Thursday, June 18, 2009

The going gets tough, but nothing being done in UEM?

Many Tai Chi Masters in UEM and Khazanah pushing bad chi to others

When the Sime Darby Watch was revealing expose after expose of the inefficiencies of the new Sime Darby arising from the tri-merger of three major plantation companies, instead of engaging and answering various enquiries, Sime Darby hired a security consultant.

Maybe advised such, they instituted an intensive security measures to stem information leak. All PCs in Sime Darby are removed ports for thumb drives. Internet services are limited to Managers and only internal e-mailed allowed. No more are staff allowed free usage of scanners, faxes and other equipments.

The revelation of the Supplemental Agreement on Tuesday brought about the same reaction. Although the full agreement is not released yet, the existence of such agreement reflect badly on the management.

The rumour is UEM is engaging a security expert. If the top management and Directors are paranoid enough, do not be surprise that in addition to the measures done at Sime Darby, no more PCs and faxes will be allowed. There will be a security guard stationed at all photocopy machines. Typewriters, carbon papers and liquid papers will back in vogue at UEM. The good news is more job opening for messengers to replace faxes in sending documents.

No response is expected to come from UEM from this blog's Tuesday revelation. They are hoping this blog will just fade away. My assurance is that will not happen, just like this blog never stopped pounding on the ECM Libra-Avenue Asset merger.

Nothing positive is coming from the Management to address the situation, as one little bird described the management are just conjuring up excuses.

Khazanah has passed the buck to UEM Group to address the Qatar problem. No one in UEM seems to have a solution. The 26, 27 and 28th floor people just want to lay off their hands and let the 13, 14 and 15th floor cracked open their heads.

That is not fair because it is heard that a Consultant was hired to have made assessment of UEM Group and there is a massive hole about RM8 billion. The Consultant is not their auditors EY but PWC. Khazanah can't just keep quiet. Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar is on the Board of UEM Group.

In the midst of their worries, another little bird said the UEM Group people have yet to even hear any presentation and planned any legal strategy with their lawyers in Dubai.

An anon comentator revealed that the mistake of not getting the Supplemental Agreement signed by the Qatari was Tan Sri Dr Tajuddin Ali's. He presumed that by being nice to them, they will be nice when things go wrong.

It is bewildering to ponder the version of Code of Conduct the Directors he adhered to, because their foremost responsibility should be to safeguard the Company's interest and not about the Melayu thing to ambil hati.

As it is, the UEM Builders Chairman, Dato Rahim Bakar and top managements are down in Sydney, Australia for a brainstorming session. There will be no winter golf. They are too scared after this blog mentioned about it.

UEM Group Chairman Tajuddin Tan Sri Dr Tajuddin Ali and few members of management are in Vietnam for 10 days exploring opportunity for subcontracting from a Vietnamese main con. One can only hope they do thorough research before pursuing any contract abroad. The preliminary stage does not require the top man but the technical and legal people. Vietnam can really be a fun place to be, dudes.

A little bird is saying the MD of UEM Builders, Datok Ridza Abdoh will be sent to manage PLUS by Khazanah. You buddy buddy with Azman Mokhtar, he can sing enjit-enjit semut siapa sakit naik atas. That way he can avoid going to Qatar. Off course, UEM does not answer to speculation. He didn't go to Qatar for a ceremoney recently thus adding more to the speculation of police wanting to arrest him.

By the look of things, the management is hoping to secure sufficent projects to counter the negative impact from the Qatar legal suit. One can expect them to create a great hoopla in the media when they secure some contracts abroad.

Before the media blitz could be thought off, the Sultan of Johor have issued a statement through the Tengku Mahkota of Johor himself to reject the proposed third bridge. HRH still insist on destroying the Causeway. That is a real damper for UEM. Why? Lets not reveal it yet. It's too early and needs confirmation. The last we should do is to spoil Dato Najib's plans.

But that is not the only bad news for UEM Group. UEM Land had one of its prospective buyer pulled out of the 43.5 acre land in the Puteri Harbour project. Thats RM396 million sales and yet MD, Dato Wan Abdullah can claim it has no impact on company's results. Thats equally bewildering.

The deal lapsed due to issues on the term of the S&P. The grapevine at the JB State Secretary Building is saying no real sales have been completed at Iskandar Johor, particlularly the UEM Land projects. The Middle East investors wants a put option on their purchases i.e. a buyback guarantee with a reasonable return of investment. If Malaysian government and companies can give guaranteed return to Malaysian, why should it give to them?

UEM Land is in such desperation for their gated Medini project with access to the second crossing that they are even providing transportation from Singapore for prospective buyers. Did Tun Musa Hitam said IRDA is not a land sale to Singaporean and deny accusation that Iskandar Malaysia is Singapore's Johor Expansion Region (SJER)?

Despite all the headache to bosses of UEM and State Government, IRDA managers are getting five months bonuses. That is another story.

Khazanah should be sending an ICU team into UEM. As it is, they are clueless. The only thing this paper shufflers can think off is to do another "Time Engineering." And that is another story too.

Now this blogger is having a headache.

If this is the way things are going, should the Supplemental Agreement be revealed to get attention of all parties all the way up to the Ministers and Prime Minister for something to be done?


Anonymous said...

Mana ada tingkat 14 kat UEM HQ. Kalau benda kecik mcm ni dah salah, fakta yg lain tu boleh pakai ker?

Anonymous said...

This is what we call ...'incompetent at all level' !!

Malaysia Boleh !!


Anonymous said...

6 month bonus eh? wow..
they talked it is gawat la..but still they can sponsor a golf event with sum at least RM 3 million...even pay for golf star to play with sum more than RM 50K...thats what i heard la...the sad is bonus for staff sikit better this year tak payah kerja rajin2...they dont appreciate us...

George Choo said...


You have done a great job in exposing UEM just like what Izzuddin have done on SIME DARBY WATCH.Keep up the good work.I also hope that some bloggers who are experts in the affairs of PETRONAS and the GLCS should set up PETRONAS WATCH and GLC WATCH respectively. I also hope Izzuddin revive the SIME DARBY WATCH.

Kama At-Tarawis said...

Voice, chi or no chi, I baca this posting pun pening...ini betul2 tangled web..

Anonymous said...

Hmmm..abisla tadak bonus tahun ni!!

Dah ler kena pindah ke sini, parking punyalah mahal nak mampus. Adeke disuruhnya kami parking kat Faber Tower pas tu naik shuttle ke sini. Bukan semua tempat tinggal kami ni ada LRT/Kommuter.

