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The hypocrasy and ulterior motive to get Ibrahim Ali charged

Upon seizing power at the Federal level, DAP will be more draconian than the BN the accused as draconian. All one need to see is the reaction of Penang DAP Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng to any criticism or questions on his administration of Penang or DAP party.

Guan Eng would threaten them with lawsuit as former PAS Youth Chief is facing, use goons to physically harass them as in the case of defiant Johor DAP members, expelled and suspended BN state assemblyman, and many more.

He refused to meet and deal with the Kampong Buah Pala Indian. And in the case of falling FDI to Penang, he resorted to lying and blaming the Federal government. However, he claim credit when FDI was rising in his first year in office.

In the latest episode and in the midst of campaign by Bar Council, Pakatan and their linked NGOs for abolishment of the Sedition Act, DAP and few Bar Council activists are applying pressure on Dato Nancy Shukri to charge Dato Ibrahim Ali for sedition.

It shows they are inconsistent in their principle and hypocritical in their attitude. When Pakatan do  take control of government with DAP in the driver seat, the likelihood is they will reinstate ISA, Sedition Act, and other law they say now as draconian?

We were there the morning of Janurary 19th 2013 in UiTM, Permatang Pauh to hear Tun Dr Mahathir deliver his speech with the introduction by Ibrahim.

Ibrahim did touched on the incident of Malay Bibles being distributed to secondary Muslim student outside the school compound. It was in the height of DUMC and Malay Bible issue.

If students are given, we remembered Ibrahim said casually without any high tone to not throw it in the dustbin as it would be an insult. He suggested burning it as in the usual manner of Muslims not throwing away old or tattered Quran but burn them.

Today, we are surprise that those words could be an issue.

It has become viral that one Bishop echoed DAP call for Ibrahim's prosecution and one new and attention seeking Pribumi rights NGO in Sabah is asking that Perkasa not be allowed in Sabah. Both were not there when he uttered those words.

Only do we realise now that the lot of pro-opposition portals of Malaysiakini, Malaysian Insider and FMT picked on his words at the press conference. We weren't there to listen but FMT report here quoted or misquoted Ibrahim as below:
“Muslims must unite to protect their religion. They must seize those Bibles, including the Malay editions, which contained the term Allah and other Arabic religious terms, and burn them.

“This is the way to show our anger against disrespect to our sensitivity.”
Official reply

We had received a statement by Perkasa's Secretary General, Syed Hassan which reads below:
Kepada semua media.

Perkasa ingatkan semua media jika ingin menulis berita isu Presiden Perkasa berkaitan dengan membakar Bible hendaklah menulis dengan penuh 'Bible bahasa Melayu yang kandungannya mempunyai kalimah Allah dan tulisan jawi jika diedarkan kepada orang Islam'.

Perkasa dapati banyak media menulis dengan ayat setakat 'membakar Bible' sahaja. Jika benar Presiden Perkasa berkata begitu (bakar Bible), kami juga menentangnya. Tiada siapa yang berhak membakar kitab mana-mana agama dalam negara ini.

Tetapi Presiden Perkasa dalam isu ini tidak pernah menyebut membakar Bible. Apa yang Presiden Perkasa pernah buat kenyataan sebelum ini di Pulau Pinang adalah apabila menjawab satu soalan dari seorang wartawan yang bertanya kepadanya berkenaan laporan polis terhadap pihak yang mengedarkan Bible pelajar Islam di Pulau Pinang awal 2013.

Presiden Perkasa menjawab kepada pertanyaan wartawan itu dengan berkata "Kalau kita(orang Islam) diberi Bible seperti itu, kita ambil dan kita akan bakar" dengan merujuk berita sebenar laporan Polis yang dibuat oleh pihak tertentu terhadap pihak yang mengedarkan Bible bahasa Melayu yang dalam kandungannya ada Kalimah Allah serta beberapa perkataan dalam tulisan jawi kepada pelajar Islam di Pulau Pinang dan Presiden Perkasa tidak menyebut Bible sahaja.

