Friday, May 23, 2008

Salehuddin PKR should answer these You Tube videos

Salehuddin Hashim, Secretary General of PKR denied all of Mukhriz's allegations of Anwar Ibrahim in Parliament.

In report dated May 17th, 2008, he gave his answers on all the three allegation except on Anwar's role in the Foundation for the Future (FFF).

He acknowledged US funding of FFF. This just proves Anwar's role to interfere in the affair of Muslim countries by becoming the conduit for American funding to special interest groups.

Now it would be interesting how Arthur Delittle trained lawyer Salehuddin would answer to these 6-series video of Anwar's long standing American association and now with the pro-Zionist and hawkish Neo-con.

His Reply

"If Mukhriz can prove that the Jerusalem Post was the only newspaper in the entire world to speculate that Anwar may well be the next prime minister, then perhaps his accusations may actually hold some water," his reply to Mukhriz's allusion of Jurusalem Post's article on Anwar Ibrahim being the next Prime Minister. He added an additional twist of BN's control of the press for further substantite his diversion.

He doesn't get it, does he? Why is the Israeli so full of praises and optimism for Anwar the once firebrand Islamist?

On Anwar's close relationship with Paul Wolfowitz, he said “By not burning bridges only speaks of his statesmanship, as clearly, blindly severing ties would not have helped to stop the war or contribute towards any hope for peace in the future.”

The war does not stop and Iraqi and Afghans died by the millions from Wolfowitz's bloody hands. They did not heed Anwar's so-called disagreement. With millions of our brother Muslim dead at this muderer, it is unthinkable for Anwar to remain as friends.

Salehuddin did acknowledge Anwar role in Foundation for the Future and receipt of money from US. Well, he must be thinking teh US State Department as a noble institution for a noble Government. Plain stupid!

While he attempts to deflect attention by accusing Mukhriz as deflecting attention, Salehuddin raised another age old issue of Dr Mahathir paying American zionist lobbyist Jack Ambramoff for a meeting with George Bush.

As Dr Mahathir said in his blog posting Lobby, is it a crime to lobby? With Anwar being supported by Al Gore, for the sake of country, is it not right to meet the new President? No millions of Iraqi and Afghan died!

Answer This!

Now watch these series of video and lets wait for his answer, if he actually read this blog.

Hashim Gera's Son

Ah .. Salehuddin, son of the infamous Hashim Gera from Grik, the Mohd Asri's era PAS member for ronggeng dancing.

He got his first business break from Dr Mahathir to turnaround Kedah SEDC's Kedah Marble where he bult himself on. Then he was singing praises of the old man. Later he made further killing by doing a backdoor listing into Advance Synergy by mere asset valuation with manipulated income.

He never did turnaround Kedah Marble. What happened to Kedah Marble now?

Salehuddin moved on to became a corporate wheeler dealer. One of his high profile deal was to buy over Hercules, Texas-based barge company for the oil and gas industry for fellow old boys Tan Sri Halim Saad's Crest Petroleum.

He is now in Anwar's stable of frustrated corporate boys like Khalid Ibrahim, Khalid Ahmad, mee seller Mohd Nor Mutalib, Nazri, Din Merican, etc. At least, Salehuddin's arch enemy in PNB, Khalid Ibrahim got over his stutter to be MB of Selangor.

A proud Malay College Old Boys who loudly claims his strong nationalistic and socialistic belief and Malay identity. Hmmm ... now Sec Gen of PKR? Do you need ketchup or chutney to eat your shoe with?


apanama said...

Anwar Abraham is an international prostitute, political or otherwise!

He is dangerously dangerous due to his ability to convince almost anyone with his sweet-talks.

BEWARE of this creature!!!!

Nazarudin said...

Are you sure it was Anwar who paid USD$ millions to Jewish lobbyist Jack Abramoff so that he could shake hands and take photos with Bush? Please get your fact correct before sounding off. I read in another blog and it says it was not Anwar, although it didn't name the person.

anwar dot com said...

thank your sir...:)))

24 Mei 08

Bung Karno said...


Tried many times to post this item
in PKR-supported blogs but all rejected. Self-centered goblog (javanese). Tried 3 times at the guy they call cikgu Bad :


Datuk Hj Hadi Awang menyatakan dalam Utusan Malaysia 21.05.08 bahawa PAS bersedia mengambil alih jawatan Perdana Menteri apabila kerajan BN tumbang. Ini adalah sebagai memenuhi kontrak sosial yang termaklum supaya jawatan PM hanya dipegang oleh orang Melayu Islam. Ia juga untuk mempastikan negara kekal sebagai sebuah kerajaan Islam.