Ko block la camna pun, keluar jugak citer2 dlm ni.

Mana mau lari??

Penghuni MERCU

antubiul said...

Haiya what so fussy, EPF money got ma just bail them out la

Anonymous said...

We heard murmurs la..yesterday evening..abt mgmt worried abt leakages..after all, 17th floor was flooded abt 2 wks ago due to leakages of the water tank. So, leakages is synonym oredi with Mercu.

So, wat they want to do? Print all fon record ka? Body check ka? I thot we always to dat during SFA..hehehe..My MD greatest legacy..

Oso, now got so many little birds in here..mgmt say must find who this little birds..Haiya..they think we kuliketif got access to such info ka? Lu org pikir sindiri la. It's obvious wat..ur geng oso maa..Haiya..itu pun mau ajar ka? No wonder suma project UEM fail..suma tak bole tutup account. We got bozos as our bosses. Mau nama ka? Bole..Itu Hj XXX, Hj XXX..En A..Mr. T..hehehe..Ms...suma YES BOSS..BRILLIANT IDEA BOSS..HANSEM BOSS..CUN BOSS..BOLE KAUTIM BOSS..LINGKUPPPP...

Don in one of the mamak cafe dat got trace la.

Mr. X

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:45PM

Kan bos dah cakap jgn layan..yg ko layan jawab buat apa..mental camni la yg bos2 kat HQ suka!

Tingkat berapa HQ tu tak penting..kalau nak ikut pentingnya tingkat..kau pun tau kan..bangunan ni sepatutnya 40 tingkat..tapi buatnya sampai 29 jer..Ni suma pasal bos ko si Husin tu la..nak design meruncing rugi 10 tingkat!!! Tapi takpa..UEM banyak duit..rugi takpa..bukan duit dia pung.

Fakta lain yg ko tanya bole pakai ke pikir sendiri la beb..KO PUN TAU KEBENARAN NYA!

Brader Voice..Kasi telanjang suma kecurangan dlm Group ni..Kluarkan Supplementary Agreement tu!!..Biar diaorg tau tinggi ke rendah langit ni.


Anonymous said...


8 Billion OF THE PEOPLEs MONEY is a very very big hole & if this is true, I urged the Government to investigate! For that matter, any losses SHOULD be investigated.

We are surely heading for another scandal like PKFTZ. To our opposition MP's, I urge our PR YB's to highlight this outrageous raping of OUR treasure in the Parliment, please..I voted for you folks.

To MACC, do you good people need a report before you can investigate? Please do your job and get to the bottom of this.

Mr. Voice, Well Done!


Anonymous said...



Donplaypuks® said...


You should do an expose on how much UEM Management spent for this trip to Oz and send ot to Najib.

A retreat at a local resort like Genting, Tioman, Langkawi or Redang won't do?

Remember, Govt, meaning TAXPAYER, money was used to bail out UEM ($3 billion?). Many lost their pants in that forced rescue. So, we have every right to ask them to be transparent and economical.

Anonymous said...

Yelah bro, budaya ini betul betul macam kat MAS. Yes boss dan kaki ampu semua kau kau. Wait for my blog MAS LIBERATORS for more JALA failures !!

Anonymous said...

MR Anonymous at 6.47pm

let me guess..

Haji Hamid, Haji Shaidin, Mr. Thomas Simon, En.Azlee (mayb wrong).. fren said..this person is so suck..

His MD Ridza Abdoh i think so, suka jamming kat Faber Tower, ground floor at ICC Dept (which is according my fren the HOD of ICC Dept surely fall asleep at 3 pm..ermm see thats y UEM Builders lingkup)...

SFA (saturday for all) macam sial...

pergi amik tender kat cambodia sampai 10 orang..

At HR Dept sampai 3 - 4 orang assistant manager..

So please Dato Izzudin or Izzadin..

save UEM Group...

or else..damn u!!

p/s fan of PLUS but right now no more love after plus so the power n buli "his" adik PROPEL..Noorizah u r next...

Anonymous said...

UEM Builders mana tahu nak cari business..

apa kata korang semua pegi tanya staff - staff uemb (builders)..kenapa Kelab Sukan UEMB tak buat lagi AGM...

sebabnya pemeriksa kira - kira tak reti buat kerja sampai hilang RM 20,000...until now tak dapat cari mana pegi duit tu..

ni kan pulak nak handle projek overseas...podahhhhh

yang kelab pon lingkup..staff lain..ada tau pasal isu nie?? no..

so UEM Builders sapa perosak nya..i'll tell u later!!!

Anonymous said...

Wahhh..good to see so many UEMG staff expressing their feeling and anger at the ways things are turning out either in Faber Tower, PLUS HQ and even Mercu.

How about the ppl in Bukit Raja, Pharmaniaga? Don u have anything to say about the few hundred millions gone the drain for their misadventure in China? Can u imagine getting into a business in a foreign land without any proper due diligence is carried out? It doen't end there. It gets worse coz because they are bloody clever ppl, they deposited the money into their JV partners company account instead of their JV Co account! Its definately more than RM300M. How stupid can one be??

How about the RM110M pharmaceutical factory in Puchong for a business that is already going south? Mau bikin apa kat situ? Futsal court ka? Lagi untung kan?

And what about the Indonesian venture? Jual jamu & ubat kuat kan lagi bagus. Heck man..are u guys going to keep quite while they keep on "raping" us?

How about Costain? To those who doesn't know, this company is in the UK. United Kingdom not Ulu Kelang. So its Pound Sterling. This company Costain is sucking us dry. How much money have we been pumping into this company to keep it afloat & only God knows doing wat as a business entity. One thing for certain, Ahmad Pardas used every opportunity he had for Board Meeting to visit his children there. First Class return ticket 26,000 & 5 star hotel for a minimum of 5 days stay. WTF!!

PLUS?? Sikit jam lagi MINUS la. If AMO got any brains left, why on earth u wan to put Ridza there. Why didn't we get the toll increase? It's because they did not complete the third lane widening of NSE, Penang Bridge widening & all sorts of other widening. They only know how to widen the debt! Imagine this: Client: PLUS. Project Manager: OPUS Contractor: UEM. U put Larry, Moe & Curly in a room, can u imagine the result! Stupidity at the highest degree!!

CIMA plak. Can u imagine. Even their In-house project, I mean Larry, Moe & Curly type of situation, dont buy cement from them. I wonder why?? Is it because the other sister companies cant spell cement?? The top echelon only knows semen!! This company is just waiting to be hive off to other companies. Cement business is a tightly control mafia. Only a handful doing this business. So basically, each cement company control their own turf, so to speak. Itu pun tak boleh untung ka? Apa ni? So, CIMA employees, speak up la brader. Let the shareholders know what you think is wrong with the company.

