Wednesday, March 13, 2019

M'sian govern't do not want Jho Loh, Nik Faishal to return?

As far back as 2015, despite questioning Tun Dr Mahathir and PH leaders' allegations on 1MDB, this blog concluded then that Taek Jho Loh (including  the hands behind him) is main culprit.

The often heard excuse as to why Jho Loh was not brought back to Malaysia to face the court is either no existence of extradition treaty with the country he is hiding in or Interpol bureaucracy excuses.

Another good one that even got reported is Jho Loh is protected by a foreign government, popularly claimed to be China or Middle countries or foreign mob.

It is as if the law enforcement authority of the foreign country he is in hiding is not cooperative with our authority or the authority could not get near these powerful "mafia".

Many Malaysians fell for it without pondering the logic. Those reasons are a load of rubbish.

No reason for China to protect Jho Loh

If Jho Loh is hidden in China, in which Jho Loh refuted in August 2018, there is no reason to stop the local authority from liaising with China to seek his extradition.

Back in the days before Deng Xiao Peng's reform, Communist China is a closed country. Yet Malaysia could bring back Malayan Communist Party leaders, Musa Ahmad and Shamsiah Fakeh.

Shamsiah Fakeh's daughter stood for election to represent DAP in last year's general election.

As recent as few years ago, the suspected murderer of a social activist and PKR candidate for a state constituency in Miri, Bill Kayong was extradited from China.

Despite Lim Guan Eng accused China of bailing out 1MDB, it is only economic opportunity in strategic investment, but not to China's interest to protect fugitive Jho Loh.

Why was it that Malaysia did not seek to get China to extradite Jho Loh?

What is holding back extradition of Nik. Faishal? 

In the case of SRC, in which is the main culprit, Nik Faishal is said to be in Indonesia.

There is no reason for prosecution to not seek law enforcement authorities to extradite him back to Malaysia.

There is good relation between Malaysia and Indonesia that through diplomacy, Attorney General Tommy Thomas could discharge case against Indonesian Siti Aishah for the murder of the brother of North Korean leader.

Tommy's decision to discharge Siti Aishah  could raise questions. However, it proves the close relation between Malaysian and Indonesian authorities. 

The Indonesian cooperated to by-pass court's due process to seize the superyatch Equinimity and used a loophole in international maritime law to legitimise "high sea piracy" by Malaysian law enforcement authority to bring back the yatch. 

A pertinent question would be what is stopping the Indonesian authority from sending Nik Faishal back?

It adds to the curiosity when Tommy said Indonesia requested her discharge but PM said no such request was made?

What is Mahathir trying to hide? A secret deal with North Korea?

The obvious is he could be trying to keep the deal with Indonesia as secret as possible. Or, it is not raise issue for Nik Faishal's return?

Extradition treaty

Extradition treaty between countries cut the procedures and quicken the process of extradition.

However, for countries without extradition treaty, a request for extradition can still be made. The difference is the requesting country must go through the legal due process in the requested country's court to get an extradition order.

As long as the country is part of the United Nations or signatory to an international convention on extradition, it can be done.

There are exceptional cases of countries with extradition treaty like Australia to reject request. In this case, the cop, Sirul convicted for murder of Altantunya, could not be extradited due to Australia's position on death sentence.

It could be done when Tommy managed to get the repeal of death sentence and save the lives of the murderous drug traffickers.

Government covering up truth

The government cyber trooper claimed Najib lied when he allegedly denied knowledge of Jho Loh.

Could not recall of Najib's denial.

However, Jho Loh and Nik Faishal should be brought home to face charges and to allow truth to be known to the people.

If Najib did lie in his denial, one possible reason to give him the benefit of the doubt is he was grasping to understand the problem of 1MDB.

It is believed that 1MDB matter was handled by his Principal Secretary, late Datok Adlin and former US Ambassador and Minister, late Tan Sri Dr Jamaludin Jarjis.

Possibly, Najib was focus on addressing the problem than pursuing the culprit. After winning the election, will he be pursuing Jho Loh.

When US Department of Justice broke the news on the scandal, it is heard that he refused to assist his stepson Riza Aziz.

Riza got his passage back home after Red Granite did a plea bargain. Legally, he is saved from any criminal prosecution in the US where lies the jurisdiction for the alleged offenses.

And, any inference to Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor in relation to 1MDB should have been laid to rest.

By getting Jho Loh and Nik Faishal have their day in court, can the truth or resemblance of the truth on 1MDB and SRC be known.

If Najib is wrong, so shall it be. However, if he is innocent, accept that court decision.

For politics sake, truth to remain hidden

It may not be to Tun Dr Mahathir's interest whose more interested is akin to political revenge and to get Najib imprisoned.

The mere fact that Mahathir through his consent for Tommy and Gopal Sri Ram to pile up charges and using underhanded court procedures shows he is not interested in the truth.

Latest is prosecution requesting exception from the court from providing evidence to the defense in the SRC case.

Government claim to know Jho Loh's whereabout in October 2018. Police said they started working with Interpol in June 2018 but gave excuses in September 2018 and again in January 2019.

They do not seem to be interested to bring Jho Loh back thus came up with all of excuses and stories. An extract from previous posting:
Why after so long the case have been going on that police only applied to Interpol few months ago?

Why did Tan Sri Muhyiddin only recently during Semenyih by-election announced reward for Jho Loh?

Why only now Muhyiddin made up stories
Jho Loh being protected by certain "forces"? Was it the same hantu that tormented Tommy?
The hint that Tun Daim gave to the public when he claimed he had spoken to Jho Loh is that the government side is not interested to bring back Jho Loh.

The real truth might not be what the PH conspirator wanted as end game.

The whole public and global media attention would be on Jho Loh instead of the allegation on Najib.
That too is not what the vengeful Mahathir wants.


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Maybe, I guess maybe if Jho Low got back then suddnely semua blame shifted from Najib to Jho Low thus suddenly no more modal whacking Malay kot

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Or Jho Low is the bankster's economic hitman,any scrutiny by the courts could spilled out the fraudsters money mechanism which had and always been the backbone of democratic system of nation states all over the world.

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