Kenyataan ini mengenepikan peranan DS Anwar Ibrahim yang selama ini bertekad untuk menjadi PM.

Sekiranya Hj Hadi hanya berlandaskan bahawa ada 23 Ahli Parlimen PAS berbanding 19 AP PKR orang Melayu Islam, kelebihan berpihak kepada PAS.

Bagaimana jika AP daripada UMNO melompat menyertai PKR? Atau Hj Hadi pasti mereka menyertai PAS ?

Kemungkinan Pakatan Rakyat ini terlalu rapuh dan PAS mencerugai DSAI sejak awal lagi.

Mungkin PAS kurang senang dengan tindak laku DSAI sejak beliau masih dalam kerajaan BN atau bimbang kesan hubungan persahabatan DSAI dengan Wolfowitz, seorang Yahudi yang masih berpengaruh di Amerika Syarikat. ?

Posted by Bung Karno

A Voice said...


Didn't I said this ...

"While he attempts to deflect attention by accusing Mukhriz as deflecting attention, Salehuddin raised another age old issue of Dr Mahathir paying American zionist lobbyist Jack Ambramoff for a meeting with George Bush.

In Tun Mahathir's blog posting Lobby, he said:

6. All these lobbyings are legitimate. You pay the lobbyists a fee (which need not be revealed) and they will lobby for whatever you want them to lobby.

We admit we used lobby. Did we break any law? Did we used Government money? Or was it private money?

Why should we not lobby and neutralise a criminal called Anwar when he has been lobbying the American since his days as a student doing demo in mid 70s?

Anwar's reformasi movement had Presidential candidate Al Gore's support.

Should we be stupid to sit back and not explain our side of the story?

After all, Anwar is the bad guy and we should not allow him to get away with his lies.

Dr Mahathir did not take money and become subservient to the wishes of the American.

Anwar did!

He is the running dog of the American Neo-Con, pretentiously talking of democrasy for the interest of the American to break up strong government for them to gain influence.

Dr Mahathir paid a Jewish lobbyist but he is not dictated by the Jewish or American Agenda, or is subservient to them.

Patut bangga kerana Yahudi bekerja atas arahan kita dan buka kita di arah oleh Yahudi.

He got our voice heard. It was a necessary thing to do.

Pandai-pandai Salehuddin Hashim bercakap dan berbahas, dah jadi bodoh bila masuk PKR.

P/S Expecting your counter argument. The fact that you did not defend the video is almost a reaffairmation of Anwar's betrayal of the country.

A Voice said...

Bung Karno

I will not censure, unless it is spamming.

I will not censure even if it is against me.

Hmmm ... PKR claim they promote democrasy. And their Adviser is the Chairman of FFF promoting democrasy in Islamic countries. WHat democrasy is Chegu Bard with that censureship ...

A Voice said...

Anwar Ibrahim Dot Com


... menarik article yang kamu ada link berjodol Malaysia's Anwar Ibrahim: Wolfowitz's knife in Asia's back.

Dhahran Sea said...

After reading Jonathan Cook's ISRAEL & THE CLASH OF CIVILIZATION - IRAQ, IRAN & THE PLAN TO REMAKE THE MIDDLE EAST, where Paul Wolfowitz and his band of neocons played a key role, I'm more convinced that there is a link with the "neocons stooges" in Malaysia in promoting LKY's dream of "greater singapore" & the dismantling of the two Muslim countries in the far east, Malaysia & Indonesia... sebijik neocons' & zionists' thinking... Btw, that linked article from EIS conveys the message clearly... I couldn't believe seeing the pic of these people datang MENYEMBAH Wolfowitz, the MASTERMIND behind the butchers of hundreds of thousands of Muslims in IRAQ, and they have the cheek to call themselves KEADILAN? The ultimate hypocrisy!!

Mas said...

Bagus! Ini adalah posting yang sangat kritis dan analitikal terhadap Anwar.
Saya ada bertanya kepada blog milik ahli parlimen PKR dan bertanya kepada mereka mengenai isu ini dan beberapa lagi isu lain. Tapi malangnya, ia dicantas! Nampaknya mereka sendiri tidak demokratik dan tidak telus dalam membincangkan isu-isu berkaitan penasihat parti mereka.

Saya ingin bertanya kepada pemilik/pembaca/pelawat blog ini, berkenaan isu pengakuan rasmi Datuk Abdul Murad bin Khalid tentang korupsi yang melibatkan Anwar. Pernahkah beliau menjawab dakwaan tersebut? Pengakuan tersebut ada terdapat di link berikut

anwar dot com said...


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