How about Faber people? I think it wont be long before your sisters suck u dry. Faber is debt-free after having shed Sheraton Hotels & other development that is losing money. They are sitting on a 300m cash pile, if my memory served me right. BUT, the MD, Adnan is TOO SCARED to do anything. Preferring to keep it as it is so that his KPI looks cantik. BUT, they are practicing cronyism! Check this if you think I am wrong. Go after Anuar Aji! A company in Kepong selling auction cars doing Faber Union construction job. Apa nih??


Anonymous said...


U mentioned Time Engineering. How on earth can a company that have the largest fibre-optic infrastructure network in this land gone bust? Lepas tu sapa tapau company ni? Whose hand-job was that?

As far as we are concerned, this so call re-structuring is a cover-up. Don just get ICU, bring in MACC as well. Teach these guys a lesson. If they are wrong, they must be responsible & accountable. Get UEMB to built a new prison, locked all of them in there & throw away the keys!! Location no problem as Faber have lots of landbanks!

One other thing. A lot of good people have left UEMG in disgust. Many did very well with other companies. They practice how not to be UEM. It's utterly embarrasing.

Look at Raja Azmi, the former CFO of Group, the anointed successor. I'm sure he can write a book about UEM. He recently left to be the CEO in ZELAN. We wish him all the very best.

Ridza, we know about GLUCON BUILDERS SDN BHD, about your Indian buddy. If you have any moral left in you, sebagai seorang Muslim, RESIGN la. Save yourself from any further embarrassment. Save the company from further trouble. Disband lah Rockatua, stop Saturday For All..

Rahim Bakar..I think you have done more than enough damage already. We think it's time la u bid sayonara.

Little Bird

Anonymous said...

Anybody with any experience would have seen the signs...UEM is very poorly managed but the Board and Khazanah was sleeping soundly.

All the good people and naturally more outspoken were victimised.As their talents are welcomed elsewhere,they just upped and left.What was left in UEM was a bunch of confused,inexperienced officeboys and pen pushers.

Thanks to the ineffectual leadership of Ahmad Pardas,Ridza among others..and a misguided Board.

UEM is now an empty shell...the skills,talents,systems developed during the NS Highway is now gone forever.

Anyway,thats all irrelevant now.

Anonymous said...

OPUS formerly KINTA KELLAS. Wat can we say. Just another glorified post-master. OPUS charges 2.00 - 4.00 % for postal & despatch services. Not bad la. We think they are profitable since they don invest in other things except human being & stationaries.

So good Suhaimi Halim runs his business out of New Zealand, in spite of a certain board member making quick stop-over in Melbourne to visit his children, that Rahim Bakar has decided to MERGE OPUS AND UEM BUILDER into a single entity.

The new set-up will be called OPUS BUILDER. Gone will be the name UEM so synonym with the existing infrastructure & building icons in Malaysia.

So, the good people of UEM Group specially UEMB. Say your piece before it's too late. Make it known to your shareholders how disappointing it has been seeing the Group disintegrating into smithereens.

U and I know that we can rise again but on the conditions these blood-suckers, selfish and arrogant SOB's leave the scene. And I mean a total shake-up from the owners right to the managements.

Little Bird will stop transmitting for now. The heat is on. The so-called inner circle is being targeted as the mole.

But the question remains, where am I at the moment? Being alone in the hotel room can be inspiring. But which country? Australia or Vietnam?

Little Bird

Anonymous said...


Biar betul??


Anonymous said...

MERCU UEM Feng Sui no good la. It's tappered top design is like the tip of a dagger or sword. So, anyone working in there, will "die" la.

But, got exception la. You put UEMGrp in KLCC oso will die. So, Feng Sui NOT applicable to them...hehehe..

But seriously, just take a good look at the building you will know what I mean. Not trying to scare away the tenants...

Mr. Wong

Anonymous said...

i think OPEUM builder sounds better...everyday hepi only no need work...rockatua, sfa..then can be one big hepi famili..

Hepi staff

Anonymous said...

We are UEM staff based at IJN. Let it be known to the public that UEM has delayed this project for more than a year. Finally we have a PD that don't give a damn to the ppl at HQ and bulldozed this project. Azizan Hashim is the PD.

UEM don pay their sub-contractors & consultants. They expect these ppl to work for free, to die for you? PLZ la..Lucky for them, IJN is now paying directly to them. Class A builder ka lebih teruk dari Cap Punai Construction!! Malu la wehh..Direct payment to subcon.

IJN has imposed LAD on us. Its almost RM 210,000,000!!! and still growing sbb CPC belum isu lg. The initial contract was RM226,000,000. Now, coz of delay, MoF cut the contract to below RM200,000,000.

LAD much more than contract!! Kayu betul la mangkuk-mangkuk HQ ni. Bodoh tahap cipan!

SEBENARNYA, THE TOP MANAGEMENT HAD PURPOSELY SLOW DOWN THIS PROJECT. We know about this la. Otherwise why MD sent kuda tempang, kayu reput Azlee & Jais dgn Saidin munafik tu kacau project ni..Jawab la bangang woiii..kalau ada telur la..


Come July 1, this national icon will open to public. Come visit. It's beautiful.

Wisma Sejarah

Anonymous said...

When UEM lost the Penang Bridge concession why was there no investigation and heads chopped - Ahmad Pardas, Board of Directors of UEMG, Ridza who was entrusted by UEMG to manage the concession on behalf of UEMG and to undertake the construction, his staff in UEMB including Roslan Ibrahim & the gang who seem to be incompetence and the Board of Directors of UEMB. They are responsible for the loss of potential profits - RM millions. All these people should be removed for the failure to retain the Penang Second Crossing concession & for the loss of RM million profits.

Anonymous said...

Opus merging with UEMB or eating up UEMB?? How come so mute one? No one saying anything? Opus boys now become our bosses la.Teach us something we done know.Sure become blind leading the blind.

Does dat mean jamming studio gone?

UEMB Staff

Anonymous said...

