Tuesday, April 22, 2008

BBC Hardtalk: "He is making use of the system in the worst ways"

That was the response Dr Mahathir gave when asked on Abdullah's superficial attempt to revive confidence in the judiciary.

He described it by saying, "He is making a political move, a very unpopular man trying to do something "right.""

The BBC Hardtalk interview with Dr Mahathir broadcast yesterday introduced him as "When he was Prime Minister his critics labelled him a racist and a dictator." That seem to be theme of attack throughout the interview.

He ended his interview socking the West where it really hurts - exploitative past, brutal represive present, and perpetual hipocrasy.

Dr Mahathir was asked on a wide range of issues from Abdullah Badawi, judiciary, NEP, trial of Anwar Ibrahim, VK Lingam tape, successor appointment and democrasy.

He seemed slightly disrupted in the early part of the show. Stephen Sackur was repeatedly firing rapid questioning in the midst of his answers to coerce him out of his usual stance.

But, Dr Mahathir held his position and even caught Sackur with wrong facts and unable to substantiate his allegations.

Read Biggum's report or Bernama's here. Interesting public comments on Rocky Bru's.

Till a You Tube version is available, the video of Dr Mahathir's interview is available from BBC website here.

This is one tough show to be on. Has Abdullah Badawi ever been on it?

As far as You Tube recording availability, there is one by Syed Hamid. To see how he fair, click the first part of his BBC Hardtalk here and it will lead to the rest of the interview.


bears said...

No doubt, say whatever you want to say, Tun still the best! Is there anyone who could match him? What Anwar? Nye, not even closed...! I still remember Anwar's interview with BBC last year...kaput !

Anonymous said...

you should see how anwar fared in hardtalk. that was laughable! can be viewed in tunkuaisha.blogspot.com

Letting the time pass me by said...

TDM is someone who knows what he is doing and have a strong believe in his judgement...

That is why he can express himself and can blast the western freely..

People may critisize him or bad mouthing him, but he really speak and tell the truth...

Maybe the west dont like him but respected him as someone who can talk and address the issue...

Maybe as Asian, we stil have the common believe that western is always better than us and our respect for them and our inferiority towards the western...

SAS KL said...

we need more leaders like Tun for Malaysia. Ahmad Badawi pls for the sake of my country, pls step down...........now!

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