Friday, October 03, 2014

Remembering Arafah ...

Time moved so fast that a week past since we returned back from Pengkalan Kubor. It was fast because we were practically sick for a week thereafter.

After two weeks in an oven-like temperature, the cooler Kuala Lumpur weather and the full blast air-con at home instantly affected us with flu. The blocked nose only complicates matters as we are kept in a state of constant drowsiness. That itself is another issue being addressed this week.

Right about when the public attention is on Selangor politics, then the surprised 20 sen fuel hike or termed as fuel rationalisation, we were reminded of wukuf at Arafah today.

Thanks to What App messages from our youngest brother and a friend from Kedah whose performing Haj in Mecca yesterday afternoon. It is customary to seek forgiveness and blessing of those close to us before begnning that once in a lifetime spiritual journey.

How time flies ... because it is already Haj, a ritual we performed three years ago. To read, go back to November 2011 in the monthly archive here. We will be re-reading of our past journey with with sentimental tears flowing in happiness.

If only we could be strong and healthy to be there again....

Since Haj, our life has been generally good. There had been a clear sense of purpose in our pursuits. If there is anything we could wish, it is not to be too busy and pre-occupied so that there is more time  allocated for ibadah.

When our friend from Kedah asked what would we like to wish for him to doa at Arafah, which supposedly your wishes will be granted, we were reluctant to ask for anything more.

Frankly, we just too shy and do not know what else in life do we need, other than "rabbana atina fiddunya hasanah, wa fil akhirati hasanah, wakina aza bannar." May all of us - family, friends, comrades and "muslimin wal muslimat il ahya iminhum wal amwat" - find their straight and righteous path.

Oh yes, may a friend of ours get past his writer's block to finish his Master's thesis first chapter and move on further to finish the rest. While, two young ladies find their life partners.

Our friend was to leave for Arafah at 8 PM yesterday. At about the same time yesterday, youngest brother was in his perpetual wait for him and his wife transport for Arafah. By now, Arafah should look like snowfall of white tents and men and women in ihram. 

We kid him with his nafar awal plan to clear their stoning ritual early to enable them to do circumbulation around the Kaabah without the maddening crowd. Just told him, if you screwed it up, maybe you could get to again again next year. Anyway quite sure, he has done his consultations.

We just advised him to stay focus. His three daughters are well taken care and looked after here under the watchful eyes of grandmother.

Today, some of us will be fasting in commemoration of wukuf. The spiritual and profound wukuf hours are 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM this evening. Those who have been there knows what it feels like.

May Allah smoothen the affairs of all Muslims in the holy land performing the Haj. Bless all of us too!

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