Thursday, March 23, 2017

Infiltration inside PMO

In Sabah, Dato Seri Shafie Apdal is going around his targeted constituencies.

His political rally is particularly lavish. It is more lavish than any BN political rally in Semenanjung.

The custom with Shafie at political rallies and constituency visits is to give away money.

At the end of his speeches, one has to clear out or get crush by the maddening crowd rushing for the RM50 or RM100 note he distributes.

Although the only project he brought to Semporna was a fish "tukun" project, it was the way he learned from one of his father-in-laws to get popular.

These days, Parti Warisan Sabah gets the crowd by holding lucky draws giving away car or motorcycles.

Political rallies are held in air conditioned tents to cool the crowd before they try to fire them up.

The people he promote was instructed to give away their own "BR1M". MACC or EC should keep an eye out.

For instance, he is doing a glowing glitterati to promote his money man, KDM Dato Peter Anthony for Tenom.

It is believed that he parked his ill gotten money from corruption with Peter or second wife Zahida Rafique.

As a Bajak Laut or more accurately Suluk or Tausug, Shafie's influence is limited within Semporna, Tawau and Silam. To get KDM support, he need to use money and KDM political leaders.

The latest talk is Shafie has got people infiltrated inside the Prime Minister's Office to relay wrong information to the Prime Minister.

With the wrong information, Dato Najib will end up making the wrong decision on Sabah.

He still has got people inside UMNO. His  brother, Dato Yusof Apdal is still the UMNO Division Chief. Only a novice would believe Yusof is loyal to UMNO, especially when he has benefited from his brother.

And Yusof is not the only Shafie man still remaining inside UMNO and the corridor of power.

Beware of short people! Theiir hand  ...

According to the grapevine, the latest Shafie trick is to get his Sabah man swith access to slip in wrong reports to the PM on the political situation in Sabah.

His people is in a certain position within the national UMNO thus making his report relevant.

One dirty trick he tried is to slip a wrong report that a certain Sabah leader is not as strong, thus his men can be removed and replaced as candidate.

Then there is a mole inside PMO that will push the false report to PM.

Most Semenanjung UMNO people hardly know head or tail on the real ground situation in Sabah. They may not be able to spot a fake report.

The intention is to get weak candidate to stand in areas Shafie is targeting to make it easier for their people to win.

... or other body part is long
The problem is the people pushing the report was caught before.

The person was in the company of opposition  party members at a time there is a by-election going on and the opposition party is contesting the seat.

One will not catch Shafie sabotaging BN in his effort to bring Dato Musa Aman down. During the by-election, he was still in UMNO and came down to campaign for BN.

Beware of short people. They say short people are cunning and shrewd. He did sabotage by funding the opposition.

And he came down to campaign to promote himself.

According to the Fleming's rule of thumb on electromagnetism, the short thumb points up but the longer fingers points sideway.

Certain part of short people may not be short. 

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Ezam and those ex pkr and pkr linked personalities are shining examples.

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