Presiden berpendapat usaha pihak yang mengedarkan Bible dalam bahasa Melayu dengan kandungannya terdapat Kalimah Allah dan beberapa perkataan dalam tulisan jawi kepada pelajar Islam adalah cubaan menglirukan pemahaman pelajar Islam kepada ajaran Islam yang sebenar oleh pengedarnya. Bible seperti itu boleh membuatkan pelajar Islam keliru dan terpengaruh dengan agama lain.

Presiden Perkasa menekankan bahawa mengedarkan sebarang buku atau risalah agama lain dengan menggunakan bahasa Melayu adalam cubaan mengelirukan umat Islam dan hal ini(mengedarkan bacaan agama lain dalam bahasan Melayu) adalah salah dan melanggar undang-undang negara.

Presiden Perkasa juga pernah menjelaskan byk kali isu ini tetapi byk pihak sengaja terus memanaskan keadaan walau mereka tahu kanyataan Presiden Perkasa bukan merujuk Kitab Bible sebenar.

Dengan itu Perkasa gesa semua tidak hanya menulis 'Bakar Bible'. Perkasa sbg sangat menghormat kita suci penganut agama lain apa lagi Bible (Injil) merupakan kitab sah ikutan umat manusia sebelum datangannya Islam. Bagaimana pun kita percaya Kitan Injil diturunkan dalam bahasa Nasrani sahaja dan Kitab Injil dalam bahasa lain adalah buku terjemahan kepada Kitab Injil sahaja dan itu bukannya Kitab Injil. Kitab Injil sebenar adalah dlm bahasa Nasrani

Sepertimana Al-Quran, Kitab suci umat Islam itu diturunkan dalam bahasa Arab. Jika dalam bahasa2 lain ianya bukan Al-Quran, itu adalah buku terjemahan sahaja. Kita tak boleh sebut Al-Quran bahasa Melayu atau bahasa lain2.

Perkasa lihat byk pihak terutama dari pembangknag sengaja mahu membuat penganut kristian membenci Perkasa. Tujuannya utk rakyat beragama kristian tolak BN kerana dalam pada masa yang sama mereka mengwar2kan UMNO menyokong Perkasa.

Tujuan bukanlah hendak membela masyarakat Kristian.

Begitu juga di Sbah dan Sarawak di mana pihak2 yg kerap bangkitkan isu ini adalah org politik disebelah pembangkang. Sedangkan bila wakil-wakil Perkasa Pusat ke bebrapa Parlimen di Sabah bagi merasmikan Persidangan Khas Tahunan Pribumi Perkasa Parlimen2 di negeri iaitu terdapat ramai penganut agama Kristian menduduki jawatan AJK Perkasa Parlimen2 dalam negeri Sabah.

Mereka sedia maklum apa yang dinyatakan oleh Presiden Perkasa. Mereka faham dan tiada apa yg perlu nak dijadikan isu besar. Malah mereka sedar itu semua adalah dipolitikan.

SU Agung Perkasa.
Even if they do not wish to believe, remember that their source of information came from  pro-opposition portals that are infamous for twisting words and spinning stories. Bear in mind that Ibrahim is too seasoned a politician to get caught uttering such politically incorrect words.

It is cheap trick on the part of these portals, DAP, and their Bar Council allies to pick on Nancy. She is from Sarawak and of mix blood of Iban-Chinese-Scottish. It unnatural for her to get mixed up in racial or religous dispute.

DAP should know better than ask a Minister to instruct the Attorney General office to charge. That would probably be how DAP government will operate. However, politicians cannot interfere in the process of law.

The Law Minister deals with administrative policies, and in simple words the tables and chairs matters.

For AG to charge Ibrahim, the question is: can he win?

It is a case of interpreting intention. Not easy ... but DAP will surely make it into another issue when Ibrahim is eventually acquited. Seriously, Ibrahim should sued these basxxxxs. 

As we see it, DAP is merely provoking the issue with the seditous intention to ignite the anger of Sarawak Christians and hopefully gain ground in Sarawak. They should be charged instead. [Read this here]

DAP's campaign for the upcoming Sarawak election will be linked closely to the interiors and Christians. It is the very reason DAP Sarawak is cutting relationship with PAS. It is all a political show!  


