politics. The KDMR community have been complaining about him and the squatter residents burning with their loots taken out ahead. So he should not be surprise with Mahathir's assurance.

Sabah thinks they know what they want, but Mahathr knows better what he wants!

Betraying MA63

In his 22 years as PM, Mahathir had no intention to fulfill MA63.

He used the political instability of Sabah and the then unfriendly PBS state government as excuse to deny Sabah their rights. Do the ex-Sabah UMNO frogs honestly believe Mahathir will honour his words?

The background behind Musli's plead to Guan Eng is his refusal to fulfill the promise in GE13 manifesto dubbed Kuching Declaration.

Read my lips. Not only Mahathir, but Guan Eng too will not honour Pakatan Rakyat's promise.

All one need to realise is the truth behind this blog's earlier claim he will use the Constitutional amendmemt to buy time.

He got it.

Dato Nancy Shukry earlier raised issue with the government for not showing a draft copy of the amendment.

Finally, it is revealed that the proposed amendment was not in the manner Sarawak seek for.

Sabah, Sarawak PH betrayed MA63

It is pointless to blame LDP Minister or the silence of Warisan or UPKO.

Sarawak PH itself turned out not to bother about MA63 but only on the next Sarawak state election.

Mahathir entered Sarawak through Bintulu, and Sarawak Report continued their onslaught of Pehin Sri Taib Mahmud. He too is looking at next PRN!

Only two years ago, LDP was vocal on Sabah rights under MA63 and the money from oil royalty due to them.

When in position. LDP Minister wavered. They were even bandishing an amendment that has no financial and economic significance.

The ex-Sabah UMNO are now in PPBM and now their lips are glued together. Sabah PH is even criticising Sarawak PBB and SUPP.

At least, independent Anifah could express his disagreement (statement below). If he start a new party, do not take these frogs in. They are too intellectually inadequate to understand happenings and learn from history.

Mahathir knows the proper way to do it is as Mat Maslan described.

Mat has a Sarawakian wife, thus understand and appreciate MA63.

Mahathir is not interested but only buying time to strengthen power and subsequently get to do things "my way" or no way.

He understand Sabah to well to want to control the state by taking advantage of its unstability. If there is not enough instability, he could create one.

"Deserve the government they chose"

Having travelled to Sabah, Sarawak and its interior, we came to understand them and became sympathetic with their plight. After 56 years of independent, it is unfair to allow the people to live in such destitute.

There was a time that we argued against Sabah's 20 points agreement claims. And, we viewed then that their predicaments is not the fault of Malaya but their own. Their green skin was the point of argument to show they were unreliable and ungovernable.

Upon meeting many sincere Sabahans, we changed our view and humanity should be beyond politics and words of law.

However, we are beginning to revert into thinking it is the fault of Sabahan leaders again and indirectly Sabahan people too. Mahathir used to repeatedly say, "the people deserve the government they choose".

Maybe what these politicians meant by restoring MA63 is to return back to the status before it was signed.

The return to be colony of Britain would suit them as it would be good for their self esteemed to be British again, British subject.

We were too young to remember. Life may have been great under British rule.

Pity the people for willingly being duped by their leaders. And, without economic development, my regular masseuer, "King" from Kudat will never secure employment to return to his kampong.



4 APRIL 2019

The proposed amendment to Art. 1(2) of the Federal Constitution to restore equal partnership of Sabah and Sarawak with the Federated States of Malaya is of utmost importance, not just to Sabahans and Sarawakians, but to all Malaysians.

However, whilst Sabahans and Sarawakians eagerly await the amendment, prudence dictates that it ought not to be rushed in view of the longer-term consequences and ramifications such an
amendment will have on the Borneon States.

The concept of equal partnership must be clearly expressed and clearly defined in actionable constitutional terms – in language that leaves no doubt as to the obligations and duties owed to Sabah and Sarawak by the Federation. It should be holistic and embrace the concept of Malaysia as a as a progressive, united, peaceful and harmonious nation.

It has long been a thorny issue and a cause of growing unhappiness amongst Sabahans and Sarawakians.

In view of its importance and consequences, the proposed amendment of Art. 1(2) should be bipartisan and involve all stakeholders. Specifically, the draft amendment Bill must be debated in both the Sabah and the Sarawak Legislative Assemblies and each Assembly must pass a resolution adopting and approving the contents of the proposed amendment. Only then will Parliament have the political and socio-cultural legitimacy to pass the proposed amendment.

As such, I urge the Federal Government not to be hasty as this may result in negative actions if it is not given the necessary attention and research before the amendment is made. We should be able to study all aspects of the proposed amendments before it is tabled in Parliament.

Therefore, it is proposed that the deliberations on the proposed Art. 1(2) amendment be deferred to
the next Parliament sitting instead.



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