Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Blogger Susan Loone Accused Mukhriz Cheating

Mukhriz gentlemenly acknowledging his opponent Idris Ahmad (PAS)

Susan Loone received an e-mail and without much checking and thinking, she tried to create doubt over Mukhriz's election victory in Jerlun. She claimed that an e-mail sent to her highlighted some strange almost perfect turnout of 99.85% published in the newspaper and SPR website.

Although she titled her posting with a questionmark as "Mukriz Mahathir cheated in elections?", she had no quarms to quote the full e-mail with the conclusion "See what a blatant cheater Mukhriz Mahathir is !!." without any qualification

That can be inferred as an intention to accuse and sway her commentator, as evidenced in her posting, into a negative perception of Mukhriz. Her dramatic stunt received attention in Malaysia Today.

One comentator in Rocky Bru demanded she apologise for her wrongful "accusation". She updated her blog but has yet to do so. Lets just see whether she would honourably apologise or she would conjure up excuses and do doublespeak to wiggle her way out of an apology.

Well, Susan Loone has a history of being dramatic in her blogging and was called drama queen by the blogging community. She dramatised the Altantunya case with all sorts of wild unsubstantiated accusation but cease when court proceeding began. This lead some to believe that she couldn't do her spin when fact are presented.

She claimed of being non-partisan but was later revealed by sources inside the Parti Keadilan office that she wanted to stand but was not put forward. Liar liar pants on fire.

She wanted to push her political agenda on All Blog during the Ijok by election. When her request was not met, she attempted to established a breakaway bloggers association. Whatever happened to that association to compete with Rocky and Jeff Ooi's?

Whanever she is caught lying, she will never acknowledge and the possibility of apologizing is remote.

This allegation on Mukhriz is but another typical dramatic stunt of hers - expressing her ill intention by wrongful "accusation" based on spin and half truth. Worse still, she made no attempt to verify the suspicious number.

Despite highlighted by her commentators, she remain recalcitrant from admitting the typographical error. This is another proof of her ill intention. The newspaper sourced the erroneous information from SPR, thus explaining the same numbers in the newspaper and SPR website.

The SPR reported the total registered voter for Jerlun P005 is 45,513. Mukhriz (BN) received 19,424 votes and Idris Ahmad (PAS) is 17,219. Adding the spoilt vote of 599 votes, the turnout is 37,242. The SPR recorded the same turnout of 37,242, thus it tallies.

For the benefit of Susan Loone, the calculation of percentage turnout is derived by dividing the total turnout by total registered voter and multiplied by 100%. Since she lack the Mathematical prowess to spot inconsistencies, I have taken the trouble to derive it for her. The percentage turnout is 81.83% and not the published 99,85%. If she wish to dispute all the numbers that I presented, then I provide below a video of the official announcement:

For the benefit of Susan Loone, who was denied opportunity to experiance an election by Dato Kamarul's office, the SPR cannot make announcement before getting clearance from SPR headquarter in Kuala Lumpur. Opps ... this blogger used to have business discussion at Dato Kamarul's Taman Samudera property development office in Gombak.

Since Susan Loone loves conspiracy, I'll cook one up for her. Now, it's known fact that Mukhriz was sent to Jerlun to get slaughtered after being denied a comfortable place in Pulau Langkawi.

Mukhriz would likely to face sabotage from KJ's Pemuda kaki and the incumbent. It wouldn't be a surprise if KJ had sent some money men and goons to steer away voters to PAS. I would believe some laced tetra-packed soya drink that can hospitalised 60 campaign workers with food poisoning would be just the perfect abruption. After all, a resounding victory would make him look good and KJ bad (his campaigning was not doing well in Rembau).

Assuming KJ had SPR people inside in their pocket, wouldn't they be making Mukhriz lose and not have a better majority? Mukhriz's majority was 2,205 votes compared to the earlier majority of 2,142 votes.

How did I come up with such conspiracy theory? Just like I come up with the information that Dato Kamarul's office rejected Susan Loone as candidate for 1999 general election. Nah, I'm just giving room for Susan Loone to spin an answer.

But Susan Loone, Mukhriz's sister asked, Who's cheating?


Anonymous said...

This kind of blogger lend credibility when people branded them as goblok. And the worst thing is they don't even have the decency to apologize. The other party are always on the wrong . Never, never them .Shame on you Susan Loone

Anonymous said...

In Susan was attacking Najib during the Ijok election. Anwar also same.

In same gang lah. We need to eliminate bloggers and established Integrity Index of Bloggers (IIB) lah:)

Anonymous said...

SUSAN LOONE was cheating and to incite sentiment and hatred to the Malaysian Malay Son's. As far as I can see, Mukriz is our hope, oue new hope and our future leader.

The hell with susan "aloone". Stupid coz she tot we have abandon UMNO/Mukriz. We just hate Dollah and his S.I.aL.

Josh said...

Well said, glorious post. Desperately Seeking Susan was a movie right? How apt.

Lever said...

the only hope for umno as far as i can see is shahrir. as for mukhriz...who provided him with the capital to start business during the early 90's? seek..and you shall find.
and of course, bloggers without integrity....don't read the page

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