Bro..allow me to re-produce the comment by Anon 7:28 & my reply. TQ Sir

Anonymous said...

hmm.. perhaps u should get your info on UEM from another little bird. you got it all wrong. why dont u post the reply from UEM chairman on your blog as well. u dont have it? aisey fire your bird la or BBQ it even better

7:28 PM

So where's the statement from the fuckup Chairman? The little bird is just confirming what we have been hearing all this while.
So, be a sport la. Let's have it. Coz, we, the staff, surely haven't seen it. Unless it's the internal memo you are referring to. THAT memo is to bribe us all!!Maybe oso u aka Saidin/Zanaim/Thomas Simon/Chris still cooking the reply la.Can't be Azlee, he's too stupid. Ms Ng in Abu Dhabi.
FYI, Anon 7:28 is the typical parasite that's been used by the top mgmt to suck the RAKYAT's money!

See You Monday, Amigo

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:22

Dat Second Penang Bridge I think 4th Floor & Khazanah got a hand in it.If I can say so la,we got played out by the Chinese oso.But, cant blame them isnt it..they are businessmen too.We say got played out but actually we went in like a blind cock wanting to screw the duck.Usual UEMG excuse,not my company wat,not my ass!

Maybe, some1 can explain how HRA TEGUH SB can parachute into the P2X.I believe Little Bird sure know one...hint:hint: FiL/SiL..with AMO approval(?)

Bottomline is, UEMG is a piggy bank!! That's a fact! Unless of course Anon 7:28 think this is another bullshit story.

Little Bird's Macai

Anonymous said...

UEM sekarang cukup teruk skrg ni ..banyak anak syarikat under UEM skrg menghadapi masalah kewangan yang kritikal

perubahan CEO baru pun belum tentu dapat mengubah UEM Group keluar dari krisis ini .. projek UEM builders di qatar memang rugi dan banyak masalah yang dihadapi oleh UEMB dari kerajaan Qatar.

Anonymous said...

Big applause to u bro!

Kasi telanjang abis bro. People like them should 'bogel' kan. Baru sedar. If not, they never know! They think they are perfect enough. But yet useless or even worst. Come on la bro, we all are the same. No matter who you are & where your from. Little bird, big bird, datuk, tan sri and other 'poyos' title, they are still human with 'otak'. Some 'otak' some 'nafsu'. The combination will pull down everything.

Berhenti la nk tegak kan benang yang basah. Anta email to all staff la. Ape ni? What a waste la. Now people can conclude who is right & who is wrong! Jangan ingat semua senyap, korang bleh wat suka ati je. Yes boss! Boss hensem le ari ni! Boss punya kete mengancam ler! Ayat kipas ni depan je la. But deep inside, siapa tahu!

Bro, please reveal more! We support you. Caya lah. Ini baru telus.

Pasal Kelab UEMB, mmg macam 'toya'. Aku mmg bengang btol. Dah le potong duit gaji suma staff group. Mmg le tak banyak. Tapi kalu suma staff group, tak ke berkoyan! Staff group yg kt site bleh nganga je la. Dah le kalu ada staff site nk join company tak support. Kena pegi sendiri. Pe kes beb! Staff kt HQ la paling bahagia. Adil ke ni? tak der portion ke kt staff site. Sedih btol. Staff site punya le penat siap kan projek semata-mata nak 'pump' duit kt group tapi....u pikir la sendiri! Ting...tong...duit cmpany tak cukup tarik plak duit Kelab UEMBangang ni. Sonok kan amik duit orang, tak yah susah2 berpanas kat site siapkan projek or duduk 8 jam dalam tong besi kutip tol hari-hari. Pikir le sikit. Nasib le dah tak potong skang ni...tapi nanti dah abis duit tabung sila le kutip lagi. Korang jawab le nanti. Kubur asing2. Tapi kalu kubur seblah aku pn payah jugak. Bising dok kena tibai! Ye la, aku pn bukan bagus sangat. Aku pun kena tibai jugak. Dah cukup bising. Huhu.

Lagi satu pasal salary ni. Dari YES ke kontrak staff. Kenape ada perbezaan. Dulu standard je...same je rate. Tapi skang dah lain. Just to share...tahu ape alasan @ alasetan yang di berikan. Background teknikal lain rate & management lain. Kapala otak betol! Dulu bleh je standard je. Time interview tak ckp plak 2. Ape ni? Ok la company kena paham le. Fine. Statement different background la watever la. Tapi ada gak yg background teknikal tak dapat seperti mana yg di janjikan. Bulu kami tak cukup EMAS ke? Sejak bila statement ni berkuatkuasa? Ada ke yang tahu? Lu pikir ler sendiri...Best part...tahun ni ada YES yg convert dpt lebih plak. Tak paham aku. Bulu platinum baik punyer kes le ni. HR tolong jawab. Lagi best nyer kes, ada staff yg dah permanent pun bleh down gred balik ke kontrak. Ayooo! Macam kaldai le. Kata projek besar-besar, company international tapi benda kecik ni pun tak standardize! Pe barang. Tak percaya? Pegi ler tanya staff masing2. Bulu oh bulu!

Kepada Tuan Punya Blog, sila bogelkan lagi. Kasi telanjang. Somethings should be transparent!

Kepada yang terasa tak payah ler nak block blog ni. Kecian. Sibuk betul kan statement. Buang karan je! The best thing is reform balik. Kasi terang. Jangan suram2. Caya lah Tuan Blog!

Benci Kroni.

Anonymous said...

We the staff of UEMB will do-and-die for our MD, Dato' Ridza.
Dato', trust us that we won't let you walk alone.
We support you, that's for sure.
Let the little "burung punai" sang his annoying song.
During bad time, we suppose to hand-in-hand to overcome the difficulties.

Anonymous said...

We dont want to walk with u, Mr MD. We want you MD Ridza Abdoh Salleh, Saidin, Thomas Simon,Azlee,Ms Ng,Shorty Tan, TO RESIGN. You are the Enam Jahanam UEMB. Include oso ur cronies that u hv brought in over the years. Chairman Rahim Bakar oso can go back to the hole you came from. We don need you! Talk a walk!!

UEM Staff Oso.

Anonymous said...

Little Bird's Macai

setuju dgn Anon 3:56 AM
MD Ridza is great.The problem dari mgmt lama..dia yang banyak selesaikan.
You tengok sendiri lah >>berapa hebat dia buat factory for P2X..bukan kerja senang beb??Berapa kerat orang kita bolih???

Jangan make noise kosong..have to appreciate real talent orang kita.

Anonymous said...

Dato Ridza, please check ur BAND BOY attitude at ground floor at ICC Dept..

I still remembered when one of the pc at ICC Dept lost..the staff urged to see the CCTV..but until now the video cant see..why?? sapa yang curi..