These people are so predictable hypocritical.

When ISMA President seek for postponement to await the precedent making defence by Dr Azmi Shahrom, one Bar Council activist believes he is supposed to be denied the fair and just proces of law.

It is obvious they are targetting ISMA and Perkasa for the political reason to squash any last vocal Malay and Muslim voices. Pemuda UMNO is no threat for the Pergerakan have turned liberal. 

In his defense, Azmi is attempting to question the legitimacy of the additional clause to the Sedition Act which was not done under the power of Parliament in 1971 but by the power of the king during the NOC (or MAGERAN) administration.

However, what we gather from the law writer himself, who happens to be still alive, it was enacted under the law of Parliament.

So the question: why is DAP and Bar Council interfering and being hypocritical here?

Common sense tells us that they are merely making noise because police reports and investigations on seditous words by opposition politicians in the past have reached the stage where it could be charged. However, Penang state assemblyman, Ng Wei Aik made no complains when a seditous police report he made in 2010 is being charged in 2014.

Why is there more opposition being charged? The answer is simple.

Their hatred politics entailed them to spew more provocative words than the BN politicians. Generally BN politicains are too cautious and that is the reason their ceramah are not entertaining to attract large crowd.

Bar Council

The reason behind Pakatan and Bar Council can be understood but we can't understand this numbnuts from Johor Baru and another one from Temerloh. 

Bar Council is claiming that the Sedition Act is draconian, undemocratic, surpressing free speech and offense not specifically defined. However, we can't help to observe that the Bar Council timed the campaigned with a certain someone destined for Sungai Buloh prison.

One lawyer argued that why the need for Sedition Act when a similar offense can be charged under Penal Code with a more harsh penalty.

Probably it is because the burden of proof will not be able to effectively squash any question on the status of Malay rulers, status of Islam and Malay language, Bumiputera special rights and non Bumiputera citizenship.

One argument heard was Sedition Act applies to MPs in the Dewan Rakyat. It means that by abolishing Sedition Act, opposition MPs can say anything as they wish in Parliament and question the constitutionalised social contract terms that form the foundation of the constitution and the nation.

Dato Najib has commited himself to abolish the Sedition Act as part of the political transformation or lets say call reform as reform. He has promised to change it to a more friendly sounding Act but he cannot avoid maintaining the essence of the Sedition Act.

He should remember that he needs the consent of the Council of Rulers to abolish it.

Bar Council is fighting to abolish Sedition Act against. They are fighting for abolishment of OSA, Dangerous Drug Act and Printing Press Act too.

At the same time, it is said that Bar Council activists - six or seven of them, all Indians - are assisting and funneling overseas fund for Sabah and Sarawak activist to call for cessation from Malaysia.

Bar Council is now in a strange mode of fighting against the constitution and abolishment of laws in which they are supposed to uphold and defend.  In their quest for their new found passion for individual human rights, they seemed to lose the equally important rights and interest of the community and nation should surpass that of individual.

Some of their action do not reflect that openness to diverging view. Tan Sri Johan Jaafar's son also don't seem to want a discourse with lawyers for the Sedition Act. 

As a professional body, Bar Council is supposed to administer the profession but are indulging in activism. Maybe another truly professional body should be put in place or better, still replace.

Be it Bar Council or NGOs supporting them or Pakatan Rakyat, their common consensus is not the ideal that they spew but it is nothing but a long drawn political campaign to oust the BN government.

You think Kit Siang and Guan Eng care about democrasy? Don't answer, see Singapore.


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By the same token, it should be ok to threaten to burn the Koran because Islam is intimidating other religions into compliance with it's diktats and rules? Is it?

If one pushes too hard, others will push back. This will go on and on and more parties will get involved.

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taman tasek is an ignoramus

"Islam is intimidating other religions into compliance with it's diktats and rules"

hullo where is your EVIDENCE??

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If DAP pushes too hard, the majority bumiputeras will push back.

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They can just handover the malay bible to the police station. Yes, AI is clever to provoke but leave enough for plausible deniability. That has been the MO of most ultras, including a certain former PM. It's all word play to gain political mileage.

AI is a threat to national security.

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