Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Private Letter on Khairy believed cause for Rafidah exclusion

The expected announcement to resign by the 24-years Ketua Wanita UMNO, Dato Seri Rafidah Aziz did not materialised. Although words are she was ready to resign after heated Wanita UMNO exco meeting yesterday evening, she may have changed her mind at the request of Wanita UMNO committee members.

Wanita UMNO in their meeting had expressed their disappointment for the exclusion of Wanita UMNO members from the new cabinet. The presence of Dato Azalina as Tourism Minister was not acknowledge as representative of Wanita UMNO. Dato Shahrizat's appointment as Minister status adviser was taken as insult.

Talk in the coffeehouses and cafes today speculated that her exclusion is related to a private letter written to the party President immediately after UMNO and Barisan Nasional's recent dismal performance in the General Election.

It is widely believed that Khairy was mentioned in the letter as one of the major reason for the poor showing. Taking the cue from past negative reaction of Abdullah whenever Khairy is raised in any discussion, briefing and reports, political pundits view this reaction from Abdullah to exclude Rafidah from the cabinet as not surprising.

Rafidah acknowledged the existence of the private 16 page letter in the press conference but refused to comment on the content of the letter.

Mukhriz Mahathir, who had earlier written a private letter requesting Abdullah's resignation, was relieved from any action by the Pemuda UMNO yesterday. His letter to the President and top party officials was photocopied and distributed to party officials. It reached the hands of bloggers and was widely distributed online.

There are many other reasons for Rafidah's exclusion. One view it as an Abdullah's attempt to purge the party of leaders from the old guard like Rafidah. She has been Ketua Wanita and Trade and Industry Minister (later International Trade and Industry Minister) since 1986.

Dato Azalina Osman, a political ally to Khairy, and Dato Dr Mashitah has been set up to take this post of Ketua and Naib Ketua Wanita UMNO. She is expected to have an uphill task to takeover the Wanita UMNO leadership. Azalina was elected on the Wanita exco as a former Ketua Puteri but has not been in camaraderie with the Wanita movement.

Abdullah's recent denial and the allegation surrounding this latest episode confirms he remain defensive on Khairy. Many insiders still believed he is in-denial of the fact that himself and Khairy were the leading factors to UMNO and BN worst showing ever.

The longer he remains in such state of denial, the longer it is for BN to recover. Many believed it will not be any longer. Abdullah is expected to have a tough time defending his Presidency in the upcoming UMNO party election.


galadriel said...

waa Mr Wrong...u mr scoop now ah.
nice post.

I like. Kinda kesian Kak Pidah. I wud hav put her to run the country rather than Pak Lah.

But that is just me.
Knowing Rafidah though, even if she goes down, it will be with guns blazing.

amatMok said...

Rafidah was right in not resigning as Ketua Wanita. She was ELECTED by the Wanita & as such answers to them.

How 'immature' (a polite term for st***d) can Pak Lah & his advisors be?

1. you shows disrespect to the Wanita Wing; who always worked hard for UMNO & BN by not appointing their chief to a cabinet post.

2. show some respect to Rafidah la. If you don't want her, tell her not to contestla.

3. Now she has all the time in the world to go visit her Wanita around the country, and guest what? You are giving her the opportunity to tell the Wanita of KJ & his cronies.

4. You could appoint her as the Special Advisor with Minister status for International Trades. Capitalise on her expertise la.

Ini la dengar cakap budak mentah, belajar tinggi2, cerdiknya tidak.

My hats to you Rafidah & thank you for jasa to the country (AP case excluded!)

SV said...

Abdullah cannot accept anything negative about Khairy. It appears that Grima Wormtongue has Theoden completely besotted.

But who is Saruman? And who, then, is Sauron?

Anonymous said...

