Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Merdeka Centre's red herring on Hishamuddin

Don't please ...

Malaysian Insider report this morning claiming Hishamuddin leading the pack for the next Prime Minister got few of his Facebooker fan excited [read here].

We had text on of the Facebooker to warn him that Merdeka Centre's survey is unreliable and manipulated. It is not only giving him a false sense of confidence but could be intended to sabotage him.

By putting him in the lead, he is open to "risk". The above photo from Malay Mail report seemed appropriate [Malay Mail here].

This is especially so in the midst of rumours or manufactured rumours that Dato Najib is under pressure to leave and Hishamuddin is being rumoured reaching strongly to Divisional Heads and Wanita Chiefs for support through overseas trip and planned tours of the upcoming LIMA.

The halls along Riverside Restaurant in PWTC are talking as to why only Tan Sri Muhyiddin and Dato Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi standing behind PM on the 1MDB issue but Hishamuddin is deaf silent.

Politics is a number game and Dato Kadir Jasin used to write in his blog that Najib is the strongest UMNO President in history thus he is unshakeable. Despite such rumours, where will the number come from?

Have anyone looked into the Sabah and Sarawak block in their calculations?

Sources say Najib is quite cool in facing the 1MDB controversy and may indicate he is unworried of the audit by Auditor General and PAC enquiry.

In the midst of strong rumour mongering in UMNO these days, especially after last weekend's briefing, Merdeka Center is helping to fuel further the rumour that Najib will be asked to leave soon and Hishamuddin will step in.

TMI report of Hishamuddin and Dato Anifah Aman

Off course the report is naughty and an attempt of TMI to put UMNO into a power chase between  Hishamuddin and Zahid. By mentioning President, it is as though Tan Sri Muhyiddin will be by-passed for Presidency.

TMI may have speculated that should Muhyiddin become UMNO President or Prime Minister, he cannot choose another Johorean as Deputy President or Prime Minister, thus Hishamuddin will be pushed to queue behind Zahid.

Naughty naughty ...

However, another angle should not be overlooked. The Merdeka Report may have the intention to promote someone else.

Assuming Hishamuddin become a casualty for being placed at the top, then the subsequent names will benefit from the raised profile. It is an old trick some bloke used to push for someone to be election candidate and now Minister.

After Hishamuddin, there is Khairy Jamaluddin (8.6%), Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi (8.4%), Rafizi Ramli (3.9%), Mohamed Azmin Ali (3.7%) and Nurul Izzah Anwar (1.7%). There is no no Dato Mukhriz.

Before anyone make their speculation, that survey was for the next PM in the event that Najib leaves and Muhyiddin retires.

Careful Hishamuddin.

Someone is pulling your leg and the one we can immediately see is Merdeka Centre. That is unless someone paid Merdeka Centre to come up with a manipulated survey with such a result.


Anonymous said...

Malaysian Insider, Malaysiakini, Malaymail...

You know who they work for, what they work for, the lies they are willing to make and tell...

Why are they given free rein?

Anonymous said...

Merdeka Centre....LOL
Never correct in their research as they themselves answers their own questioners.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Tak boleh tolak kemungkinan hishamuddin bayar merdeka centre.

Mana tahu zahid bayar merdeka centre untuk bunuh hishamuddin

Ahli politik akal satu lori

Anonymous said...

Merdeka Centre boss is known to be pro- Anwar. And therefore pro-Opposition.

The Opposition don't want UMNO Deputy President TS Muhyiddin or the most senior Vice-Pesident DS Ahmad Zahid because they are both firm and no-nonsense kind of characters.

So they cook up a survey or poll scheme that shows Hishamuddin is what "the people want". Actually, it's what the Opposition wants.

But Hishamuddin almost didn't make it as a Vice-President at the last UMNO party elections. Therefore, it's not likely to be UMNO's choice as PM candidate. In any case, as it stands to day the the path to PMship is clear - Muhyiddin, then Ahmad Zahid.

Anonymous said...

The reliability of polls and surveys depends on a number of factors. Like the kind of people interviewed, the type of questions asked, the manner the questions are designed, etc.

All these can be aimed at a desired result or conclusion.

Win-lose forecasts are difficult to do. The best of polls allow only 1-2 % variation in forecast. Like in the US Presidential Election polls. But this kind of things doesn't happen in Malaysia. Nobody could forecast PR getting 51% of the votes in PRU13.

Polls showing percentages of "popularity" are fairly easy to conduct. The intention of the poll is the big issue. I have a big issue with Merdeka Centre's intention.

Anonymous said...

Kalau Hishamuddin lagi hancur Negara. Prestasi dlm setiap kementerian yg dia terajui semua masalah. Tapi ada pihak yg seronok kerana boleh buat duit.

Anonymous said...

The Merdeka Centre poll is tarnished because it included too many of his cow-head supporters polled.

Remember the picture of him seated surroundd by them?

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