Saturday, August 02, 2008

RM500,000 for liar war criminal, Tony Blair's 25 minutes bullshit

Dr Mahathir's blog latest posting title, Blair and the conspiracy of silence. appropriately described the strange silence to Blair's presence to deliver lecture in Kuala Lumpur.

The Perdana Global Peace Organisation press conference did not get the coverage it deserve. NST made a short news and wonder what page it is placed at. Their report is duplicated near verbatim by China news portal.

The Star only mentioned it under Dr Mahathir's cynical compliment of Wan Azizah. A day earlier, it gave coverage to liar war criminal, Tony Blair strolling at the Penang Butterfly with the picture showing him getting coverage by a UTK.

Internationally, google news revealed ANI report released on a Thai Indian news portal.

Strangely, Bernama gave a dignified coverage to this liar war criminal bullshiting about the formation of Abraham House to promote understanding between Christian, Judaism and Islam.

The remarks is an outright display of the ignorance aand bordering on naivety on the Middle East issues which he is attempting to undertake peace initiative through Interfaith understanding.

It seems retired Tony "B-lair" has turned spiritual and spending time with his The Blair Faith Foundation to promote interfaith interaction between Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, Hinduism and Buddhism.

Is this "B-liar"'s repentence for his past sin on Iraq? Huh!

Cynically speaking, the presence and financial support of foreign foundations like Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Foundation, Frederich Naumann Foundation, Becket Fund (USA) Inc. claiming to promote democrasy and interfaith understanding contributed to the tensioned interfaith situation in this country?

With Permatang Pauh by-election coming, keep Foundation for the Future in mind.

"B-liar"'s foundation will be no different!
Some Kamal Khalid or someone from teh royal household must be working extra hard to supress the relevant Dr Mahathir's remarks and gloss a better image of Tony "B-lair". None of the Malay newspaper gave a coverage to Dr Mahathir's remark.

Where is the claimed openness, Shabery?

However, one can always rely on the sensational British tabloid. Mail Online revealed Tony "B-liar" was on a two week luxury freebies.

Thats not quite correct though.

A source present at the lecture yesterday was told Tony "B-lair" worked hard for it. The Sultan Azlan Foundation paid RM500,000 for him to spend the 25 minute to "defend" his action on the Iraq invasion. What a waste?

What did Blair said yesterday for RM500,000?

Bernama news report as follows:

Rule Of Law Could Be Headache But Has More Good Than Bad: Blair

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 1 (Bernama) -- While abiding by the rule of law could give governments a headache, ultimately it outweighs the dire need for judicial freedom in any state, former British prime minister Tony Blair said Friday.

He said the rule of law ensured that politicians were not above the law and that their actions were governed by the rule of the land.

"Although the rule of law is an initiation of political leaders, like me, it is also a vital component for political success as it ensures an orderly society.

"It upholds the independence of the judiciary and at the same time, upholds fairness of the courts," he said when presenting a lecture entitled 'Upholding The Rule of Law: A Reflection'.

The lecture was the 22nd Sultan Azlan Shah Law lecture series organised by University Malaya.

Blair, who was British prime minister from May 1997 to June 2007, said one of the hardest things he encountered as prime minister was not making decisions but implementing the decisions made.

"This is because of the bureaucracy involved. The law comes first. Change may be quicker if it was not the law standing in the way. In the aftermath of the September 11 attacks, we decided to enact anti-terrorism laws but some of these laws ran smack against human rights values, like it was against human rights to prosecute someone forcibly," he told more than 1,000 people who attended the lecture.

He said the British government therefore, took extreme care in drafting its anti-terrorism laws but then again, convicting a suspect under these acts must be beyond reasonable doubt.

"But we could not prove beyond reasonable doubt. The House of Lords were adamant on this. But we could not allow these suspected terrorist to walk the streets. The House of Lords wanted these suspects convicted beyond reasonable doubt. But then terror struck. More than 10 people were killed," said Blair.

The former premier also said that while the rule of law was an important element in the judiciary, judges too, played a pivotal role which was to uphold the fairness of the courts.

"Judges too have a role to play... they must also follow the law. They should never be tainted with corruption. The public's confidence in the judiciary must be upheld at all times," he added.

Blair said a nation could have the best judicial system in place but if the judges of the country were tainted with allegations, then it was still a major problem.

He said there should never be "a delay in justice or justice only for the rich" as the rule of law required clear laws which were fair and dispensed at an equally-efficient pace to all who sought justice.

"I feel that the rule of law is necessary to ensure a stable and good government. It is necessary to ensure a peaceful, modern nation which can strive attracting investors who do not fear that their investment could be wiped out by a single law suit of a powerful person of the nation," he said.

Didn't my source said he is justifying his murderous action on Iraq?

Isn't this the ideal retirement? Getting honoured to tell a lie and being paid for it. And by a Muslim country.


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Pathetic....really pathetic. UM's Faculty of Law has always been controversial with their so called 'liberated ideas'. Be very cautious of this subtle infiltration of the highest order. One world, one religion, one order. Novus Odre Seclorum.

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