Bring girls at night..dont use front door bila ada latihan nyanyi - nyanyi kat situ...always use back door...if...ifffff barang hilang..cctv tak dapat tgk la wei..

hey u all..for those supporting dato ridza...he brings trouble so much..

Alat music RM 40k ++, renovation to build studio jamming thousand plus...NI APA NI!!!!!!!!

benda kecik macam ni tak leh handle..projek - projek kat luar lagi la...displin staff macam apa ntah..

by the way, we so lega when this blog bring up this matter..stupid management..especially UEMB..

LEGA dapat luahkan rasa perasaan tak puas hati.

Cuba lepaskan kat top management..mampuih la..yellow card, green card n red card...stupid!!

I still remembered, we used to have chat box at our UEMB Intranet..but staff start to blame management, terus TUTUP!!! people from HR la nie..hantu RAYA!!!

UEMB survive (macam nyawa ikan) because of PROPEL n PBSB..

if dua - dua ni

receiptionist yang pandai kipas boss terus dapat jadi exec..see..pasal projek jahanam!!!

dulu keluar email...orang yang da nak pencen tak kan disambungkan?? ye keeeeeee...r u sure??

UEMB banyak sgt masalah...please throw out for those yang tak buat kerja!!!

we love UEMB..

Zahrin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Sure la Datok..we ARE loyal staff..loyal to the Company, UEM. Sure we walk with you..that way you will not walk alone. But, you are not walking straight how? YOU walked like a crab, so we cant walk with you now. You and your boys created this you get your boys to hold your hand la. As I said.. WE ARE LOYAL TO UEM Not YOU!!

Loyal UEM Employee

Anonymous said...


Loyal Site Staff.

Anonymous said...

Saya rasa tidak salah kalau sesebuah syarikat menyediakan beberapa kemudahan kepada kakitangannya, seperti studio dan alat-alat muzik. Sesetengah syarikat ada menyediakan gymnasium, padang bola, dan sebagainya. Janganlah kerana ada kakitangan yang kaki bangku, yang tidak tahu bermain sebarang instrumen, kemudahan yang disediakan untuk yang berkebolehan ini diungkit dan dikatakan membazir. Seingat saya, band kita mempunyai penyanyi wanita, mungkin mereka inilah yang anda katakan "Bring girls at night..dont use front door bila ada latihan nyanyi - nyanyi kat situ". Jangan tabur fitnah kalau bukan mata kita sendiri yang nampak. Kalau ada saksi, sila kemukakan sebagai bukti. Walaupun saya tidak berapa minat dengan muzik, tapi saya sokong syarikat kita mempunyai band muzik sendiri. Saya akan komen issue yang lain di post seterusnya.

Anonymous said...

Dear all staff of UEM and the blog owner, I just pass by this blog.
To Blog owner, I notice that you are one of the staff in UEM and yet no to be in management level but know some buddy up there and down there. Knowing the up and down with memo and letter and some news from the management. I feel very sad bout what you have done to this poorly UEM company.. As for you, just to let you know, I feel you cannot get in to high level, becos you are too shot seeing, only doing something that will feel good for your own and it is consider very selfish. If you are good and got good idea, why don’t you tell your boss in front? So you can get notice by the management.
Now, is the bad time for everyone, if you are one of them, why you like to do this? You are getting pay monthly from the company. Let say, the company cannot get any jobs, so where your friend and all the staff go? No jobs, no salary. Do you think is easy to get a new jobs now?
For your info, as I notice, Malaysia now is having down time and bad time; ever your country is jobs less. In the economic side, construction is most ever to blast up the economic in one country. You can see in the news, when a country is having big construction activity like Dubai, UAE, Saudi, US, London... and so on. A lot of people will get a lot of opportunity to work, no only saying for engineer, workers and other section too.
A company, reputation is bad it not referring to the top management only. IF YOU ARE ONE OF THE STAFF, you also are the reputation of one of them. The company is no for top management, is all the staff to form company. This means you are no doing your job well. Do you responsible to the company and your friend who will be jobless? Yes. Do you will pay them the salary, food? Everyone is trying there very best for the company to pass the bad time now, reading from your blog, “They are getting suit.” And study the blog you recommended “supermen”. Is that any meaning of the management making wrong decision or the staff or the person who do the jobs no good? OR the other country government wrong?

For the UEM staff at the project of IJN.. Comment..
My dear, you are a staff of the project. When you notice something is not right at the time of the project you need to review it to your bosses. If you are clever, you will help your company to get though the problem and told your company management level know about the problem. Not after project getting a biggest problem only sound in this blog. Do you know why you didn’t tell the management level? Becos you are selfish, you think you only a workers and I am sure you are counting day by day “when is the salary will coming”, “when will be having bonus”, “when have holiday”, “make sure that is no less in your salary but more”. How to claim your company more and don’t know how to help your company to grown. For all the reason then you will say, “I only a staff why I need to think so much, the top guy will do the entire thing we will follow it and they will find way to finish the problem”. So, why you sound it out here? If you are unhappy of them, just find a job and get loss. I am sure the management will be very happy on it, and I will sure you will never happy ever you got a new job and biggest salary, becos your knowledge is too little just like the others little bird not going to the big view.

AS for your info, normally a lot of things, the top management don’t know the problem, and sometime they will misunderstand in somewhere and somehow by the on who are giving info. They only viewing the report and the person they trust like you and all others staff. They are fully hoped and support from you to the company, sad to say that they are very less people is doing this. The top management have they own duty and thing to be do, if all order is from the top management will you think there are stupid? If they are, they won’t be in the management level but are you.

Unknown said...

To All U loyal UEMGroup staff:

We think we are on to something here. Something GOOD..for the Group.

We know this blog is highly popular in the Group now & we are pretty sure that this blog will have its accessed blocked very very soon. We hope they won't go that far.

All what we need is for the management and the shareholders, Khazanah to answers to the question put forward by A Voice: IS THE DELISTING OF UEM GROUP TO COVERUP A MAJOR LOSS?

However, during the course of Voice's expose, we conclude that the staff, the loyal & unloyal alike, have so much to say about the corruption and mismanagement of the Group especially in UEM Builder. Let's not forget, UEMB contributes to more than 50% of the Group's earnings.

If you have anything to say, to inform us, of ANYTHING at all and AFRAID of the impact on your job, please email us at It will be discreet & treated with real care.

This is not a start to something like Sime Darbay Watch as we have our day (and night!) job in the Group too. YES, we are working here too just like you and me, busting our butt like you too, and seeing and living the experience of how these bosses throwing it all away. That's why you see many little little birds here now in Mercu.