Time to go Rafidah. It's time to move over and let the younger generation lead. You have your part and have contributed well. Take the hint and step down gracefully.

drMpower said...

see, this is one perfect example of the current leader bad competency.

bad leadership. chaos everywhere. Black Musa said somewhile ago, illegal demo showed how 'open' this government was. stick that one up to ur arse, blackie. just admit this government is just..very weak

instead of gathering together and rebuild the strength, everyday there is someone going out and yesterday, 2 people gone. ex selangor MB and rafidah.

the impression is that, many would jump the chance to abandon the sinking ship. not UMNO, but Abdullah's.

Anonymous said...

SV said...

Abdullah cannot accept anything negative about Khairy. It appears that Grima Wormtongue has Theoden completely besotted.

But who is Saruman? And who, then, is Sauron?

My guess is Sauron would be the creature hiding behind the ONE EYE poster, just returned from political exile, is now gaining power thanks to the menace caused by Saruman (should be Khairuman) and also promoting so called justice to the middle earth, but at the same time orchestrating the political downfall of UMNO.

But BEWARE, there's gonna be 4th outing,


Cikgu Sivik

Anonymous said...

The Secret Pact of Pak Lah/SIL & ANWAR/DAP

I think PL/KJ/ANWAR/DAP secret pact is just to kill off this UMNO baru. PL/KJ knew all along they cannot resist Tun M (UMNO Baru). ANWAR is the only hope for PL/KJ to escape free w/o backlash & punishments.PL/KJ are buying time till ANWAR is ready. Wonder why ANWAR/DAP are never really critical on PK/KJ scams, WPI & flip-flop policies. On the same score don’t discount out Shahril Samad (ECM-Libra) & sife Musang Hitam (WPI share holder).

ANWAR/DAP have always praised the way LKY Dynasty(PAP) manages the city state. Ask the Singaporeans the real feeling on the ground with our similar issues (freedom of speech,blood sucking govt policies,puppet judges ,rising unemployment rates (they too prefer cheaper labours of PTI), deteriorating social values, high crime rates, unaffordable properties, inflation rate 6.6% etc are really alarming.LKY Dynasty has always been in denial state ever since & it’s a total media blackout too. Oppositions leaders can never last long with the LKY twist & turns using legal proceedings against them.

Do u really believe Mas Selamat (so called the JI terrorist) managed to escape the city state with all the CCTVs at every corners & their state of the art securities & public only knew it after 4hrs later.(Biggest Joke of the Century).

LKY Dynasty is just another proxy to the British East Indian Company descendants or to be exact the British Zionist(CAPITALIST) regime enjoying people miseries with their slave economy methods (sounds similar too)on people/resources, manipulates CPF,Trust funds,taxes & other financial instruments to control economy on this side of the world.
Do u really think they would gave up the most strategically port (east-west route)in the world. In fact Singapore is among the top 10 busiest port in the world.

Since all the medias there are govt owned (sounds familiar )are totally blackout,people there too turn to bloggers like we do here .Do check some of their site(eg; , Dissident Singapore etc).Guess the number of brain drains there(migrating to Australia, NZ ,Canada,USA etc) & its not strange here too.Our Political Tsunami is getting on the nerve to LKY Dynasty & their people already said “Tak Boleh Tahan” with red shirts in front of their parliament recently . They are watching our political scenario closely.
I wanted to believe in ANWAR fights, but the recent DAP/ANWAR events of power hunger makes me puzzled.It is interesting though when ANWAR enjoys the media coverage of LKY Dynasty. DAP has really shown their true color in Perak & Selangor finally for their long waiting mission/vision (PAP to be) & proudly claimed their popularity,luckily our rulers were wise to see its coming. I smell rats here if the lobbying of another 30 became reality , Pak Lan & KJ will escape with big KENDURI, but i do hope i'm wrong. Ku Li & Mukhriz on the other hand must hurry before UMNO is to be buried by this Imam HADHARI.

Rats Tracker

Anonymous said...

Dear Rats Tracker at 11.17

It sounds really scary if your hypothesis has some substance in it. The strange is that I did have the same thought too, that Anwar and Khairy are orchestrating a showdown in which the outcome will be chaos and disaster.

Cikgu Sivik

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