What's the end game? We don't know..yet. But somehow we have made a few friends in & out of the blogsphere. We just want the powers that be to take note & correct the wrongs and faults in the Group. All this while it's been kept underwrapped for reasons only known to them.

UEMGroup BELONGS TO THE RAKYAT & not to privileged few.

In meanwhile keep the comments in this blog coming..Let's give them some really good shockers..

Anonymous said...

org dah nak pencen dpt sambung kontrak? Kaki bodek jer yg dpt. Hamid & Saidin la..dua ekor mamat bagidol tu! Hamid kat Saudi buat apa pun tak tau la.Keje sub Labor jer .subcon!! Apelah nak jadi nih woiii!!

Si saidin kaki bodek surelah..hri2 kipas MD.keje tak reti.tak malu ke makan gaji lain tak buat keja bagai nak rak kena balun.

Anonymous said...

General that u? As usual defending the BOSS!! Hehehe..HIDUP Mr. TAN..

A Voice said...

Anon 9:49 PM

I am not a staff of UEM. Never was and never will.

I am sure you can give a more mature and competent argument than playing sentiment.

How shallow is the argument that I am someone who can't make it in UEM. Thus, I am doing all these towards a company.

You should be a rural area MOP with that kind of arguments.

Did you ever remind yourself that UEM is a public company with more stakeholders than your staff and big bosses.

There is Joe Public here who is not happy with the way UEM is going.

The question of hiding losses from the public is a sin. It is an attempt to coverup for ulterior reasons!

The culpit has to be punished. An incompetent and corrupt politician get booted. Why corporate man get away with such "murderous" act?

Anonymous said...


Avid Reader of your Blog

Swallow on Mercu top said...

Anon 9:49

If you sit for SPM next year, you sure fail English paper. Your English pathetic.

No wonder you bodek boss. You are not qualified to work for UEM. Did you join via back door entry thru Ridza?

Anonymous said...

No wonder UEM is in deep got ppl like ANON 9:49om to write reports! I hope this person is not part of the team defending UEM Salwa Road screw-up. I suggest UEMG better send these bunch of people to ENGLISH classes first! Ayoyo karawale...Sapa interview ini budak??

Unknown said...

Larry, Mow & Curly..hahaha..Good One!! Correct..correct..correct..

I love this blog!!

Thank Voice..Now u give us a reason to express our opinion!! Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10.02 am.

Engkau kata "MD Ridza is great.The problem dari mgmt lama.."

Bro, when you are in a company for almost 3 years you are the old management. I don't think he can blame anyone else.

Bila En Ridza baru datang ke UEMB dia pandai blame old management juga.

Unknown said...

It's so easy to blame whatever messed we are in now on the previous management. It's a standard excuse for the GLC bosses pinning the blame to someone else. Especially when the person accused is no more in Khazanah's payroll. TNB CEO also uses this excuse. It's like in Khazanah SOP Book Of Excuses, Vol. 1 page 1, No. 1!

Ever since UEM entered the GLC family in 2001 and the restructuring of UEMW in 2003, UEMW had enjoyed a steady increase in revenue and profitability with revenue streams growing from RM359 million in 2003, RM2,862 million in 2004 to RM 3,257 million in 2005. Corresponding PATAMI is RM314million in 2003, RM63.45 million in 2004 and loss of RM103.8 million in 2005.

Ahmad Pardas took over from Abdul Wahid Omar in July 1, 2004. That's when the rot started to set in.

His inability to work with Dato’ Mohd Nor Idrus (DMNI), the Managing Director of UEMB, was obvious. In the case of DMNI, he was given an early retirement for the blame assigned to him for the losses suffered by both UEMW and UEMB in the Qatar projects. With DMNI out of the way, another crony, Ridza Abdoh was appointed the MD/CEO of UEMB.

UEMB under the helm of Ridza started to lose its lustre and reputation of a capable and well paying contractor.

This is because he had no previous experience as a Contractor in spite of his engineering qualifications as a great part of his career was spent in JKR as an administrator. It was therefore of no surprise that the JKR style of management slowly crept into the management of UEMB and now the threat of not meeting project deadlines, prompt payment to subcontractors became more and more apparent. More bureaucratic systems and processes were put in place and this further bogged down the efficient manner on which UEMB was built on over the last 15 years.

If the downfall was squarely on the previous management, why did Ridza in 2005 claimed that whatever losses incurred is Qatar is "..due to the country inflation, price escalation – all these are claimable items from the Qatari Government"?

Why was it when the opportunity presents itself for UEMGroup to rectify the Condition of Contracts, with was deemed bias, with the Qataris, we chickened out?

The buck stops at you la, Ridza. If you don't resign at you own free will, more stories will emerge & you might just end up working for Burung Punai Entertainment Services!!

Anonymous said...

Budak-budak SFA dah kluar boys dah bersuara...hehehe..phirahhh!!!
I wonder, how many percent do u boys & groupies contribute to the Group growth & revenue?
Like that I propose under the merger change to OPEUM Entertainment.It seems we are good at other things except Construction.

BandBoys Suxs
Groupies Cun!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:02pm

What's so bloody "hebat" about that P2X factory???

Budak2 Procurement team P2X kayo-kayo apa citer??

Hebat lah pasal godfather ada payung sama korang. Selamat la..for now. Ke nak di "TOTAL TRADE" kan sama MACC Penang? Bukak balik Pulau Jerejak tu penuh dgn org UEMG/B gamaknya nanti. Report DI mau ka? Boleh kasi tanam rumput ramai-ramai kat situ. Amacam Roslan?

Bodoh macam lembu sampai bole kena tangkap sapu duit P2X!! Real talent kunun!!

"Panas" weh kat site ni!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Life4youisGood, your ID quite familiar, tapi di mana ya?

Anonymous said...

Ridza infected wt Pak Lah Flip-flop disease. In 2007 he said no more overseas project.Later,ok pulak to go back to ME.But as usual la,main masuk saja.The lady in Abu Dhabi,Ms Ng his crony as ME Director.Her job is to get projects.Funny thing is,if you really study ME culture,you wont put a lady there to get projects in the first place.Now after more than 12 months,after spending millions,projects still no where in sight.
Another failure in HQ,Hj Hamid,now country director in Saudi.Dah pencen,now on contract.So I suppose paid holiday for him la.
UEM ni serupa cerita Labu Labi la.

Anonymous said...

Band Boys ya..fitnah ya?? ok..isu PC apa cerita?? kenapa senyap je!!!!

Boss ICC Dept tepat jam 3 petang tido sambil nganga mulot apa cerita??

Sure lepas ni tak tdo punya..helo japanese pun tgk pangai kapten band boys aka head of dept ICC..

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

We the staff of UEMB will do-and-die for our MD, Dato' Ridza.
Dato', trust us that we won't let you walk alone.
We support you, that's for sure.
Let the little "burung punai" sang his annoying song.
During bad time, we suppose to hand-in-hand to overcome the difficulties.


yo!! please tutup Band Boy..please buang semua director yang gaji beribu - ribu tu opss puluh ribu..
staff dah byk berkorban...u tau ke??

staff UEMB konon..u tu kaki hisap n kipas la

Anonymous said...


Hope you can expose more on the cover-up. We will wait in anticipation. We know you have more.

To tell you the truth, there's not much to do at the office nowadays. No new projects & the existing one all in a mess. I can't remember when was the last time we conclude the Final Accounts. It's that bad.


Anonymous said...

Bla blaa blaah

Pordah management UEM Builders

Anonymous said...

I am amazed with the current management at uembuilders. Black crows have been informed that our MD Ridza used to preach us NOT to observe the "square peg in round hole principle".

Take as an example, he push aside a well respected industry leader in the mining and quarry business and put his trusted lieutenant a HR Manager to take charge of Buidlers Quarry and Ready Mix business.

No wonder Builders bankcrupt!

Anonymous said...

Tahu siapa ni hantu besar????

Human Resource Department! Kepala dia DR JWC.....asyek planning SFA di seluruh Malaysia dan di luar negeri seperti Qatar, India

Member saya dah cakap, ni SFA macam nak jumpa doctor2 pyschiatric atau doctor orang gila... nak terlajang semua butir perihal diri sendiri.....

Anonymous said...

Isn't it true, in one the Board Meetings chaired by Rahim were presented by Saidin, on the instruction of Rizda..numbers to smokesreens the losses. This event took place months before the Qatar suit...and...before the re-structuring.

Ridza instructed Saidin to present to the Board, with representative from Khazanah, which interestingly already left the company, that UEMB have "RM 1.0 Billion receivables from the Salwa project ans another RM100 Million receivables from IJN".

U did not inform the Board that there's a STORM coming, did u? U nimpkamputs misinformed or LIED to the Board to cover your own asses. U knew about the losses in Qatar because Saidin was in Qatar looking after the project before u recalled him back to HQ to beef up your position. Am I right thus far?

U also did not inform teh Board that you have messed up very bery badly in IJN too. So bad that UEM is actually owing money to IJN. U have been lucky so far because OPUS as the PM, has been overpaying you goons. Again, ini cerita Larry, Moe & Curly at its best. Sapa the common figure in Opus & Builder?? Sapa lagi..that old hag la Rahim Bakar!

Please let the truth be known..board paper suma ada la Datok datok haji haji penyamun penyamun tarbus..minutes of meeting pun ada la..tape recording pun ada...

Who are u calling bluff???


nobody said...

i pernah at UEM about x yrs..within x yrs so much of stupid things i have faced..especially a degree graduate ader ke patut byr RM1600..n my backgd is engineering..
JD as an engineering but gaji mcm dispatch..stopla buat benda yg bukan2..actualy UEMB dah takder future..cari job juta2 tp kos bilion2..kalau nk ckp tak puas hati u all cuba wat survey dkt staff level non exec sampai exec yg rendah2 tu..

pape pun i hope something miracle will happen..i kesian pada my fren yg still work at there coz i sekarang dah blah dr company tu..n get better job..

if UEM bungkus what happen to all staff?the upper level should think about it.u all di bayar gaji puluh ribu not for entertainment..have to do something!!

for those uem staff yg xde keje dok main FB tuh u should do something for ur companyla..kesian kat subsidary under UEM cari duit but then they got nothing.

For PLUS..stop buli your brother..even now our team have powerful to buli u all,but we still consider u (agensi who u report to) jgn bengkeng and fussy sgt..

Anonymous said...

Yes..JKR..he once claimed in public..14 years of paid holiday...

Oh by the way...Ridza even called the Board members "Bloody idiots".

Itu Thomas Simon boleh confirm kan lah..coz that time kelam kabut mau prepare apa mau kencing itu org-org tua dalam itu board. Itu MD oun jerit la..hantam saja..itu jam lah itu statement kluar.

Allo boss..u tau ka sapa suka cerita u punya mulut banyak cibai tau..sampai org bawah pun boleh tau..

Ini saya habaq mai noo..itu CFO, Thomas Simon mulut lagi macam nyonya tua!! Apa u cakap u kondem suma sampai la..U tarak pecaya u 'grill' sama dia la. Tapi u mana berani..dia simpan lu punya rahsia manyak maa..Satu lagi itu Venu...Sapa?? hehehe..

Jangan marah la boss..nanti kena jual!!

Anonymous said...

Saya ni nak buat komen sedikit.

Saya ni dulu ambil subkontrak uem builders. sekarang ni saya dah segan nak buat kerja kontrak dengan depa. Sebab2 nya berikut:

1. Dulu sebelum 2007, sistem tendernya bagus, depa tu tengok masa kontrak, kehandalan kontraktor. Sekarang ni depa tengok kawan2 kroni orang dalam. Bahagian kontrak & procurement pun nak bayar tol fee
2. Kerja saya ni dah siap 2 tahun lebih, final account pun tak tutup lagi. Saya ni kejar depa QS bawah Hj SS tu tapi sayang nya depa buat aku macam anjing, lari sini, lari sana jumpa orang ni, jumpa orang tu..Lepas tu depa hentak aku back charges, over charges, under table charges sampai konok aku di pecit jadi telur burung puyuh

hai, oh hai, apa dah jadi pad uembuilders sekarang. Dulu ue construction tu memang cekap, handal dan professional.

Anonymous said...

I have a few comments to make. I am a staff of Malaysian public listed contractor based in Middle East. I have read your blog and was not surpised with the negative comments made so far. I mixed with a few UEM staff in Doha and have witnessed the excessive spending of their top management such as Ahmad Pedas, Ridza and other who have been appearing in the middle east with their wives and entourage
I was amazed to hear from the UEM boys the organization that goes into the planning and hosting of these trips, instead of focussing on their projects. Wives programmes, golf tours, banquets seems to be the highlight.
I was also informed that UEM also flew in a bunch of experts in staff counselling who organized a brain and eye stimulating event that was the talk on the town in middle east.
Bravo uem

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:50PM

You must be one of the many unlucky, unprivileged sub-contractors treated like shit under the regime of Rodza Abdoh Salleh. If you must know, there are piles and piles of cheques all signed BUT not able to be released because, in simple language, WE HAVE NO MONEY!!

Maybe also your company is not in the good book of the so-called "houlier-than-thou" people in UEMB. Are you one of the sub-contractors that do works without any LA, Works Orders or SI? If yes..then I am so sorry la brader. U WILL NOT GET PAID!! These people are very good in promises.

Even if you already received a Works Order or SI, you still got to get your COP, correct? Then you will have to deal with Mr. Draft COP himself, Tuan Haji Saidin S. Mana ada laku punya.

Either are damned!!

Anonymous said...

Unless of course your are GLUCON Builder, or Venu Nambiar's contractor or recommended by him or MNM or Syabas Saga..all cronies to Pardas and Ridza. U fig. out la which is which.
One of them, name like the chocolate that melt in your mouth, built Pardas's bungalow! Tak pecaya pigi check sendili la. This Venu chap, incidently, UEMB former MD is gud buddy with MD. You scratch my groin, I scratch your groin lor..Payments to these few sub-contractors prompt like shit. Tak pecaya pigi check sendili la. Oh ya, Venu oso got special treatment because they are "biras" maa which whom u know? Ms Ng lar sapa lg..So, apalagi..perabih beras la!!

gwen stefani said... la ceta u bro...please story some more

u ade mention time engineering? aper ceta yang ni lak? company ni adik beradik time dot com ker ker?

Anonymous said...

Buat semua pengkomen, komenlah apa yang kau nak komen pasal UEMB ke apa ke and Datuk Ridza.. Tapi janganlah kau dok kutuk PLUS and Noorizah.

Dia tak terlibat dalam ini cerita.

Kerja PLUS

Anonymous said...

apa nak takut bradder, tu ridza dah banyak jahat, sekarang dah ada BODYGUARD , oi mak oi! pistol dua batang, bullet 4 biji..... awas jangan mengancam si Ridza ni, nanti di belasah bodyguard nya....wah hai first time kita dengar GLC MD ada upai BODYGUARD...itu bodyguard laki atau cerewet? dia munkin nak ikut Col Gaddafi....keh keh keh

Anonymous said...

I am perplexed at the inept actions from Khazanah and UEM Group Exco , having heard the issues that the blog had reported all these weeks.

Is it going to be another case of sweeping things under the carpet and hoping to plunder the rakyat's money to rescue the debt stricken Group out of their self made crisis?

How can this be allowed to continue?

jatijer said...

Kesian la aku tgk email yang bukan2 pasal Management UEM ni..Aku pecaya yang suma komen yang bukan2 tu dari UEM staff sendiri @ X UEM..kalau dari external tu no komen la...apa la korang..dah tua dah bang..kalau x suka kat UEM resign je la dari UEM..apa la dok komen bukan2..korang keje kalau x happy bt menyusahkan org lain bt keje pun bkn compny korang..bayangkan mcm ni je la..kalau org duk kutuk ayah kita bukan2..kpd yang muslim tu nak komen igt kan tuhan sikit..aku nak cerita lebih2 pun suma dah ada anak bini (kalau yang dah kwin la)..cukup la..cukup la

jatijer said...

cukup la korang

Anonymous said...


Kalu ayah ko buat salah adeke ko akan diam jer? Adeke ko akan "resign" jd anak dia?

Sanggup ka ko "bertaruh" yg "ayah" ko si Ridza tu benar2 berpegang pd "amanah" dia sbg MD UEMB?

Anonymous said...

Some time back, UEMB tendered for 6 packages in Medini Iskandar. When the tender was opened, UEMB came out lowest in 4 out of the 6 packages.

Saidin SS was heading the bidding team. To refresh the readers memory, he's one of Ridza's lieutenant, a total failure, and was brought back from ME to be the CEO of UEMC, among other post he held in Group. Suhaimi Halim, was told, have not regards for this chap.

So Ridza was thinking maybe he go and see his buddy Azman Mokhtar to try and sweet talk AMO into giving UEMB the whole 6 packages. Khazanah also owns Iskandar. So, maybe if AMO gives him the 6 packages, he can offer some discounts.

So, he tried to make an appointment to see AMO. But that guy simply don't want to see him. Phone calls & text messages to AMO went unanswered. So, Ridza thought maybe AMO don't want to see because of his bad breath. He got Tajuddin Ali to see AMO instead. Surprisingly, Tajuddin Ali got the appointment.

So, TA went along the script, gula-gula Amo:..give me all 6 packages..10% discount..we GLC..U godfather..u me buddy buddy..u hensem..i macho..blah blah blah..

Ridza was already counting his chicken. He was further motivated by the shorty, Hj SS and the other court jesters. Some says its in his blood, liked to be bodek. So, he was on cloud nine!

Then came the news. AMO instructed Iskandar to be re-tender. No reason was given for the decision. Alamak..Cerita katun nak dapat sampai 6 package Medini ni dah sampai ke Board. Rahim Bakar dah steam habis. Aduhh..apa cerita nak goreng sama Board? But hey..I know..these board members are all idiots what. So no worries la. Really, we don't know what he kautim these idiots Board members. Usually, overseas trip la.

Nonetheless, Saidin put in the bid. The result: UEMB is the second lowest in..I can't remember how many packages. The lowest tenderer was only about 1, maybe 2 million lower than UEMB.

Finally, Khazanah awarded the 6 packages to the lowest bidder. Punah punai semua! Ridza couldn't comprehend why wasn't it given to UEMB, a subsi of Khazanah which also owns Iskandar. To his inner circles, Ridza strongly believes AMO played him out. Ridza also believes that AMO is trying to undermine his position.

But our conclusion is the opposite. AMO is doing UEMB a very BIG favor. AMO did not believe that UEMB under Ridza is capable of completing the prestigious Medini Iskandar. UEMB under Ridza is only interested in accepting LOA's and NOT interested in completing projects on time. AMO knows Ridza's like the back of his hand la.

Furthermore, Saidin "dive" in the tender. That's why UEMB is the lowest in the 4 packages. Saidin will be long gone retired by the time this projects is completed. UEMB will lose a lot of money. So, what does he care, right?

Sapa tibai sapa I think nobody knows. Maybe also the lowest tenderer is AMO's buddy. Who knows. Maybe also they are a real performer.

But one thing for sure, Ridza is the sucker!

Little Bird

Anonymous said...

Patut tak aku kerja uem land? Baru dapat offer letter tp dalam dilemma.

My Say